Thursday, November 6: We Missed a Chance at an Entire Practice of Colt Brennan as Jim Zorn

One of the more successful costumes at last week’s rookie costume contest was Colt Brennan’s. Brennan, apparently, dressed up as head coach Jim Zorn. YOUNG Jim Zorn. SINGING young Jim Zorn, in fact.

Or, to be completely specific, singing young Jim Zorn in a Redskins practice uniform complete with a QB-practice-yellow #10 jersey with ZORN on the back, and short shorts.

This makes it even sadder that no pictures exist, but I was able to talk to Brennan about the costume selection, Zorn’s reaction, and what he had hoped to do if he won.


You dressed up as Coach Zorn for the rookie costume contest. And you decided to make this into a singing role?

Yeah! Because he had to sing in this commercial where he sang this song about drinking milk….

Can you sing it now?

It goes … hold on. I’ve forgotten the song. Rabach taught it to me right before I went out there.

I hear you wore a Redskins practice jersey with ZORN on the back, rather than a Seahawks jersey?

The original plan was that guys were going to wear costumes to go out to practice, so I was going to go out there as Coach Zorn. But I couldn’t go out unless I had some type of Redskins gear, so I wouldn’t look so out of place during practice.

So I originally planned my costume as if Coach Zorn was a Washington Redskin. But then yesterday, they told us that the rookies had to do a costume show. So I thought about maybe changing my costume, but then I decided to just go as Zorn. I told everyone that if I won the contest, that I would officially go out to practice in my costume and basically take on the role of Jim Zorn. They didn’t give me the nod, they didn’t let me win, so I took the costume off and went out to practice in my stuff.

Ah, that makes sense. So what did–

It goes, [singing] “know the deallllllllll, drink lots of millllllllllllk, do you something….” [trails off]

Right. Did Coach Zorn have anything to say about it?

Yeah, after the contest he stood up and said, I want you guys to know, Colt Brennan is exactly how we looked back in the day. You guys are laughing, but that’s exactly how we looked.

Do you think the right guy [Kareem Moore] won the contest?

I wasn’t even sure who Kareem Moore was supposed to be, but they gave him the prize and I took off my costume. It’s really their loss.


9 Responses

  1. Your posts this week have been great bye week material. Loved the Zorn/Largeant video and the Tana/El video.

    Thanks for your good work.

    Any updates on the Zorn/coaches work during the bye week – their analysis and plans for adjustments?

  2. Mahalo for keeping up the Colt chatter! We miss him as a person and as a player!

  3. I heart Colt Brennan! And Coach Z!

  4. i bet plack went as a dollar menunaire

  5. Sounds like the rookies had a fun Halloween. Too bad there’s no picture of Colt as Coach Zorn. That would make my day :) We love you Colt!

  6. I assume Matt, you’ve heard that DeAngelo Hall has reportedly been contacted by the Skins? Any thoughts from your end?

  7. Matt Terri – no pics or video of Colt as Zorn? How could u miss the Kodak moment? Someone had to have captured it. You need to ask around…this is good stuff, like Randle El’s video.

  8. De Angelo Hall………. a Washington Redskin??????

  9. Colt dressing up as Zorn is hilarious! He should have won! Keep up the news bits about Colt, we sure miss him out here in Hawaii. We hear he’s coming out during the Pro Bowl in Feb. 2009. He’d better bring a body guard cuz the Hawaii fans are going to mob him!! We can’t wait to have him back here for a visit!! We miss you Colt! Wish you could stop by during the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl!

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