By Request: Sean Taylor’s Locker

Snapped by multiple reader request on my way to the equipment room (be sure to continue after the jump).

Sean Taylor’s locker remains behind its plexiglass covering.

It still holds his jersey and clothes.

And the top is a tribute to Taylor, with his shoulderpads upside down and a picture of him with his daughter Jackie.

His reserved parking lot space for defensive player of the week also remains.


18 Responses

  1. See that’s the way you should do it: a guy asks for something and you go get it. You have the access, so it’s easy. Good job! Now use your access to tell us about something happening on the field. You’re gonna run out of stuff to take pictures of quickly.

    You’ll have plenty of time to take pictures of Vinnie’s desk and stuff after camp.

    I assume you’re listening and got your butt out of the equipment room and out on the field?

  2. RIP Sean… we’re still ALWAYS thinking about you.

  3. very nice!! Thank you.

  4. what about 7 on 7’s? Can you record those?

  5. There are many types of blogs i.e. personal, corporate, by genre (sports) to name a few. Matt needs to figure out what kind he is running (insert any jokes here) and let us know. Maybe gives us a heads up of what he plans to do tomorrow. Unless he is flying by the seat of his pants, which I’m sure are squeaky clean after being the in laundry room.

  6. Very nice pictures. Something I always wanted to see.

  7. Thanks for the tour… very nice. very respectful.

  8. Fake comments. This sucks.

  9. Man, I miss that guy.

  10. Bro, That first comment was awful. Good job. It is awesome the team is not forgetting Sean. Thanks for the pictures. Its almost like Thurman Munson for the Yankees. Awesome thing to do.

  11. I just got sad all over again. RIP 21.

  12. I second RVAdweller. I didnt realize his locker was still up. Damn!

  13. That was a great snap! I would have loved to see that.

  14. RIP 21 Great pictures/tribute.


  16. Man we will always miss Sean. I hope the retire his 21 Jersey and leave his locker/parking space in tact 4 EVER. I love all my Redskins but a little something will always be missing. You know that Beast was going to LAY SOMEBODY OUT!!!! RIP SEAN T..

  17. Thanks for the picture. My heart goes out to his friends and family as the holiday season kicks off. I have always found the absence of a loved one more noticeable this time of year.
    Miss you Sean,
    go beat those Giants for him on sunday REDSKINS!

  18. Redskins should defen. retire his number. How are you going to tell somebody I will never retire anybody else’s number. That’s B*ll Sh*t. They cant pedict the future, and Sean Taylor put it all out there.21 didn’t make Sean Taylor , Sean Taylor made 21. Retire his jersey, there will never be another 21. RIP ST ake Meast aka Hit Stick Sean Taylor named top hardest hitting Safty in the NFL by SI. Laying cats out


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