A Coincidental Tribute To Sammy Baugh

tcuAt last night’s San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, TCU defeated Boise State by a final score of 17-16. One of TCU’s most famous football alumni passed away a week ago, Redskins great Sammy Baugh. (You may remember this being mentioned here a few times.)

When Baugh was with the Redskins, his jersey number was 33 — the same as the total score in last night’s game. Not quite the same as all the occurrences of 21 toward the end of last season, but a nice incidental tribute nonetheless.

When you’re taking grade school math, one of those questions you ask is “When is this going to be useful in real life?”

And now you know the real answer to that question: “When you need to use the awesome power of arithmetic to assign false significance to arbitrary events.” Also, “When calculating gratuity on a restaurant bill,” but that’s less important here.


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  1. You are right! Facts are stubborn things:-D

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