Wednesday, December 10: The Last Roster Spot

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

So in the roster shuffle yesterday, there was one spot left open on the active roster. I said at the time that I’d let you know as soon as I heard who it was, so here you go: D’Anthony Batiste, an offensive lineman formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers, and the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. He’ll be wearing Erasmus James’ old number 78.


A Whole Flurry Of Roster Moves

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

When I started having trouble posting this morning, I thought to myself, “Well, at least it’s an NFL Tuesday, so nothing major should happen while I get this fixed.”


I’ll have something about today’s radio drama in a bit, but first, here are the promised roster moves:

Chris Samuels and Justin Geisinger are moved to injured reserve, and Erasmus James has been released.

Tackle Devin Clark has been signed from the practice squad to the active roster as predicted, and the team has also signed free agent guard Will Montgomery.

Wide receiver Marques Hagans (that’s him in the picture) and guard Ruben Riley have been added to the practice squad.

After the jump, the press release bios of all four guys:
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Welcome Back Boschetti; Shaun Alexander Finishes Cup of Coffee

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Former NFL MVP Shaun Alexander was waived by the Redskins today, and defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti has been signed to fill the roster spot. I knew that learning the correct pronunciation of Boschetti’s name would pay off in the end.

Shaun Alexander leaves town with eleven carries for 24 yards and one reception for 9 yards, more or less what you’d expect from a fourth running back who comes into town when your first- and second-string guys are dinged, although less than Alexander’s gaudy past might’ve implied.

The real potential winner in Alexander’s departure is not Boschetti, but injured safety Reed Doughty. Doughty sold his number 37 to Alexander for some undisclosed amount of money, and — even if the amount is reduced by Alexander’s early departure, as is apparently traditional in such deals — this leaves Doughty with an open shot to re-earn the digits once he’s healed up while still turning a profit. It’s especially nice work when you remember that he was able to sell his interim number to DeAngelo Hall as well.

Congratulations to Boschetti and Doughty, and good luck to Alexander in his next stop, wherever that may be.

Practice Squad Move – Gatewood out, Baldwin in

That rumored roster move from yesterday turns out to be a practice squad move, and not to involve Alfred Fincher. Curtis Gatewood was released from the practice squad, and former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Johnny Baldwin was added.

Thursday, August 7: Roster Move!

I woke up this morning with the feeling that a huge roster move was going to be in the offing. Would the team have made a move for Brett Favre? Probably not — everyone here had been pretty blunt about that. But what about if Favre had gone to Tampa, and Jeff Garcia was available? Or if the Vikings cut Frerotte to make room for Favre, and my old In Gus We Trust shirt was going to become relevant again?

So when I got into Redskins Park today and saw a note on my computer, I was completely unsurprised. I knew by then that Favre had gone to the Jets and that the Jets were planning to release Pennington, so I figured that the Skins had decided to add an experienced West Coast QB to heighten competition at the backup spots.

Not exactly, but almost as exciting: “We signed free agent safety Justin Hamilton and released FB/TE Pete Schmitt.” A huge roster move indeed.

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