Wednesday Redskins Links – 12/17

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

  • London Fletcher was decidedly unhappy with not being named to the Pro Bowl squad, and rightly so. His rant on the subject, as transcribed by Ryan O’Halloran, is surprisingly entertaining reading, especially for the Susan Lucci reference.
  • Stet Sports Blog does a good job working the positive spin on Jim Zorn’s first year here, and it’s a pretty compelling case.
  • Meanwhile, over in Philadelphia, our upcoming opponents are receiving unsolicited playcalling advice from wide receiver Hank Baskett’s Playmate girlfriend, one Kendra Wilkinson. Shockingly, Ms. Wilkinson’s advice is to throw the ball to her man more often, but she does specify which routes she think he’d excel at and why, which is nice. Jessica Simpson was much less specific when she did something similar.

21 Responses

  1. we need taylor mays from usc. horton is good but landry would do a better job doing what horton is. and mays can play fs. build or defense then we dont have to worry about scoring 20 points we can be more like your pitts. and bal teams.

  2. Matt-

    Would you be allowed to blog from the draft room during the draft in April? It would be a really cool perspective.

  3. Wow… Fletch let em have it… but hey, he got snubbed and really deserved to be there over anyone else on the team. He is a playmaker – Plain and Simple.

  4. Fletcher deserves a Pro Bowl sick of every year watching him playing better football than half the NFL..the voting is completely BS because of how they focus in on the players who cause the most talk and show..Fletcher is probably the best quiet and most aggressive linebacker in the NFL…….an 8-time that is very very frustrating..Fletcher keep playing your hardest years to come and you’ll get that chance soon.

  5. I’m just a average dude fan, but if this can get to Fletch somehow, I watch the game without sound and enjoy the work being done on the field alot more without some bobblehead commentator talking about how great some guy is because he was a first round pick.
    There isnt one player that wouldn’t line up with Fletcher. Way,way deserving of a pro-bowl. Hope he is back next year.

  6. NA NA NA Hey You suck! Although I do hope you beat the eagles this week. Man you know the season is over when the bengals beat ya. As Fed Ex field is screaming every home game NA NA NA Hey you suck! Have fun watching the playoffs at home with your beloved foreskins!!!!

  7. Mr. Fletcher,

    Your better then the Pro Bowl….

    If you went you would be a man amongst boys…..

    The Pro bowl is a like a high school prom. It sucks…

    Its the least watched all star game out of all the sports….

    Your better then that bro


  8. Brain-agree wit you half way my dude he is better than the pro bowl but my prom was G i had a 3some so im good hahahahaha


  9. Danny,

    I can just hear some 12 year old kid asking his mom…What’s a 3some?

    COME ON, MAN!! I’m just sayin’ a little tact goes a long way!!

  10. Danny,

    Proms and 3ways, are 1 and a mil. you struck gold!

    But as far as the pro-bowl being as fun as a 3 way..NOT a chance lol

    Mr. Fletcher is better off :)

    Everyone knows the pro-bowl is over rated anyways…

    ….its like the Nintendo Wii, its made for babies

  11. As a redskins fan i want every redskin to go to the pro bowl but, willis and beason deserve to go to the pro bowl and beason should be the starter. If one the them gets hurt between now and the pro bowl then yea fletcher should go but beason and willis should be in the pro bowl.

  12. Im so happy sellers made it now he deserves go to so congraduations and how did samuels make the pro bowl wow but ok

  13. lol your a trip my dude and yea i did strike gold more like diamonds the way they looked haha! anywho I can careless if he made it but I hope that in the next Madden his rating is in the higher 90’s maybe 97 98 overall!

  14. fletcher should have made the pro bowl. But it sure would be nice if he could catch balls that are thrown right at him I mean come on Flecth whats with the dropped pics this year.

  15. I think the biggest flop in the pro bowl was samuels. and o yeah steve I cant help but to say I get lucky I really do! besides I think Rogers and Horton belong in the pro bowl

  16. true that chad: he did drop some easy piks but its aite im tellin you i have high hopes for him and all our corners in madden next year

  17. I say give Fletch one. He’s rounding out the end of his career and is deserving. Beason and Willis are young and are going to be going there way after Fletcher retires. BTW drafting a safety would be really stupid and a waste of a pick. Landry is way better suited for FS he’s not a phenominal tackler and his coverage skills are great. His side is rarely tested. Putting him in the box would be a waste of his talents, and the coaches know that. If Horton could hit hard I’d like him a lot more. At the start of the season I thought his good play was kind of a fluke, but he really is going to develop into a solid safety.

  18. Fletcher definitely deserved to be a started in the ProBowl this year. It’s like there is 10 of him on the field, he’s everywhere on every play. He plays with so much heart and passion for the game. If he ever does get the nod I hope he tells them “no thanks!” THAT would be awesome!

  19. Nick: your just like me you miss 21(RIP) your so used to seen the dominance coming from those two with landry being the ball hawk, dont be stupid to throw on that side and 21(RIP) being the strength heart and soul our the Safties, you would have to be a dumbass to try his side!

    RIP 21

  20. Pass2Cooooley, on December 18th, 2008 at 3:14 pm Said:
    Fletcher definitely deserved to be a started in the ProBowl this year. It’s like there is 10 of him on the field, he’s everywhere on every play. He plays with so much heart and passion for the game. If he ever does get the nod I hope he tells them “no thanks!” THAT would be awesome!


  21. Why are we posting references to playmates and others who extol the lower elements of culture? There are a plenty of sites available for that garbage. I will be deleting this blog from my list of redskins news sources for the protection of my children.

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