Player’s POV: Casey Rabach and Jon Jansen Amuse Themselves

Time spent on a plane is boring. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying with a random cross-section of humanity or with a professional football team, being trapped in a large metal cylinder thousands of feet above the ground is going to limit your entertainment options.

In the back with the staff, people tend to watch the in-flight movies, zone out to music on their headsets, or try to get some work done. Up with the players, from what I’ve seen, things are pretty much the same. Most guys completely swathe themselves in blankets and sleep, they listen to their music, or they watch movies on portable DVD players.

That’s most guys. Casey Rabach and Jon Jansen also have other ways to entertain themselves, as they demonstrate on camera here on the flight to Dallas. (For those of you wondering why Ethan Albright seemed grouchy boarding the buses to the plane, this video may provide some illumination. It’s possible that he knew what was awaiting him on the flight.)

(Also, I’m experimenting with different types of encoding for video. Let me know if this one looks any better or worse than the previous few.)


Ethan Albright: Hall of Famer

The Washington Times may refer to him as an “athlete” — quotation marks included — but Ethan Albright was put into some illustrious company today.

That’s a framed headshot of Albright, hung in the space that was presumably cleared for soon-to-arrive pictures of Darrell Green and Art Monk. Not a bad journey, from lowest rated player in Madden to the Pro Bowl to this.

Last Facet of the Punter Battle: Ethan Albright

As my obsession with the position battle at punter has grown, I’ve spoken to just about everyone involved — both punters, their position coach, and even ten year old Jaxon Jordan, who worked the Jugs machine yesterday. When you watch the kickers around practice, though, they’re always accompanied by one other guy: long snapper Ethan Albright. Finally, I asked him for insights on his role in the whole thing (as well as his legendary Madden ranking).

Derrick Frost and Ethan Albright.

Derrick Frost and Ethan Albright.

So I’ve been watching holding drills a lot over the last few days.

(laughs and looks slightly skeptical) Okay….?

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A New Twist In The Punting Battle

The punting battle has seemed pretty cut and dried: you’ve got the rookie, Durant Brooks, challenging the incumbent, Derrick Frost. They’re competing based on hangtime, net distance, and ability to hold for field goals, and that’s it.

Today, a new twist emerged: a challenger for the position of long snapper, in the person of Wizards’ coach Eddie Jordan’s 10 year old son Jaxon, who spent a good bit of time today operating the Jugs machine for holding practice.

Jaxon Jordan prepares to snap the ball.

Jaxon Jordan prepares to snap the ball.

Asked if he had ever done anything like this on a football field before, Jordan simply said, “No,” before adding, “It was fun.”

Incumbent long snapper Ethan Albright responded with a mixture of admiration and disbelief. “He did fantastic, and it seemed like he was having fun,” Albright said, “but it’s amazing how fast you go from the penthouse to the outhouse.”