Wednesday, December 24: More Holiday Cheer With Rocky McIntosh

Yesterday, I posted pictures of Rocky McIntosh‘s stunning Christmas ensemble, but you really can’t appreciate the awesome majesty of the Rocky Holiday Experience without seeing it in motion and hearing the dulcet tones of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.

Thank goodness for this video, then. Happy holidays!


One Response

  1. HAHA, I was rather shocked when a picture of Rocky was posted dressed like this, now a video is even more bizarre to me becuz he’s so quiet and never really seen outside the football field. I can still recall his press conference once he was drafted, the whole time I was cringing for the dude becuz I could feel his nervousness underneath my skin.

    Another thought I get by watching this is, man working for the Redskins seems so much fun, you’re always around football players who crack jokes and they must get discounted tickets to them games!

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