Cardboard Pete Goes To FedEx


This is Cardboard Pete.

As the name implies, Cardboard Pete is made of cardboard. He’s a roughly life-size recreation of Real Pete Daley. Real Pete is a lieutenant in the Army National Guard stationed in Iraq, and as a result he doesn’t get to do very much stateside.

To partially rectify the situation, Daley’s sister Gina Ruppert has begun taking Cardboard Pete with her on family vacations and important outings — all the things that Daley isn’t able to attend. She photographs Cardboard Pete doing these things and sends the pictures to Daley wherever he’s stationed.

“We keep emailing him pictures, and he and all his buddies over there in Iraq gather around the computer and laugh at it,” Ruppert says. “He says he has a better life cardboard than he does for real.” Cardboard Pete’s adventures are also posted at his non-cardboard website.

Real Pete is a Redskins fan — his dad grew up in D.C. — so Ruppert brought Cardboard Pete out to FedExField Monday night to take his picture and let him take in the sights and sounds of the place. Ruppert had passes to go to the Touchdown Club, so Cardboard Pete also got to meet some Redskins greats and hang out with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.

Photo courtesy of Gina Ruppert

Photo courtesy of Gina Ruppert

Unfortunately, Cardboard Pete was vastly outnumbered by the Steelers fans, and the result of the game wasn’t quite what Real Pete probably would’ve wanted, but at least he’ll get to see himself surrounded by cheerleaders and feel good about the whole evening. I think I would probably wind up exceedingly jealous of my cardboard doppelganger if he was having that much fun while I was off defending his cardboard rights, but maybe I’m just a selfish person by nature.


7 Responses

  1. “…wind up exceedingly jealous of my cardboard doppelganger if he was having that much fun while I was off defending his cardboard rights…”

    You are hilarious. The ‘skins really picked the right man for this job.

  2. Card Board Pete had a great time at the Game. Thanks for the story. The troops are going to love it! The Redskins and all their fans are the best! Thanks, Cardboard Pete’s sister.

  3. Awesome way to keep him going Gina! Offer my, and all Skins fans’, large appreciation for him being there, hopefully, he can come home soon and see the Skins do some more winning!

    Once again, Matt, very nice job!

  4. Be sure to bring Cardboard Pete to the Pro Bowl if you come!

  5. Did any of the cheerleaders kiss Cardboard Pete? Sure would be nice if they did!

  6. well pete, you sure have been having a lot of fun since you left for iraq. trips, parties, redskins games……what’s next, the super bowl? if so, can i come? thanks to all who leave messages. i’m sure real pete and the troops are getting a kick out of this because i think real pete’s life isn’t as much fun! thanks – cardboard pete’s other sister.

  7. This is awesome! I showed the pictures and sent the link to this site to some of my friends over here and we were cracking up. Cardboard Pete knows how to treat the ladies! Everyone is looking forward to his next adventure.

    Hail to the Skins!!!
    Real Pete

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