Monday, December 8: An Unfortunate (But Sadly Accurate) Tailgating Omen

(As players trickle in to Redskins Park this morning and we wait to hear what Coach Zorn is going to say after an evening reviewing the horror-show tapes from the loss, here’s one pregame omen that got me a bit worried. Justifiably, as it turns out.)

It was one of the most remarkable things about the advance description of the ExtremeSkins tailgate in Baltimore: Mark The Homer was bringing one 72 pound roasted pig. I can see the appeal of a whole roasted animal to serve to a mass of hungry tailgaters, but the whole thing still seemed potentially grim and media-unfriendly to me.


Roasting a whole hog? At a Redskins tailgate? What would the Hogettes say? Heck, what would the Hogs say?

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Sunday, December 7: Gameday – Redskins @ Ravens

A word to anyone planning to make the road trip up here to the Quarrel For Laurel: it is windy and cold. Seriously windy. Like, weather advisory windy.

I dropped by the ExtremeSkins tailgate a bit earlier — while it was still light out, in fact — and the wind is whipping through the concrete stanchions underneath I-395.


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Monday Night Off-Site Tailgate: The National Zoo

I didn’t get to see much of the tailgating scene at last night’s game, although what I did see was just about as overrun with Steelers fans as the rest of the stadium. There was something of a unique tailgate downtown, though: the Great Ape House at The National Zoo thought the orangutans might enjoy getting in the mood for the big game.

Photo by Mehgan Murphy, National Zoo

Photo by Mehgan Murphy, National Zoo

According to a press release from the zoo:

The orangutans participated in the fun with enrichment goodies like fries (cut baked potatoes), Redskins/Steelers banners (sheets they like to cover themselves with) and life-like quarterbacks made of straw (bedding).

Fair enough. But I bet they don’t travel to away games like the RFK does.

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Thursday, October 30: ROADTRIP! From Chicago to Detroit to See the Redskins

I had heard that a busload of Redskins fans from Chicago were coming to the Detroit game, so I figured I’d spend some time pregame at their tailgate, getting their story and seeing what kind of spread they set out. As tailgates generally take place outside the stadium and this one included an entire busload of fans in Redskins gear, I figured it wouldn’t be too tough to find.

I failed to reckon on the fact that Ford Field is located in downtown Detroit, and the only parking lots that allow tailgating are literally more than a mile from the stadium, so — predictably — it took a little longer to find than I expected, and I had to call a friend at the tailgate to find out specifically where they were.

She gave me the cross streets, but sounded perplexed. “I don’t really know,” she said, “but it looks like we’re tailgating under some kind of parking structure in a meat packing district.” Which was about as accurate a description as I would be able to come up with.

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