The Awkward Side of Jersey Purchases

Let’s be honest: jerseys aren’t cheap. If you’re going to buy one, there are a whole bunch of factors to consider, but if you’ve decided to go with an active player, most of what it boils down to is “How long will this be relevant?”

If you guessed right in 1983, you got to wear your Darrell Green jersey for 20 years of active service, plus a Hall of Fame induction. If you guessed wrong, your Richard Williams jersey was rendered useless almost immediately.

You see these sorts of jerseys dotted around FedExField, your Adam Archuletas and Jeremiah Trotters, but they’re usually just one or two in a group of active guys.

These people, spotted walking around the stadium yesterday, are either spectacularly unlucky as a group or they’re time travelers from the early part of this decade.

Either way, I have immense respect for their decision to stay with their jersey purchases, even after the players have moved on to other locations (and, in Arrington’s case, other endeavors entirely). Or, who knows, maybe they’re actually fans of the Cowboys, the Jets, and the Sideline Restaurant in Landover and this was just an easy way to all match while they supported their respective organizations.


Monday, October 20: Quick Recap of Yesterday

For those of you who don’t sit in front of your computers on a Sunday and can’t be bothered to scroll down, a quick recap of what I saw at the stadium yesterday.

The Redskins got into the election season. This is the stadium banner that I mentioned, Sonny and Sam imploring you to get out and Vote the Redskins Ticket.

There was an exceptionally tall man on the sidelines. And he used to play basketball, AND shill Snickers!

There were four quarters of football, at least two of which were fun to watch: 1 2 3 4. Then players and coaches chatted about an assortment of topics, including the new punting situation.

Redskins v. Browns Postgame – Plack’s Punts

Ryan Plackemeier was critical of himself, but generally pleased with his debut performance.

“No bad, bad punts,” he said. “I got unlucky on the bounce on the first one, but I hit it well.”

He was exceedingly candid about his bad punts, too. “I did the same thing wrong on the three misses — nothing shanked, but my drop was a little off to the left, I’ve gotta bring that in. I missed that last one, put it a little more to the left than I was supposed to, but … I think for the most part we helped out the defense today.”

It was a sentiment that was almost exactly echoed by his head coach. “The last punt, we wanted more,” Coach Zorn said, “but there were no shanks, no total disasters. He did a great job hitting ’em all.” It’s rare that “no total disasters” actually ranks as a high compliment, but for a guy at an unsettled position who unexpectedly had an incredibly busy night of work, they were pretty favorable words.

Leigh Torrence, who was well positioned to defend for at least three of Plackemeier’s punts, also had compliments for the new guy. “He’s got a different style, more like a knuckle ball than I’m used to. It kinda dives a little faster on you. He puts it up there, he’s got great hangtime … that’s a weapon. You pin them deep, as a defense, that’s a huge weapon. Glad to have him, and we’re only gonna get better.”

Plackemeier, for his part, spread the love around a little bit. “Ethan Albright is the best long snapper in the league. The ball’s there every time. I had three different long snappers in Seattle, so coming in here and having stability at the position helps give me confidence.” It’s one of those phrases you don’t hear all that often, “best long snapper in the league,” but anything that helps bring some confidence to the punting situation here is a-okay by me.

Sunday, October 19: Gameday, Redskins v. Browns – Vote The Redskins Ticket

If you drive in to FedExField from Landover Road today, you might see that the stadium looks slightly different, mainly because of 2,500 square foot hanging banner version of the Vote The Redskins Ticket graphic. The roads heading in toward the stadium all look appropriate for the immediate pre-election season, lined with Redskins Ticket campaign yard signs.

And the first 25,000 fans in the stadium will get these campaign buttons.

Also, any purchase at the Redskins Stores at the stadium will earn a free bumper sticker — another in the long history of Redskins bumper stickers.

You’ve got a lot of excuses for not voting — although none of them are valid — but if you show up for this game “I forgot” isn’t going to be one of them. Vote early and often for the Redskins Ticket — and be sure to keep up with the Redskins Ticket site, where new videos and other material is being added daily.

Look, It’s Me! Also, My Picks For Sunday

Larry Michael asked me today if I wanted to appear on tonight’s Redskins Nation and pick this weekend’s games against him. I accepted, and was actually pretty flattered about the whole thing until I found out that last week’s picks had been made by Larry Landover.

On top of everything else, there’s now a reasonable chance that we will soon have televisual proof that a Redskins fan made out of cloth can do a better job than I can picking games, which is not the sort of thing that does wonders for my always-fragile self-esteem. But I had committed myself, and there’s always the chance that I’ll not only do better than Larry Landover, but Larry Michael as well.

I happened to have my Flip Video camera with me, and Larry (Michael) used it to film the studio during the introduction to my bit on the show. We actually tried to film the whole show from the desk, but the resulting video clip has roughly 57% too much stationary footage of Matt Terl’s Arm and 32% too much Camera Swirling Wildly And Nauseatingly Around to be worth uploading. Here, though, is a brief look around the Redskins broadcasting studio here at Redskins Park.

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Snoop Dogg and Devin Thomas Make Me Feel Old

Open locker room on Fridays comes after practice, when the guys are showering and hustling to get changed and get out of the Park to their relatively small bit of free time. This means that Friday’s open locker room isn’t the relatively quiet mid-day workplace that it is over the lunch hour during the week; there’s an iPod hooked up to speakers, guys are singing along, guys are getting ready to go, all that.

Maybe it was because I was thinking for that earlier post about what year Nevermind and 2Pacalypse were released, maybe it was just a fluke. But when Dr. Dre’s Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang came on, I noticed rookie wideout Devin Thomas singing along, and it made me curious.

Were you even born when The Chronic came out?

“Yeah, of course, man! I was … I think I was around seven when that came out? That’s like the classics, though.”

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On the Field for Practice – 10/17

The title here is a little bit misleading, to be honest — I wasn’t able to be on the field for all that much of the middle of practice. I was there at the very beginning, though, and if it’s Friday, that means it’s time for Coach Zorn to warm up by tossing the ball around to the quarterbacks.

They were doing this on the other side of the field, which was testing the limitations of my camera, but it’s obvious that Zorn gets a real kick out of this. The QBs seem to be enjoying it as well, as it not only lets them do something a little different, it gives them an excuse to tease their coach a little bit.

“He overthrew me that first time,” Jason Campbell told me about the above attempt. After that first round, though, the quarterbacks elected to increase the degree of difficulty somewhat by making their catches one-handed.

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