Redskins @ Ravens – A Familiar Sign, For A Different Reason

They’re handing out signs at M&T Bank Stadium tonight. One side reads “Whacko 4 Flacco,” which is cute enough, I suppose. (I’m not sure what the Redskins equivalent would be. “Ramble for Campbell,” maybe?)

The reverse of the signs, though, is grimly familiar to any Redskins fan even if the colors are wrong.


That’s right: just when the the Hall of Fame voting committee no longer has to listen to Redskins fans insist that Art Monk is worthy of Hall consideration, the Ravens fans are kicking their pro-Art-Modell campaign into high gear.

If it weren’t for Artie Donovan, I’d think that the Hall of Fame had a grudge against people named Art. Anyhow, if any of you have leftover “Art for the Hall” gear that could be dyed purple, you could consider recycling it by sending it north.


Art and Darrell Get Their Rings


Pictured above are Darrell Green and Art Monk, two new enshrinees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame — two very cold new enshrinees. They are standing behind their Hall of Fame busts and in front of enough balloons to fill eight bar mitzvahs, getting ready to receive a pair of rings that represent the final symbol of their Hall of Fame enshrinement. You can see the rings, and the ceremony, after the jump.

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New Jewelry for Darrell Green and Art Monk


In addition to a football game that is apparently somewhat important, Sunday night will also see Darrell Green and Art Monk, the most recent Hall of Fame Redskins, receive their Hall of Fame rings during a pre-game ceremony.

If you’re attending the game, be sure to get to your seats early for the ceremony. Also, the first 50,000 fans into the stadium will receive one of the much-discussed Redskins Rally Rags, so there’s even more incentive for you.

Pictured above is the booklet that the PR department put together to hand out to Sunday’s media. It contains the press release about the event, statistics and old clips about each of the two guys, and a whole mess of quotes about them both. Here are just a few of those quotes, to get you ready for the pregame festivities.

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Preliminary Hall of Fame List Chock Full of Redskins

The list of preliminary nominees for the 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame was released yesterday, and the Redskins are well represented. It’s mainly by guys who have been preliminary nominees for years now, or guys who technically spent a few years here but are much more closely identified with other teams, but they’re there.

The latter category is especially full of wide receivers, as the Redskins became something of an elephant’s graveyard for very good WRs for a while there. Henry Ellard, Irving Fryar, and Andre Reed will never, ever be thought of as Redskins, but they all were, at least for a while. Even just in the guys nominated in their first year of eligibility, there are a few of these Redskins-in-name: Bruce Smith, Dana Stubblefield, and Jessie Armstead for sure, and even Larry Centers is someone I tend to picture in an Arizona uniform.

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Friday, September 19: Hall of Fame Wall Update

The pictures of Art Monk and Darrell Green arrived for the Hall of Fame wall, replacing temporary (and unofficial) inductee Ethan Albright.

If these pictures had been put up in real time as players were inducted, the wall wouldn’t have changed since George Allen’s induction in 2002. Which means that if some Redskins blog had started the same time as ur-sportsblog Deadspin (in 2005) and had been inclined to mention changes on the HOF wall … well, there still wouldn’t have been any more updates than there have been in the last two months. Just another sign — alongside this week’s various excitements — that we are living in interesting Redskins times.
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Making Monk’s Case: Talking to David Elfin

You may have heard that Art Monk was enshrined in the Hall of Fame this weekend, and that he had something of a long wait to get there. It’s been frustrating for Monk’s many fans, but very few people could do anything about it. David Elfin could.

David Elfin at work in the press room.

David Elfin at work in the press room.

For the last two years, as the Washington area selector for the Hall, Elfin has been the one making Monk’s case before the Board of Selectors. This year, he was successful, which is why Monk thanked him by name in his enshrinement speech.

Since he was here covering practice today, I talked to him about what went in to getting Art enshrined.

Tell me about the process for presenting a player for the selection committee.

It’s a weird process, because if you go to a courtroom, the attorneys make the case and then there’s a jury that decides. But when you present at the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, you are the defense attorney and part of the jury. So I have a vote, but I also have to present the cases of the Washington players. It’s a weird thing, because you know you’re voting on this anyway. That takes you a little aback.

And it’s hard – I’ve asked and suggested that no one ever have to do three in one year again. With three presentations, I don’t know that you do justice to all three guys. I probably owe Russ Grimm an apology, because I did not do as effective a job on him as on the other two.

How many times did you present for Art?

Twice. Len Shapiro did six. My first meeting in there, I was head of the Pro Football Writers, not the Washington selector, so I was helping Len and I got up and talked, but this was the second time I was presenting Art and Russ, and Darrell obviously once.

What’s the presentation like? Is it PowerPoint? Video? Just talking?

You get up there and talk, and I think maybe one occasion ever there’s been video. You say here’s why this guy should be in and you throw your best stuff out. Maybe you think, I’m going to have to come back at least once more so you hold something back for your final bullet in your gun, and it can be a free-for-all.

Two years ago, in ’07, we talked about Art for 45 minutes. We talked about Paul Tagliabue even longer.

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Sonny Jurgensen on Rookies and the Hall

I had to leave the group of rookies and legends touring the Hall of Fame on Saturday to get into my seat for the enshrinement ceremony, which meant that I didn’t have a chance to follow up with anyone involved. Luckily, I was able to catch up with Hall of Fame QB Sonny Jurgensen today while he was waiting to do some work for Redskins Radio and ask him what he had thought.

Sonny Jurgensen looks at an exhibit honoring him in the Hall of Fame.

Sonny Jurgensen looks at an exhibit honoring him in the Hall of Fame.

What did you think about it, watching the rookies as they went through the Hall?

I thought it was a good experience for them, and I think the entire team should do it. I think it would benefit everyone, especially from what the commissioner said about Michael Irvin’s comments, that if he had done that earlier, he would’ve been a different person and a different player. I think to bring them back, to have an appreciation for the history of the game, is important.

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