Redskins v. Eagles – Inactives

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Well, after a week in which I noted that Ryan Boschetti was one of the most fired-up guys in practice, he’s inactive today. But I bet he’ll be very, very fired up on the sidelines. Other than that, Malcolm Kelly is down and Fred Davis is active, and Kedric Golston has apparently not fully recovered from his injury after all. Here’s the Redskins’ list.

Redskins inactives:

  • 5 Colt Brennan – emergency third QB
  • 12 Malcolm Kelly – WR
  • 63 Will Montgomery – OL
  • 64 Kedric Golston – DT
  • 73 Ryan Boschetti – DT
  • 76 Jon Jansen – OL
  • 78 D’Anthony Batiste – OL
  • 98 Rob Jackson – DE

Anthony Montgomery starts for Griffin, and as Greg Blache indicated, DeAngelo Hall starts for Carlos Rogers again.

UPDATED to add the Eagles inactives:

  • 14 A.J. Feely – emergency third QB
  • 25 Lorenzo Booker – RB
  • 51 Joe Mays – LB
  • 63 Bryan Smith – DE
  • 64 Chris Patrick – T
  • 73 Shawn Andrews – OL
  • 80 Kevin Curtis – WR
  • 84 Hank Baskett – WR

8 Responses

  1. Upset against Phili !!!!!!!!!! I had a dream that clinton rushed for 136 yards and ran in two touchdown. JC threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns and the skins broke the 29 point mark.

    I am usually right when I dream about this things, then again it might just be a dream.

    GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Colt Brennan needs to be activated immediately!

  3. Any thoughts on why Boschetti inactive

  4. Ryan Boschetti needs to activated Immediately!!

  5. The Titans D-Line had two starters out today against the Steelers and they had a ROOKIE DL #91 Jason Jones to get 4 sacks today. That is why we should get Defensiveline coach Jim Washburn from Fisher and the Titans to come too D. C.. Jim has a way of making young DL look good on Sundays. The rookie got more sacks in one game than Carter, & Taylor have this entire season.

    What I said three days ago; “Again, this is what the Redskins should do this off season. Holmgren is leaving Seattle so Zorn should convince Gil Haskell the Asst. Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator of Seattle to come to D. C.. He been with Holmgren in Seattle since 2000. He should also bring Jim Lind Tight Ends Coach in Seatle too. Jim has been with Holgren since 1999. That is experience Zorn could use to help develope his offense, and get it out of the hole it is in. They need a Linebacker coach that can develope, and spot young LBs. We can try to pull Keith Butler from Dick LeBeau’s Steeler D. He been with them for 8 years; so he know great Linebacker play. Maybe just maybe he can teach us some of LeBeau LB blitzing techniques. Snab Jim Washburn from the Defensive Line Coach from the Titans, because the Titans always develope good D-Linemen out of college. O and try to bring Albert Haynesworth with him. Haynesworth will be a free agent after the season. Monte Kiffin is leaving Tampa Bay so grap one of the members of his staff Defensiveback Coach under Kiffin for 6 experience. Maybe he can teach Carlos how to catch a pick or two in a game. There you go the Redskins plan for this off season.”.

  6. why the hell would u let suisham attempt a 54 yd fg?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    jim zorn is a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. why let suisham who has the weakest leg and worst accuracy att a 54 yd fg???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!???????

    is zorn ok???

  8. JC has thrown for over 3000 yards this season.

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