Wednesday, December 17: Talking About Practice


Wednesday, as always, marks the restarting of the football portion of the week. The players are back in the building and the team is getting ready for Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. This means things like meetings, film study, and, of course, practice. At some point after this afternoon’s practice, I’ll post my thoughts on what I’ve seen and — if today is like most other days — someone will ask why, if the team looks so good in practice, they’ve looked so very drab in the games. I haven’t yet been able to answer this question to my own satisfaction, let alone yours, but at least I can take comfort in knowing it’s not just me.

Clinton Portis‘s radio appearance yesterday on ESPN980 wasn’t nearly as provocative as last week’s, but there was one answer that I found particularly interesting. Toward the end of the segment, Brian Mitchell asked Portis exactly why a quality practice might not translate to the game. Here’s his answer.

    “You know, when you have those good weeks of practice, when you go out and practice, it’s calls. You go over the calls and the scheme, you see the blitz looks you’re gonna get and you go over the chips you’re gonna make. Then you go on the field and you execute it, it looks great and you feel good about it.

    “But when you step on that field with the live bullets, then it’s on. You’ve got a guy leaning on your leg and another guy jumping and trying to dropkick you and everything else going on, things change. Balls get tipped, balls get batted, receivers get pressed at the line, running backs get hit … so, a lot of things change at full speed.

    “Once you’re going full speed, all of a sudden you’ve got — you know, the scout team’s not trying to make plays [in practice]. The scout team is giving the looks for what the opposing team’s gonna do, and they’ve got to look at the cards and figure out, okay, this is what they’re trying to do.

    “When you go out there in the week and you play that team, they know what they’re doing, and it’s not always the look that you thought you was getting or what you prepared for in this line so I don’t always work out for what you planned.”

Just to clarify his reference to “cards” there: say the scout team offense is in. Their job is to portray the opponent’s offense, so before each play they gather in a huddle facing one of the coaches, who literally holds up a card illustrating a play that the upcoming opponent has run. The card shows what the scout team is supposed to run, including where each player lines up, any pre-snap motion or shifts or anything like that. They study the card for a few seconds, about the length of an ordinary huddle, and then line up and replicate the look and the play for the first-team defense.

Anyhow, it was a major relief for me that I’m not the only who thinks practice is going well, and I’m not the only one who is perplexed when the team looks so different in the game.

In fact, Coach Zorn also expressed similar sentiments last week, buried in an answer about how he might change his preparation for the Bengals game.

After addressing the direct question, he noted, “We’ve had a couple really good weeks of practice. So if I had to say that I was worried because we didn’t have a very good practice — I haven’t been able to say that, truthfully. I’m just surprised we have lost the games we’ve lost, because in practice the guys are working hard, I’m not begging for effort or anything like that.”

So if you read my practice update later, and you wonder why the team you see on Sundays doesn’t look like what I’ve described … just know that you’re not alone.


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  1. See kids, Practice doesnt make perfect, Just look at the REDSKINS this year. Great practices, Horrible game perfomance.

  2. Sellers and Cooley, Hold on to the damn ball. Moss, quit cleaning your shoes when the team is losing by 17 points to the FN Bungals! Portis, next time an Opposing team player catches a ball and then hands it to you on the sideline, How about doing something about it instead of laughing and cheering like a cheerleader. It is a shame that Fans are more upset about losing than the players are. That is whats wrong with this team. NO FIRE!! NO HEART!!!

  3. Too bad we peed away 2 draft choices for 1.5 sacks. FO will never learn from their mistakes.

  4. First of all, Cooley and Sellers are doing something right – they’re going to the f’ing Pro Bowl, afterall. Moss has always kept his head down and just done the work – he’s no Ocho Cinco or TO, so he has my respect. And what did you expect Portis to do? Start a fight on the sideline and rack up penalty yards or worse – get tossed from the game?

  5. Im sorry, but i have 2 put it all on the coaching staff. I don’t know why it takes a quarter or sometimes more 2 understand what the other team is doing 2 us. There’s teams rite now that know what your doing in the first drive of the game. Real talk!!! The Coaching staff needs 2 start faster reading what the other team is doing 2 us. Offense and Defense. About the defense, If we can’t pressure teams with our front 4 linemans then maybe we need 2 think about doing it with our linebackers. Lets think about that 3-4 Defense. Im just tryin 2 think of something.

  6. Mike you’re a fool . >;-> All of those players you listed work hard and do good things for the team.

  7. Jason Ramos,

    The fact of the matter is the coaches are having trouble conveying what they want the players to do!!

    The players are not in tune with what the others are doing (or should do)!!

    Coach Gibbs 1.0 used to make the players eat, sleep, and drink (not all alcohol…Riggo) together for a week or two during training camp!!! I think that would go a long way toward fixing the problems that the Skins currently face!!!

  8. I am not sure what the exact trouble is, but I know I wouldn’t/don’t take losing lightly. Some of these players need to get fired up and just plain old lay some people out on both sides of the ball. Mike Sellers has done in the past, full steam ahead and lay out at DB or LB, get the offense going. Fletcher has crushed people, the teams gets fired up and good things happen. Someone has to step and channel that losing anger into positive momentum. Go out and enilate a few guys!!!! Least the fans will rise up!

  9. Dennis,

    That’s all well and good, but keep this in mind (I mean this light-heartedly of course) we’re playing the Eagles!!

  10. Thanks, Matt!
    This week- Medium needs to step up to SUDDEN.

  11. Joe Gibbs took this team to the playoffs 2/3 years. THIS TEAM.

    He was an incredible coach.

  12. Mike, complain about the coach then, oh wait, he already beat you to it. The fans arent upset enough? Pleeeeeze. First of all, if people dont support the team, then the arent fans. Secondly, what could we possibly do other than cheer loud on Sunday and show some love online.

    Bitching to the players aint gonna do squat.

  13. Sometimes, in life, sports and business, people look good in practice.

    When Terl writes that Campbell looks great in practice, I sometimes wonder if they make him look good to build his confidence. It just is not translating to performance in the games.

    I also wonder how much of this stuff is rote memorization instead of capturing the moment. We sure don’t seem to capture many moments in games.

  14. Can anybody tell me whether or not they “HIT” at practice? If you don’t “HIT” somebody or get “HIT” until Sunday, then that’s a problem my friends.

  15. That is up to the Coaches. I would guess 3/4 speed is as fast / hard as they go.

  16. I think Dan Synder should get this team the bubble so they can practice in rain/bad weather or build an indoor facilty where they can practice. I think that helps 1. In getting more practice 2. practicing better 3. getting the players to pay more attention to practice.

    I think Coach wants it and the players too.

    Matt: can you explore this and see what the mgmt thinks about it?

  17. Time to see the forest thru the trees. It’s been said before by others but it looks like it needs repeating: Both of our lines are inferior. Our skill players are fine, it’s the line play. If you can’t stop people from getting to your QB and then you can’t put any pressure on the opposing QB – it just affects everything else. Case in point: Redskins Nation is going nuts! We are all frustrated trying to figure out what the problem is. IT’S THE LINES – they just can’t get the job done. PEACE.

  18. I love football and have been a Skins fan since I was 9 years old. I think much of the problem is this sense of entiltlement that so amy athletes seem to have. Rather they are crying because their quaterback likes some one better or shooting them selves in the leg they seem to have forgotten the spirit of the game.
    Pay me $200,000 dollars for just walking onto the sidelines every Sunday and I won’t whine or complain. Give me a 65 million dollar contract and I promise to play my heart out while thanking God for my talent and the fan who buys the tickets so I can make 65 million dollars. Want to make Sundays game a success Mr.Redskin professional football player then here is what you can do. Shut up and play some football. Walk out on that field Sunday and look at all those faces of all those people who do not have 65 million dollars and play the game that they deserve to see.


    I suggest a visit to Chris Cooley’s Blog!! It’ll do your heart some good.

  20. The funny thing in all of this is that everything we call out has an element of truth. At least thats what I like to believe. Its on both the players, the coaches, front office, THE OWNER, its on all of them. I am sure there are guys who could be playing harder, I am sure the coaching could be more effective, I am sure trading away 2 draft picks for 1.5 sacks was a horribly STUPID idea (sorry I just came to the realization after last week that Jason Taylor was a GD waste and I am a little bitter about it). All in all every aspect can and will get analyzed but at this point lets just get out there play hard and if we mathematically get in, awesome, if not lets spoil it for the birds. HAIL

  21. That is a great point Renee, it seems that too many players get wrapped up in the business of football and forget to have fun actually playing football.


  22. Fellas, it’s real simple – we don’t have the players to win. The majority of our starters couldn’t start on any of the playoff-bound teams. They’d make excellent back-ups and role players, but starters? FORGETABOUTIT! Randall El? Anyone on defensive line or LB (except L. Fletcher)? Offensive line? Not a bonafide starter for a true SB contender in the bunch.

    Can Santa please please please send us a GM for Christmas with automony from Snyder? Santa, I’m begging you… one with a keen eye for diamonds and diamonds in the rough a la Bobby Beathard?

  23. Plackfat,

    Unfortunately, desperate times called for desperate actions!! Like it or not, at the time, Taylor was our best option!! Miami was smart enough to use our desperation as their bargaining chip!! We were basically forced to give up those picks!!

    I don’t like it any more than you do!! There was a forest that no one was able to see through the trees!!

  24. I some what agree with Johnson but not entirely. I do agree that Randle El should not be a teams no.2 if anything he should be a no.3 and oh yea dude can’t return a punt to save his life anymore. Santana is a no.2 guy he has his stretches of great games and then he disappears. Things like that I agree, we try to make too much of too little. But other spots I mean look at our corners any team would kill to have that line up.

  25. See I have been saying this since the Steelers game it dont matter what Matt writes about Campbell looking good because we all know that Campbell can look good in practice but when game time comes he looks like a JACKA$$! Some of you still dont get it and it is very pathetic I very PATHETIC! This team has a couple problems and flaws and I am happy to report them all to you guys!

    Campbell-The most pathetic excuse of a QB he cant read a Defense even if you told him what they are bringing at him. He is not a consistant QB makes stupid mistakes throws passes and then notices hmmm maybe my dumba$$ shouldnt have thrown that! CAMPBELL IF THERE IS A SMAL VOICE TELLING YOU “HEY STUPID DONT THROW IT OVER THERE THEY WILL PICK IT OFF” YOU SHOULD MOST DEF HERE THAT LIL VOICE!

    D and O-Line: Ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahaha need I more to say? (I will tho) Can you say no protection hey even when they do protect once in every quarter our O-line still fails to keep it straight no fatigue=suck a$$ line! D-line is another pathetic excuse why didnt we pick up someone like Ware or Umenuyra?

    And my favorite topic of all!

    COACHING!: We run 4xs in a row in the redzone hey Zorn did you forget that we tried that last year with the Giants when Gibbs was coach?! or are you just plain medium and stupid? Seriously ignorance runs in this team! ugh, then, of course our beloved once feared Defense hasnt had a turnover against the like 2nd worst team in the NFL! I bet if we was to play the Lions again we would lose!

    Final Thoughts: I hate Campbell the worst QB to exsist he should have played in NFLE or ARENA because there we wont get pressured! Also for some fans, no Colt isnt the answer at least not til next season because ima tell you something if this team puts Campbell to lead this team again I am not gonna order DirecTV for his a$$ (LOL).
    BOTTOM LINE:I really thought we had a SB caliber team especially with the Defense we have been running with but damn was I wrong you loose games when you dont score in every drive!


  26. steve,

    It was pure desperation but if you think about it, it didnt make sense to begin with. 2 picks for a guy who will be retiring very soon, who didnt do any kind of offseason anything. It was just doomed from the start, not to mention they shifted him from his natural position. Best case is that he comes back for another year and actually plays well.

  27. Danny – your grammar and spelling are pathetic.

  28. plackfat- and your point is? besides im at work bored so shut your pie hole

  29. I think everyone on here is at work and is bored as balls.

  30. and your point is?

  31. Here’s a thought..

    Maybe they shouldn’t practice. Maybe they should put on reindeer antlers and have Jansen play santa and just trot along during drills. Oh wait, that’s their last six games..WOOOOPS!!

    In the famous words of a once disgruntled NBA Player(A.I)

    Again, I couldn’t let that slip away…

  32. Its sad that we have fans begging “Santa” to help this team out ha thats pretty funny

  33. keith-that was hilarious my dude. This team can practice as much as they want but the practice they must be running must be like some pop warner stuff cause man we lost to the Bengals comon man the BENGALS!!!!!

  34. Vinnie Cerrato HAS to go for the Skins to progress. Dan Snyder, are you listening? If not, be ready for more of Campbell, Zorn and 8-8 2009 record.

    The key to skins success is line of scrimmage. They cant control either side of the ball. However, I hold the offense more at fault. Draft athletic lineman. Forget about RB, WR, & TE. WAKE UP

  35. Like any of us should be shocked we got beat by the Bungels, St. Louis anyone?

  36. Start with getting a line. Please draft high on offensive line or sign a free agent lineman. Kelly, Thomas & Davis won’t be worth anything unless:

    1- We have a QB to read coverage and utilize their skill.
    2- Line protects QB so he can locate open receivers.

    Zorn, ever think of no huddle to change to pace of game. How about speeding up their routines? I remember hearing that in preseason. Guess they didnt learn ?

  37. Plackfat,

    All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best!! If we can get 1 more monster pass rusher up front and 1 guy that can put some pressure on the QB, while mainly being a run stopper, the D will be in great shape (I HOPE)!!!

  38. Danny,

    Tell me about it… I almost made a very very terrible bet with a die hard cowboy’s fan. The bet was that if the redskin lose I must wear make up for one week and if the bengals lose, he would have to wear make up for a week. My spidey senses was going off!!

    I came to realize that the bet was not in favor of me. Since he is die hard cowboys fan-HE ALREADY WEARS MAKE UP…


  39. Skins look SLOW and OLD. Vinnie must go should be chant this Sunday vs Eagles. Vinnie must go…. Vinnie must go…. Vinnie must go…..


    Skins fans who are going to game MUST make Vinnie C uncomfortable.

  40. See my look at it Tom B is that if we were to actually be smart in our drafts we would trade to get higher picks and get some fresh rooks in O-line and D-line! As for our WR I would use Thomas and Kelly in a playaction cross works everytime in madden against anyone so I would use that (lol)

  41. Keith and Tom B- yals a trip my dudes! You know what I woke up sunday and I automatically knew this wasnt the game we would win how is it that when it is game time with this franchise it always lets down there fans?

  42. Tom B,

    I can pretty much guarantee Vinnie is not comfortable right now!! He might be paid more now, but he also has a lot more to be held accountable for!!!

    If I were Vinnie (perrish the thought) I would avoid Money Bags office like the pleague.

  43. HEY GUYS,

    It seems to me that we all know what we are talking about.. WE all know where the problems are.




  45. Did anyone notice on Monday night how many players were involved in the eagles offense? I think like 8 receivers had catches! One is a rookie.

    That’s how the WC offense is supposed to work.

    I hope, in another year, JC will be able to spread the ball around like that.

    But then again, McNabb had all day to throw the ball. His line didn’t collapse under a 3 man rush

  46. Just curious,

    Do we have an offensive Line?? Just asking fellow Redskin Fans, just asking….

  47. I’m off for the Vinny must go Chant. Can we change up the chant with a “Dan Dan Snyder… Sell or Sail Away!”

  48. We need to start putting together a TEAM. Don’t always look for the best player at certain positions, but look for the ones that work. When we check out players at the combine for example, why are we even there?!?! Game film will tell us all we need to know. Yeah maybe that guy can bench X lbs and run the 40 in X seconds, but can he play? Is he mean? I want to see a defense that is mean all around, not so calm and collected. I want attitude. And our offensive line should be even meaner. I look at the Ravens D, and these guys have attitude. Not “i’m so good look at me attitude”, they have a pissed off ” I can’t believe you are even trying to” attitude. We need to bring in some pissed off mean guys and let the leashes off.

  49. No No No…

    Leave Danny boy in there.. Let him fly to Hawaii, watch the Pro Bowl, buy all the best players to replace the entire team, and STILL GO 8-8….

  50. See if I was the GM of this team I would be all up in there contracts you must stay healthy unless an injury occured during practice and or game if it because you got the flu or something take a mucinex and get back out there if normal people like us work when we are really sick then they should to!

  51. Keith,


    I’m eating here, Man!! What are you triing to do make me choke or something!!


  52. I said it b4 & I’ll say it again… be a real GM with some balls.

    TRADE PORTIS for multiple draft picks. We have far too many needs & he’s the one player who can get us multiple picks. Rookie RB’s are the most likely to succeed early IF they have a line.

    LET JASON TAYLOR RETIRE – he’s too light for the NFC. Speed is the game in the AFC, but POWER & SPEED rule the NFC. Dude has been reduced to batting down balls a’ la Mutombo.

    MARCUS WASHINGTON? See ya! Haven’t been the same since he was suspected to doping. Now he’s showing all the symptoms of a former doper – he’s body can’t produce or stay healthy w/o the juice. Sorry MW, I wouldn’t write it if you weren’t a hobbling Exhibit A.

    McIntosh? Wanna love u dude – swear I do. But I’ve been watching o-line and TE’s PLASTER U. Perhaps a great sub, but starter? In what league?

    Campbell? Can’t tell yet. You play to tight to assess. Show me a “F the coach, I’m throwing the long ball” mentality. Way too much arm for a 2 yard out pattern. If you gotta lose your job, at least go out doing what you do best and let your receivers try to make a play. Worked for Bradshaw. Still working for Eli (perhaps not so much without tall as heck Plexico Duress! )

    Enuf for now. Gotta get back to work.

  53. you guys are a trip! reality is Heyjoe even if you gave Campbell all day to pass he wouldnt know what to do with it! REAL TALK BUDDY! lol thing is he is not no 1st string QB maybe 2nd but not a def #1 QB!

  54. That Johnson boy,

    Maybe you’re on to something.. Maybe Washington/ Mcintosh should be traded or released and have London be the leader of a new core of LB’s.

    TRADE PORTIS?? I gotta leave ya hangin on that one.. I think that’s a bad idea. He has been the best running back we had in a long time..
    Since #44. Who else was there?? Brooks,Byner,Mitchell? YIKES!!

  55. What I love about this defense is they play every scheme well. Zone, blitz, man, zone blitz, it’s all run effectively. If Julius Peppers was oposite Andre Carter they would definatly lead the league in turnovers with the secondary thats in place. The D tackle rotation they have going is actually pretty good, and one of the better in the league. All thats missing is that end, but I still wouldn’t take one in the first round. Get a young tackle and shore up one side for the next ten years.

  56. If we could get good value for Mcintosh I’d say trade him because he is average and easily replaceable. As for Washington he has played with a high motor his entire career and his body just can’t take it anymore. He’s definatly lost step. It’s a shame becuase he has played really well for the team.

  57. See the players I think we need to trade and keep on Offense is:

    Randle El: Doesnt show up for work I mean he has no production yards and in punt returns o man dont get me started!

    Betts: Great back up but has become injury prone dont like that!

    Thrash: Like you my dude but sometimes on crucial plays you let us down!

    O-Line ha mostly all of you guys your old and slow you guys stay chasing D-lines

    Campbell- Needs to be traded to the Lions we can get a very good 1st rounder for him because they most def need a QB!

  58. I do think we should draft another running back or sign one. Portis is being used and abused on a weekly basis and Betts wont get it done unless he sees the ball 20-25 times a game. Get a guy who is used to getting 10-15 carries and plug him in there. We are now in the days of 2 back systems, if we dont adapt Portis will be done by age 29.

  59. Plackfat,

    We DO have a two back system… It’s #37 Alexander… YIKES and DOUBLE YIKES!!!!

  60. In Defense these are the players that MUST GO!

    Carter: Old and is only good in madden

    Taylor: What a joke I think dancing is more your thing you pansy. This guys can get in the QBs face yet not take him out!

    McIntosh: Not the player we thought he was! So sad gets burned by the o-line very slow and has no motivation to keep his feet moving to make a big hit and/or strip the ball.

    Washington: tie with springs in the most injury prone in this team! has lost his step and skill!

    Springs: Like I said tied for most injury prone in this franchise! Cant help this team if your injured all the damn time

  61. I think we should draft 2 young T 2 young DE and a fresh CB! we already tall receivers drafted lets get them into the so called “WC OFFENSE”

  62. Keith – haha

  63. Keith,
    You got any 411 on TG for me Yet?

  64. HTSKINS67,

    My so called source-stated that he didnt hear anything new about Donkey Graunke.

    I guess he’s not such a good source after all…sorry.

    Shoot, I wanted some opala….

  65. Keith,


    Alexander was a Skin for was 4 or 5 weeks!!


    The Skins are at the mercy of who is available when their time comes. I hope Vinny does his homework!! I will all but guarantee we won’t know the names of the new Skins until training camp “09

  66. Keith,
    Wassup my bruddah? Just read your post for me! Mahalo’s! HTTR!

  67. Steve,

    Knowing Dumb and Dumber-er(Vincent and Daniel) they will trade all of our picks for the next 10 years to bring back, Bruce Smith,Stubblefied and of course Dexter Manley-well,if his parole officer will let him..


  68. Don’t forget about Jerry Rice and Michael Jordan.

  69. Plackfat,

    AHHHH, another who knows the art of sarcastic humor!!!

    GOOD ONE!!!


  70. If Campbell has ALL Pro line do skins win?

  71. Bring back Greg Williams. I miss his interviews.

  72. I think the Skins should follow the Jets model this past offseason (minus acquiring an ancient veteran quarterback). Use the draft and free agency to bolster both the offensive and defensive line. Then make sure that the guys in the trenches are the ones with the big, long term guaranteed contracts rather than your skill players. The skill players can drop off so quickly and can be fairly easily replaced. OL needs major work. I agree that the DL is just missing one end. Maybe draft Everette Brown or Brian Orakpo if available (though i wouldn’t mind seeing Maualuga taken). Taylor might be old, but he could probably tutor a stand up style rusher like those players

    Also, the skins should set an age limit on free agency. Maybe sign a veteran here or there, but lets not habitually spend all kinds of money on guys who are past their prime or only have two or three years left. We want to be the team that is churning out the free agents that other people want, not collecting other teams’ leftovers.

  73. If we had Sean Taylor everything would be alright. This team has not been the same at all. Clinton and Santana haven’t been the same since. It just seems like they aren’t enjoying playing football or enjoying what they’re doing out there every day. Plus, Sean was the best player on the team week in and week out. I mean he was a monster out there. I remember watching several plays this year just wondering what Sean Taylor would have done on it. Man, it just seems like its not fun anymore. CP hasn’t done his characters since Sean died, and everything is a lot more serious. I think CP was definitley the hardest hit from Sean’s death. (Aside from Sean’s family)

  74. Tony B,

    If Campbell has a ALL Pro line to skin win?

    Do we know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll lollypop? NO!!

    Do we know how the heck the Plyatapus came about? NO!! Not sure if I spelled that correctly..

  75. Zorn is committed to Campbell & his pride won’t allow him to make a change even though he knows he pick the wrong guy. Let JC finish the year so we can all remember what a non NFL QB plays like & can’t wait for Colt to get his shot next season & bring excitement back to the Skins.

  76. This is what the Redskins should do this off season. Holmgren is leaving Seattle so Zorn should convince Gil Haskell the Asst. Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator of Seattle to come to D. C.. He been with Holmgren in Seattle since 2000. He should also bring Jim Lind Tight Ends Coach in Seatle too. Jim has been with Holgren since 1999. That is experience Zorn could use to help develope his offense, and get it out of the hole it is in. They need a Linebacker coach that can develope, and spot young LBs. We can try to pull Keith Butler from Dick LeBeau’s Steeler D. He been with them for 8 years; so he know great Linebacker play. Maybe just maybe he can teach us some of LeBeau LB blitzing techniques. Snab Jim Washburn from the Defensive Line Coach from the Titans, because the Titans always develope good D-Linemen out of college. O and try to bring Albert Haynesworth with him. Haynesworth will be a free agent after the season. Monte Kiffin is leaving Tampa Bay so grap one of the members of his staff Defensiveback Coach under Kiffin for 6 experience. Maybe he can teach Carlos how to catch a pick or two in a game. There you go the Redskins plan for this off season. Your welcome Vinny!

  77. you guys are quick to throw Campbell and Zorn under the bus. its not that campbell cant read a defense you pri(ks its the fact that we have smallish recivers who really are not open all that often, and when they do finally get open campbell ends up on his arsh because of our over the hill not to mention smallish O-line most of whome no longer belive in pass blocking. i mean what games are you people watching. every good team in the NFL has a few things no. 1 stability. peayton manning has heard one voice calling plays since his rookie season, same with Eli, was the same with Aikman from 89-93. So From what i see our QB is fine. The same skeptics said this about Eli last year ohh he is too soft no emotion blah blah blah now he is 11-3 and his team won the east. but now he is struggling and why? cause chris snee is hurt and no plax. see what happens when no one fears your recivers and your O line takes a hit! so before you all criticize know that it is not always the coach or the QB because yea the QB has to throw the ball to the open recivers. but when nobodies open what do you all want him to do? i mean at least when peayton manning was a rookie they let the guy make mistakes by throwing 26 TD’s his rookie season with 23 int’s to match it. they knew they were bad so they just let the guy play. but no what’s the washington solution? MAX PROTECT and JUMBO blah! its not the QB its the scheme and the predictability of the play calling. im sure everyone in cincy knew sellers was gonna get the ball again only 4 inches from the end zone i know i did! and thats bad!

  78. I’m with you hcoregoskins, an oft hit quarterback is a skittish QB. Also, the Montana’s, Elways, Payton’s are rare. BUT, many QB’s have been successful with a playmaker at WR & and running game. What current Skin can go up and take a ball from a defender? Don’t worry…. I’ll wait. NONE! Double Santana or get real physical with him at the line and what do you have? NOTHING! Look at every receiver selected for this year’s pro bowl, and I’ll show u a baller who’ll kick, bite, shove, do whatever it takes to come down with the ball. I hated Michael Irvin, but nobody was more tenacious going for the ball. You gotta get your quarterback multiple targets.

    BTW: don’t fool yourself on Colt Brennan. I loved him preseason too, but put him in this current offense and it’ll be darn right offensive.

  79. Savant that’s one hell of a wishlist lol. I wish this team could get Hannesworth, and he is the only free agent I’ve seen worth taking but he is going to bring huge money. If one of those coaches would come I’d be happy though.

  80. NA NA NA Hey You suck! Although I do hope you beat the eagles this week. Man you know the season is over when the bengals beat ya. As Fed Ex field is screaming every home game NA NA NA Hey you suck! Have fun watching the playoffs at home with your beloved foreskins!!!!

  81. Look at the teams that crushed the skins…steelers, ravens, giants. The difference between the teams is obvious…it’s organizational starts at the top. The skins look more like the cowboys all hype no hope. And as much as I hear that they are better than the other teams talent wise don’t believe it. They need to totally rebuild and get rid of all the old players that are hurt every other week. But how can you reload with Dan Snyder as general manager? It will never happen you know the drill by now push salary bonuses over many years so you are stuck with players that have their best years behind them or never really panned out in the first place. Just another disappointing season in the books with no hope for the future.

  82. Your QB sucks and your head coach is coward that will never lead you to the superbowl……Start off the season 6-2 just to fall apart when they count. I can see the offseason now, Danny will go after every free agent out there with hope of improving his team…..We already know the ending to that story. Lose the head coach and QB then Deadskin fans might have some hope. By the way jmy the Cowboys currently hold the 5th seed, looks like there is still hope to me.

  83. Hooray for you Jim Rome the cowboys have 5th seed. They have positioned themselves perfectly. They are a well oiled machine. Good luck

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