Redskins v. Eagles – First Quarter Thoughts


  • When I arrived at the stadium today, it was mild. Balmy, even. I brought my jacket, because the weather report was bad, but it was too warm to even consider wearing it. That was four or five hours ago, and things have changed since. Down on the field, the air is cold and the wind is colder — and it’s a strong wind, one that had the flags snapping and popping during the anthem. Something to watch during punts, kicks, and long passes.
  • Also, even though the field itself was covered during the rain and is in good shape, the one end of the home sideline is a marsh. Shouldn’t affect the gameplay, but the cheerleaders down at that end are going to have a rough time of it.
  • As if to prove my point about the wind, the opening kickoff sails out the back of the endzone. That’s going to be a factor all day, I suspect.
  • The team comes out throwing to Chris Cooley. I want to say that it’s good to see that they’re getting him involved early, but I’d also like to see them come back to him more, so I’ll reserve judgment. Incidentally, Devin Thomas appears to have ditched the bright yellow compression sleeves he was wearing during warm-ups, but I promise you, they were there.
  • Jason Campbell has been taking a lot of heat for his decision-making speed, and it certainly looked like he held the ball too long on third down, leading to the fumble. Not promising.
  • Annnnnd the team is just going out of their way to make me wrong today. We were told — as I said — that DeAngelo Hall would be starting in place of Carlos Rogers, but instead Rogers AND Hall are starting, and Shawn Springs is starting in place of Chris Horton. Interesting.
  • The first two defensive plays involve guys who seemed to be in the doghouse last week — Rogers and Rocky McIntosh. Maybe the time on the bench got their heads right. We’ll see.
  • Passes intended for Fred Davis and Thomas on the first two plays of the next Redskins drive. At least the rookies are getting involved, for whatever that’s worth. The running game isn’t impressing so far today, though. Looks to me like the Eagles are just as skeptical of Campbell as the commenters here are — they’re shutting down Clinton Portis and presuming Campbell isn’t going to beat them.
  • Nice punt by Ryan Plackemeier. I don’t know if I can handle a second straight week of citing Plack as the only positive thing the Redskins have going.
  • A sack by Jason Taylor. I guess it just took him sixteen weeks to get used to his new surroundings, but I’m sure that’ll get him going.

9 Responses

  1. Jason Campbell has thrown for over 3000 yards this season.

  2. Let’s go skins!!! Lookin good on defense out there!!

  3. shaun suisham has got to go! I knew he was bad but I didnt know he was the league leader in missed field goals.

  4. can u beleive me, im actually rooting for the skins, only this game though, as i want yall to beat the eagirls,

    man dallas lost a tough one last night, we need yall to win today, and im glad yall got the lead, but with 2 min left in the half i need yall to put up some points, i also need the vikes to win and they are losing by 10,

    come on skins, dont let this boy down

  5. This is personal – McNabb said we were garbage after the 1st win earlier in the season – now we’re in the bottom of the NFC East – we must win!!!

  6. Excellent linebacker play – great tackles by Landry.

    Absolutely no improvement in the offensive playcalling or execution.

    Suisham still eats it.

  7. C 4 life – great celebration last night! Now THAT is the way to close Texas Stadium. When we closed RFK, we knocked off da ‘boys. You guys ended an era by giving up 2 huge runs and a LOSS. I look forward to those highlights in years to come. Sweeeeet!

  8. Why try a 54 yd fg with a guy who can’t do it? Zorn doesn’t play to win, just to survive 60 minutes.

  9. This defense is amazing. I’ve said it for weeks and since the offense is actually doing something besides go three and out they’re actually fresh and playing at a high level. Just saying it for all the people who think we need to get rid of everyone on that side of the ball.

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