H.B. Blades On His Ex-Roommate Joe Flacco


When I think about Ravens rookie quarterback Joe Flacco, the first thing that comes to mind is ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper’s distinctive voice touting the strong arm of “Joe Flacco, quarterback out of Delaware.” But even before that, he was Joe Flacco, backup quarterback at the University of Pittsburgh.

And when he was at Pittsburgh, his roommate was guy by the name of Horatio Benedict Blades, better known as Washington Redskins linebacker H.B. Blades.

You roomed with Flacco?


What was it like?

“Flacco? Flacco was a good guy. Very smart guy, strong arm. His right forearm — his throwing arm — is way bigger than his left one. Way bigger.”

How long did you room together?

“Sophomore year until he transferred. And when transferred to Delaware, that whole thing kind of got in the way of me being his roommate. Coach Wannstedt used to call all the time trying to get me to get him to stay and stuff.

“Flacco’s a good guy, man. I’m just happy for him, happy he’s found an opportunity somewhere and made a name for himself.”

Were you surprised that he had this success so quickly?

“No, not surprised at all, because anyone who knows Flacco knows that he’s smart. He’s poised, he doesn’t let things get to him. He make a mistake or something like that, but he has that attitude about him like, ‘Okay, I made a mistake, that’s fine, move on to the next one.'”

Any good stories?

“Oh, I’ve got a lot of funny stories about him….”

Any you can share?

“No, no, I’m not gonna do that to him.”

Fair enough. Do you still keep in touch?

“Ah, we talk every now and then. I talked to him a couple of times after he went to Delaware, but I always watched to see how he was doing. I knew coming out that, given the strength of his arm, he’d go somewhere — he was the strongest-armed quarterback we had, it’s just that Tyler Palko was already there [in Pittsburgh] — so it was just watching to see if he could get on the field somewhere and start doing it.”

10 Responses

  1. “His right forearm — his throwing arm — is way bigger than his left one. Way bigger.”

    I can guess what the cause of that is. ;)

  2. Steven, on December 5th, 2008 at 5:18 pm Said:

    “His right forearm — his throwing arm — is way bigger than his left one. Way bigger.”

    I can guess what the cause of that is. ;)

    Only a post-pubescent male would make that comment.

  3. The name H.B. Blades gets me everytime, first time i heard it i was like H.B., who names there kid H.B. Then i see that it’s a lot better then hes real name “Horatio Benedict Blades”

  4. All 3 of these responces seem retarded.
    His throwing arm is bigger because it gets the most work.
    No man should every use the term post pubescent.
    And did you really not figure that H.B was short for something else

  5. The season will be over after this game.. Then it will be time to rebuild and get some speed in here…

  6. We got the best QB in the 08 draft class!

  7. H.B is a class act..your the man!

  8. Flacco is not the concern. Can we prevent their O-Line from making holes big enough for McClain, Rice, and McGahee to drive thru and run over our LBs and DBs? And, more importantly, how many points will they generate on defense. Perfect execution, boys, or they will make us pay.

  9. Ok so I thought we were ok I thought I could leave well enough alone. then I start seeing what looks like D-III mount Union playing on Sundays only we were not dominating our conference we just looked like a D-III school playing NFL teams. I mean what’s the deal. Two years in a row and problems scoring touchdowns. I mean ok JC is in his 18th offense in as many years but Jesus Christ I mean Aron Rodgers can throw td’s Matt Ryan can throw em too and if not he at least keep drives going and scoring can then take place. I mean we got Malcolm Kelly back. Dam that jump ball sh*t gets him some passes in the middle of the field early. Where is this west coast offense???? It’s still football and people will still get open so why can we not get the ball to our receivers? Is JC holding the ball to long? If so this is really getting old. We are in prime time again tonight for like the 4th time this season or whatever and will we lose again? To the ravens??? And Joe Flacco? Another rookie who seems to at least be able to put up two offensive TD’s a game. Why can’t this happen for us? Why can’t we throw the ball on three straight downs? Is that like an unspoken Redskin rule? Thoa shalt not throw on three consecutive downs??? I mean come on this is getting ridicules! And where the Hell is Fred Davis? We can get some two TE sets even make Cooley the slot receiver for anything 6 yards and under. Someone else besides Santana and Clinton have to step up in a big way. this game is for bragging rights within a 40 mile radius I know too many fans don’t seem to care because they are a nonconference team but come on let’s get real there 45 min away and if we aint the best team within a 45min radius then we don’t need to be in the area we might as well be there jets! If we go into Baltimore and loose I hate to say it but our offense is officially pu$$y!! PU$$$y!! No live with that


  10. Washington needs To look at the coach And The Quarterback Both Are Making bad calls.

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