Redskins Parking Lot: LaRon Landry’s Hummer H2

I’ve been working on a small project for the PR staff here. Every game, they issue a gamebook to the attending media, full of statistics, storylines, notable information, connections between the teams, stuff like that — many of those little tidbits the announcers come up with during the game come from the gamebook.

What I’ve been doing is building a section on the off-the-field interests of the guys on the Redskins roster. It’s a good project for me, as it lets me build up potential future blogging material while also being of use to the organization as a whole. It’s a much more efficient use of time than simply wandering around the locker room mumbling to myself.

Some people are happy to list hobbies and favorite movies and family members and so on; others, for various reasons, are more reticent. One of the more close-mouthed people I’ve spoken to for this section was LaRon Landry. No matter how I framed the question, he steadfastly maintained that he had no interests whatsoever beyond playing football and hanging out. This is the ideal mindset for a safety on the football field, of course, but not so much for this particular project. He finally relented and acknowledged that he sometimes enjoyed buying stuff (“within a budget”), and that was that.

Yesterday I noticed this enormous, customized white Hummer H2 in the parking lot, and went immediately to find out whose it was. “Landry’s,” said Fred Smoot, who really is a font of knowledge about the cars in the parking lot here. I caught up with Landry to ask about the vehicle, and we had the following conversation. Remember, this is someone who claims to have no particularly strong interests.

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Redskins Parking Lot: Fred Smoot’s Impala

Sometimes I head out to the parking lot specifically to see if there are any interesting cars there for blogging purposes, but Fred Smoot’s 1963 drop-top Impala actually caught my eye on my way to leave, and Smoot came out and found me admiring it.

“That’s my favorite car,” he said. “That’s my baby. I did it all. I got it repainted, re-metaled, rewired … I redid the whole content.”

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Another One That Missed the Car Show

Walking through the parking lot this afternoon, I got a chance to see another player’s vehicle that wasn’t at the car show on Sunday.

Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach made their way back to the building for afternoon practice in one of the team golf carts. This isn’t Rabach’s speediest onsite vehicle — after yesterday’s practice, he commandeered one of the John Deere’s used by the equipment and grounds crews and took it for a spin around the practice fields.

Comparing the golf cart to the Deere, he acknowledges, “It’s got less horsepower and doesn’t handle as well, but it’s all about saving the legs during camp. I like parking it next to this V12.”

Wednesday, August 13: Another Redskin’s Ride

Leaving the park yesterday, I noticed the green Metalflake 1976 Cadillac El Dorado belonging to T Chris Samuels. Apparently, it was at the car show the other day, but I somehow overlooked it. Maybe it was sitting between two enormous trucks or something. As you can see, this is a car that would seem to be difficult to miss.

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Redskinized Rides at the Car Show

Yesterday’s Redskins Rides car show didn’t just feature the actual rides of Redskins players, but also cars that otherwise normal people had customized into Redskinsmobiles.

Surprisingly, I didn’t see the car that Adam Littlefield at Comcast SportsNet calls the Best Car Ever, but there were these two pickups that came close.

What impressed me most about this one is its relative versatility.

If you don’t have the luxury of one car to Redskinize and another car to actually drive to, say, pick up a date or take a client to lunch, this would be the way to do it. Remove the flags, the window sticker, and the inflatable hog in the passenger seat, and you look like a dedicated but otherwise sane fan.

This one, on the other hand, seems slightly less practical.

It’s convenient for emergency field goal competitions, with the optional goalpost, and I suppose the enormous flags could be removed, but the giant spear down the side is a good deal less subtle than the team color scheme on the first truck.

This racing Porsche, meanwhile, was neither a player’s car nor Redskins themed. It was just very, very cool.

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Hawai’i Represents at the Car Show

Still not accustomed to seeing the green and white of University of Hawai’i athletics at Redskins Park, but as the Cult of Colt grows I probably should get used to it.

This is Dan, at yesterday’s Redskins Rides car show.

In a sea of burgundy and gold, Dan has found an alternative way to demonstrate his fanhood. “I was a Redskins fan back in the days when Mark Rypien used to throw the ball around, but I kind of lost touch” he says. “Colt is really what brought me back.” There’s some family influence here as well — his wife Dolores is a big Hawai’i fan, and is also hugely excited for Colt to come to town. As are people whose skin tone works better with that dark green than it does with burgundy, I suppose.

Ironically, most of Colt’s fans failed to notice him driving out of the parking lot in a BMW that would’ve been perfectly impressive under ordinary circumstances, but that was completely outshined in this specific context by things like Santana Moss’s fire-colored Dodge Magnum.

Monday, August 11: Redskins Parking Lot

The Redskins Rides car show was held at Redskins Park yesterday, and it was a lively affair. I think it would be fascinating to watch an event like this from above — the groups of autograph seekers flowing toward players would look like flocks of birds. For example, watching the group of people form as Laron Landry emerged from this pale blue Lamborghini…

…and then converge on the enormous Ford F-650 he got into…

…was like watching some kind of Imax nature film.

For those of you who have been curious about the players’ cars, several were on display with the jersey numbers attached to the windshields.

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