Ryan Plackemeier: NFC Special Teams Player of the Week

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Ah, I remember the halcyon days of this season, when it seemed like we were posting awards like this every other day. Chris Horton, rookie of the month? Sure! Clinton Portis, FedEx Ground Player of the Week? Let’s do it!

It’s been a little while between awards, what with the losing skid and the falling-out-of-the-playoff-picture deal, but we’re back on the right side of things this week: Ryan Plackemeier is your NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

It was hard to imagine this day, back when people were savaging the initial Pro Bowl balloting that had Plackemeier as the leading vote-getter in the NFC, but I think we all knew it would arrive eventually. I mean, when you pick a guy up mid-season to replace your rookie draft pick, you always expect that guy to become Player of the Week just a few weeks later. It’s inevitable.

And speaking of inevitable, here’s what I wrote about Plackemeier during the fourth quarter of the Eagles game:

Plack attack! Ryan Plackemeier pins his third punt inside the ten, and his second inside the five. Part of me is deeply frustrated that so many guys are showing up now that things don’t matter, but the more optimistic part of me is pleased to see that no one’s given up on the season just yet. He’s making a strong case for himself as Redskins special teams player of the week.

Redskins Special Teams Player of the Week? I was aiming low.


Ryan Plackemeier on Gum, Rain, and Hot Sauce

Ryan Plackemeier has a locker not far from Fred Smoot, filling the German slot in what Smoot has called “the European corner” of the locker room. During yesterday’s open locker room Smoot-a-thon, Plackemeier jokingly observed that the only time people asked him anything was when something went wrong in the punting game, so I asked him if there was anything he had found particularly interesting since coming to Redskins Park.

He paused. “[Special Teams Coach] Danny Smith chews a lot of gum.”

This is true. He not only chews a lot of gum, but he will freely offer it to just about anyone who asks, including, I guessed, Plackemeier.

“No, I’m not a gum chewer,” he said, shrugging. “I’m not too interesting – I just try to fly under the radar.”

But it was too late for that kind of escape, and I asked how things had been since he had signed on with the Redskins.

“Things are going great. Shaun [Suisham] and Ethan [Albright] are great, really humble guys. They don’t talk a lot, they do. They just show up on Sundays, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. It’s gotten better every week, the punt game’s gotten better. I don’t necessarily think you can just look at stats with the punting situation sometimes.”

Well, what HASN’T gone so great?

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All Right, NOW It’s Official.

The moves outlined earlier have all gone through; here are your new jersey numbers. Update your rosters accordingly.

Ryan Plackemeier is #1
Michael Green is #23
Shaun Alexander is #35

The initial (wrong) report on Alexander had him wearing #25, though, and when we heard that, the first thing I said was, “Hey, Joe Washington!”

One of the guys here, a transplant from Miami (who will remain nameless), said, “Who’s Joe Washington?”

Those of us who grew up as Redskins fans were incredulous. Lots of people offered up variations on “What do you mean, who’s Joe Washington?” and “You’re an idiot!” and things like that. I said, “He was Reggie Bush before Reggie Bush. How do you not know that?”

Miami Guy scoffed, went into a nearby office, and said, “Who was Joe Washington?”

Office Guy, who hadn’t overheard us, said, “Joe Washington was Reggie Bush!”

Eventually, once the drama had settled down (and we got the updated information making the whole discussion moot), it came out that pretty much no one born after 1980 had much of a memory of Joe Washington, which seems a pity. So your Tuesday Redskins Link is this NFL.com video of Joe Washington as one of the Top 10 Elusive Runners of all time, even though as it turns out we should be watching videos of the acting general manager of the Detroit Lions.