Portis On Mike Sellers In Hawaii and “The Worst Coach In America”

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

After his relatively quiet radio show yesterday, newly-minted Pro Bowler Clinton Portis came to the media session at Redskins Park today a little bit jauntier, a little more ready to banter, and with two football cards taped to his chest. The media, no pack of dummies, immediately focused in on the cards, one of which featured Eric Dickerson, the other Barry Sanders.

“Me and [Chris] Cooley was just playing Pack Wars,” Portis said, “and I won these two cards off of him. So I figured I fall somewhere in between these two guys. And if I don’t, these are the two guys I’m shooting to fall between, so … I think it’s pretty nice company.”

(I’m told that more on this epic pack wars contest will show up on Cooley’s blog in the not-too-distant future.)

First-time Pro Bowler Mike Sellers came down the steps behind Portis and said, “They all had good fullbacks, too.”

Portis initially tried to ignore Sellers and finish the joke he had set up, but had to interrupt himself. “And the reason I fall in betw—Barry Sanders didn’t even have a fullback!”

“Well, he was his own fullback,” Sellers said, walking away.

“The reason I fall between these two guys?” Portis said, resuming his joke. “Because he’s number 20, he’s number 29, and I’m number 26.”

Someone asked what he thought about Sellers’ Pro Bowl nod, and Portis laughed. “They needed an extra lineman, so they chose him.”

Sellers, not quite out of earshot, shouted back, “Hey, where’s the love, man? Goll-lee!”

Portis resumed, more seriously, “You know he deserves it…. You know, you’re talking about a guy who comes to work every day, banged up, anything, he never misses practice, gonna give it all he got…. He deserves it.”

Then he stopped being serious for a bit (I hope). “I can see Mike on the beach. You know, he’s always up on these little underwear in the locker room, and, as big as he is, he and Jason Campbell got the smallest underwear you can find…. So I can see Mike, 280 [pounds], just streaking down the beach with a little bikini on, playing Frisbee or something with the locals. I’m sure he’ll have a blast.”

Later on, the questioning turned to Coach Zorn’s much-repeated assertion that he feels like the “worst coach in America,” and Portis was bluntly supportive of his head coach.

“I mean, basically we’re a team,” he said. “It’s not Coach Zorn. It’s not one single person you can point out to take the blame for what happened. I think we win as a team, we lose as a team.”

Portis even had an optimistic answer on the approach to this week’s game. “It’s really building the foundation. Let this be our foundation. Make sure we’ve got a solid foundation, don’t let things crack, don’t let things slip away, and come back, get our mind right, we’ve got a game to play this weekend.”

And on that memorable quote from Zorn? “I mean, you know, I think that’s just how he felt at the time. He know he’s not the worst coach in America, so… he had a fresh opportunity and I think he felt like he let something slip away. I think in Coach Zorn’s mind, he knows he is far from the worst coach in America, and … it’s this time. Right now we’re losing, so everybody feels that way.”


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  1. Well Clinton, I guess you have opened your eyes in a good way and know JZ is doing the best he can and wants the same thing as the players. He was a player on the expansion Seahawks and I remember some pretty crappy years and games, but he stuck with it and turned into a pretty good QB.

  2. “He know he’s not the worst coach in America, so…”

    So he’s not the worst coach in America and he’s not a genius. I guess he’s just like the teams record; average.

  3. Im out of gripes and grumbles…

    Well, until they lose to the Eagles. By then I have a SHHHH load of stuff to gripe about.

    IF the lose to the 49’ers, man I’ll go off like it’s on like DONKEY KONG!!

  4. I’ve always liked CP. I just wish he would bring his Championship Belt back. It just made the outfit complete. It was awesome. JZ, hang in there. Colt, hang in there and get those mental reps. Go Skins! I know I’ve been tough on JC these last couple of weeks on the web, but until he shows that killer attitude of putting it all on the line, he’ll always be on the hot seat.

  5. Matt is it hard to write ebonics?

  6. I think Marcus just hit on something. Campbell has a rocket for an arm, but he seems thus far to lack that kill mentality. I don’t know if that is something you can learn or develop. But that is definately the missing ingredient in his football goulash. Sorry if I missed the spelling on that.

  7. “So he’s not the worst coach in America and he’s not a genius. I guess he’s just like the teams record; average.”

    Thats what you call “staying medium”.

  8. Tony/Marcus,

    #17 will never have that killer instinct or mentality. Its not his way. He and Zorn share the same emotional lack thereof.

    No fire in their emotions-none.

  9. Hey,

    Did we forget that this is Jim Zorn’s very first year as a head coach? Like rookie players, there is a chance that he would make head coaching rookie mistakes his first year. Now, during the off season, he has the chance to iron out some of his wrinkles. Come on redskins fans, lets not let our coach drag himself to the ground. Whether we like it or not, he’s our coach deserving our support. GO SKINS!!!!

    By the way, congrats to Sellers, Portis, Samuels and Cooley on representing us at the pro bowl. Hey, is there anyone confused as to why London Fletcher didn’t make? I know I am….

  10. you know the difference between the Lions and the Redskins?

    The uniforms!!

    They both suck FAT!!!

  11. Manny,

    What happens if a fortune 500 company brings you in and pays you top notch money to be successful only for you to go .500?

    They would tell you “Don’t the let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya”. I guarantee it.

    He was brought here to win and win PERIOD. NOT to got 8-8 or worse!
    Maybe he should be paid for 8-8 or worse!! HMMM. not a bad idea..

  12. Chris, on December 17th, 2008 at 2:47 pm Said:
    Matt is it hard to write ebonics?


  13. Why is it you guys really think Cerreto never gets the axe from the Danny? I mean seriously? Hes done such a crappy job since hes been in DC, never won much of anything..Has a Horrible evil laugh, his stare alone may turn you to stone or dust if looked at long enough. Its the oddest thing…Snyder just wont part ways no matter what

  14. Fortune 500 company???? THIS IS FOOTBALL!!! I’m still a fan of the team… We will be back. The same people that are jumping all over JZ and JC are the ones that were saying how they were glad Gibbs is gone and the offense is much better in the beginning of the year. ….. Look at Philly, they were down and out and now people are talking like they are a lock for the playoffs. You never as good as people say and never as good as they make you out to be.

    Go Skins!!!

  15. So Wayne,

    Your point is what??

  16. Well as a redskin fan for over 20 years this passing attact was not the passing attact i thought we was going to have. 167 yards passing against the bengals was an all time low. I should of known something was wrong when we lost to the rams when they didnt have any wins and we struggled against the brown, again less then 200 yards passing against the browns, we struggled with the lions, then this game against the bengals was an all time low. Its hard to say that this team will go in the right direction when we lose to the bengals and the rams. This was a playoff team just a year ago and drafting 2 wrs in the second round and a te was suppose to be the offensive overhaul that we needed. Nope we averaged less points this year then last year. New coach, same running game, different passing game and we are worse. Yea we finished 9-7 last year but remember we lost sean taylor mid season and the games we lost after his death well we just didnt have the fight. It looks like the same team that just lost sean taylor a year later.

  17. Practice report?

  18. Keith,

    The point is you don’t fire the coach and change quarterbacks because the team is 500. Isn’t that what everybody always complains about when you mention Daniel Snyder’s name. ” He is always too involved with the team…..he is quick to fire the coach…..no one will work with him……

    Let Zorn and Campbell come back next year with this year under their belt and see what happens. Most organizations do that……

  19. Chill guys. I am as impatient as you…. We have to shore the O & D lines granted. JC has indeed improved, despite multiple offensive systems… that I believe is due to JZ. Puhleezee give JZ another year with teaching the WCO and learn as a HC.

  20. PS Matt – any revelations with Zorn’s critical analysis/introspection ??

  21. Keith, are you serious? Not a businessman I suppose? How many fortune 500 compnaies right now have been WAY BELOW .500 at there job and actually get a Sh*t load of money as a bonus each year? Like they say, better to remain silent than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  22. I forgot, Congraduations MS. You deserve it. Thank you for the autograph in Seattle and I don’t who the two little kids were that you lifted over the rail and let walk down the field with you were, but I am positive you gave them a memory for life. A great guy. Keep up the good work.

  23. skins must get D line & O line before thay can become a real football team.JC is just a average to bad QB.

  24. Todd,

    Actually no Im not serious-

    So basically what your trying to say-in a nut shell is


  25. richard, on December 17th, 2008 at 3:52 pm Said:

    Yea we finished 9-7 last year but remember we lost sean taylor mid season and the games we lost after his death well we just didnt have the fight. It looks like the same team that just lost sean taylor a year later.


    Actually IF you were a fan you would know that after ST’s death the team got fired up (we were 5-7) and won FOUR IN A ROW to finish 9-7. They used that to bond together as a team and win out for him.

  26. Did anyone see Jim Rome just rip on Zorn on how the quote he said makes him a coward and shows he is willing never to be a leader and get fired..it was the worst thing I have ever heard from that All -Talk -WiseCrack- A**hole Jim Rome

  27. oh and Eddie..we were 5-6, we lost the next game after his death because of Gibbs two timeout incident…then we went on a Four game winning streak :)

  28. NA NA NA Hey You suck! Although I do hope you beat the eagles this week. Man you know the season is over when the bengals beat ya. As Fed Ex field is screaming every home game NA NA NA Hey you suck! Have fun watching the playoffs at home with your beloved foreskins!!!!

  29. Wayne….

    your an idiot let JC back to start next year HA that is the funniest thing in the world seriously…maybe you havent been watching the games or something because JC is the worst “pocket QB” in the league

  30. What pocket? The one that closes as soon as campbell hikes the ball?

  31. While Im not a football guru, couple of things seem obvious to me We need to spend some draft picks and money on the O line for pass blocking and CP and we need a pass rush on the Dline. And I like Zorn, I think hes the Coach of the future, if Dan Snyder will give him some time. Hes got an open and fresh approach and the players seem to like and respect him.

  32. Jason campbell sucks. I just though I should inform all you delusional clowns who like him.

  33. You can’t get the o-line you jc lovers wan’t by next year. The better strategy is to dump campbell and develop colt. JC got his chance and blew it. The games we won were down to the wire. Portis ran the offense. Colt would have been making thomas and kelly look good. Everyone blames everyone but JC. He is a clown qb……worthless!

  34. Your QB sucks and your head coach is coward that will never lead you to the superbowl……Start off the season 6-2 just to fall apart when they count. I can see the offseason now, Danny will go after every free agent out there with hope of improving his team…..We already know the ending to that story. Lose the head coach and QB then Deadskin fans might have some hope. By the way jmy the Cowboys currently hold the 5th seed, looks like there is still hope to me.

  35. Wow the cowboys have the 5th seed. Wade Phillips is a great head coach, Jerry Jones is the best owner in the league and TO is a team player who is willing to sacrifice personal accomplishments for the good of his team. Give me a break Jim Rome. Good luck against Baltimore and if your boys get past them good luck against Philly. In other words you got no hope…truth hurts

  36. They will beat Baltimore just tune in to NFL Network for that. As long as they beat Baltimore they will more than likely still be in the playoffs even if they lose to Philly as they hold the tie breakers over TB and Atl. Last time I checked having the 5th seed is better than sitting at home watchin cying cause the Deadskins are doing the same. Wade does have the defense playing tremendous, TO doesn’t care if they win, and while Jerry may be lil to involved he wants to win at all cost and constantly puts talented players on the field through the draft and free agency.

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