Some Last Notes and Pictures From Detroit

I’ve never been the hugest Kid Rock fan. His first major single, Bawitdaba, was good dumb fun, but since then it’s felt like a neverending parade of cowboy references and dumbed-down country music melodies. (Sort of like late period Bon Jovi, when you get right down to it, but with fewer styling products.)

But I can now report that when you’re in the Kid’s hometown of Detroit and his music is being blasted across a parking lot full of people gleefully drinking beer and playing cornhole, it all actually sounds pretty good.

Anyhow, the Redskins fans tailgating in Detroit were happily displaying Vote The Redskins Ticket gear. There were pins:

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Player’s POV – Rabach Asks Cooley About Food

Continuing with the Casey Rabach footage from the Dallas road trip….

The title of the post is actually misleading: Rabach doesn’t actually ask Cooley about food, he just encourages Cooley to talk about whatever’s at hand. In this case, whatever’s at hand is food.

So this video can be viewed as an answer to yet another fan favorite question: what sorts of things do players eat on the road? I found the answer somewhat surprising, but maybe I’m just easily startled.

Thursday, October 9: Player’s POV – Casey On the Bus

Let me get the bad news (at least for some of you) out of the way first: I won’t be at practice today, so there won’t be a practice update on the blog. Sorry about this, but don’t panic, it’s not the start of a trend or anything like that.

The good news is that I’ve finally managed to get the technical difficulties with center Casey Rabach’s road footage sorted out, so you get to start seeing that stuff.

This first clip is Rabach leaving Redskins Park to board the bus for Dallas. Remember, this was a little while ago, so his references to the then-hot Milwaukee Brewers made sense at the time. For everyone who has asked what the buses look like, here you go. Rabach is behind the camera, so you can blame him for the more Blair Witchy moments of camera shake.

And, to head off the inevitable question, the seat I’m advised not to sit in belongs to Jon Jansen.

Monday, August 4: Light Day, Supposedly

This is scheduled to be a light day around the Park, and deservedly so. Coach Zorn is holding a press conference around 12:30, and other than that … not much is scheduled. Players aren’t coming in, no practices … this should be a chance for everyone to recover from the first road trip.

Which makes sense, considering the hectic pace following last night’s game. The final gun sounded at almost exactly 11:00. “The bus will leave in one hour, no matter who is or isn’t on it,” I was told. I don’t think anyone was left behind, but it wasn’t too long after midnight that the buses pulled away from the Hall. At the point, we had already cleared a full airport security screening, set up as we left the building.

From there it was about fifteen minutes or so to the airport, where the team plane waited on the tarmac. (The team plane is a chartered commercial Boeing 757, for those who asked.) The plane took off within ten minutes of our boarding, and landed back in the DC area at around 1:30. From there, we loaded back onto buses and arrived at Redskins Parks sometime near 2:00. At that point, the players left for their hotel, some staffers departed for their homes, and the rest went into the Park to start this supposedly light workday. At two in the morning.

The general consensus on last night’s game seemed to be that it didn’t mean TOO much, being a preseason game, but that a number of the rookies made good showings, and that even in preseason it’s more fun to win than to lose. Which I imagine makes heading into the office at two in the morning a little more palatable for people. I can’t wait to hear what Coach Zorn has to say about it.