What To Expect From This Blog

Rather than posting to everyone individually in the comments, I’ll do this as a quick update.  Thanks to a number of good suggestions, I’ve written up an About This Blog page, which is up on the top right.  Here’s what it says, to save you clicking.

I’m a fan who has been given access to Redskins Park.  This blog will take you behind the scenes with me.  We’ll be looking at all aspects of my favorite football team, the things that I’ve always wondered about but have never known, from the day-to-day lives of the players and coaches to the equipment room to the offices of management to the team plane to the fans and beyond.

Some days, you may not agree with what I choose to write about.  That’s okay.  Let me know in the comments, or email and give me suggestions.  And maybe you’ll like the next thing better.  (If there’s anything you specifically would like to know about, pass it along and I’ll do my best to run it down for you.)

This is not a news blog.  This blog will not be exclusively devoted to on-the-field activity, nor exclusively to practice, injuries or anything like that.  Our staff at Redskins.com do an excellent job covering the news, and there are plenty of other outlets for that as well.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions, and thanks for reading.

The equipment room stuff is still coming today, but part of that will also involve being out on the field for this afternoon’s practice (which is Special Teams only), so you’ve got that to look forward to.  Hopefully, you’ll find it all more interesting that you expect.

I will be doing on-the-field stuff — in fact, I’ll be doing some tomorrow — but it’s not necessarily going to be every day.  Redskins.com and the Post and the Examiner and the Times and ESPN and ExtremeSkins and dozens of other outlets do a great job of that; I’m trying to look at things slightly differently.

I really share your enthusiasm for the Redskins and am grateful for your suggestions on this blog, and look forward to hearing from you throughout the season.

(Bad news on the blocking sleds, though: those things won’t be back out until well after training camp, so that video is going to have to wait.)

Thanks, all.


Good News For Everyone

Those of you who missed Gary Fitzgerald’s excellent and thorough training camp coverage from last year can relax and rejoice:  Gary is back covering practices as of this afternoon’s session.  This ensures that you all will have the frequent, detailed updates you require, and frees me up to cover ins and outs of the rest of Redskins Park, along with whatever else I think is worthwhile.  Everyone wins.

Additionally, let me recommend the excellent and detailed work that the guys at Extreme Skinshave been doing from the morning practices:

So there’s still plenty of great training camp coverage out there.  And I certainly hope you’ll all stick with me as well.

Sorry for the long period of silence this afternoon.  I was unexpectedly called out of the office to help pick up Jason Taylor… but that’s a subject for another post.  Thanks for your patience.

First Day On The Job

You know how it goes, your first day at a new job.

You wake up ahead of your alarm.  You leave the house fifteen minutes earlier than you planned to, even though that time was already fifteen minutes earlier than you’d have to.  You make sure you look as good as you can, shaving without slashing your face open and putting gunk in your hair or whatever.  You put on the outfit you laid the night before, if you’re as neurotic as I sometimes am.

All that was the same as it always is.

Just what you expect to see when you start a new gig.

Just what you expect to see when you start a new job.

Showing up at the office to find the driveway blocked by a line of hundreds of people who have arrived hours early to watch a bunch of guys who are, however distantly, your coworkers … that one was new to me.

Welcome to the official start of the Official Redskins Blog, coinciding with the official start of Redskins Training Camp.  That’s not the permanent name of the blog, I hope, but I’m going to need your help thinking up a better one.  I’m hoping to have your help with a lot of things, whoever it is that “you” turn out to be.  But we’ll talk more about all that — about you, and about me, and about what we’re trying to do here — all that’s for later today and throughout the week.

For now, it’s enough to say: my name is Matt.  I’m a brand new employee of the Washington Redskins, something I never thought I’d be able to say (especially when I topped out in height at 5’8″ and haven’t found the upper limit of my non-muscled weight yet), and what I’m hoping to do with this blog is to provide you with access to the Redskins that you haven’t had before.  A fan’s-eye-view of everything, from the practice fields to the office to the inside of Redskins Park and way beyond.

But like I said — more on that later.  It’s 7:22, which means the gates are about to open and things are going to start happening.  Welcome to my first day at my new job.

Redskins Blog has begun..

Welcome to the Official Redskins Blog. Please excuse our appearance as this site is under construction. But the Official Redskins Blog is here to bring you the uncut, unfiltered view of your favorite team from here at Redskins Park.