Hogettes With Pins

Have you ever wondered what the Hogettes keep in their purses? Neither had I.

In fact, I had never even thought about it, naively assuming that their purses were little more than props to help emphasize their femininity. At yesterday’s Toys For Tots event, I found out that I was sorely mistaken.


“This is my pin collection,” said Hogette Howiette (who had shown me his custom Hogette shoes and socks at a previous event), holding up his button-encrusted bag. “These over here” — he indicated the right side of the above picture — “are military, where these are police and law enforcement. I trade for them.”

hogettes02I asked what he traded for the pins, and he opened the bag and started rummaging through it, eventually emerging with a ziploc bag, which he handed to me. “These,” he said.

It was a burgundy cloisonne pin featuring a pink pig on top of the world. “It’s our 25th anniversary pin,” he told me.

Another Hogette walked up, this one carrying a much larger, much less purse-like bag — one of those ones that looks like a jersey (in this case Clinton Portis’ 26) turned into a bag.

“I used to have a bag like that,” Howiette said, “but with all the pins, it got too heavy to carry around.”hogettes03

So what do you keep in the purses, aside from 25th anniversary pins?

“I have a football I need signed for a charity event,” the second Hogette said, shrugging.

Howiette started digging through his bag again, as if he himself was unsure of the contents. “Let’s see… business cards … pens for signing autographs … oh, and this!” He pulled out a small, pink oblong thing.

“It’s a pig’s egg,” he said. “Watch this.” And he walked over and presented the plastic egg to Jasmine Alexis, Miss Teen D.C. 2008.

Miss Alexis, a professional at smiling and appearing delighted, smiled and appeared delighted when the eggs opened and revealed a small pig, and she and Howiette talked for some time afterward. I never did find out what they discussed, but in my mind they were exchanging fashion tips, and possibly even considering the merits of different types of purses.



7 Responses

  1. Yikes…

  2. Matt..Do Bug eyes and Napolean read this blog?

  3. Great job Howiette! Keep up the good work. Hail to the Redskins!

  4. NA NA NA Hey You suck! Although I do hope you beat the eagles this week. Man you know the season is over when the bengals beat ya. As Fed Ex field is screaming every home game NA NA NA Hey you suck! Have fun watching the playoffs at home with your beloved foreskins!!!!

  5. Matt,

    You should see the bobbleheads! Now those are awesome! I love their purses as they always hold goodies for kids and big kids like myself!

  6. Great work “ladies”! You are my heroes!!

  7. I know what he was talking about!!! You see I’ve known Howiette since he was a junior in high school. We’ve been friends for a very long time. Imagine the look on my friends faces when I tell them I went to my junior prom with a pig!!!
    He was probably talking to her about helping children. I am so honored to have known Lit–Howard–and can tell you he truly takes the Hoggette Charities to heart. He is a kind good little pig, and is always doing something to help the kids around him. Heck, he’s still a kid at heart anyway. Sometime someone should offer him some chocolate covered grasshoppers–bet he recognizes the color paper it’s wrapped in. Anyway, it is so nice to have had such a good friend for so long and know that he is truly a careing giving person. GO HOWIETTE!!!

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