Monday, December 1: Another Result of Rainy Games

Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time to day to talk about the unpleasant Giants game later — to continue the ongoing blog debate about the feasibility of starting Colt Brennan (I don’t see it happening), or the ESPN980 morning show’s debate about the feasibility of starting Todd Collins (marginally more believable, I guess, but I’m still skeptical), and to hear from Coach Zorn and a few of the guys and all of that.

But it was early when I got here, and still kind of quiet at Redskins Park. The players hadn’t come in for treatment yet, the coaches are sequestered in their bunker-like rooms reviewing game film, and the week hasn’t really started to slide into gear. I was downstairs for something completely unrelated when I noticed that the heat was cranked unusually high, that portable fans were scattered around, and that just about every available surface was draped with damp and drying rain gear.


“It’s one of the effects of rain on the outfitting of a professional football team,” said equipment manager Brad Berlin. “If you put Gore-Tex in the dryers, it’ll never repel water the same again. The drawers of some of the travel chests had to be left open so they could dry out also.”


Just another set of little frustrations from a day of big ones, I suppose.

(And, while I was talking to Brad, I did ask about the “21” pins that people were wearing. Apparently they were from last year and were not available to the general public, so there’s no specific way to find them now. Sorry about that.)

A few more pictures after the jump.

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Friday, August 22: Travel Day

The team is preparing to set out for Carolina today. No trains this time — it’s back to the plane for players and staff this trip, and the team equipment set out to travel by truck yesterday.

Packing and shipping for an away game are the kinds of things that lead to the equipment staff working 21 hour days. Even after the team equipment is gone, individual equipment has to be prepared, packed, and brought to the plane.

Repainted helmets ready for transport.

Repainted helmets ready for transport.

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Finishing Equipment Room Day With Some Pictures

The door from the locker room to the equipment room.

The door from the locker room to the equipment room.

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A Few Equipment Room Questions From Y’all

Had a chance to put a few of your equipment room questions to Brad Berlin.

I once saw on Inside the NFL (I think) a segment about guys going to the bathroom in their pants during games before half time when its cold out… can you ask them about that?

Brad says, “Doesn’t happen, at least not that I’ve seen.  There’s a hidden portajohn at the home bench at FedEx, although you usually have to walk to the visitor’s locker room at away games.”

I repeated the often-told Mark Schlereth story, but Brad just shook his head.  “Doesn’t happen.”

It is my understanding that there is a list of Jersey numbers that the equipment manager will not hand out. Besides the retired #33 of Sammy Baugh, there are unofficially retired numbers, including #7,#9, and #44. I had thought that #55 was on this list, as it was Chris Hanburger’s number, a member of the ring of fame, and my favorite redskin from the early 70’s.

Can you confirm the existence of such a list, and what numbers are on it.

I can confirm the existence of such a list myself, as I’m holding a copy of it.  These numbers are not retired, per se, but are “restricted,” and can’t be used or issued by the club: 7, 9, 21, 27, 28, 33, 42, 43, 44, 49, 65, 70, and 81.  The list was created in 2003, with 21 being added in December of last year.  Ken Houston gave Fred Smoot permission to wear 27 when Smoot came back to the team.

When did you find out about Jason Taylor’s number?

Brad says, “I was walking out Sunday night, and Coach Zorn was walking out at the same time, and called me to his car and said, ‘You’re gonna have a new player tomorrow,’ and told me about the trade for Jason.

“So I called the Dolphins. They sent his shoulder pads, shoes, and eight custom made practice shirts.

“I had to everything ready for Jason by the time he got down here Tuesday morning, before he even knew where the locker room was, but the most important thing was the number. Found out at 11:30 Monday night, after he had gone to his position meeting. He had talked to Andre about 99, and the team called me and told me he’d agreed to wear 55.”

Do you help develop Coach Zorn’s crazy drills, like the dodgeball?  Do you have a slip-n-slide yet?

Brad says, “Coach Zorn tells us what he wants to do, and we’ve just gotta run it down. To find the dodgeballs, we had to call the Seahawks and ask where they got them.

“And no, no slip-n-slides yet. Coach Zorn has a specially modified passing target, and of course the Z-shades.”

Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room – Helmets

This is the helmet room.

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Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room – Meet Brad Berlin

This is Brad Berlin.

Equpment Manager Brad Berlin

Equpment Manager Brad Berlin

He’s the equipment manager for your Washington Redskins, and has been since he came onboard with Marty Schottenheimer in 2001. “I’m with my fourth coach in eight years,” he says, “I like it here. I like helping the Redskins and keeping the team on the field.”

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Day 4 – Inside Redskins Park: Equipment Room

After three full days at the Park, I’m finally starting to get settled in.  I’m meeting people and some of that new car smell is coming off of things.  So today, instead of following the players out to the practice fields, I’m going to start going in detail on the various places behind the scenes here.   This is something that a lot of you have requested, and something I’m going to be doing a lot of.

It starts today with the equipment room, where we’ll find out exactly what it is equipment manager Brad Berlin and his asstants do all day during training camp.  If you have any questions for the equipment staff now or at any point during the day, just email me and I’ll find answers for you.

This means I’m not expecting to be out on the field at all, so I’ll post a link to Gary’s reports from today as soon as it’s available for those of you who are eager for that kind of content.

Here’s a very quick tour through the equipment room to get things started.