Coach Zorn Does Not View Sunday As A Preseason Game

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

One more note from Coach Zorn’s press conference today. This one’s going to disappoint a few of the regular readers of the blog, so I think it’s best if we just tear it off like a band-aid: the rookies aren’t going to be seeing extra playing time just because the team is eliminated.

Here’s Zorn’s reasoning on the subject:

    “I’m not gonna experiment that way on the last game, when we have a chance to go 9-7. I think that’s what we’re here for, because we can experiment during preseason. We can get these guys a little more ready during the offseason, where we can have a better evaluation of those guys when the preseason rolls around.

    “So I think we’re gonna stick with our group and, barring injury, it’ll hopefully be a similar group with the same type of attitude and preparation as they had this past week

    “The guys that haven’t played, it is a little bit harder because the game experience is very important, as we’ve seen – Devin Thomas really has been the guy that has gone the distance and has played more than [the others] – besides [Chris] Horton – and has improved himself and worked himself into a guy that actually is participating now, on the offensive side.

    Malcolm [Kelly] is still working his way, and it is hard, because you’ve gotta get the guy that actually is gonna do the work, you’ve got to get him reps with our starter, with Jason [Campbell], and it’s hard to get any major rhythm down by not getting enough reps.”

So it looks like the Colt Brennan crowd is probably going to have to wait a bit longer. Don’t worry, August is just a few short months away.


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  1. “So it looks like the Colt Brennan crowd is probably going to have to wait a bit longer. Don’t worry, August is just a few short months away.”

    -Matt Terl
    DARN!! No more Jason!!

  2. Zorn is just towing the line for Dan and Vinny. Nobody in their right mind believes Zorn has any power to bench Campbell because that would hurt Campbell’s feelings, then he may pull another Ramsey. Dan of course doesn’t want another 6th round pick for Campbell.

  3. Wow……”we have a chance to go 9-7″

    Meaningless. Boy oh boy… I mean HIP HIP HORAY.

    Go Niners!!!

  4. Jason Campbell has got to be the most consistent QB in NFL
    Week in and Week out
    Jason steps on the field and sucks every sunday
    Zorn you have got to have the biggest ego in the world
    You’ll be fired before you bench him wont you?

    Snyder you will have a problem with JC when ticket sales drop OR when you’re sittin in your press box and you see more Opposing teams fans than Redskins fans!

    ps. Jason you cant act to save your life

  5. Colt Brennan deserves a shot after he put the lights out in the HOF game. Let’s see what he’s learned since then, to build for next season. But then again, he made some “risky” plays.

    Give me a F/N break!

    GO COLT!!!!!

  6. Shut up. Every single one of you people who want pass happy Colt just shut up please. Did you not get enough of Shane Mathews and Danny Awful!? Jason is our starter until someone else beats him for the job. 9-7 could mean alot to this team. I know this season has turned from easy street along time ago. But when was the last time we went back to back winning seasons!? So Zman keep on keeping on, play our STARTERS, win the game and go into the offseason knowing that you just matched last years record, a team coached by the MESSIAH HIMSELF JOE GIBBS

  7. I’m tired of Campbell. He’s not getting better. Colt next year please.

  8. Zorn’s offensive creativity is just as exciting
    as watching “Grass grow.”

  9. I have something to ask everybody, if everyone want’s Zorn gone, that just means a new Coach comes in with another system, then we get behind another year.

    And all these people who want Colt to be are started are crazy, I want that kid to go in there play, if he does good for atleast 5 games in a row then ok he’s good, but what if he fails and sucks it up? What the hell are all the Colt bandwagon fans gonna say? Oh it’s the OLine, oh it’s bad play calling blah blah blah….just SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i disagree with you guys – take this team exactley the way it is – go into next year with another year with the offence see what happens – heyer will get another chance at right tackle – devin thomas will pass randel el – Maybe m kelly can contribute – and fred davis . This year with a new head coach was not bad 9-7. damm close to making the playoffs. First part of this season we looked good – have not said that in tears. The d is ranked 4th the o is ranked 17. Continiuty has’nt that been tossed around alot the last 10 years. Let colt watch for acouple of years while you draft new lines

  11. sorry years not tears

  12. Of course, I will agree with Coach.
    As much as I am looking forward to seeing Colt on the field again, how many reps has he taken in practice to get that muscle memory working – never mind the mental reps?

    It would be totally unfair to throw him out there without the proper preparation.
    The rookie QB’s (Colt’s “classmates”) who succeeded this year played in offensive schemes DESIGNED for THEM – to allow them to break into the system without being broken themselves.

    I believe the Redskins are holding the makings of a really fantastic offense next year that will rival the defense in excellence. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

    In the meantime, there is yet one more game to win this year. Let us not throw anyone under the bus but rather encourage the team to get that final W!

    I want to see CC47 get a TD ;-)


  13. jason has to get the short stuff down first in the west coast before he can go long alot – not to mention zorn is not a typical west coast guy like andy reid – he ran the hell out of portis.

  14. People are stupid to judge a QB by the FIRST PRESEASON GAME.

    Derik you are fooling yourself. Colt is 3 years away from even being considered to compete for a starting job.

  15. The only thing good about Colt Brennan thus far is his QB visor

  16. Jason Campbell was missing wide open recievers all fvckin tired of him.jus like obama said its time for a change and that change is COLT!

  17. at least we are not going into the offseason like the cowboys and the eagles- those teams are so screwed up. Do you get rid of wade for garrett – If they dont make the playoffs wow that will be so funny – and the eagles – i think mcnabb is washed up and how long can westbrook go

  18. yeah but you gotta admit that some times jason campbell looks dammmmmmmmm good back there. hes mobile – gotta a gun – seems to have a good demeanor (sp) I want to give him one more year maybe two in this system because if he does put it all together he will be awsome

  19. my big fear is some of are players cannot stay healthy
    Marcus washington – shawn springs – corn griffth – jon jansen – these guys get hurt every year – but what if next year is the year they stay healthy – same with jason taylor and andre carter i know it did not work out this year – is it worth the risk – they could be dynamite next year – i dunno know

  20. I have a terrible memory….what was the excuse in 2007?

  21. Assuming the same staff will return, will Zorn continue play calling or will Smith see an opportunity to call plays?

  22. I will trust the coach. He’s with them at the park. I would have to believe he has the GUT FEELING. I would want a fair chance and opportunity. This goes for all the guys. I do believe the gloves come off next year. We are afterall in the point scoring business. This is the BIG SHOW. I would give Colt a drive right out of half time. I dont think it could honestly hurt. The d is awsome. If they back Jasons learning curve I think they would welcome Colt a shot. I believe it would be a confidence booster weather it be a learning what not to do or to keep Jason honest. Why limit yourself Jim Z after all YOU GOTTA SEE WHAT YOUR WORKING WITH! I think the Ravens didnt throw Joe Flacco under the bus. Let em have some fun with it.

  23. I’m excited about the next year’s draft. Word to Mr. Snyder: Get your act together and allow the Z-Man to flourish…and hire an offensive coordinator too!

  24. Look at all the fickle fans in here with there Colt Brennan psycho-babble. These are the same clowns that worshipped Brunell in ’05 only to scream for his benching a year later for none other than, you guessed it…Jason Campbell. Pathetic. It’s you “fans” that have helped this team become one of the most unstable teams in the entire league. After all you’re the ones that Dan Snyder is catering to when he signs guys like Deion, Bruce Smith, Jeff George and trades valuable draft picks like the debacle that is Jason Taylor. It’s all about the here and now instead of understanding that winning is a PROCESS. If it’s not Campbell, it’s the next guy in line with the short leash. How many games would Colt get before you jackals turn on him? Yeah, I would love to see how a rookie QB would have done with an o-line so inept at pass protection along with a receiving corps that constantly struggles to get open. That’s a recipe for success! All you Colt fans…STOP EMBARRASSING REAL REDSKINS FANS!

  25. Hall looking pretty good. Everyone comes from somewhere. You gotta play to win. A Real Readskin fan!!! Please describe I really need to know..

  26. Everyone just needs to calm. down.

    Jason needs just a little bit of time, to grow into the player he has shown obvious potential to be, without 30 thousand fans breathing down his neck calling for his benching. He is NOT the only thing wrong with this offense and bringing in Colt wouldn’t bring immediate results anyway. Our best bet for good results FAST is letting Jason ride this thing out. GIVE THE MAN TIME!

    (Let’s also note the two seasons Jason has started as starting QB have both been winning seasons, even though we clearly owe some of that credit to Todd Collins)

  27. To all you Colt supporters….JC is not the problem, but you all will not listen. JC’s stats are on par with Delhomme, Rothelisberger, Eli, and better than Flacco and Kerry Collins. All of those are QB’s who are heading division leading teams. Don’t believe me check Not saying that JC is great, perfect, or all that. But if Colt was better he’d be playing. Coaches and owners are in the business of winning football games.

  28. I have no reason to approve or dissaprove in one or the other….. my comment is “I WILL TRUST THE COACH” I’m all for winning football games.. heck, we won 8 so far…. I do believe if you keep doing what your doing you’ll keep getting what your getting. The start of this session is ” Zorn doesn’t view Sunday as a preseason” I would like to see the rookies… No offense to Campbell. I thought he stepped it up nicely. As best he could!!!!!! I would like to see him learn to slid before he gets hurt again….

  29. It would be nice to get some of the rookies some more reps., but I get Zorn’s point.

    I just hope that Rinehart, Kelley, Davis, Thomas, Brennan and Moore will be ready for 2009.

  30. Yeah, Colt Brennan sure did shred those 3rd string defenses…

    Are you all out of your minds? If Campbell was playing against those 3rd string defenses in the HOF game, you would all be drooling over him too. Let’s address the real problem at hand: this offensive line would make Johnny Unitas look like Ryan Leaf. Fix the O-line, and I guarantee a vast improvement in the play of Campbell, which I don’t see being all that bad. Average? Yes. Bad? No. Play Colt Brennan? Yes….next august….in the 3rd quarter.

  31. Campbell is the answer. Colt Brennan is no where close to Campbell. Campbell threw for over 3,000 yards. I’m just not sure that this offense is right for him. Zorn’s West Coast Offense is perfect for players who don’t have very strong arms, and like to checkdown a lot. Campbell has one of the strongest arms I’ve ever seen. I mean he can really throw the ball far. If we just let Campbell open it up and turn him loose, we would be amazing. This offense also instills the mindset in a Quarterback to never take chances. Send the wideouts downfield, spread ’em all out, and let Campbell be a gunslinger back there. Look at Favre! He throws a lot of picks, but when you constantly throw the ball downfield, it causes the defense to play further off the ball, which will turn Portis loose. If we just do that, we cannot lose. We have a good team. Actually a very good team. We have the people on our team that can take us deap into the playoffs if we let Campbell chuck the ball all over the field. These screen passes on 3rd & 12 are rediculous. Seriously, spread the field out and hit Cooley over the middle for a first down. C’mon Skins get this last win and go into the offseason strong.


  32. “Malcolm [Kelly] is still working his way, and it is hard, because you’ve gotta get the guy that actually is gonna do the work, you’ve got to get him reps with our starter, with Jason [Campbell], and it’s hard to get any major rhythm down by not getting enough reps.”

    wow when did jason have any rhythm with the current set of starting receivers? i don’t see it on sundays so it must be during practice…

  33. To all of the Jason Campbell defenders who are so shocked that some fans would like to see what Colt Brennan can do – calm down. I personally don’t think Campbell is terrible (although many people do from comments I have read on this blog). However, I am disappointed with Campbell’s decision-making and his progress. There was a time when I thought Campbell could potentially be an elite NFL quarterback and I no longer believe that. I think we may have already seen Campbell’s best.

    It’s natural for fans to be eager to see what we have in Colt. I have no problem with Zorn sticking with his normal starters for the season finale but I hope that next preseason will feature an open competition for the starting QB job. The guy who posted that Colt needs to sit for 3 years is out of touch with the modern NFL. In Joe Gibbs’ first era, he would stash QBs on injured reserve and make them hold a clipboard for years. Now, due to the salary cap, teams draft players to play, not to sit. If Colt doesn’t win the starting QB job in the next two years, he will be gone.

    And please stop with the “true Redskins fan” crap. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years, through good times and bad. Any one who would take the time to read this blog and post (with the glaring exception of “Cowgirls 4 Life”) is obviously a fan and we can differ in our opinions without calling each other names.

  34. Well said GoodCop

  35. I was just reading the Washington Post and Cerrato stated that Zorn will be back: that he is learning, that Admin will get together and identify areas of strength and areas to improve. ALL GOOD. I’m all for continuity.

    Now – I’m not a football coach, I’m a CPA, but I will tell you this: I CALLED 75% of ZORN’s plays the last 3 games!! Portis right on 1st down, Portis left on 2nd down, sideline pass to whomever on 3rd down, PUNT. Throw in draw play every 8th down. It was predictable and boring!! PLEASE, when you are jotting down things that need IMPROVEMENT include the GAME PLAN! We did not have one for the last 8 games. We need to show some balls and take some chances!!

    Thank you! HAIL FOREVER, GO SKINS!!!!

  36. There is no reason to play Colt. In fact, it would be unfair to him, as he’s not getting the necessary reps in practice. Preparation is the key to any success. Besides, that would be dissing TC. We want Colt healthy and prepared to win the job next summer convincingly and lead us to the playoffs and Superbowl.

    In the meantime, fix our O-line.


  37. Colt Brenne is an Underdeveloped side arm throwing system Quarterback. Beating the Colts Fourth team in the preseason meant nothing

  38. Without playing Colt Brennan, this game is going to be another ho-hum offensive thriller like the last 5 games. Haha

    Put Colt in, let’s see what he can do with the first team. Bet they elevate. Redskins can beat the 49ners with Colt, and Zorn will get his precious 9-7.

  39. It’s no surprise to me at all. Snyder wants his money’s worth from his first round bust.

    Zorn can start him all he wants this season and next, as long as he slips into NFL oblivion as a backup on another team when his contract is up I’ll be happy.

  40. Err…he’s a third stinger and was surrounded with 3rd and 4th team in the HOF, imagine what he can do with the first team. Colt is da man!!!

  41. colt brennan got killed and embarrassed the only time he played real talent, which was georgia in college. anyone who thinks he can replicate what he did in college in the nfl is an idiot. if he starts next year he will throw 20 picks and we will not win 6 games. then everyone will b calling for his head 2, let campbell grow and he will make colt an afterthought which is what he should b.

  42. I think he’s all grown up, What ya see is what ya get. I dont remember the skins changing the o line when collins came in last year for the straight wins and a playoff opportunity. The confidence in the team went from this morbid state of lifelessness to “git er done” . The only “stat” I need to see is the one that shows the ball went over the line. We need an every down back, a leader of a qb a squad of recievers and so forth. If the same bunch shows up next year with a go to work attitude so be it. The Eagles game diplayed less stupid mistakes. Some stupid ones still happened which could very well have cost us the game. Sqeekers are unacceptable in most games, this team IS BETTER THAN THAT and a loss to the Bengals is down right embarrasing. If I gave a 60% performance at my job I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get a bench. These boys are grown up enough. Its time to find a way….Now find the damn way…Lets get this thing done!!!!!!

  43. Zorn, you really are a rookie coach. The seasons over, let’s try the future QB & let JC take a break. The only reason I can see is that if you let Colt play & he does well, everyone, including yourself will know you made a mistake on your QB selection. That’s the reason you would be better as an assistant, not a head coach. How do you know how a player will perform unless you let him play. C’mon Zorn, wake up & smel;l the roses or you’re the next to let be let go.

  44. Grow? Two words….Flacco and Ryan.

    And Colt is better than both of them.

  45. Liz Kauai makes a lot of sense.

    But it sure would be fun to See Colt.

  46. I hope we pick up a promising RB and O and D Linemen in the off season. The QB situation will sort itself out. I’ll see you in Frisco this weekend for a 9-7 season finale…go skins!

  47. I’ll bet he puts Colt and the other rookies in at the start of 4rth Qrtr. He needs to evaluate. Of Course I’m sure 49rs do the same. So again Colt goes up against 3rd string and rookies…Oh well, thats better than nothing.

  48. Newbee,

    I respect and value your enthusiasm as a Skins fan. That said, it is POINTLESS to evaluate anything right now!!! Every season brings a whole different set of variables that can’t possible be accounted for, in the last game of the 2008 season!!!

    It is painful, but all we can do is wait and see where the chip fall for ’09!!

  49. “I dont remember the skins changing the o line when collins came in last year for the straight wins and a playoff opportunity.”

    Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure we got O-line starters back for that playoff run who were injured for most of the regular season.

  50. The Reaper,

    Think of the O-line in terms of the running game!!

    Portis would have had 16 games with 100 + yards this year, if the O-line sustained a running lane for more than a half second!!

  51. All you Jason Campbell haters need to go sit down somewhere. When the team was 6 & 2 and Jason had no INT’s I bet you all were loving him then. But now after he is getting killed from game to game you all got Colt or Collins on your mind. Sit back and think about what you are saying here. We need a solid offense line and they need to play like they did the first 8 games. I don’t blame Jason I would be shaking in my boots also knowing I’m about to get hit. Even Peyton Manning behind that line right now wouldn’t make a difference. The only thing I want Jason to do is RUN the ball more… If he does that it will open up people because teams will be scared he is going to run.. We all are upset after starting 6-2 but Colt or Collins wouldn’t have us in the playoffs..

  52. i have always had my doubts about campbell’s skills being a right fit for this offense. that being said he is the best they have right now.

  53. I am on the Colt Brennan Bandwagon. But a lot of you already know this. But here’s the other bandwagon I am on.

    Albert Haynesworth.

    AH will be a free agent next year (can’t be franchised since he made the pro bowl) and we are in dire need of a presence on the d-line. My thoughts would be to make Deangelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth our big free agent signing priorities and keep Jason Taylor. Albert Haynesworth and Jason Taylor playing on the line together would demand all sorts of double teams and problems for other teams that might address the 3rd down getting off the field issues for the defense. We are ranked so high on the defensive scale because our d can’t get off the field. As opposed to them stopping teams after a 50 yd drive, or making teams settle for field goals, we stay on the field, allowing teams to eat the clock, sustain drives, and come away with 7 points, and low yardage. Don’t let numbers be the only thing we see. We have to look at why our team is ranked so high in defense while at the same time having the 2nd lowest team in the NFL in fumble recoveries, right in the middle of the NFC for INTs, and dead last in the NFC for sacks.

    Haynesworth is not a Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders signing. This is a player with a lot of years left in him and right now he is playing consistent, hard nosed, pro bowl football.

    I do hope that Zorn takes a look at Colt in the preseason, an actual look, because even though we squeaked out a W against Philly, 10-3 is not what I would call an impressive offensive performance and we need something for this anemic offense.

  54. The season is over people. Let the coach try to end the season on a high note and get the win the way he sees fit. If he wants Jason, then so be it. Although I think it is a huge mistake not to put in the 2nd team (not just Colt) on the last game. Personally, I want to see Todd Collins get some snaps before his career ends.

    If all goes well, there will be open competitions for key positions in August..

  55. oh well….. might as well watch Campbell do the same thing for the last couple of weeks.

    drop…drop… hold onto the ball… read…read… go into the state of mental blank… panic… panic… think about running… sack & then fumble… (or throw then intercepted….

    Good job Zorn!!!!! JC is becoming such a “consistent” QB, oh btw, this is his 4th season. just to keep you updated, Campbell SUCKS!!!

  56. BTW, I’m totally trashed sitting in my mom’s basement. I have no job and a COLT BRENNAN poster above my bed. LOL!

  57. this team needs youth they are getting old quickly. how long does it take a qb to “develop?”

  58. Me too except my poster is of riggo.

  59. Zorn wants to evaluate Campbell one more time, this will be a strong validation that Campbell is NOT A FRANCHISE QB, and he might open a QB competetion during the offseason, have him play Campbell so he can painfully watch how he really sucks!!!!

    THAT’S DaTruth!!!

    GO SKINS!!!!!

  60. hmmm, I would guess 2 years with the same offensive coordinator at least….oh wait, JC hasn’t had that. It’s all about timing and opportunity. Sucks for JC that this franchise chose him and put him in the position to fail. Same thing would have happened to Ben Roethlisberger if he came here…or any rookie QB for that matter. Football is the ultimate team sport, no one was calling for JC’s head when we were 6-2 and the offensive line was healthy. For all you armchair GM’s, please trust the NFL coaches with decisions concerning football. It’s idiotic to think that Zorn would not play someone else if he thought it gave the team a better chance to win. Last time I checked he wants to keep his job.


    That’s why you don’t play the Colt and Chad just to get them reps. We want to win. All of you who blame Jason will be crying if Colt got in there and got steamrolled because of his inexperience.

    Go Skins!!!!

  62. As a Redskins Fan it is very annoying, upsetting, irritating, provoking AND alienating when you have people posting on this blog (Redskins blog) AND calling for colt. Since I don’t want to call anybody a fool, let me say this, these people must be rival fans or people from hawaii. And yesterday you had a cowboy fan, doing whatever he wanted on OUR Blog.

    Matt: This blog is our home DEFEND IT.

  63. You guys are nuts. JC is a good quarterback. Look at his stats, they aren’t the best, but they are pretty good. If you think he has made poor decisions think about this…

    Only 3 quarterbacks have been sacked more than him [37-6INTs] (Rothlessberger – 46-14INTs, Gerrard 41-11INTs, and Cassell 46-11INTs]. But at the same time, the only starting QB that has been intercepted less is Jeff Garcia (5), who has 28% fewer dropbacks than JC.

    As for fumbles lost JC-1/7, Jeff Garcia-2/7, Gerard 3/7, Cassell 4/7, and Rothlessberger 7/14. Our QB is tied for fewest overall takeaways. How is that making bad decisions? Why aren’t you folks screaming for them to provide better pass blocking for JC? Just imagine how good he’d be doing if he was only sacked 11 times like cutler or Brees…

  64. they havent protected the qb well and they dont rush the passer well. that would be a perfect place to start improving this team. do it through the draft

  65. If Moss would make one or two big plays a game you wouldnt be hearing ANY complaining.

  66. campbell needs to quicker and smarter with his decision making. I would call him a mediocre qb at this point

  67. I would also hope that we don’t trade away our 1st round pick for more picks. Or even worse, trade any current or future picks for someone like Ocho Cinco. The skins did pursue him in the offseason….

    Draft needs to focus on the O-Line. Then LBs. Marcus Washington and H.B Blades don’t seem to be the knock out LBs we could have. Rocky and London yes, but why not pick up one the USC LBs in the draft or a Lauranitis from Ohio?

    Campbell’s stats are misleading. True, he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but it also might mean he’s not taking chances. He’s playing safe, afraid to lose. Sometimes you have to make a play.

  68. Hoe the heck is he in comparison with Eli? When Eli has like 9 more touchdown passes… Big Ben yes, Jake yes, but Eli? Not! The object is to win games doe, not better stats! Stats mean jack! These Qb’s lead there team and make plays in the clutch that’s why we play the game. I like JC but he needs to step up his leadership and get some fire under his feet and take charge of this team. Instead of his melancholy approach to the game, grab your balls man and play wit some gut. Love watchin Drew Brees fire up his team man! Brian come on man!

  69. I think the play calling is up to the coach. He only makes adjustments/ audibles if he sees something in the D where a changed play will be big, or the current play will fail miserably.

    If he throws over somebody’s head or at their feet, you can hear the commentators say it was a smart move. he is playing smart, controlling the ball as much as you can ask of him. Sometimes the plays/ patterns aren’t right, sometimes blocking fails, and sometimes the coverage just isnt good. I’m looking forward to seeing how much the offense developes once zorn gets to look at the plays again from the season and tweak his playbook a little. Januarry 2010

  70. Hasselback is the perfect qb for this offense would’nt want to give to much up for him thou.

  71. Don, Drew Brees has only been sacked 11 times this year with 16 INTs, 1 lost out of 6 fumbles, made over 100 attempts more and his completion rating is only 2.7% higher than JC. I would think with 26 less sacks this year JC could come up with another 2.7% and with the same play calls, make a lot more TDs.

  72. first we cant improve much through the draft having only 4 picks cause we traded for a washed up jason taylor. gotta do it through free agency Haynesworth would be a good fit on the DL . use our 4 picks on the OL and get them ready for 2010 season

  73. In 7 games Hasselbeck only completed 57% of his passes, had 5 INTs (in 7 games), with 19 sacks….

    Get the hint, a QB does better if you have good pass protection. Unless your name is Romo.

  74. i agree but hasselback has a much better grasp of this offense and is proven. hasselback also did not have portis in the backfield to help take the pressure off him

  75. Not that my opinion counts but, I like the idea of Haynesworth.

    But I’d like to see about 2 young guys on O-line, an OLB to backup Washington, and maybe a natural left DE

  76. Pick up Haynesworth in free agency, sign Hall to a long term, drop Yoder, Cartright, Boschetti, Montgomery, Washington, Green, Thrash, Tyron, Randel El, Springs, Smoot? Trade Betts For a draft pick. Draft OL, LB and a backup RB. Fill in roster spots with some of the undrafted rookies. Get reps to Davis, Moore, Heyer, Rinehart, Thomas, Jackson. Open Competition at QB and Kicker. Thoughts?

  77. First of all Zorn used to be a QB coach before he came here. He knows what QB has more talent. Do the so called ‘fans’ really want to change QB’s like we have been doing for the last 15-20 years. Look where that got us. Zorn doesn’t even trust the QB from the WAC to be the back up and you guys want him to start. Wow. All the better teams in the league who usually make the playoffs have stability at the QB position. Pittsburg, New England, Indy, NY Giants. It takes time for QB’s to develop and be familiar in the systems. Campbell and Zorn’s playcalling will be better next year with one year of film. Experience is the key and both of them learned from the season and can build for next year. Hail

  78. get rid off jansen i dont care about the cap hit. think about the future. keep cartright, montgomery, randle el, betts. Campbell will be the starter next year no two ways about it

  79. I’ll give Campbell & Zorn one more year. Joe Gibbs didn’t have a good year and the only coach the Redskins have that had a winning record in his 1st year tenure was the great Vince Lombardi. so i think Zorn wanted to win, he wanted to finish at 9-7, i mean frankly guys, at the beginning of the season, was everybody really expecting to go to the SB? let alone the NFC championship game? cmon, as fans we have to be realistic! Zorn i think would be a good coach plus after a year of experience in his belt, he’ll be a lot better next year. He knows now what this team lacks (which is younger and stronger players in the OLINE and DLINE). JC has really good stats if we really look at it plus if we finish 9-7 that’s saying something. so for all you REAL REDSKINS FANS out there this should be a rude awakening. Give JC and Zorn one more year and then we can justify all our criticism whether or not they should stay or go.

    GO SKINS!!!!

    ps. I think Springs , Washington, Jansen, Thomas, Kendall, Suisham, Randle El, Thrash should go, I know the org would address that issue along with the fact that the play calling should be given to someone else.

  80. You have to pay Jansen anyway, so why not offer an assistant O-line Coach job.

  81. Continuity is key in building a championship team. This ain’t basketball and signing a couple of all-stars doesn’t buy a championship. We need to get more depth on both lines and at RB. Our receivers will continue to come along, as will JC. Plus, I love how these morons just jump right over Todd Collins in the depth chart. Colt isn’t ready…whether he’ll ever be ready I don’t know. The only vet I’m looking to lose is Rabach. How many dumb penalties in crucial situations can one man get? Maybe I’m wrong though. I’m no expert. Regardless, I hope ALL of our boys go out there and play with some damn pride again next week. Don’t say just because we’re out of the playoffs that the game isn’t for anything. It’s for the Washington Redskins.

    Merry Christmas/whatever you and your people like to celebrate…I’m out.

  82. EASY SOLUTION for the Campbell/Brennan love fest/hate: trade or cut Brennan in the off season. That should make (most of?) the Redskins fans extremely happy !!!

    Just think, no more QB controversy in 2009 where “delusional” fans call for Colt “Rocket Pass” Brennan to start.

    Of course, another NFL team’s fans “could” be extremely happy that Colt “holder of 33 NCAA records over less than 3 seasons” Brennan starts for them.

  83. Everyone on this site knows that Colt will be a great QB!! We would not have picked him up in the draft, if we did not think so!!

    It is difficult at best for a rookie head coach to empliment a new system with veterans, let alone rookie players. A rookie QB playing for a rookie Head Coach is typically not a good idea.

    Yes, I do realize there are exeptions to the rule!! Zorn had worked with Campbell since last February!! Of course he had the starting job!!

    It wouldn’t suprise me to see Zorn do the same with Colt this off-season and open up the QB competition in August!!

  84. who do you want to see the Redskins take in the draft? anyone look at the mock draft boards? ( I know it’s early, but a good time to see who is out there at what position..)

  85. QB Competition in August. PLEASE! The defense played great against the eagles. As much crap I give JC every week, I think he played an ok game. Went deep when he could, avoided mistakes and got it done. I just wish he would buy himself more time in the pocket. He’s got the legs, but his pocket presence is lacking. Get’s sacked to easily. Go Skins. Keep hope alive Colt. Get stronger in the offseason.

  86. I stole ddub’s quote cuz i cant say it better. Just be patien baby….big Z is no dummy.

    Look at all the fickle fans in here with there Colt Brennan psycho-babble. These are the same clowns that worshipped Brunell in ‘05 only to scream for his benching a year later for none other than, you guessed it…Jason Campbell. Pathetic. It’s you “fans” that have helped this team become one of the most unstable teams in the entire league. After all you’re the ones that Dan Snyder is catering to when he signs guys like Deion, Bruce Smith, Jeff George and trades valuable draft picks like the debacle that is Jason Taylor. It’s all about the here and now instead of understanding that winning is a PROCESS. If it’s not Campbell, it’s the next guy in line with the short leash. How many games would Colt get before you jackals turn on him? Yeah, I would love to see how a rookie QB would have done with an o-line so inept at pass protection along with a receiving corps that constantly struggles to get open. That’s a recipe for success! All you Colt fans…STOP EMBARRASSING REAL REDSKINS FANS!

  87. At this point, it should have been:
    Mike Smith/Matt Ryan 10 Wins
    John Harbaugh/Joe Flacco 10 Wins
    Jim Zorn/Colt Brennan 15 Wins…

  88. Marcus,

    I didn’t mean to give the impression that I thought Colt should start next year!!

    I just think Campbell need to keep working hard!! If he goes into August thinking he has to earn his starting job…mission accomplished!!!

  89. and what is this ‘REAL REDSKINS FANS’ crap? What we all don’t want to see our team win? I have to support every decision a struggling franchise makes? If by ‘REAL REDSKINS FANS’ you mean ‘BLIND REDSKINS FANS’ or ‘PEOPLE WHO WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE’ then yes you would be right. But just because we don’t agree with all the personnel, or decisions made, or enjoy playing monday morning quarterback doesn’t make us fans of another team dumbass. I don’t always support the choices my government makes, does that make me not a ‘REAL AMERICAN?’…No. I want to see my team succeed and I can put my own fan bias to the side and state an opinion that I think would be better for this football team.

    And what about JC’s contract? Has anyone addressed the fact it’s up this year and if it takes him another year to ‘learn’ this offense, and he doesn’t do well, what do you propose we do then? We can’t trade him for anything of value-no draft picks. And woudl we sign him again and say “One more year and he’ll have it.”? If he stays in one more year, doesn’t do well, and then we don’t have another qb ready to go, where does that leave us then in terms of rebuilding? And TC is what you call a “Career Backup”. He had a great run for the fans last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s our guy. There’s a reason he has played on different teams at his age.

  90. Krashnorris,

    Well thought out and valid points.

  91. Everybody is the expert and has the perfect solution to “fix the skins.” I trust JC and Zorn and the rest to know what needs to stay the same and what needs to go (suisham). I’d say that i trust what the franchise has done the last year and i believe they will continue to move forward. If we start overhauling just like every other year, it will lead to more 9-7 average teams. it takes time to get something special going and it wont happen overnight. I think we should stop yelling for this and that and just route for cohesiveness and togetherness. letm have at it for a few years, as its been a long time since anybody’s had that long to get settled in. Just my thoughts – take it or leave it.

  92. quit making excuses for campbell. the redskins had one the best run games in the league and still couldnt score points. what does that mean? eight men in the box because all the good defenses knew he couldnt find the open man.

  93. We’re ALL tired of arguing… CUT or TRADE Brennan in the off season… be done with the controversy once and for all !!!

  94. i dont think there is any doubt campbell will be the starter game one next year personally i think its a mistake but i hope im wrong.

  95. that’s the point….we don’t have a “few years”. His contract is up after next season. So for anyone who wants to comment on this..keep in mind…this is also a business. Campbell’s contract has one more year on it, the same year everyone wants to give him. You want to think future? We have Colt for 3 more years. 3 years seems like ample amount of time for him to get in, learn the offense better, mature as an NFL QB and we can address other contracts and positions, including the other draft pick we would probably acquire for JC…If after those 3 years Colt isn’t what we thought, then are we really worse off? we have the possibility of a 9-7 record, yes. But obviously 9-7 isn’t getting us into the playoffs (which isn’t that the main goal of every team?) So I basically am saying that I don’t agree with Zorn’s decision not to use the San Fran game as an assessment. Preseason isn’t an assessment for the QB position. If it was Campbell wouldn’t be our starter right now would he? Why not toss CB in for the 3rd quarter and see what decisions he makes in an actual NFL game atmosphere?

  96. All I am saying is we kept Brunell in waaaay too long to the point where we were yelling for Campbell. And Campbell has done well in his two years for someone in his situation. All I hope for is an Open Competition so that we don’t spend draft picks on people we continue not to USE. If we were going to keep Campbell as the starter, why not draft at another position? Someone must have been thinking about his contract when we picked up Brennan…..

  97. i agree wholeheartedly. he might actually throw a td pass or two then you’ll have real qb controversy. let’s not forget this is football and competition is good

  98. Krashnorris writes, “Preseason isn’t an assessment for the QB position. If it was Campbell wouldn’t be our starter right now would he?”

    This is the best rhetorical question I’ve read in a very looooooooong time. Just Campbell’s performance in the Panthers preseason game should have been enough to bench him for the season.

    BTW, because of the NFL 3rd “emergency” QB rule, Zorn would be wise to insert Colt in the 4th quarter but NOT before that in Sunday’s game.

  99. First, it seems that everybody has forgot whart Todd Collins did in real games, under real pressure last year.

    Second, J.Z. made it clear that woyld be no competion for the QB position last year. That needs to change and let the QB’s know that the starting job will go to the best performer during camp and the pre-season. Anything less will be a huge mistake.

  100. Zorn’s not gonna listen to all our rants over here nor does anybody at the Redskins org. our opinions don’t matter until it reaches the ears of that dumbass Snyder! QB open competition this offseason? doesn’t matter if they still want JC as the starter. all those stupid acquisitions that cost a lot of money, paid so much money for old players that don’t give a crap about the fans’ cries and passion because in the end they’re still getting the big $, win or lose. so for me, my own version of protest would be not buying season tickets for the first time in a decade!!! and watching the skins at the comfort of my living room!

    Give JC a year, either way he’ll never develop into a peyton manning, tom brady nor a drew brees type qb. Colt may have talent but we will never see him play in the regular season. they’ll still sign some stupid ass high priced players that won’t perform. and like the years passed, they won’t listen to us again
    I just hope they figure out how to be a REAL contender soon enough.


  101. Mai Tai Soo,

    Here is the emergency QB rule from

    » NFL’S “third-quarterback” rule — sometimes misunderstood:

    Seventeen years ago (1991) the third-quarterback rule was instituted to enable teams to have an emergency quarterback available who was not on the 45-man game-day active roster, since many teams, for strategic purposes, only carried two quarterbacks on their game-day roster.

    Everybody thinks they understand the NFL’s “third-quarterback” rule. But do they?

    The rule states that if a third quarterback is inserted before the fourth quarter, a team’s first two quarterbacks cannot be used in the game at any position.

    Another aspect of the rule is sometimes misunderstood. It is a coach’s decision as to whether a third quarterback will be used.

    The active quarterbacks do not have to be injured for a team to use its third quarterback.

    I understand why you say we shouldn’t put him in until the 4th quarter. Why put him in at all???

    3 or 4 offensive series, (Colt mostly handing the ball off) wouldn’t give you any indications for next year!! If Campbell gets us up by 21 points in the 4th by all means, get Colt on the field!!

  102. I don’t know if Colt is the answer either and I know as a fan myslef the frustrations of never seeing if he might be a steal in the draft as well. but i found this article in the espn magazine which pretty much says why JC won’t be a successful QB and going back to the draft, the Redskins passed on an opportunity to draft Demarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman

    go redskins! I still think Campbell will not make it to be a premiere qb

    “Campbell has always had excellent size, good athletic ability and above average arm strength, but his poor decision making skills, lack of poise in the pocket, indecisiveness and erratic arm haunted him early in his collegiate career. Throughout his first three seasons as a starter, Campbell consistently held onto the ball too long, threw too many passes up for grabs when he … For complete overview, strengths and weaknesses…. 2005 Draft Coverage”

  103. All I know is that I have never seen a NFL player receive so much support for doing so little (nothing really). Check the defensive name she played against and you will see that most of them are no longer in football.

    Get real!

  104. Forget the 3rd quarter 4th quarter talk. Have Colt start, either way, with JC or CB, the Redskins will win. But with Colt, more points will on the board. Team will elevate, same ole business when JC is in. Colt will beat Martz, his Senior bowl OC. (another story line for the media)

  105. Derik,

    With all do respect:


    Colt hasn’t played all year!!! There is no evidence to remotely suggest, Colt starting. If your trying to tell me that Colt is going to come out on his 1st NFL start and light everybody up, you are sadly mistaken!!

    I’m not a Colt hater, by any means. I hope the guy has a great career (hopefully with the Skins). QB’s need time to develope in the NFL!! It took, Joe Montana a few years to develope into one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game!!!

  106. Steve, I understand the rule AND I agree with you AND your description of the QB rule is exactly correct. I want what you want and that is for Colt to play in the next game at SF.

    Was just writing that “Zorn” would be unwise to insert Colt before the 4th quarter BECAUSE if he does and Colt gets injured and cannot continue then both Campbell and Collins will NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK INTO THE GAME. This is the “consequence” portion of the NFL 3rd QB rule.

    NOW, if we want Colt to start the 2nd half then Zorn “wisely” should declare Collins the 3rd “emergency” QB before the start of 49er game.

    ONLY PROBLEM with the above is that Zorn will have a major QB morale issue with both Campbell & Collins in the off season. CONSEQUENTLY, all of this (what you and I want) will NOT happen this Sunday.

  107. Mai Tai Soo,

    I didn’t have a firm grasp of the 3rd QB rule, thats why I posted it!! I wanted to make sure all the posters knew the rule thats all!!

  108. Look taylor was washed up this season yes, but i want him to stay he has apolagized for his preformance and was plauged with injury, taylor is a class act and what he did in the eagles game shows just what hes got for next year. remember before that freak injury he already had a sack and was working twards more.

    i beleive in jason and wont stop cheering for him unless another qb comes in. CAMPBELL is good it shouldnt even be questioned. think about why campbell was drafted in the 1st round and colt was in the 6th round. also campbell had the better college career.

    so dont say just cause colt was “fun” to watch that he should be the starter, the qb position takes poise and leadership.

    remember, alot of people said the same things about eli…..(not a leader, no emotion, can’t throw) and i honestly beleive JC is better than eli, just our line needs good backups,(i actually saw heyer stepping up his game) with our vets knowledge and hopfully the new oline rooks youth this team will fly even higher than they could have this year

    Hail! Hail! Hail!

  109. Steve, thanks for the clarification… understand why you posted the rule definition now. Good point about “some” not knowing what the rule says.

  110. Wow.

    First of all, just try to trade Brennan. You won’t get a single draft pick for him, that should tell all you Colt Fans something.

    Remember that time Danny Wuerful through for 400 yards against San Francisco in a preseason game. Man that guy was good.

    Get off the Campbell hatorade. It’s not becoming. Give me one reason why Colt should start over Campbell that’s football related. Not “he looked good in that 4th quarter of the preseason game”. That’s not really a football reason.

    Matt Terl has said over and over that Campbell has looked much better than either Todd Collins or Colt all year long in practice. I’ll take his word.

    The reason Campbell is having trouble, OUR OFFENSIVE LINE IS BAD. Get real people, and watch the games. Our line is horrible, and yeah we ran the ball well for 5 games, but other than that we haven’t run the ball or passed the ball well. Neither of those is Campbell’s fault.

    So all of you Colt fans get ready of seeing year after year of Campbell. Because our coaches know who the better QB is, and they’re going to have to pay him. Because there is no QB in Free Agency, in the draft, or ON OUR TEAM that is better than Campbell.

    So get ready to see a 3 year deal for Campbell like Derek Anderson’s that the Redskins can get out of after a year or two if he doesn’t do well. But they should sign him for more if they were smart. He’s dedicated, he’s beat Dallas in Dallas, and he’s a great character guy with a great arm that just needs an offensive line. And a receiver opposite Moss.

    And all you fans backing Campbell stay tight and don’t let Coltmania get a hold of you. We’re doing great, let’s stick together.

  111. I’m a big Campbell fan, but I’d like to see Colt Brennan start the 49er game. I don’t think Colt is the savior but I get the feeling that he’d actually move the offense and score some points. Something is just too corporate about Campbell – dude needs to lossen up. Colt will make some dumb plays but he’ll also make some inspiring plays. This game doesn’t mean a thing so put Colt in and let him throw to Moss and El – and see what happens. I’m tired of boring corporate football. Get back there Colt and do something crazy!!!!

  112. Chris C. You bring up a good point. Jason Campbell is a terriffic practice player and works hard. THats why he starts.
    Colt Brennan was never a great practice player when he was here in Hawaii. THats what I heard on talk radio.

    I hope Colt can turn it up a notch during game time ..maybe next season.

  113. -Campbell holds the ball way to long which causes most of the sacks

    -He cant read proggresions good (he doesnt even look like he could read a book , have you heard the dude talk)

    -Hes not accurate at all (if you go back and look at that eagles game he missed about 8 throws. That screen to cooley down at the endzone was way off cooley made a heroic catch ,same with that dump off to ladell in the first half )

    -The bengals had no pass? how he do? Oh yeah he scored 13 points (but really cartright got that last 3 because they went 3 and out on the 10 yard line)

    – All his wins were because portis had huge games (You stop portis you stop the redskins , cause jason sure as hell cant beat you)

    so Chris C that is why JASON CAMPBELL SUCKS

    Ps. I gurantee the skins couldnt get a draft pick for JC either

  114. Not true- someone would take Campbell. Detroit, St.Louis, San Fran, someone would bite on the draft pick trade.

    And who said if Campbell has the skins up by 21 in the 4th. that is easily the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  115. The Skins Faithful it doesnt matter where you are drafted just look at Tom Brady he was drafted in the 6th round and has as many Super Bowls as our franchise so that comment really is pointless. Honestly though I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on Matt Hasselbeck who Zorn helped to a Super Bowl and become a perennial Pro Bowler, but if they go after him only go for a one year deal to see how it goes and since he is 33 maybe after that give him a two year extension if it works out. I think that my man Santana can become a Steve Smith type guy again if we get him the ball more because they are of the same build and have the same career stats basically. Also, only players who should go are Randle El, Springs, Washington, Philip Daniels who’s just an older Jason Taylor, and Pete Kendall and Jon Jansen. But right now all I care about is Jason hopefully proving me wrong and having a good game on Sunday and maybe leading us to the playoffs next year.

  116. i dont know why yall are calling for randle el to leave. that guys a playmaker.i know hes not making many with us but who is in this offense. hell i would put him at qb afew times a game. he would be like a small micheal vick

  117. Basically what Zorn is saying is…

    “I’d rather stick with guys who won’t be here/won’t contribute next year like Thrash, ARE, and Yoder running routes while our offense continues to be anemic and I will continue to not even activate one of our 2nd round picks and potentially our only real red zone threat in Malcolm Kelly. I don’t want the rookies to make me look any worse than I already do averaging 10 points per game in the 2nd half of the season by giving them a chance to make a play.”

    When you win, the problems get pushed to the side. Fact is, Zorn’s offense has been pathetic this season and despite the win against Philly, only put up 10 points at home again this week.

    I’ve been extremely disappointed with Zorn’s urgency as far as the rookie receiver’s progression (particularly Kelly and Davis) and think that deactivating potential big playmakers shows up in the lack of point production. But what do I know… he’s the “genius”.

  118. Chris,

    Have you ever played football in high school or college??

    Re-vamping your starting line-up for your last game of the season, sends a very negative message to your team!!! That negative message is guaranteed to carry over into next year!!

  119. Krashnorris,

    I made the comment about 21 points in the 4th quarter.

    My point was…In football, having a big lead like that is the ONLY reason to rotate your starters out!!!

  120. This is too funny how some of you think Colt isnt ready I know of two rookie QBs that are heading to the playoffs this season Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco so for those of you who think that Colt cant be ready and all this garbage please shut your pie hole seriously! Both of those guys dont have great lines yet they make plays on offense a QB is the General and for a true damn fact Campbell doesn’t have it in him to yell at his line when they mess up on a play or at a receiver. Campbells problems are what makes this team fail big time. Holds on to the ball to long, follows the receiver he is passing it to, changes up plays when he shouldn’t and/or should changes them but doesn’t, doesn’t have any fire, can’t get the team motivated, can’t be a leader I’m telling you the list goes on and on and on and on!

  121. Danny,

    Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are exceptions to the rule. Ask JAWS, ask Chris Landry!! These are 2 EXPERTS that readily say that they are amazed, at what these 2 QBs have accomplished (mainly Matt Ryan)!!!

  122. Food for thought–while you all are coming down on JC the wide receivers are getting off the hook. They are to blame here tooooo. I love Moss and Randle El,
    but they are not getting separation from the defense.
    That is not JC’s problem. JC is correct not throwing the ball into coverage. Fans wouldn’t be happy with lots of interceptions either. Think back to all the plays that were successful for first downs and then were fumbled away by Portis, Cooley, and Kendall. We lost at least 2 games due to fumbles. That was not JC’s fault. From my view, we can no longer keep players because they are “nice” guys. I think Randle El needs to go, this last week was the first punt return that he gained any YAC and he doesn’t have alot of catches, also Thrash needs to go too he is mostly only used on special teams. We need a veteran receiver to compliment Moss. Hopefully Davis will progress next year as tight end to compliment Cooley.

  123. Quit making excuses for campbell he is a big boy and should be able to take the heat. A great running game should free up some receivers but then the receivers get blamed for not getting open or the o-line for not protecting. The guy deserves some of the blame for the skins not making the playoff this year because at times he has been horrible.

  124. I agree with both sandy and jmyharris I do blame some on WRs for no productivity this year but most of my blame goes to campbell do to the fact that he is our QB our supposed leader on offense

  125. Santana produced this year all the other receivers besides Cooley did nothing. Randle El was a waste his whole tenure here hopefully we can draft or find a free agent receiver in the off season or Devin Thomas can develop into a solid number two receiver.

  126. I think we are all shocked that both of them do anything in there rookie season. What would have hapen if Colt would have done the same? I am not saying to have changed the QB this year even tho his game play was horrible and retarded this season. Im saying give the kid a chance next season and start building off of him because Campbell isn’t our QB he just isn’t a leader he can’t march his team down the field like a GOOD QB can do.

  127. I just dont understand you people. How can you say Colt Brennan is not ready or develop yet and needs to get familiar with the system? Explain this me, Matt Ryan (a rookie QB) ; was prepared, fully developed, and familiar with the system in Atlanta. Joe Flacco (also a rookie QB) same thing; was prepare, fully developed, and familiar with the system in Baltimore. What do these two athletes have in common? Both’em are young, both’em are in their First year of Professional Football, both’em are winning games, both’em has a chance to make the playoffs. But in their college years, both’em does not hold any NCAA records, both’em was not qualified to make the trip to NY for the finalist of the Heisman Trophy Canidates ’07, both’em did not experience a BCS Bowl Game, and both’em couldnt even come close to matching up their #s with Colt. Who only played 3 yrs of his college football career. And still Colt Brennan is not ready? (AWKWARD)

  128. I’d like to see colt play as well. But, JC got the skins going early on when nearly everyone doubted him…he deserves to finish the season. The number one priority is to win the last game. Sure, if JC struggles and we’re being blown out, let the second, third teamers play. but i really don’t see a good enough reason at this point other than to prevent further injury to our battered players. just win to end the season on a positive.

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