Wednesday Redskins Links – 11/5

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

  • If you aren’t electioned out — and, really, even if you are — this USA Today story on NFL players and the election from yesterday is pretty interesting, and has a strong Redskins presence. (Fred Smoot refers to Leigh Torrence as “a cross between Malcolm X and Charles Barkley,” and Clinton Portis manages to avoid stating an election preference — although DCFab has a picture that seems to make his pick clear.)
  • ESPN The Magazine has, oddly enough, two Redskins-related videos up right now. One, the Antwaan Randle El/Santana Moss “For Love Or The Game” segment, is perfectly amusing. The other, a fake movie trailer about Clinton Portis and Shaun Alexander, is … not. To put it kindly.
  • And Mike Sellers is using the bye week to be on-hand as his high school jersey is retired at North Thurston High School in Lacey, Washington, on Thursday night. The fact that Mike Sellers went to high school on Sleater Kinney Road makes him twelve times awesomer than I already thought he was. (I know the band is named after the road and not the other way around, but still: awesome.)

4 Responses

  1. So- please do tell when our President-elect shows up to thank the Redskins for ensuring his election last Monday night!


  2. Matt, could you please tell us if we are interested in D. HALL??!?!?

    I really want him in burgandy and gold!!!

  3. Several things went into the decision to make this signing: First, and foremost, is that all of the first team cornerbacks on the Skns are showing a little wear and tear, Smoot, Carlos and Springs are all hurting and Carlos is returned from a season-ending injury. Second, Danny has a long memory, and although one play didn’t spell doom for Torrence, the 43-yard pass play that cost us the game against the Rams is still recent history, and did not help his cause. Third, this didn’t cost the Skins any draft picks and the pay is equivalent to a top-notch 3rd stringer. Fourth, it’s like hiring a contractor for you business instead of a regular employee: if he works out, then you make him an offer. If he doesn’t, you cut him loose, no unemployment and no hard feelings.

    Danny is still like a kid in a candy store sometimes, but this move, even if you don’t like Lil PrimeTime, is a good move to shore up the secondary of the Redskins until next years draft. Maybe some of the “class” the Redskins players exhibit will rub off on this guy. It can’t hurt.

  4. I never thought I’d see a shout out to Sleater-Kinney on a football blog. Shout out to Sleater-Kinney on Redskins blog=awesome.

    I have a picture of that exit if you want a copy.

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