Redskins Birthday Extravaganza

Not one, not two, but three birthdays on the team today:

26 is 27.

55 is 34.

And Larry Michael is a year older than he was last year.

Happy birthday to all three of them.


46 is 29

Happy birthday to Ladell Betts, who turns 29 today.

Photo by Mike Rudy.

Photo by Mike Rudy.

George Michael led the entire crowd at the Welcome Home Luncheon in a singing of “Happy Birthday,” a move that he said might land him on Betts’ enemies list forever. It was still better than the guys with the hats and guitars at Tex-Mex restaurants, though.

Happy Birthday to Sonny Jurgensen

My choice for the best Redskin of all time turns 74 today. Happy birthday to the Hall of Famer.

60 Turns 31

Happy birthday to LT Chris Samuels, who turns 31 today. His girlfriend Hazel Cox got him a cake and some balloons, and organized the fans sitting around her to sing “Happy Birthday” to Chris as he came off the practice field.

Next Mike Sellers came and presented a gift of his own.

There were a couple more of them along similar lines, each with a cute little saying on it. “For the plane,” Sellers said.

Samuels was scheduled to speak to the media from the podium today, and as he waited for Coach Zorn to wrap up, he kept his eyes up, cautious, looking for the rest of his offensive linemates. “I already got it figured out. I’m gonna be doing the interview, and they’re gonna come throw that cake on me.”

It was Clinton Portis who got him first, though, although only with water. Then the line brought out the cake, emblazoned with a picture of a harp seal, and sang “Happy Birthday to Seal.”

“They say I look like Seal,” Samuels said, “but Stephon [Heyer] hasn’t got room to talk.” Despite a bit of threatening back-and-forth with Randy Thomas, Samuels managed to avoid wearing the cake (at least until later, when at least some of the cameras had disappeared).