On the Field for Practice – 12/18

Well, this is a first for me. For some reason, afternoon practice was moved up today and combined with the morning it’s-not-a-walkthrough. This has happened before for specific reasons — weather alerts and holidays, for example — but this is the first time I’ve seen the routine disrupted for no specific reason. Some players speculated that it was precisely to shake up the routine, others thought it might be to prevent them from warming up, cooling down, and warming up again. Whatever the reason, though, practice was moved, and most of the players were happy. “Going straight through, man, that’s good — you don’t have that dead time,” Demetric Evans told me afterward.


  • Finally, probably too late for it to make a huge difference, just about everyone is healthy. The only person who didn’t practice at all was Jon Jansen, and London Fletcher was limited, but I believe just about everyone else was back at or near full speed.


  • The start of practice was a bit of a study in frustration, possibly because of the change in time. Nothing major broke down, but people seemed to be having trouble getting in sync, guys were jumping offsides, and the whole thing, in the words of Todd Yoder “might’ve lacked some focus for some reason.”


  • Things improved a bit as the players broke into 7-on-7 drills, and eventually the defense seemed to get things completely together. Chris Horton was clearly back up to full speed (or, to be more accurate, full practice speed), both rushing the quarterback and dropping back into coverage, and H.B. Blades made a couple of very nice plays to break up running plays and swing passes in the backfield. Carlos Rogers also was showing some quickness today.


  • The offense never did seem to fully get themselves on track today, though. The line was coming off the ball quickly enough — and with Pete Kendall back, this should represent the line we see on gameday — but the receivers and quarterbacks just didn’t seem to be finding their groove.


  • Coach Zorn was asked about the mathematically remote possibility of making the playoffs, and he more or less shrugged it off, saying that all the team could focus on was the Eagles and noting, “They say buying lottery tickets, the odds are against you.” I thought he struck the right balance between keeping guys engrossed and keeping expectations realistic, for whatever that’s worth.
  • Zorn also acknowledged bluntly that it more or less comes down to a numbers game each week between Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis. Davis is more likely to play this week, unless an injury opens up a spot to activate Kelly.


  • One concern about this team that I commonly hear is that they lack that angry, obnoxious, fiery guy to get the other people fired up. This is not completely correct, though: Ryan Boschetti practices like a maniac, and is constantly goading the offensive linemen and anyone else who comes into earshot. I’m not sure how much of it is in fun and how much is serious, but it’s something I’m going to be keeping an eye on over the next few practices.


43 Responses

  1. Thats what the Skins need someone to get them fired up. Do you see Ray Lewis, D’Marcus Ware, Steelers have some guys, nearly everyone but the Skins. When you can get guys pumped up – you can move mountains. In the Army I saw it every day when times were tough. Guys come together regardless of the situation and get the mission accomplished. Its simply putting mind over matter. You can do what you believe.

  2. Been thinking, mebbe they shoulda been practicing under the lights at night too..
    Just a thought.

  3. It’s almost nice to see that the offense didn’t have a great practice…each week it seems like we all read about how the offense had a good practice…then game day comes. Needless to say what we’ve seen there…maybe with a less than average practice we’ll see an above average game on Sunday!! It would be really nice for all of us fans to see this team go into the off-season 9-7, not to mention boost their confidence as well. GO SKINS!!

  4. Why not dress Kelly and Davis? There has to be someone else to put on the inactive list. Let’s get these guys some experience so they don’t look as lost next year.

    I hope Zorn opens up the playbook this weekend. Let’s do something different.

  5. Dennis has clearly never seen London Fletcher’s nearly incomprehensible linebacker pep talks

  6. This might sound crazy but Im so glad to hear that we had a bad practice being that it’s always a good practice report and as of late a bad game, maybe this will be the opposite. BAD practice GOOD game.

  7. Derek I didn’t even see your post before I posted. Im glad Im not the only one who feels that way

  8. I havent seen those. I am just saying on the field someone really needs to fire the guys up, crushing hit and then pump up hte guys.

  9. Dennis…my sentiments exactly.

  10. I would love to see Danny boy open up his pockets for Albert Haynesworth would really help our defense!!

  11. I really dont believe that Malcolm Kelly is ready to contribute on this level. He had been injury prone and just has not had much of an impact all season. While I do think it makes sense to get them the experience I just dont think he is ready. The guy has the talent and the potential but injuries have slowed him down, not to mention showing up to camp out of shape (supposedly) didn’t really up his stock. In all honestly I really have the feeling he won’t be on the Redskins roster or any ones roster for that matter past 2011. Sad but he just seems like the type who will be out of football within a few years (prove me wrong). I would like to see some 2 tight end passing sets involving Fred Davis because that guy is a physical freak. Either way I am not the coach so these are not decisions I can make but thats just how I feel about Kelly and Davis.

  12. why not make Thrash inactive. He has not done anything this year anyway. I don’t think he is going to be the team next year. Kelly needs to be active these last two weeks. Like I been saying, we need coaching, a real coach will be getting this team ready for next year.

  13. Does anyone think that if we keep the defensive line we have now intact, when Phillip Daniels gets healthy next year and is a force in the middle, that will make things easier for the boys on the edges?

  14. makes to much since we should have drafted on the d-line so atleast they could of played

  15. Mr Snyder better get the jet gassed up cause when free agency hits Albert Haynesworth better be the first person that we pick up.

  16. We had “THAT” player….A leader on D that gave 110% every play. The one that pumps the rest of the players up by hard hitting. Unfortunatley he was taken away from us because of the greed of 5 kids. I just hope we keep all the players we have for the next couple of years…what we have is good we just need better playcalling and better O and D lines. I want to win it with this group….it’ll be an extra special ring if we do so with this group that has gone through so much. RIP Sammy Baugh and Sean Taylor.

  17. Jason ~ you are right about ST. He is irreplaceable.

  18. I agree with Jason and Dennis, but we have a rookie with hard hitting ability. His name is Kareem Moore and he laid Ocho Cinco. If you were watching the preseaon games, he put flipped a carolina reciever (steve smith??) with 1 arm.

  19. WRs need to fear crossing the field and if we get that the routes will change and give the DL an opportunity to get more sacks.

  20. The loss of Sean is really being felt now. He could fire the whole team, not just D, O as well. We have two good safety prospects in Kareem and Chris but rookies rarely lead. Fincher could be a find too. We need to get a good edge rusher and a force at DT, shouldn’t be a problem with Snyders cash. Add a couple of younger O-line and we’ll be ok next year.

  21. Man it still hurts to think about Taylor. I wish his fiance and little girl the best, but I loved to watch him play.

  22. Remember the Todd Pinkston short arm?

  23. Deactivate Davis or Kelly and play james thrash who do3es nothing but take up a roster spot of a player that might actually catch a ball goof call Zorn Ur an idiot i hope they fire ur ass

  24. Of course he won’t play Kelly… he needs to get a clue!

  25. hey there redskin fans, i just wanna say its been great watching the skins this season. For i(myself) am a Bears fan. Yup been a Bear fan since “Sweetness Dayz” and im also a big fan of Colt brennan. And yes im from Hawaii. But let me tell you(all) something about watching CB, it was like watching the forth of july because every pass & throws was so explosive. The rush so intense. I loved watching CB on saturdays. Then sundays i watch the Bears. Now its like back & forth, “Skins & Bears”. For the first time watched all the skins games of this season and was very disappointing. I guess cause CB did not get chance to play. Well i know hes 3rd string but they need to put someone else in besides JC. Change the QB. Put in Collins or someone, JC is killing yall. I remember watching one play of JC it was 3rd and 9, he threw it for only 5yrds and didnt get the1st down. Man i was pissed! I was yelling at the TV but realizing im not a skins fan. I guess thats how badly i wanted CB to play or see a change. And i think thats what they really needed, a change on both sides. (Offense & Defense) Especially the QB spot. JC gotta go. Someone else gotta take the snap. Reminds me of BEARS ’06 Rex “Bad Affect” Grossman. The man should not be playing in any football league. Dont know what was going through coach Lovie Smith’s mind. Sounds familiar? Well i hope CB gets a chance to play in these last 2 games and hope skins record will be 9-7. And yes ppls, I’ll be watching


  26. they need to play davis without a question and if kelly is healthy and can go then he should go before thrash, he needs all the reps he can get. Need some big plays out of the rookies so that they can be up to speed first game next year. We need to go defensive end with our first pick and then from there take care of the offensive line.

  27. i dont understand why springs is starting over rogers. i just dont get it

  28. Guys…. let’s all just calm down now. We need to stay medium!

  29. whats up with kelly is his knee really healthy yet

  30. not only do the redskins miss the playmaking hard hitting 21 i really miss sean taylor on madden. he was the best run stoppin saftey.

  31. Alright..so there is a fiery practice guy! Now just need him on Sundays.


  33. i dont understand why springs is starting over rogers

  34. I know how you feel (richard) I used to just destroy run O’s and dominate big time but in 09′ I just use man cover or both out side to QB contain fletcher is fast to get is done and on pass plays the way I use Jason Taylor and Andre Carter im avg 6 sacks a game! Regardless I do MISS 21 he was my idol I mean when we play street football (contact) I just use to lay out in inspiration from him! Wish last year was a dream and this year is just a bad nightmare

  35. Springs and Hall got the starting position

  36. I don’t understand Zorn claiming its a “numbers game” to decide who is activated between Kelly and Davis. Why did we draft players in the 2ND ROUND who wouldn’t even be active on gameday?

    At this point, I really think both of these players need to be activated and getting reps. Zorn’s decisions are becoming more and more questionable in my mind since we started losing. I’m starting to agree with Portis when he sarcastically called him a “genius”…

  37. Zorn Play Kelly, Davis and Thomas, Sit Randal-El, Thrash and Yoder.

    Lets open up playbook. See what you drafted. No sense in thinking they will make playoffs because even if they did, it would be one and OUT

  38. if zorn is saying numbers game im gonna throw my shoes at him davis is a hybrid te give the kid a chance and more than 1 ball in a game

  39. We need an offensive coordinator, general manager and oh yeah- goodbye Mr. Cerrato. They need you at Notre Dame.

  40. thanks tom

    finally someone said that cerrato needs to go. I hated this GM ever since he was promoted by snyder. He doesn’t know how to run a football team.

  41. Jake do us all a favor and stay on the Bears blog.

  42. Peyton Manning has probably thrown dozens of those 3rd and 9 passes this season for only 5 yards. That doesn’t determine if a QB is good or not. My guess is no one else is open down field and he’s expecting the guy to make a play and pick up the first down rather than force it to the guy not open and throw a pick. Because if a QB throws a lot of picks the teams chances of winning go down significantly.

  43. Ummm for your information NIKKI. Its morons like you shouldnt be a skins fan, try and acknowledge that a Bear fan shows deeply respect for the REDSKINS. And yes, u would catch me at the Bears blog. And i do mention Colt Brennan, some people would agree that he should play for the Bears and some people says he shouldnt. They would just Razz him down and say he should just stay where hes at right now. But i believe no matter what team he plays for, he will take them to SuperBowl. And thats for DAMN SURE


    St. Nicole

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