Tuesday, December 23: How To Make A Win Even Better

Drew Tong and Kim Davison – SkinsFanInTennessee and KnoxSkinsGal, if you know them from ExtremeSkins – are proud first year Redskins season ticket holders. They sit up in the last row of section 415, and they haven’t missed a home game this year despite living in Knoxville, Tennessee. (The drive up takes about eight hours, and they make a weekend of it with the rest of the ES crew.)

For Sunday’s game, Tong decided to do something special for Davison. He managed to get hold of Dream Seats, down in the corner of the endzone directly next to the Redskins tunnel, and pregame field passes.

“Kim had no idea about the Dream Seats or field passes,” he says. “She just thought we were going to our regular seats in the upper deck until we got to the security check and I handed her the dream seat ticket. I just told her Merry Christmas.”

This would probably have been enough of a surprise on its own. So when Tong dropped to one knee in that muddy corner of the field and pulled out a ring, Davison was just about speechless.

The two met online in April of 2007 (“Yeah, I guess those commercials are true,” Tong notes), the same month that the Redskins selected LaRon Landry and H. B. Blades in the NFL Draft.

They went to their first Skins game together a few months later, the preseason opener against the Titans at LP Field in Nashville, which the Redskins won 14-6 on two late touchdowns, and the two hosted the ExtremeSkins tailgate for the game. “That’s where I found that she can yell louder than me,” Tong says.

He describes himself as lifelong Redskins fan, and Davison was a college football fan who has grown to love to pro game – and the Redskins – since meeting Tong. Now the two are engaged to be married in Tennessee some time during the summer. “She’s already told me, no way in hell we are getting married during football season,” Tong says, which shows a couple whose priorities are firmly in order.

Their first game together was a win in 2007. Their first game as an engaged couple was an upset win over the Eagles that took them, as Tong notes, “from the last row to the first row”.

So, in addition to wishing them well, I’m going to encourage them to attend Redskins games after every significant event in their lives. I’m not a particularly superstitious guy, but you can’t argue with results.


21 Responses

  1. Drew,

    You are one lucky son of a gun!!

    My wife, HATES football!!

  2. Congrats to the two of you!!!

    My wife is hot, loves the Redskins, and loves beer. That the real reason I married her.

    Hang on to that one Drew. Congrats to the two of you!!!!

    I can’t even imagine how sweet a win that was!

  4. Drew and Kim,

    I am so happy for both you! Congrats guys and I know I will be seeing you two soon!

  5. Oh and Matt thank you for filming this where I could see it.

  6. At this point, it should have been:
    Mike Smith/Matt Ryan 10 Wins
    John Harbaugh/Joe Flacco 10Wins
    Jim Zorn/Colt Brennan 15 Wins…

  7. Drew and Kim are definitely two of the good ones. I’m glad they found each other.

  8. Congratulations and our wishes for the very best life can hold — to my niece, “Kimmeth”, and new nephew, Drew —
    Love to both of you, and why don’t you just make arrangements to be married at FedEx Field when the Redskins aren’t using it!! (You know, I wouldn’t have to drive as far!!)
    Our Love — Aunt Bette and Ron

  9. Jason Campbell should be on the bench. He’s too stiff, inaccurate, indecisive and myopic to run the West Coast offense – or any offense right now. Big arm is totally superfluous in this system. He may develop into an above average QB but he’s been awful the last 10 games. The answer is on the team – and not named Colt. Has everyone forgotten LAST YEAR already. We were on 4 game losing streak with JC and behind Bears when Collins got a chance – only b/c of injury of course. He turned the season around and won that game and 4 straight – taking us to the playoffs. It’s just sad to watch this team struggle offensively but refuse to try the guy who sparked turnaround last year. Why not? Afraid to bruise Campbell’s fragile ego?

  10. I love Matt’s response: “Did she say yes?” LOL

  11. Fredericksburg,
    That was Collins in Al Saunders’s system. Did you watch him the preseason? He wasn’t exactly lights out.
    If Snyder had been smart and kept Saunders on the team, than I’d agree with you about Collins. The skins are always about winning now, and with Collins at the helm, they probably could have fared much better. That being said, do you really think that an imobile qb like Collins would be any better than Campbell? He’d get killed behind the o-line.

  12. holy crap someone please buy them better season tickets

  13. what a wonderful surprise!!!! the two of you are so very fortunate to have found one another. you will make a factastic team!!! love you both….

  14. My girlfriend thinks the yellow first down line is actually on the field, shes a real catch.

  15. Congrats – sweet story and yes Danny get them better season tics

  16. I get so tired when I hear people say Collins was “product of system.” Let’s see him once in a game and see how he does in this system. We’ve seen the other guy and it aint good! What Collins can do is read a defense pre-snap and then make immediate decisions post snap. Do you EVER see JC drop back, hit that last step, stride and throw – with no hesitation. No! It’s drop, wait, shuffle, look, wind-up – SACK. You do see that even with some of the successful kids like Matt Ryan. Furthermore, JC can learn this – better by seeing it from the sidelines than lying on his backside. He’s in danger of becoming Patrick Ramsey II.

  17. Excuse me. Make that …HUGE windup – STRIP-sack!!

  18. Congratulations!! May you have many years of bliss together.

    P.S. May you celebrate may Redskins wins.

  19. Congratulations Kim, I don’t know Drew but any guy that romantic is a keeper!!! We are so happy for both of you….Merry Christmas and looks like an incredibly Happy New Year!!!

  20. Congrats Kim! …and we don’t know Drew, but if you’re crazy about him, I’m sure he is awesome!
    The Waldrups in North Carolina

  21. As Drew’s mom, I am over the moon with excitement on his engagement to Kim. As a lifelong Skins fan, (born in Takoma Park)I can’t think of a better place for him to have proposed. The fact that she is a beautiful redhead like me, has “nothing” to do with why I love her!!

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