Cooley, Portis, Samuels, Sellers Make the Pro Bowl


After all the voting, all the accusations of ballot-stuffing, all the arguing in player meeting rooms across the country, here are your Pro Bowl Washington Redskins:

  • Chris Cooley
  • Clinton Portis
  • Chris Samuels
  • Mike Sellers

I think, given the way the second half of the season has gone, this is probably about right, with the exception of London Fletcher. Neither Sellers nor Fletcher has been to the Pro Bowl before, and I thought both were deserving this season. It’s exciting to see Sellers go, but Fletcher coming up short makes it bittersweet.


122 Responses

  1. support all going — LF not going is a huge disappointment

  2. probowl is a joke….
    where is london flectcher

  3. London is an alternate though. So at least thats a small victory. That just means we gotta work harder on getting him in next year! I’m very happy to see Sellers go, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; I WISH THE WHOLE TEAM COULD BE MADE UP OF MIKE SELLERS!

  4. Did Cooley do anything worth mentioning all year??

    Can somebody tell me why HE was picked to go to the Pro Bowl??

  5. The problem with London is that the NFC is stacked with great Linebackers…unfortunately, since he’s older and not hyped by the media, naturally he won’t get noticed by the players…the fans did all they could, but this is really on his peers who don’t feel he’s good enough…and that’s a damn shame.

  6. Keith.. Cooley is leading the team with number in catches and what other TE in the NFC is any good other than Jason Witten..get you facts straight.

    Mike Sellers very deserving..I am so happy for him.

    CP is the man…so happy for him well deserved..

    Fletcher not in is a shoker but Pepe is probably right

    Congrats to our 2009 probowlers

  7. Simone,

    How could I get my facts straight when I didn’t have any??? That’s why I stated if someone could tell me..

    Learn how to read a comment prior to stating one.

  8. cooley was picked because he was 1st in the nfc in receptions
    for tight ends

  9. What a joke Fletcher didn’t make it. Also Carlos Rogers played lights out all season and it is ridiculous he didn’t make it. He might not have the picks but is 4th in the NFL with pass breakups with 22. Asante Samuel leads the league with 24. That’s good company.

  10. Cooley has the most rec in a single season than any other Redskins’ TE ever. He is good.

  11. Where is the Red Snapper?! :(

    Agree with the rest though re: the picks and lack of Fletcher.

  12. Nick,

    I agree Carlos Rogers had a solid year!!! Pro-Bowl worthy CB’s catch INT’s though!!!

  13. Very happy for Sellers though extremely disappointed that Fletcher didn’t make it. That man has played his heart out this year. Congrats to all the guys.

  14. Thanks Savant and Shawn!!

  15. I guess Get out the Vote didnt really work..did it Danny!!!! Only 4 Pro Bowlers? Cmon..Thses guys were gonna make it ayway.. Cooley (solid) Portis(best year he has had as a Skin) Samules(Rep) Sellers( Ill give you that one…fans probably had something top do with it) But really marketing Genius Danny..Thats all you could get..No Rabach? No Horton? No Fletcher??? You sir Danny again fail this year you jerk..oh, double goes for you Vinny

  16. Paul….the fan voting is 1/3….and the fans did their job, but unfortuately the players and coach voting count more. The promotion was great and the fans did their job.

  17. Sounds about right. The only change I’d make is taking samuels off the list (he wasn’t having a pro bowl year) and putting fletcher on the list. Rogers deserves to be an alternative this year.

  18. Samuels makes it and Fletcher doesn’t. Give me a break..Samuels got beat like a drum by every good DE we played this year..Gave up a sack every game..Had at least 5 false starts, What are the coaches and players looking at…..LF leads the NFL in total tackles the last 8 years…I just don’t get it..

  19. Oops, I meant alternate – for Rogers

  20. Is Chris Samuels going to play in the Pro Bowl if he is injured? London Fletcher has been a Pro Bowl Snub his whole career. Hope a linebacker gets injured in the last 2 games so he can go.

  21. Also, how can no defensive players go when offense was much worse than the defense?

  22. Congrats to making the Pro Bowl…You guys will be staying at one of my favorite resorts at Koolina.

  23. Steven, do you know how rediculous you sound? You hope the others get hurt? C’mon now…

  24. Man! When am i gunna get some love?!

  25. Yeah Sellers, Boo Fletcher.

  26. Uh, that didnt come out right considering who I posted behind. Boo on you not making it!

  27. Everyone knows the pro bowl about fan favorite…How the hell are Brett Favre and Eli Manning pro bowlers?

  28. Portis-enjoy the weather
    Sellers-u deserve it
    Cooley-good luck chasing girls
    Samuels-be a man and refuse the nomination. YOU DONT DESERVE IT.

  29. First of all, let me congratulate all our Pro-Bowlers this year.
    Now let me say that Chris “Turnstyle” Samuels deserves the trip to Hawaii a LOT less than does London Fletcher. I love Samuels and what he has done for this team for many years, but he’s not the dominant Left Tackle he used to be. And I’d trade Samuels’ 6th Pro Bowl for Fletcher to get his 1st. Hopefully Derrick Brooks will be classy and decide he’s “not feeling up to the trip” and maybe Fletch will be right on his heels in voting and get to go.

  30. This world is crazy. If London Fletcher doesn’t go – nobody should….well, maybe Sellers – but the the other 3 should chill in DC.

  31. 4 offensive players? That’s well, “offensive’. From this anemic offense.

  32. Interceptions aren’t always a good barameter of how well a CB is playing A CB having no interceptions in a game gives no clues in whether he played a good or bad game. Interceptions also have a lot to do with luck and situation. It really doesn’t show the skill of a secondary back.

  33. Cooley?!?! Are you kidding me? Not only has he been a non-presence, but his blocking is average, at best.

    I am a lifer-skins fan, and even I can see he disappeared this season.

    Now Sellers…there’s a really deserving guy, right there.

  34. I’m really not surprised Fletcher didn’t make it. Do any of you guys watch other teams in the NFL besides the skins? Fletchers great dont get me wrong! There is just better linebackers out there than him.

  35. People saying Rogers should go need to review the tapes… he started strong but has given up BIG touchdowns 3 or 4 games in a row now!! How many fumbles does cooley have this year that have hurt us?? 2 or 3? Sellers couldn’t get into the endzone and has fumbled a couple of times also although he deserves to go just because of his blocking and heart out there. I think Fletcher is the only TRUE deserving Redskin Pro bowler.

  36. how the hell does london fletcher not going he the heart and soul of our d,and plays every play like its his last im very pissed about that one

  37. I have watched him close all season because I played corner in college so its one postition I watch more than any other, and some of the plays he’s given up are just good throws like the TD this week. Last week is the only time I’ve seen him get strait up beat and it was only one play.

  38. did anyone c how sweet i played in preseason? why am i not makin the trip back to where ppl actually like me.

  39. Cause you play in the land of the Haole my bruddah!

  40. I’ve always thought Sellers was pro-bowl caliber. Despite his stupid play last Sunday (handing the ball to the defender), the guy plays with tremendous heart and passion. You can really tell this guy loves playing football.

  41. 4 probowl players, all offense! Really makes you realize how bad Jason ‘glazed over deer in the headlights’ Campbell really is. He is a 100% incompetant clown. Collins was named the best NFL backup QB at the start of the season. Colt the best passer in college history. why start JC without a QB competition? The redskins decided that seniority is more important than talent. The fans should boycott the team just for that stupid move. brennan and Collins are much better than campbell. It’s not my opinion, it’s fact.

  42. Colt brennan #1

  43. And the facts are the facts. COLT BRENNAN TIME!

  44. Aloha stadium #1, Fed Ex is wacked with incompetance



  47. Jason Campbell:

    Slow on progressions
    tree-sloth wind-up
    no touch
    can’t slide
    clueless with busted plays

  48. surfum,

  49. surfum,
    I don’t care what these dumb haoles and papolo’s say, you da man. This coming from a haole!! You go my bruddah! COLT BRENNAN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hey surfum, obey the restraining order…even I know I will never start in the NFL.

  51. Colt Brennan:

    Throws perfect ‘touch’ passes (ask john madden).
    great scrambler
    awesome with dump offs and shuttle passes on busted plays
    Side arm motion that allowed him to become the best passer in college history.

    If you don’t like him your just a hater.

  52. I suck.


  54. I will be a future great politician in Hawaii…thank you HTSKINS67. I mean you guys love me even though I will never amount to anything in the pros.

  55. JC ,
    Stop pretending to be Colt! What, you suck? True that! But since sucking pays so good, your future career path is set. Cowgirl fans will be lining up for those lips of yours!

  56. Colt WTF!!!!! You would be starting at KC, you will be starting for the skins next year! . Zorn just has an ego problem. Like a fixated dog with a tennis ball he wants to prove that he can develop Campbell!!!

  57. I was a system QB guys, its ok…you can let it go. I make a lot of money holding a clipboard and not even putting on a helmet. It’s a sweet gig.

  58. 4 pro bowlers on offense! santana moss, cooley, the best receiver in the draft(devin thomas) + kelly+ the best tight end in the draft (DAVIS). JC sucks ass!!!

  59. Yeah and look what happened to JJ’s system at brokeback U 1-11 Hyaaa JJ! HYaaa!

  60. hahahahaha, best receiver in the draft????? hahahahahaha

  61. Where am I?

  62. Colt practicing with the receivers is more productive than JC playing in a game. The Eagles scored 30 pts. last night. The eagle had like 6 or 7 games where they scored 30 pts. or more. 29 points is the most the ‘skins have scored! Bench that mutt now!!!

  63. Davonne Bess is putting you to Shame!

  64. I need help, someone please help me!

  65. Timmy you suck just like JC. Now you to get off each other! Surfum throw some hot water between those two!

  66. I don’t drink fruitcake, I just know we will score more popints withoujt JC. Lick my balls kook.

  67. I’m not smart enough to come up with good comebacks. I hope I didn’t rip down my Colt Brennan poster last night after my coke binge.

  68. LOL!

  69. Instant fix to start winning games: Bench Campbell. Just like last year. It’s on I will flood this blog everyday with anti JC, pro CB posts.

  70. Keith,
    Are you playng multiple personalitys on us!

  71. Flood it My bruddah, flood it!

  72. I’m lonely and if I argue with people then they won’t log off and I will have someone to debate with!! I’m a loner looser monkey spanker.

  73. I hate my life so much, I guess that’s why I get trashed and try to live vicariously through my man crush Colt Brennan.

  74. DC wine and chhese kook. I hate pittsburgh but their fans would never stand for a crap QB.

  75. I like to make up words…like piponts and looser. I’m somewhat illiterate when I toke up.

  76. You guys are killing me! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! COLT BRENNAN TIME!!

  77. JC sucks!!!!!

  78. TO says JC sure does have a perty mouth!

  79. Colt brennan was better than jc was in his rookie preseason and Colt was better in college. Mr “want like to change names’ likes to lose games. Your used to it and it makes you feel at ease with yourself!!

  80. I’m jealous surfum doesn’t have a man crush on me. He stays in his room with his Colt Brennan poster. I’m going to do sit-ups in my driveway so I can get on surfum’s good side.

  81. Sober surfum,
    I’ve been sober for 2 YRS. If I gotta watch JC’s pathetic play one more time, I’ll need some! You got any?

  82. JC:

    Hut hut hike…. geez santana’s not open…. What do I do now?….. uh, uh doooooo ohhhhh

  83. You need black tar or crack if your watching JC!!!!

  84. JC,
    Do what you do best and throw a pick! The safety is wide open!

  85. JC:

    Hut hut hike……. ohhhhhhh noooooo their blitzing, I wonder what Colt would do. I bet he would scramble out and hit a receiver …. ohhhhhh dooooo

  86. Sorry bra, I go through it too fast. I mean look at all the idiotic things I say all the time! I’m blitzed more than Colt Brennan against UGA.

  87. JC makes me feel like I’m on crack!

  88. JC:

    I hope Zorn calls a running play, I don’t want to jeopardise my no int. record! Portis’ running sure makes me look good!!!

  89. Ahhh, there you are Colt. Your eyes gleaming in the corner of my bedroom. Ssssh, it’s ok…my parents went out for the night. It’s just you, me, and this 24 pack of wine coolers. Let’s get crazy and see what happens.

  90. Colt brennan is much better than UGA’s QB. Period, enough said, end of story. Just keep argueing no nmae bastard I know your lonely, without me and HT you would be spanking to gay porn!

  91. No name does your mom know your still up?

  92. (crying and laughing at the same time) I-I-I love you Colt! You’re the best thing that’s ever ha- I mean the best QB ever! Your arms are so big – uhhh, you have a big arm! I’m going to call Zorn and annoy true Redskin fans until you play…this I promise you. And when you throw for 60 TD’s and lead the Washington…whatever their name is, to the Super Bowl…I’ll go to Disney World with you and finally have some real time alone with you. I…I love you Colt.

  93. JC,

    I guess Mr. no name (spanky) doesn’t care I only scored 10, 17,7,10,13 points in the last 5 games!! As long as he can watch me on his sattalite tv and spank off than I guess being at the bottom of the NFC east is OK!

  94. Ugggggghhhh. I need to stop waking up next to empty wine coolers and my Colt Brennan poster rolled up next to me in bed. Do they have rehab for Colt Brennan Addicts?

  95. Did I really use the term “spank off”?! Wow, I’m an idiot.

  96. JC:

    Hut Hut Hike……ohhh no they are blitzing again I better run…. uhhhhhh, do I dive or do I slide, or do I do a cartwheel….uhhhh dohhhh, uh I guess I’ll slide, woooo here it goes, ahhhh my foot got stuck.


    I don’t think JC knows how to slide!

  97. Sorry everyone, I really should get some help…but I can’t afford it on account I don’t have a real job. Unless you consider making collages of Colt Brennan and sending him pineapples sprayed with my cologne on them (I call it my cologne, but it’s really just a combination of my sweat and Colt Brennan’s. I was able to sneak into the Hawaii lockeroom once, which led to my ultimate lifelong ban from any University of Hawaii athletic events). Any funds to help send me to rehab would be much appreciated.

  98. JC:

    Hut hut hike, ohhh look cooley is open down the fiels

    Defense Look he’s doing the slow tree-sloth arm motion, he’s going to throw the ball to randle el get ready!

  99. Fletch definitely deserved to go especially if he would have hung onto a couple of picks he dropped. Rogers would have been a lock if stone-hands could catch; he would have at least 6 or 7 maybe more.

  100. Haha sober surfum is hilarious………this dude surfum is an idiot. He’s human spam….been filling up the blog the last couple of weeks. It’s annoying. Surfum…Go jump into a volcanic pit over there in Hawaii.

  101. Surfem is an idiot, CB will never start for the Redskins, i hope they cut him so Surfem has to deal with the fact that CB is not going to be a good QB. CB is the only reason Surfem likes The Redskins. Surfem, as stated in numerous other posts, went to every CB home game last, destroyed the WAC. If my memory serves me correctly the WAC boasts such Football Powerhouses as Fresno State, Air Force, Wyoming, San Diego State, San Jose State, and Louisiana Tech. Surfem has a HUGE man crush on CB. I think that he is the charter member of the Colt Brennan fan club. Surfem continues to recycle why he loves Colt Brennan, how many points the Redskins scored in the last five games, calls JC tree sloth, blames all TEAM problems on JC, guarentees that if CB started we would have put up more points(which is impossible becuase you cannot guarentee an outcome when the outcome has been decided or cannot be proven statistically). Oh did I mention that he went to ALL of CB home games last year? I even think that he was there when CB graduated High School and attended Colorado. The bottom line is CB may be a good quarterback someday, but it wont be for the Redskins. Then Surfem will go with CB to the next team, proclaim his love for him there and fill that teams BlogSpot with nonsense on how their current QB is a tree sloth and CB is their answer for a Super Bowl.

  102. Congrats to those players that made the Pro Bowl. I think the most deserving SKINS of all didnt make it. LONDON FLETCHER. He is the heart and soul of the Team, not just the defense. In my opinion, he is the only one deserving of a Pro Bowl, besides Portis. Cooely keeps on fumbling the ball, Sellers, well we know what he did, Samuels is either hurt or getting beat every other play,

  103. I agree with you Hazelwood on the Pro Bowl Selection but i would have chosen Kendall over Samuels and its a tragedy that Fletcher didnt go, he a beast. I disagree with you on Sellers, hes a beast and deserves to go after all the years hes paved the way for Portis and Betts. Cooley made it on name and with receptions and yards but is haveing a down year as far as TD’s.

  104. stephen.
    I know that was you playing sober surfum cousin. Seriously that was some of the funniest s#!t I have ever read. When I went to bed I was still laughing. Sorry for egging him on, but really at this point of the season. we all need something to laugh about.. Cousin, you have a great talent as a writer. HTTR!

  105. HT i cannot accept credit for sober surfem, that was not me, sadly. however those are some of the things that i would have said if it were myself.

  106. During the 7 games that we won, players fumbled. The O-line missed blocks. The WRs dropped passes. No one remembers that!! Granted, not as often. Winning cures all ILLS, doesn’t it?!!

  107. Surfum: Campbell sucks the Redskins should start Brennan. A comment made based on the opinion of the the poster. That’s fine

    Surfum: Posting 6120 times with the same non-sense. That’s Idiocy

    He turns a post about the probowl into another bash Campbell session. That’s asinine

    Congrats to the guys the made it. London Fletcher not being there is a disappointment. But there are few players league wide that should be going and aren’t.

  108. steve you are correct, winning hides your flaws and those same flaws are exposed when youre defeated.

  109. and its only when those flaws are exposed, are you ready to correct them

  110. Here’s the fact’s folks! Colt will not play at all this season! Say hypothetically he started the next 2 games and we win big. Colt throws for 300+ yds and 3-4 TD’s. You’d be able to hear the screams on the Big Island:” why the hell wasn’t he in there sooner!”
    Then in the other scenario he plays like JC or the “tree sloth” as surfum likes to call him, The JC supporters say ” I told you so!” As much as I want to see him play, It won’t happen! Way too much pride on the line. It’d be suicide for JZ. At least next year he’ll be able to say Colt needed to develop. Thoughts on this anyone?

  111. My thoughts are that it not going to happen and i am not wasting my time on this subject anymore


  112. HTSKINS67,

    Our problems go a lot deeper than the guy behind the center! We have 4 old and rusty people up front. The best RB in the league doesn’t have MVP numbers because his lanes collapes before he can get past the line of scrimage!! Our WRs are unpreductive because JC is running for his life in the back field. When JC gets the throw off the WRs are so shocked he was able to evade the rush and get the ball to them, that they can’t concentrate on the catch.

    The defense has no pass rush, even bad QBs can make good things happen when they don’t have to worry about a rush!! The DBs have missed countless opportunities to get the ball back!! I can’t put all the blame on the D for their 4th quarter collapes..they essentially play IRONMAN football for most of the game.

  113. Stephen,
    You gotta lighten up a little, as do many of our brethren. The season has turned into a sour disappointment, no need for us all to get our panties in a bundle. I’m saying this because I was bundled up worse than anyone on Sunday night and Monday. I myself am looking forward to the next episode of surfum vs sober surfum! Definitely more fun than watching the Skin’s at this point! HTTR!

  114. Steve I agree with 90% of what you said. However JC is the leader, and his slow thinking and poor throws are creating a lot of the problem. He lacks the fundamental ability to effectively move in the pocket and scan the field for an open receiver. He’s fixated on his primary and when he’s not open the play breaks down. Then, 3 and out and the D is back out there and spending way to much time on the field, and yeah, we need a pass rush. However they are ranked fifth in the league. CP was 3rd before last week. Yet we’ve been passed by the Lions for points.( Are you kidding? The Fing Lions) Oh well, there’s always next year! HTTR!

  115. HTSKINS67,

    I think every Skins fan out there knows JC has issues. I have always believed…If you fix your Core problem, everything else will work itself out over time.

    The Skins issues will take a minimum of 2 more years to fix!!!

  116. HTSKINS67,

    Morning Cuz…

    I still stay waiting fo da scoup to come on Donkey Graunke


  117. surfum Pitt’s fans are kinda dealing with a QB that isn’t playing that well at all. The D has been winning them games, not big Ben. Although he did get it done last week. Thats not how its been all season. His play has been very average

  118. I’m better than him when i wear my special gloves.

  119. Would the real Jason Campbell please stand up-please stand up?!!

  120. Samuels in the pro-bowl??? i mean don’t get me wrong he’s always been a phenomenal OT, but this year, man!!! he’s been bulldozed by every DE he ever faced. PATHETIC!!! Fletcher again got snubbed, they got some idiots doing the pro bowl rosters, jeeeezzzzzz, if the redskins are still on the winning streak they wouldn’t think twice about Fletcher being the pro bowl. cmon dude, Patrick Willis is good and all but the niners are losing


  121. These are the guys that belong in the PRO BOWL!

    OFFENSE! (pretty sad huh)
    Portis-heart of this team
    Cooley-is very effective when used

    Fletcher-soul of this team (always sets the tempo)
    Rogers-plays very solid slips at times but is solid
    Hall-big impact since being here (contract extension anyone)
    Horton-what a good way to draft a safety especially a rookie has big potential in being elite in this league

  122. NA NA NA Hey You suck! Although I do hope you beat the eagles this week. Man you know the season is over when the bengals beat ya. As Fed Ex field is screaming every home game NA NA NA Hey you suck! Have fun watching the playoffs at home with your beloved foreskins!!!!

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