Ethan Albright: Hall of Famer

The Washington Times may refer to him as an “athlete” — quotation marks included — but Ethan Albright was put into some illustrious company today.

That’s a framed headshot of Albright, hung in the space that was presumably cleared for soon-to-arrive pictures of Darrell Green and Art Monk. Not a bad journey, from lowest rated player in Madden to the Pro Bowl to this.


Redskins Like Books

I’ve mentioned a few times now that we’re finally settling into the regular weekly NFL schedule, and what that means for Tuesdays is … not a whole lot, actually. Tuesday is the day off for players pretty much league-wide. No practice, no open locker room, nothing.

So today I went with Lorenzo Alexander, Fred Davis, and Leigh Torrence to Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences in Falls Church, VA, where they were helping to kick off the school’s literacy program by talking up reading.

What this meant in practice was that the guys talked to the school in two separate assemblies, then split up and each read to a different classroom.

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Missing Links

Thanks to all who have emailed about the missing links in the sidebar. Not quite sure where they’ve gotten to or how they got there, but I’ll have them back as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 9: Shopping With the Stars

Last night, the Jason Taylor Foundation, in partnership with the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, hosted their “Cool Gear For The School Year” shopping program at Old Navy in Leesburg.

The event provides 60 area kids with a $300 shopping trip to Old Navy, where they’re accompanied by local athletes, cheerleaders, and media. Taylor started the event in 2005 in Miami, and he’s brought it here as part of the process of making the DC area “feel more like home and not just a work stop.”

Students were paired with celebrities and given an hour to shop their way around Old Navy. Each pair was given a $300 gift card, along with a calculator for tracking total price and a couple of shopping bags.

“I just have to carry everything,” said punter Durant Brooks, shrugging. Come on — aren’t you helping to pick some stuff out? “Yeah, he rocks,” said his partner Lydia.

Then there was NBC 4’s Lindsay Czarniak, who was attending as both celebrity co-shopper and working media. Her approach was slightly different.

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Monday Redskins Links – 9/8

On the Field for Practice – 9/8

A short practice today, with a lot of special teams work.

  • Based on the conversation that’s been going on here for the last few days, I tried to pay particular attention to the quarterback play in general, and Jason Campbell in particular. Campbell’s throws looked good, and it was difficult to judge reads and releases in a practice situation, but he received compliments from Coach Zorn on at least three occasions for coming off of a receiver, so it seems safe to say that he’s focusing on that. “He looked like he was working hard,” Zorn said afterward.
  • (Oh, also, let me quickly answer a question that just came in: there was no noticeable change in distribution of QB reps: Campbell with the first team, Collins with the second team, Brennan making a brief appearance as the scout team QB. The Cult of Colt probably needs to relax for at LEAST a few weeks, I’d think.)
  • Shawn Springs was back out on practice, and looking good — a batdown and an interception on back to back plays. “If the game on Sunday, no doubt I would’ve played,” he said, joking that Marcus Washington had kicked him because “he didn’t want me to shine on Thursday.”
  • The much-maligned Justin Tryon had a couple of nice plays in coverage today. He didn’t get his hands on the ball in either case, but had great position on the receiver and prevented him from getting to the ball. It was heartening to see, and much more promising than his work in the preseason games.
  • Malcolm Kelly claims to be ready to come back, saying that the extra days of rest did him a world of good. Coach Zorn was a bit more hesitant, and wants to see him participate fully in practice, hopefully Wednesday.
  • Zorn also commented on his weekend ride with the President, although he seemed mildly surprised at the level of interest it generated. “You know,” he said, “I like to bike ride. Mister President read that and invited me out.” Zorn repeatedly emphasized the degree of difficulty of the ride, and focused on the athletic elements of the whole thing. “With him it’s very competitive, and you have to earn the right to be out there.” No football strategy was discussed, he claimed. In Zorn’s telling, the whole thing sounds surprisingly low-key, like, hey, if you like to ride bikes, sometimes you get to ride with the President.

Day After the Game: Two Reactions

An interesting (albeit completely anecdotal) fact about last night’s game: everyone I’ve talked to today who missed the first quarter thought the Redskins looked so-so, but not like something to inspire insane panic. This measured reaction has been nicely offset by people who DID see the first quarter, many of whom walked away incredibly concerned. (Including me, I might add — it doesn’t come through as clearly as I expected it to, but I was deeply unhappy through that part of the game.)

Plenty of those folks are still actively worried. Here’s a quick sampling:

Sportz Assassin at FanHouse:
I left this game extremely unimpressed with Jim Zorn. I know it is early on (first game and all) and he must be given some time to install his offense. I get that. But the playcalling and clock management were horrible … and there are enough veteran coaches on that sideline that know better.

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