Zorn on Suisham

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Well, it’s a question that people keep asking me, and Coach Zorn addressed it in his press conference today. So here’s what he had to say about Shaun Suisham‘s struggles in the second half of the season, and his own peculiar decision to attempt a 54 yard field goal last night:

    “If there was no wind, normally we’ll kick a 52 or 53 yard field goal, if there’s no wind. And we had the wind behind us. And pregame, I was out there very early and I was watching cause I wanted to see how the wind was affecting – really against the wind, but – and he was going both ways, and when he was kicking with the wind, he was just ripping ’em. He really was. And yet on this one, again, he got a little bit underneath the ball and it fell short.

    “The only concern I have is wanting him to start getting into a rhythm. That’s the only concern I have. We’ve asked him to do a lot on kickoffs and he’s really been outstanding, to be honest with you, except for the one out of bounds. That wasn’t very good, he tried to go beyond where he should’ve.

    “We’ll address that more than likely in the offseason. Usually we’ll have another kicker come in to compete and all that kind of stuff, but that’ll be more natural. He’ll just see another kicker to compete against and they’ll go at it. But as soon as he finds his rhythm, I think he’ll be lights out again. I have confidence in him, and he’s just finding his way.

    “Remember this: for me, it’s the same issue as Ryan Plackemeier. Here’s a guy with great talent, came in here, was kicking horribly. He knew it, we knew it, what are we gonna do about it? Do we just move him on and just get the next guy in? There’s kind of a group of punters and a group of kickers and they all rotate until they find a home, and what the do when they find a home, you know what they do? They get coached and they find their rhythm.”

So there you go. I’m a little skeptical of his assertion that Suisham — at this point in the season — is rock solid from 52 with no wind, but other than that it sounds like what you’d expect. Get your bets in on next season’s training camp kicker battle now.


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  1. Zorn…Idiot. The was not behind you. I was at the game…the flags were flying at all directions. Wind was not blowing in a single direction.

  2. After all that happened last night, that’s all this guy has to talk about? The freaking kicker?!?! What about another embarrissing offensive performance. Another crap job from his sorry ass starting QB, and he’s talking about our kicker. I feel like I’m on candid camera. This team is a joke.

  3. Suisham has no confidence in himself, and it shows on his face after every missed field goal opportunity. Better to let this guy go home and practice to get his confidence up again than to have him get the jitters and “wet (to put it nicely) the bed” again in games at the team’s expense.

    I feel bad for the guy…I really do, but if you have a guy with no confidence in his work, you need to find someone who does so that at least it gives your team the confidence it needs to rely on you. It’s like everyone says…football is a team sport and everyone has to rely on everyone else doing their jobs in order to succeed. Kickers are no exception.

  4. lol thats why we got rid of that guy, he was and still is no good, he is a loser, and is why he is on your team lol


    da daaa da daaa hey you scuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The problem with the kicking situation is that there aren’t a whole lot of alternatives out there who make the case for themselves. Anyone want to go find Mike Vanderjagt? I think not..

  6. and as your offense cant score more than 10 points a game, 3 of them are on your kicker, u need to find a better one so that u can up your season average to 13, but im sorry to tell u, 13 is still not going to win u many games, 2 tds will make yall lose 14-13,

    oh well there is always next year, hahahhahahaha

    HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We seriously need registration at this point to get rid of spammers with no life. Any chance on that Matt?

  8. cowboys 4 life — you completely monopolized the last blog entry. Please go away or I will be forced out of the blog. Think you had enough therapy in the last article.

    Matt would also like to hear more on Zorn’s press conference…. He can not say enough about the D; More of his thoughts on the O and preps for SF?

  9. More on press conference coming, possibly in a couple of separate posts.

    And I’ve tried to contact cowboys 4 life about his posting habits; until I hear back from him, I’ve adjusted the settings so his posts should be held for my approval. If he’s making cogent or interesting points, I’ll let them through, otherwise we shouldn’t be bothered.

  10. Kudos and thank you Matt for both

  11. hi matt, i havent had an email of u,

    u can see i came on here and made my points about the cowboys and the skins,

    i said that because of the skins winning which i did say earlier that i wanted them to win,

    the cowboys are back into the playoffs,

    now we get alot of skins fans going onto our site and talkin cr@p on our site, but we dont care, as i know its jelousy,

    ive made valid points, havent used swear words at anyone, including yourself, if i get attacked, im going to give them some back, they like dishing out attacks on other teams, but dont like it back

    im not here to abuse people, but when i get abused, dont expect a thank you note from these spammers who are using my name and saying im gay and stuff, they dont like what i say back and then they cry to u

    if u dont like my post, i wont post here again,

    i made my vailid points, the cowboys are in the playoffs and the skins arent

    i know these guys on here have a problem with it, im being a man and showing my face on here, even though we lost, i dont cower away, i dont need to

  12. Check your mail, and check the email address you’re using to post here to make sure that it’s correct. If you’d like to engage in conversation with people here, go for it, but I’ll be monitoring the posts — on both sides of the conversation — moving forward to keep things steady and prevent a repeat of that last thread.

  13. Jim Zorn is a phallic masterpiece. Lets get these press conferences up so I don’t have to do work. Love the blog, love the INSITE, love the skins. God Bless

  14. ok cool at least u know its not just me, look at the spammers who used my user name to write cr@p about me, i didnt get mad, didnt once throw a fit on you, but im glad your fair about it, it wil stop the other skins fans from hating on others

    now back to the kicker, like i said before, thats why we got rid of him, u picked him up cheap and thats what u get, we got rid of him because he couldnt make the big ones that count,

    now nick folk now theres a true kicker, pro bowler may i add, and he just so happens to play for americas team


  15. You aren’t a man.

    You’re a child that has zero friends and obviously has tons of time on his hands to post on opponents web site blogs.

    You’re only making yourself look worse with the abundance of your postings. Its not what’s contained in your postings, but rather the amount you’re posting. You’re ridiculously posting too much and without much substance. I don’t even read most of them because they just reiterate the same thing over and over again. You posting like you’ve already won the super bowl or something. If beating us one time this year and having an 1-1 record against us qualifies as your super bowl, well, merry Christmas to you.

    Else..get real, get a job, or just get out, because you’re just taking up space with useless, meaningless jabber.

  16. like your recent post sean,

    just taking up space

    how bout them cowboys!!!

  17. what a moran. the cowboys arent in the playoffs. they have to beat Philly next week. and they won’t. they will chock. havent won a game that means something in a decade. at lease we have won playoff games.

  18. I hope M-Kelly and Davis is active for this last game. Please make Thrash inactive

  19. Agreed. Id love to see more of what Malcolm and Fred have to offer.

  20. Matt,

    Do you think I sould post the Twas the week before Christmas poem on the Dallas site?

    NO! I would be wasting my time!!! It really is too bad some other people don’t recognize what a waste of time is!!!

  21. Whoa..this is odd. Cowboys 4 Life has posted in the past 2 minutes.

    Maybe he had some chores he had to do before Mom and Dad got home.

  22. Matt,

    Any talk about DeAngelo Hall and extending his contract? I would think we would be gettin on that right about now.

    I feel like it’s kinda pointless to have Randle El return punts, I understand it’s a trust issue but why not test things out. I mean just about every time Moss gets the ball on a punt I’m jumpin outta my seat, let’s see what DT’s got…

  23. Sushi sucks!!!! kick him out of redskins park! while they’re at it, kick campbell, randle el, thrash, all the old oline and dline, springs, washington and get some younger players.

  24. rusty21,

    That’s constructive!!!

  25. Think Zorn addressed the Suisham issue — give some coaching, bring in off-season competition and raise his confidence


  27. Yea this thread is done w/ as far as discussing Suisham, Zorn has addressed it…

  28. Think we will have a very interesting off season with the development of some of these younger guys especially with Kelly & Davis — hope they can develope to their potential.

    Steve – think we need to keep Twas…. on Redskins sites… Cooley(ies) might get a kick out of it tho

  29. “I’m a little skeptical of his assertion that Suisham — at this point in the season — is rock solid from 52 with no wind.”

    No! What in the world would make you “a little skeptical” of his ability to get from long distances? Certainly not the fact that he has made TWO of his last SEVEN from over 40 yards.

  30. Yes, that. Also, the 54 yard attempt from last night.

  31. To: cowboys4life…
    did i miss something or did Dallas lose??? we won’t see them in the playoffs either

  32. Suisham is PATHETIC!!

  33. Is there someplace once can find complete transcripts from zorns most recent presserz?

  34. Suisham missed a 35 yarder against the giants

  35. Im tired of all these people who wanna be fans when the team is winning… jumping on different players each when something goes wrong… first its Jason sucks put Colt in… do you think Colt is gonna lead the skins to a 16-0 record at this point when he couldn’t lead Hawaii past Georgia in a bowl game… then its the kicker is horrible…. although he doesnt have the consistency of morten andersen , he has won us a few games, and if there was some one out there available dont you think the team would have gone after them…

    All Im saying stick with the team stick with Zorn, I think they will bring in some one to help “consult” with the offense and we will get these things turned around…

    And for you complainers we dont need you in DC go to Dallas or Oakland where they have REAL problems… our team is not that bad…….

  36. At this point in time I would rather see Pete Kendell kicking FGs over Shazam.

  37. Suisham potentially cost them a playoff game last year so i have no love for him. campbell hasnt proved anything and i’m not very impressed with his “reads.” but i dont think by any stretch of the imagination that they are the biggest problem with this team not making the playooffs.

  38. Abomination = Suisham.
    I watched this terd of a kicker in the Hall of Fame game this year and he was missing chip shot field goals then. At that point i loked to my father next to me and screamed cut this guys sorry ***. I am in complete disbelief that i am STILL watching this gutless piece of trash miss his 1 field goal a game. A Loser, complete and total loser this guy is. BETTER see a new kicker next year……

  39. cowboys 4 life, get a life. the C-Gurls aren’t doing jack in the playoffs so go post some garbage where it is appreciated.

  40. Remember that altered clip of suishem kicking a 100 yard field goal during preseason – Zorn must have seen it and thought it was real.

  41. cowgirls 4 life ,you wanna be a skins fan so bad,but youve already married the cowgirls.get a divorce and start being a skins fan ,youre already on here 24 -7 anyways.



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