Redskins Parking Lot: Fred Smoot’s Impala

Sometimes I head out to the parking lot specifically to see if there are any interesting cars there for blogging purposes, but Fred Smoot’s 1963 drop-top Impala actually caught my eye on my way to leave, and Smoot came out and found me admiring it.

“That’s my favorite car,” he said. “That’s my baby. I did it all. I got it repainted, re-metaled, rewired … I redid the whole content.”

He got in to leave and turned the car on, and it jumped up on hydraulics. “Oh yeah,” he said. “My favorite feature — anytime I want to, I can go up and down.”

Okay, but do you have a name for that color? “They call it blurple,” he said. “It’s a mix between blue and purple.” It’s also my new favorite word.


12 Responses

  1. SWEET !!!

  2. Anybody can buy a new car off the lot… to take the time and effort to personalize and restore a classic says everything about Smooty. He may be a talker, but he knows that all that dazzles isn’t flash.

    Now just work on those hands.

    (I’m noncommittal on blurple. Maybe it pops in person.)

  3. re-metaled?

  4. means he replaced the old rusty frame

  5. Unlike Sellers Smoot went with the classic pre 1965 impala that does not have the ugly hump over the rear axle and instead is as strait as a yardstick all down the side.

    Also: Blurple was the color of many NFL wide receivers after getting hit by Sean Taylor.

  6. has he learned how to cover a WR yet?

  7. i love fred smoot. blurple. he will be in the pro bowl this year

  8. and yeah he can cover wr’s

  9. I might nbe the only one besides fred that has drove that car!

  10. I’m so glad Fred came back to the Redskins, he’s always been one of my favorites. I LOVE THIS CAR!!! My first car was a ’61 Impala ( not convertible tho), and I had to sell it when I went to college.

    I just hope he’s okay after bangin’ around the Cowboys yesterday!


  12. yeah ima have to agree with you on that on fred. that would be my favorite car too that joint is sexy

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