‘Tis The Season At Redskins Park


Only two shopping days left until Christmas — and if you’ve been meaning to give Chanukah presents, now would be an excellent time to do so — and the folks at Redskins Park are getting into the spirit of things. Andre Carter was wrapping presents in the lobby, a Redskins-ornamented Christmas tree stands in front of the 70th anniversary team picture, and the training room has its own tree, complete with holiday CD collection.

Players are ducking in briefly before heading out to finish their holiday shopping. “One more gift left to buy,” said Pete Kendall. I asked if he had an easier time bulling through the crowds, given that he blocks for a living, and he shook his head. “I hate crowds, because I don’t try to plow through ’em. I always find myself–” and he mimed twisting and turning through a crowd.

I suggested that this made him more of a Barry Sanders type than a Jerome Bettis type, and he laughed. “I don’t know that I’d use that exact analogy,” he said, before leaving to take his daughter shopping.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, it’s pretty standard holiday workplace stuff. And every workplace has the Wacky Guy Who Gets Very Excited And Dressed Up For The Holidays; at Redskins Park, it’s Rocky McIntosh.


Wearing antlers and sunglasses, with a reindeer in a rocking chair around his neck playing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” and a sign pinned to his back reading “Santa’s Helper,” McIntosh walked around the park, greeting everyone and wishing happy holidays. “Gotta get in the spirit, man,” he said.


Even McIntosh’s socks were holiday-themed.


His travels around the park even took him into the Redskins.com TV studio, where Coach Jim Zorn was taping his appearance on tonight’s Redskins Nation. Zorn remained mostly stoic at the turn of events, but did offer up the Seeing His Linebacker Dressed Up As A 6-3, 238 Pound Elf Face for Dan Steinberg’s pantheon of Zorn faces.


(You can presumably see the exchange on tonight’s broadcast.)

So, yeah, the holidays abound at Redskins Park. Why, even Thursday’s schedule celebrates the season — although it does so by printing “Merry Christmas” in red ink after the day and date, not by canceling practice or anything drastic like that.



9 Responses

  1. I love Rocky and i dont wanna START any unture rumors. I gotta ask though, what are the condition of his knees? I hear every now and then that he has some sort of knee problem, possibly genetic and i just wanted to know if possible, what is the story there. I worry as he is such an awesome guy to have, i just wanna make sure ill be seeing him on sunday’s for a LONG time! merry christmas all


  2. Are there any jewish Redskins Matt?

  3. Lennie Friedman was a jewish Redskin. He lost the Redskin part, but I think he kept the jewish part.

  4. You know, its stuff like what Rocky is doing that reminds you these are real guys…just getting into the spirit of Christmas and enjoying themselves. I saw them at Redskins Park during camp and it just reminds you, seeing them goofing off and all, they aren’t just ball players or characters on a show…these are real guys, living real life…they just get to play a great game for their line of work.

  5. Gotta be a crappy week considering the guys have to practice on the day before and after Christmas to get things ready to go for San Francisco. I guess they can go with an early double practice tomorrow and a later practice on Thursday to let the players have some quality time with their families. With a lot of players having younger families I’m sure its a fun time for them.

    HTTR and Merry X-mas.

  6. Merry Christmas to all and HTTR to all

  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe and have fun!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays to everybody!!!

    I already got my present early on Sunday with the victory over the Eagles…..glad the team is in good spirts.

  9. I will agree with “Walking Deadman”. Hearing Donavan Mcnabb cry AGAIN about how his team got beat TWICE by a team that’s not as good as the Eagles really makes me happy! What a loser!

    However, I will be rooting for the Eagles this sunday!


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