Peter King Looks At The Bright Side


Not a lot favorable to take away from yesterday’s game, obviously. Any individual achievements tended to be immediately marred by dumb penalties (Santana Moss) or overturned by replay (Mike Sellers). I suppose Ryan Plackemeier had a fairly good game, which is nice, and Rock Cartwright acquitted himself well. I liked seeing Kareem Moore lay out Chad Ocho Seenco, I guess.

On the whole, though, it was the kind of day where I don’t think I would’ve, say, encouraged people to vote Redskins players into the Pro Bowl.

Peter King, however, apparently has no such qualms. Buried in the “10 Things I Think I Think” segment of his Monday Morning Quarterback column is this bizarre observation:

I think Clinton Portis is going to be in front of us one day for Hall of Fame consideration. Two games shy of seven full seasons, and he’s already past 9,000 yards. He’s 27 years old. Can he muster 4,000 more yards? I’d think he will. If so, he’ll be in Eric Dickerson territory.

Portis is an excellent running back, no doubt. A blurb like this might have made some kind of sense when he was being discussed as a potential MVP candidate earlier in the season, or at least after a particularly strong game. But yesterday he rushed 25 times for 77 yards — a 3.1 yards per carry average — and that came on the heels of a week in which he got involved in that awkwardness with his head coach, no less.

Still, if you’ve been searching around for some positive Redskins news on this bleak day, there you go: Peter King thinks Portis has at least an outside shot at eventual Hall of Fame consideration. Yay.


Tuesday, December 2: Dr. Z’s Redskins Love

si-sbxxiicoverAccording to Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column yesterday, Paul “Dr. Z” Zimmerman, arguably the dean of SI’s football writers, suffered two strokes last week and is recovering in the hospital.

Zimmerman has been writing about football for what seems like forever, long enough that when King picks out “four passages from not so long ago” to highlight some of Zimmerman’s best writing, the definition of “not so long ago,” relative to Zimmerman’s career as a whole, stretches back twenty-five years.

For many of those years, he has been accused of being notoriously biased against the Redskins, especially with regard to the many years he spent vocally opposing Art Monk’s enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

But Chris Chase at Shutdown Corner makes the point that Zimmerman wasn’t always so critical, especially when criticism was completely unwarranted, simply by linking to Z’s piece on Super Bowl XXII from Sports Illustrated.

An excerpt:

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Friday, October 24: Peter King Picks The Lions

Here’s a bright, sunshiny start to an away-game weekend: Peter King picks the Redskins to lose to the Lions, 20-17. His reasoning? Pretty much “just cuz”:

It makes no sense, picking Dan Orlovsky to win an NFL game. But I’ve had pretty good luck with the upset recently — Miami over San Diego, St. Louis over Dallas — and I’ve got the Washington-taking-Detroit-lightly feel here, along with the Marinelli-making-life-miserable-for-his-losers feel. Detroit will play very hard and get a few bounces, finally.

From what I’ve seen around Redskins Park this week, no one is taking Detroit lightly, especially after the Rams loss, but I suppose picking the favorites doesn’t make for very exciting columns or lively discussion. For what it’s worth, 94% of the fans disagree with King on this one.

And in case you’ve managed to miss it, and you’re wondering why King feels free to take such a blatant shot at the Lions quarterback:

Apparently Peter King is Just That Into Jason Campbell

I was standing in front of a group of people yesterday — not team employees, and no one I recognized — who were discussing Peter King’s incredibly favorable assessment of Jason Campbell’s performance thus far. The general tenor of the discussion was mild surprise at King’s enthusiasm, that Campbell has had a good camp thus far but not a transcendent performance for the ages. The rhetorical question that kept coming up was “Is King really THAT impressed?”

The answer seems to be yes. Yes, he most definitely is.

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At The Park Today: Talking To Peter King

A mildly alarming number of readers knew in advance that writer Peter King’s tour of NFL training camps was stopping at Redskins Park today, and a few of them wrote me with questions for him. I interrupted King in the media room and asked him for a few minutes of his time, but he was running down info on the ongoing Brett Favre saga and asked me to come back. Once I did catch up with him, I asked him the questions I had received (and one of my own) and found him to be candid, informed, and remarkably optimistic about what he saw at Redskins Park today.

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