Friday, November 21: Sitting in Sonny’s Office


When you walk into Redskins Park, you are (sensibly enough) looking directly at the reception desk. Beyond the reception desk are the Super Bowl trophies, and beyond that are the stairs down to the locker room, practice fields, and so on. The far wall beyond that is a glass window looking in on the TV studio, where Redskins Nation and Redskins Gameday and the eleventy million other shows are filmed and edited.

In front of that window, with a view of the lobby, the trophies, and everyone who walks into the facility, are two black couches. If you come in on a Monday or Friday, the right-hand couch is occupied by Sonny Jurgensen. If you’re in at the right time on any other day, the couches are occupied by Fred Smoot, Carlos Rogers, and a rotating assortment of other guys, studying their playbooks, jawing at each other, occasionally avoiding the media, and just generally hanging out.

Then a plaque went up over the right-hand couch:


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Inside Redskins Park: The Training Room

Whenever there’s an injury, I get emails asking why the trainers did this, or didn’t do that, or if they’re doing this other thing. The training room is one of the most closed, private places in Redskins Park — it’s where a lot of players go if they want to be sure the media can’t get to them — and, as a result, it’s one that tends to intrigue fans.


I was able to talk to Director of Rehabilitation Larry Hess (that’s him above right) and new Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer Elliott Jermyn (above left) for awhile about Jason Taylor’s calf, the differences between knee sprains, and what it is, exactly, they do. Along the way, I got some pictures of the training room, and both Hess and Jermyn agreed to answer some questions from you guys.

So if you’ve emailed in the past with questions for the training staff (that aren’t covered below), or you just want to take the opportunity now, send your questions to me. I can’t promise they’ll answer everything, but I’ll do my best.

All right. Start by taking us through your regular daily routine.

Elliott Jermyn: On a regular practice day, we get here early, at about 6:45 or so. We have treatments from about 7:00 until when team meetings start at about 9:00. For that we have people who are arranged into groups to come in, so not everybody’s here at the same time.

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Any Questions for Scott Campbell, Director of Player Personnel?

So far, as I meet people at Redskins park, I’ve focused on the guys who equip the players and the guys who film the players. Today, I was able to spend some time with one of the guys who helps to get the players here in the first place. I spent much of this morning’s practice with Director of Player Personnel Scott Campbell, trying to see the guys — especially the rookies — through his eyes. I’ll have details on that up a little later.

I’ll start now with two things. First, a call for questions. If you have anything you’d like me to ask Scott while I’ve got some time with, drop me an email sometime today. I’ll put through as many as I can. And second, I asked Scott a couple of questions about his background and his job responsibilities, just to get things started.

Scott Campbell in his office.

Scott Campbell in his office.

Director of Player Personnel is one of those titles that a lot of people have heard, but I know that I, at least, have never been completely sure what the job entails.

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Inside Redskins Park: Changing Up the Studio

Walking past the TV studio today, which is pretty central to the top floor of Redskins Park, I noticed that they were in the process of changing over the background pictures from the existing two-tone images to full-color ones.

The new photo, bottom, replaces the signed one.

The new photo, bottom, replaces the signed one.

What’s most interesting about this, unless you’re very into the interior design of TV studios, is that the existing two-tone picture in the image above has been signed by a number of the players who have been guests on the show in the last year, including Clinton Portis, Jason Campbell, and Santana Moss, and is being auctioned off for charity at the Charitable Foundation’s Welcome Home Luncheon at the end of this month.