Friday, December 19: Funny Because It’s True

Well, the same guy who made the frighteningly accurate YouTube clip about what it’s like being a Skins fan in December is back with what it was like being a Skins fan last Sunday. (The guy in question is Danny Rouhier, and you can find out more about him at his website. This video contains some very, very mild language if you’re very easily offended, as well as another terrific ’80s soundtrack.)

An amusing diversion to start off a dreary, rainy Friday.

Hat tip to the DC Sports Bog, which had it posted first.


30 Responses

  1. OMG I’m posting up on this blog becuase this is EXACTLY what it looks like for me on Sundays IN December. Haha, as much as it hurts I can’t help but laugh…This is indeed the life of a Redskins fan…

  2. Man, this is sooooo good :)

  3. kyu,

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    The 2 things that make my blood boil every year: when the wife say, “Its just a game!” or “Why aren’t you ready we’re all going to…”

  4. He hit it right on the head.

  5. This is hysterical (and true).

    How about if his phone friend comes over for the Eagles game and they do a video of the two during the game. Oh well, friend is p’bly a distance away

  6. lol this is just like me, im throwing my remote on the tv, cursing in front of my parents lol.

  7. My favorite line

    “Because we don’t score when you’re here”


  8. Wow That is me minus the alcohol. Its comforting to know that others care as much as I!

  9. I blame Zorn and Jason Campbell; Will the skins EVER get a good quarterback? Other than Joe, whom we nearly killed, will we EVER get a good coach? We are Skins fans, not idiots! Why hasn’t this changed over the past, oh I don’t know, the last 2 DECADES?????

  10. Someone once asked me why I am as emotionally involved in Redskins as I am?

    My answer:

    My Dad took me to the Skins v. Eagles game in Nov. of ’82…The Fans started chanting “We want Dallas, We want Dallas!” We all started stomping our feet, the stadium actually started to move!!

    God, how I miss that!! RFK was great!!

    I wonder if any of the fans that never went to see them at RFK will ever experience that!!!

  11. Steve,

    Games at RFK were a totally different game, weren’t they.

    I think the fans that went to RFK and have the great memories of the RFK magic are the core of the die hard skins fans.

    When we dry up, there won’t be much of a loyal fan base left in my opinion.

  12. Heyjoe,

    I’m only 38 (LOL)!! I hope I don’t dry up for a long time!! Dan definately forgot to bring the “ghosts” when he moved the Skins!!!

  13. This video is soooo funny. Except when my family asks me why do i keep watching the game if my team is losing, I say “because I want to see them lose, I want to see the humiliation on their faces”. ROFLLLL at “Dude, I feel like I am in the Matrix, and I chose the wrong pill” HAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. Steve,

    Yeah, I’m 45 but now live in New Mexico! I still follow the skins though as if I were still there. It’s trying at times. LOL

    I guess we have plenty of time. Hopefully, things will change before we’re 6′ under. :-)

  15. RFK rocked…… Young son’s first RFK game was the “seat cushion” game (that might also have been the “we want Dallas game?); he came home and said “Mom, RFK really does rock”.

  16. I got goose-bumps reading your comment Jean!!

  17. I was there when Riggins took his famous bow.

    I was there when Mosely kicked the game winning FG in OT against the Giants.

    I saw Ken Houston drill Staubach in the back in a safety Blitz as the place errupted!

    I loved how the place went absolutely wild when, on a critical Defensive situation, the crowd got so loud the opposing offense would fall apart, resulting in a botched play and the place went hysterical.

    Games there were amazing.

  18. Steve – I am also the mean mother of the year award. Same son carried Monk articles in his wallet (for motivation and inspiration); had 175 diff Monk trading cards…… Friends offered us tics for the Denver game that Monk broke the RECORD — I said “no; it’s a week night and 5:30 AM comes early” It took many years of ribbing comments…… Finally last year, he has said enough mileage out of that one !!!!!

    He did go to a RTE 281 gala and now has a treasured autograghed hat !!!

  19. And Heyjoe how about Dexter’s batted pass for a Daryl Grant TD? Or knocking their qb out? Or on and on and on – Darrell cutting back on the punt return for a td while he’s holding his side, etc, etc. RFK could be a magical place, and I think you’re right, the Mosely kick in the snow was right there at the top. ….. along with Kenny Houston’s magical stop on the 2 yard line, or….. never mind, could go on forever.

  20. First one was funnier…
    But, hats off to Danny!


  21. Sonnyfan, my man. I saw those on TV, but it still gives me chills thinking about it.

    The smell was another thing. It was cigars, stale beer, peanuts and steamed hot dogs swirling around the chilly DC air. Ahhhhh.

  22. Get your Hogweiser here…Hogweiser here!!

    Dad responded to that one, I waited for the guy with the hot chocolate!! I thought that went well with my dog!!

  23. LOL!!

    I just had a funny thought!!

    This is the high tech version of sitting on the front porch with a pitcher of lemonade, remembering the old times!!

    It’s fun to do sometimes!! Isn’t it?!!

  24. Ahh yes indeed…. and how the memories flow on… All stimulated by a crazy fan guy’s video. Just us die-hards bleeding burgandy & gold

  25. * Avid, not crazy

  26. can we have the skins play a game at RFK??? just one game is all i ask.

  27. Jimmy,

    It would cost Dan a fortune to put the Skins back at RFK, but it would be one hell of a PR move!!!

    Everyone would forgive and forget!!!!!

  28. lol your fans are a joke, but i guess its tough supporting a team that cant even be consistant all season, except falling apart towards the end of the season, i dont like either teams this weak in the skins or the eagles but beleive it or not i want the eagles to lose, so im rooting for your team to win, but i doubt they will lose as they are playing good football right now and at the same time your team is playing bad football which does not mix well for your team, i hope yall can beat them and it would do the cowboys a favor as weve got a tough ravens team tonight, ill be rooting for our boys to win tonight, they have a must win to keep that 5th playoff spot so for only tonight

    Go Skins

    and as always GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. cowboys 4 life,

    I remember being in that spot before! Having to root for the Cowboys to win, in order to help the Redskins!!

    It’s a pretty tough pill to swallow ain’t it!!! Don’t call us a joke, MAN!!! We don’t like each other, but we used to respect how tough those Skins / Boys games always are!!!

  30. It has been tough being a Redskins fan for the last 10-seasons….Safe to say that this issue goes beyond just one problem; it has been a series of problems that has a root cause that began in 1999.

    Until that root cause is resolved…..Get used to the present!

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