Redskins v. Eagles – Fourth Quarter Thoughts


  • I mentioned this last week, and … you know what? I’m going to actually go so far as to quote myself verbatim: “The spark of Santana Moss punt returns is seriously dampened when they’re all accompanied by penalties….” Today? It’s an illegal block by Kareem Moore negating a 31 yard return.
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Redskins v. Eagles – Third Quarter Thoughts


  • It is remarkable how fired up and fresh the defense looks as they come out of the tunnel for the second half. Partially, it’s having a few guys back — Chris Horton and Marcus Washington both ran out onto the field at speed, which was great to see — but I’m sure it’s also partially that the offense is helping keep them off the field.
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Redskins v. Eagles – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Well, it initially looked like I’d be starting this quarter out talking about how the Skins had built up some momentum, how Clinton Portis was starting to find a little running room, and other good things like that. Then the screen to Santana Moss got stuffed on third and 4, and Coach Zorn made the completely inexplicable decision to attempt a 54 yard field goal. Shaun Suisham started the season with a strong leg, but he’s been having a rough time lately, and this makes very little sense to me. Maybe after seeing the opening kickoff sail out the back of the end zone, Zorn assumed that Suisham is kicking with the wind at his back, but … that’s questionable logic at best.
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Redskins v. Eagles – Sammy Baugh Sticker

The Redskins are wearing burgundy jerseys and white pants. Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, and Shawn Springs as usual, are wearing shoes with yellow trim. Devin Thomas is wearing yellow compression sleeves. And everyone is wearing a black 33 sticker on their helmets in memory of Sammy Baugh.


Redskins v. Eagles – Inactives

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Well, after a week in which I noted that Ryan Boschetti was one of the most fired-up guys in practice, he’s inactive today. But I bet he’ll be very, very fired up on the sidelines. Other than that, Malcolm Kelly is down and Fred Davis is active, and Kedric Golston has apparently not fully recovered from his injury after all. Here’s the Redskins’ list.

Redskins inactives:

  • 5 Colt Brennan – emergency third QB
  • 12 Malcolm Kelly – WR
  • 63 Will Montgomery – OL
  • 64 Kedric Golston – DT
  • 73 Ryan Boschetti – DT
  • 76 Jon Jansen – OL
  • 78 D’Anthony Batiste – OL
  • 98 Rob Jackson – DE

Anthony Montgomery starts for Griffin, and as Greg Blache indicated, DeAngelo Hall starts for Carlos Rogers again.

UPDATED to add the Eagles inactives:

  • 14 A.J. Feely – emergency third QB
  • 25 Lorenzo Booker – RB
  • 51 Joe Mays – LB
  • 63 Bryan Smith – DE
  • 64 Chris Patrick – T
  • 73 Shawn Andrews – OL
  • 80 Kevin Curtis – WR
  • 84 Hank Baskett – WR

Redskins @ Bengals – Third Quarter Thoughts


  • Cincinnati’s civic pride was firmly on display at halftime, as the inevitable press box snack of chili dogs is also accompanied by spaghetti, cheese, and onions, offering the opportunity to create the classic Cincinnati three-way. It was a welcome addition, too, because the hot dogs looked particularly strange today.
  • Here’s what I want to know about the Redskins’ first defensive possession of the half: where’s Rocky McIntosh? He’s reportedly not injured, but he doesn’t seem to be out there on the field. Alfred Fincher looked good in the preseason, sure, but I’m not sure that’s a reason to try him out here. Still, the Rocky-less defense looks good, and holds the Bengals to a punt.
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Redskins @ Bengals – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to write today: at least the defense held the Bengals to a field goal to keep the deficit to 17.
  • There’s some confusion in the press box about if Chris Cooley‘s first quarter catch-and-fumble, which went for 19 yards, qualifies as a Redskins first down. This is a vital question, because if it WAS a first down then the team has one, and if it doesn’t, they don’t have any. It’s important to be able to quantify just how poorly the team is doing.
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