Hogettes With Pins

Have you ever wondered what the Hogettes keep in their purses? Neither had I.

In fact, I had never even thought about it, naively assuming that their purses were little more than props to help emphasize their femininity. At yesterday’s Toys For Tots event, I found out that I was sorely mistaken.


“This is my pin collection,” said Hogette Howiette (who had shown me his custom Hogette shoes and socks at a previous event), holding up his button-encrusted bag. “These over here” — he indicated the right side of the above picture — “are military, where these are police and law enforcement. I trade for them.”
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Friday, September 12: Hogettes Wear Custom Socks and Shoes

The Hogettes do a lot of good things for charity — any appearance fee they’re paid, for example, gets distributed entirely to charities — but that’s not to say that they don’t get some sweet perks also. The Hogette known as Howiette was at the Redskins Read event earlier this week, and I couldn’t help notice that he was wearing what appeared to be custom socks.

“These came off the internet, from one of the stitching sites, I can’t remember which. The shoes came from East Bay, though,” Howiette said.

“The problem is that they stopped making them, and I only bought two pairs, so I’ve gotta be careful what I do in them.”

I observed that being a Hogette seemed like a pretty sweet gig, what with the charity aspect, the custom socks and shoes, and being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Howiette had to agree. “Plus you get to wear a dress,” he said, enthusiastically.

You certainly do.

Close up of the custom sock after the jump.

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Busy Day

Mikey T of the Hogettes at the reception desk.

Mikey T of the Hogettes at the reception desk.