Redskins v. Eagles – LaRon Landry Postgame

Photo by Brian Murphy

Photo by Brian Murphy

One of the best things about this bittersweet victory was seeing LaRon Landry finally playing the way we’ve hoped for all year. There are number of possible reasons for his performance — Greg Blache played the defense a montage of their best plays that he described as “emotional and attitudinal Viagra,” for one — but the most likely seems to be his health.

“This season I got out to a very slow start with this hamstring injury,” he said, “and I just tried to fight through the whole season with it. Probably, like, six weeks ago that’s when it really started coming around, so I’m looking forward to next year, and we’ve got one more game.”

Here’s how he broke down the final play in tonight’s game, when he put himself in perfect position to prevent a potential game-tying touchdown. “That’s how you’ve gotta play it, because they had to get a touchdown,” he said. “They couldn’t throw another checkdown, because it would’ve run the time out, so I knew they weren’t going to Westbrook. They needed a touchdown, so I just played the goalline. I saw him turn his shoulder for the dig route, and I just broke down on it. That’s it.”

And, as far as his enormous hits in tonight’s game … he claimed that he wasn’t sure they were that big at all.

“If I get fined for it, then I say it’s a big hit. All my hits have to be a fine in order for it to be a big hit,” he explained. “If I hit somebody, and Wednesday or Thursday when I’m sitting down at my locker and the FedEx package comes to me, then I know I’ve done my job. I’m gonna be waiting Wednesday and Thursday for my FedEx package, and I’ll let you know.”


45 Responses

  1. Do they have D. Hall’s contract read for him to sign yet?

  2. That was a pretty mean tackle. Hopefully they carry this level of execution into San Fran next week.

  3. The D step up and played even better than they had before…Portis got his TD and ran good tody too.

  4. A strong, good Defense and a good running game will help a team win 10 games a season.

  5. its clear that the D will be even more scary once we get a big mean Dlineman like Haynesworth

  6. Thank our lucky stars for our D. Worse offense in the league, time to remove Campbell if we any hope for next year.

  7. If I were Zorn, I would come up with some injury excuse for Jason Campbell (bruised ribs, strained shoulder, severe athlete’s foot, whatever) and give Colt Brennan a spot start against the 49ers. Now that the Redskins are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I want to see what the kid can do in a real game. Plus I would activate all three of our 2nd round draft picks (Thomas, Kelly, and Davis) and give them some opportunities to make plays. I want to see a glimpse of the future. And completely off the topic, I love Randle El but he has had only 2 decent punt returns ALL YEAR! I would put somebody else back there – DeAngelo Hall maybe or Devin Thomas. Moss is great but he is too valuable to use regularly

  8. With The Redskins Defense this season, if Brennan had started, they would be in The Playoffs right now…

  9. There are so many factors that it’s hard to say but in the preseason I was very impressed by Colt’s accuracy and how quickly he made his reads and got rid of the ball. I think he may be a better natural fit for the West Coast offense than Campbell.

  10. Yeah, Colt is fun to watch. Gunslinger.

  11. colt needs to start this game no reason 4 campbell 2 get injured+plus honestly if we lose its a better draft pick

    p.s. there is no doubt if campbell plays it gives us a better chance to win but we need to see what the rookies got. this game means nothing in the long run except to see if we can get rid of todd collins and maybe down the road we could turn colt as our qb

  12. What a win! My friends and I were in a location that had Eagles fans nearby. We had our jerseys on (47 for me, 5 for her) and did not hide in anonymous tee shirts or muffle our emotions. We called it the “lucky white pants” game,

  13. Matt — Any chance the fans could get a peek of that highlight video shown to the defense Sat night to fire them up?

  14. Yes play Colt!

  15. Yes, I’m all up for Colt Brennan playing this last game. Perhaps even just the second half.

    Now, if we lose this game, better draft pick you say Danny E but how much of one win make a big difference in the draft? It might just be a slot or two difference so I’d rather get the win and get the momentum going for next year.

    As for the D, wow, just wow. After Sean T, it’s hard for me to choose one favortie Redskin but if there had to one, it’s definitely Landry. Dude just laid mofos out!

  16. I used to say, “Thank God for Darrell Green!” Last night I said, “Thank God for our Defense!” Now that’s HEART!!!

    Off- Season wishlist:
    1 more pass rusher
    1 more RB…It’s obvious teams do better with multiple go to backs!!
    O-line, O-Line, O-LINE!!!

  17. Landry playing to his potential was great to see. I really thought with him under performing all year that we were hurt EVEN more without Sean Taylor (of course, no one will ever replace him or his potential). Can you imagine if ST/Landry, D.Hall, and Springs/Rogers were all out there at once??!? Nightmares for wr’s.

    Wish List:
    -Haynesworth or some other quality D-lineman (we have enough “journeymen” there)
    -Sign MeAngelo Hall
    -Replace Marcus Washington – he’s always out injured and his dancing is just annoying the heck out of me now because he’s not out there week-in/week-out
    -Give London Fletcher the team’s Defensive MVP award.

  18. I’m just not that impressed with Campbell.

  19. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!! WOW!!!!!

    that was some scary D, that was even better than the Ravens!! it was sooooooooooo cool to watch them play lights out!!! D HALL, welcome to the Skins baby!!!! Landry, you freakin clock that receivers head off (#21 would’ve been proud). all hats to the secondary!
    FLETCHER, you’re the MAN!!! Pro Bowl judges are a bunch of morons!!!! we’ll get you there next year.

    STAT SHEET: we’re the only NFL team that held other teams under 25 pts. OUR PROBLEM – OFFENSE

    Jason Campbell flat out sucks!!! that was the worst i’ve seen him in his Redskins tenure. can’t even read routes properly.

    next year: they should still address the OLine & Dline, our kicker freakin stinks!!! our punter is showing that he can do it. let Fred Davis play for crying out loud, he would be a potential weapon, unleash the younger receivers and cut Randle El and Thrash.



    xmas wishlist:
    (1) get younger on OLIne and Dline (we need a very strong foundation that’ll be there for years to come)

    (2) we need linebacker help that can rush the passer as well (Washington needs to go!!!!)

    (3) add a younger running back (Portis needs a compliment to be a dynamic RB tandem)

    (4) get another weapon for the wide receiver roster (Randle El and Thrash needs to go!!)

    (5) FIRE CERRATO!!!

    (6) Campbell just flat out showed he’s not a good QB, back up at most, he was horrible, He needs to go somewhere else!!

  21. troy aikman put it perfectly campbell is “nonchalant” in the pocket. I don’t know if cutting him is the answer but he just isnt getting the job done right now. They shouldve scored 30 pts against cincy last week.



  23. let’s get Matt Casell, 345 yards, 3 TDs. he might be the next Tom Brady, and I hope it’s for the Skins!!!


  24. campbell sucks, defense rocks though need to be younger, and need dynamic pass rusher, give colt a shot in last game cant hurt nothin but more important go philly beat dallas

  25. I’d rather give Colt a look than Matt Cassell’s one-hit wonder year.

  26. the skins are going to pursue a veteran with west coast experience more in the line of Jeff Garcia. They have to push Campbell in camp and he will probably lose the start honestly. WE NEEDED BRETT FAVRE INSTEAD OF JASON TAYLOR, but only a decent gm would of done that..

  27. Does anyone know why Reinhardt isn’t getting any playing time?

    He’s young, fresh, a third rounder and has been learning the offense all season. Also, the O-line is banged up!

    Why isn’t he getting any reps?

  28. I’m not the idiots out there saying Zorn needs to be fired because he should come back, but the play calling is god awful. I thought you were supposed to see a lot of crossing patterns and slants in the west coast offense. all I see are 15 yard square ins and outs. That’s not going to get the receivers open. Mix up the god damn play calling. I watch a lot of football and this is the only team I see run the EXACT same plays every week. Every time you see Jason tuck the ball like an idiot, if you look down field there’s three defenders around the WR doing a ten yard dig. He did have a couple of poor throws but every QB does during a game and they don’t get dogged for it. If its not the WR not getting open its the protection breaking down.

  29. Offseason wish list (in order of need):

    1. O-Line rebuilding (thru both draft & free agency). We’re too old and injury prone. Samuels is still good, but his Pro Bowl election was more on reputation the last few years. Thomas is on his way down, Kendell has knee problems, and we don’t have a true bookend at right tackle between Heyer and Jansen.

    2. D-Line rebuilding (MUST get Haynesworth if available through free agency and need true impact pass rushers for a change. The Defense will never reach it’s true potential until then).

    3. Linebacker as Washington is missing more games than he plays, McIntosh’s knees are becoming a real concern over the 16 week season, and Fletcher will eventually (although it seems like he’s playing better than ever) fall off production-wise as he’s really getting up there in age as a productive player in one of the most violent/athletic positions on the team.

    4. As long as the first three options are sufficiently addressed, anything else is gravy.




    That is the most asinine comment I’ve ever read. (Well, maybe just short of Derrida.) Anyway…who was it that scrambled seventeen yards on a 3rd down play late in the game? That wasn’t going to be Collins or Colt. Sure, JC missed some reads, but he played well. And I’d rather have a mobile and FAST quarterback with a big arm than a statuesque softball pitcher or a pint-sized QB with an average arm. Colt looked fantastic in the preseason. I wholeheartedly agree. But he isn’t ready to play yet in the regular season. Be patient. In a year or two he will be second-string.

  31. I’m just glad that some of the fan base is intelligent. Thank you ashburn and quentin I’ve been saying this stuff for weeks.

  32. Their views on the team are pretty much on a week to week basis. Depends on how they play one day. Last week the defense was bad and we needed to get rid of at least 6 starters. This week best D in the league. I even read somewhere Jason Taylor is good again.

  33. Jackson had so many drops because Landry was in his head. That’s what happens when WR’s get banged around.

  34. quentincompson

    were you actually watching the WHOLE season????
    I don’t think you were. I didn’t say that Colt or Todd should start i but Campbell is not the franchise qb nor the answer to fix the offense. He’s PART of the problem. Do i know the answer, of course not, that’s not my job, a year or two is not gonna be the answer for Campbell and MARK MY WORDS, he’ll be a back up soon enough. you can still dream all you want.

    btw, besides that one scramble, he underthrew a lot of passes, missed a few open receivers, held onto to the ball AGAIN longer than normal, and didn’t know how to effectively run a no huddle offense


  35. the skinsD rocked the house!!!! go skins!!! the irony is that we have the 4th best defense and we ain’t gonna go to the playoffs…. oh well there’s next year again.

    JC didn’t play well, and i think he’ll never play well to carry this offense.
    go redkins!!! skins 4 life!!

  36. We are going to make a push for Michael Vick.

  37. Just to reiterate (albeit from a different perspective), here are a list of positions that the Skins should not draft…. At all…. Not even think about…. It’s just a one year ban, Vinny. You can live with it.

    Here they are in no particular order, since they’re all banned for a year under this premise:

    1. RB
    2. TE
    3. WR
    4. QB
    5. CB
    6. FS/SS
    7. P/PK (NEVER again)

    To be clear Vinny, here are the positions that you CAN draft for in 2009, in order of preference:

    1. OL
    2. DL (DE preferably since you’re signing
    Haynesworth, right? Right?!)
    3. LB

    That’s it. Three areas to focus on. I know you can do it. Now get cracking.

  38. Matt Casell is a refelection of his coaching.

  39. I agree Tony D, Matt Cassell has some good coaching behind him, if he leaves NE, I think he’ll be back to being ordinary at most, unless he brings his qb coach and offensive coordinator

    Zorn and Blache deserves one more year to really show everybody what they can do to this org.
    JC needs to go and a lot of old players, they keep saying they’re healthy and all that stuff, dude the season is 16 games and more with the playoffs added, we don’t need a good player that can only play like 4-5 games in a season jeezzzz…. need some changes

    I agree Tony D, Matt Cassell has some good coaching behind him, if he leaves NE, I think he’ll be back to being ordinary at most, unless he brings his qb coach and offensive coordinator

  40. Redskins Christmas list

    1. cut Shawn Springs
    2. cut James Thrash, and move Randle to 2nd string
    3. Move Moss to Split/punt return
    4. Make Devin Thomas the main receiver
    5. Get Mat Casell, and Give Jason Campbell 3 games.
    6 Cut Shaun Suisham
    7. draft a good back (love Portis, BUTT just stays hurt)
    8. Get some weight on the OLINE (not really sure who to cut, but it needs to be overhauled)

  41. I was really impressed with our defense yesterday. I really hope that this offseason we make some moves to get some o-linemen because we need it. It doesnt matter who we have at the QB position if we do not do a better job of blocking.

  42. 1. trade or cut randel el/washington/thrash/Springs for draft picks and cap cpace
    2. O-line
    4. Sign D Hall and C Rogers back
    5. Versatile, young linebackers and defensive line
    6. trade Todd collins for draft picks
    7. Keep ladell betts

  43. Offseason Priorities

    1. Get a quarterback for one year until Colt is ready (draft another one just in case Colt isn’t who we thought he was like Jason was).

    2. Get rid of the old washed up players i.e. Springs,Washington, Griffin, Daniels,Kendall, and Randle El

    3. Work on getting Devin Thomas more involved in the offense so he and Moss can be a good if not great receiving duo.

    4. Have a good draft.

  44. A little too late,but great win .As a first year head coach ,Jim zorn did have success; A winning season; work the passing game an they will be successful this coming season. But think of it like this , a great play , a penilty , a great play , a penilty. They seem to always find a way to beat themselves. For example; Pittsburgh game recoverd on-side-kick can’t get it in the enzone 6 times have it on their 40-30 yard line can’t get it in. Dallas ,Giants, Ravens and you don’t lose to a 1-11-1 team, an turn around an play like you did this passed Sunday against the Eagles .I understand you might not beat every team, but have an keep the consistancy going like the Titans, Giants.Now if what you saw carries over to next year ,i am telling you that we have playoff and possible Super Bowl run .No team scored more than 24 points if we score 25+ and above that :Defence: we win. 9-7 now 12-4 or better 2009-10

  45. we’ll prob sign Bertrand Berry because that’s what this franchise does is sign washed up players

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