Sunday, December 21: A Gameday Ritual

Not a lot to love today. The team’s been down, the playoff hopes are dim (but not extinguished, at least not as I type this just before the 1:00 kickoffs), and the weather is supposed to turn wickedly cold and windy. Frankly, it’s a pretty grim point in the season.

So here’s one small gameday ritual that’s probably making a few people at least a little happier right about now: donuts. Specifically, donuts that offensive quality coach Bill Khayat has his friend bring down from Maple Donuts in York, Pennsylvania at every home game. They don’t make up for the disappointments of the season, of course, but they’re pretty darned good.


It started as a simple thank-you to Khayat for game tickets from a friend, and has expanded to several boxes that Khayat distributes to security staff, equipment guys, and even some coaches and players. Khayat is best known to fans as the one who spotted the 12 men on the field penalty in Minnesota last year, but when I told people at Redskins Park that I was thinking about writing about him, the donuts were the first thing anyone mentioned.

“It’s one of those things where you keep hearing how good they are, and you think they can’t possibly live up to it,” Khayat told me, “but they do.” The donuts, brought by Khayat’s friend Jeff Georg (pronounced like the player), are made fresh the morning they’re picked up, and they really are every bit as good as Khayat says. He swears by the jelly-filled peanut butter variety, which are excellent, but the original maple donuts may be even better.

“They’re really good,” says equipment manager Brad Berlin, one of the lucky donut recipients, “but the best thing about them is that his boy brings them to him at the stadium on gameday, so when we get back to the Park at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and all the restaurants in the Ashburn area are closed, it’s instant gratification.”


Back with the inactives and other gameday coverage later in the day.


13 Responses

  1. What jersey’s will the skins be wearing today because i noticed every game we’ve worn burgundy pants we have lost.

  2. I’m ready for a change up. Let’s see a throwback!

  3. Actually the jinx is not the burgandy pants…. it’s the redskins fleece blanket ny daughter-in-law made for me in Oct.

    Years ago it was the Redskin necklace… The list could go on and on

    Matt – throw some of those donuts into the locker room and lets get a sugar rush WIN

  4. mmm. Maple donuts is not a flavor we see in Hawaii much, if at all, I’m drooling now.

  5. Jean, throw that blanket away!

    If that doesn’t work, I’m gonna have to sell all of my game-day gear!

  6. Will Portis play?

  7. OK Shawn — got it covered- just unburied the socks and sweat pants that had previously been discarded as jinxes. (The sweat shirt & necklace are TOO big of a jinx to wear). The blanket stays but will put it in another room for today.

  8. Upset against Phili !!!!!!!!!! I had a dream that clinton rushed for 136 yards and ran in two touchdown. JC threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns and the skins broke the 29 point mark.

    I am usually right when I dream about this things, then again it might just be a dream.

    GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 17 years of subpar football.

    The biggest joke ownership in the NFL.

    A Yes-Man unqualified GM.

    A leader w/ no leadership skils, a playcaller w/ no plays at the helm.

    An impotent offense.

    A linguini-armed quarterback.

    A geriatric O-line.

    A complete lack of pass rush.

    29th ranked average punt yards.

    29th in total kick-off yardage.

    The most kick-offs out-of-bounds in the league.

    31st ranked in Field Goals Made.

    1-5 in the last 6.

    And you’re talking about f’ing doughnuts. Great job. Thanks.

    Mr. Snyder needs another latte.

  10. hmmm – think I will go find the Pearl Harbor Crew shirt

  11. Tampa Bay loses. The plug has not been pulled yet, we have an extremely faint pulse………………………….

  12. Maple Donuts Rules!

    As a Pennsylvania reader in York County, my heart is filled with joy at the sight of that orange and white box. Their maple frosted donuts are fantastic!

  13. Shawn – Think the socks & sweat pants did it. Renewed game wear gear.

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