Zorn Evaluates Zorn

zornpressconf01There was a noticeably different tone to Coach Zorn’s press conference today, a change that actually addresses some of the most common concerns about his approach during this second half of the season. There was little (if any) discussion of execution, of specific mistakes made by players, of plays that had gone wrong.

What we saw instead was a coach who seems to have fully accepted that something in his approach might need to change as well, and it was interesting to see Zorn’s blunt frankness trained on himself.

(And, I was excited to hear, one who is even willing to consider deferring the decision if he wins the coin toss.)

Here’s a fairly long transcription of the bulk of the press conference — the questions, as always, come from the assembled media members, and they’re not transcribed precisely because the microphone on my recorder doesn’t pick them up, but I’ve tried to give a sense of what the question was as best as I can remember it.

Is this situation challenging to your naturally optimistic personality?

“I’m not sure I could ask any more of the players. I just keep asking them to give more and more, and they’ve really given so much. I think at the beginning of the season we asked a lot of them, and they responded well, and I think these last six games, I think that we’ve asked a lot of them, and they’ve responded well.

“I really feel like — even before this juncture, but certainly now, I’ve got to look at myself.

“That’s one of the reasons why I gave the players an opportunity to stay away [today]. To me it’s all about me, and I need to check my plan of attack and all of our staff, we need to reevaluate what we’re doing to see if we’re going in the right direction. I really believe we’re building a good foundation, but certainly when these things get strung across the board I certainly have to take, and I do take the responsibility for some of these games just not turning out like we had planned.”

What kind of look do you need to take at yourself?

“I always ask the players to be honest when they look at the game and be very self-critical. So that’s what I’m going to be to myself, just criticize my overall coaching of this football team.

“Where do I need to improve. Not only on Sunday, but on Wednesday, and Monday. All these days, all this game planning, all the paying attention to detail, those are the things that I need to make good use of this time [for] and I will. Because it hurts. I just feel like the worst coach in America, to have to lose the way we’re losing.”

But doesn’t the talent level affect that as well?

“I don’t think that it factors in when we line up on Sunday and we’ve asked all of our players to put it on the line. I think that they risk a lot, and I think that they are putting out tremendous effort, they’re putting out tremendous emotion to come out there and play. And we can win. We can win some of these games. We really can. I just have a hard time looking at talent and saying it’s just talent, no-brainer, and move on.”

Is it just scheme that’s leading you to have problems getting a win, or did the team come out flat?

“I think that it’s all of that, and I think having to win… We ended up giving the ball up early and they ended up scoring. We ended up behind. I think that was the issue, especially in the games before when we’ve ended up behind, we’ve found it hard to win. That’s what I need to question. What can we do differently when we get ourselves in a situation where we’re behind. What actually needs to happen. That question and all of the above need to be looked at and it certainly will.”

Why the slow starts to games?

“Part of it is that our first drives have not been successful. We make up the first fifteen. It’s a coaching decision to put that group of plays out on the field, and we’ve had to punt.

“Maybe it won’t hurt to defer if we win the toss, you know what I’m saying? I willing to try anything and I feel like our offense and those players have enough confidence in themselves to get the job done in that first drive. It may be the mix we’re trying to put together.”

But there have also been defensive breakdowns early in games; what about that?

“To be honest with you, on those sudden changes, we gave that football team a short field and we allowed them to get excited about the game. That was the big issue, so we’ll look at that as well.”

Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato seemed down after the game — did they talk to you afterwards?

“I mean, we’re all down, and certainly it goes without saying that we’re all feeling bad. I think that they’ve done a tremendous job of trying to get everything that we could get going personnel wise and put this team together, and really it’s up to me to coach it, so really there’s nothing to be said.”

Have they given a hey, hang in there message?


Would that be helpful?

“Well, I have conversations with them all the time – it’s not like I’m getting the silent treatment. That part of it’s not dysfunctional; we’re all trying to work to win, but those things … we’ll work them out internally, not externally, and we’re trying to move along.”

Do you feel you have their support?

“I feel we have tremendous support from both those guys. They are passionate about this football team and want the best for it. I can say that emphatically. I can tell you that honestly.”

Do you think the players are not responding to specific coaching, or….?

“I think that’s it. Not responding to the specific coaching, and we need to be more specific. We need to notch our game up as coaches, because we’re not getting the win. But we’re getting tremendous effort – and I said this earlier – they’re giving us all they can give. I mean they’re really fighting to do a job.

“Again, our practices last week? Great. I couldn’t say, oh, we need to emotionally be there, guys, because they were, they were committed.”

You preach staying medium, but do you get rattled?

“Not rattled, but I’m deeply concerned, and I want to look internally, inside of our coaches, and it starts with me. It truly just starts with me. I’ve got enough to look at myself for the next couple of days to make sure that we can make some moves here to help get this team on the right track.

“We’ve got a huge game coming up, and I’ll say this: it can’t be like an offseason scheme evaluation where you’re looking at every single area, because only have so much time to prepare for this next game, but there is some time, and I’m going to take it.”

Do you have a way to get the pulse of the locker room?

“I will talk to our players and … our players are so good about being together as a team that I probably won’t get the real story, because they just want to win. But I think I’ve been open with these guys enough to where they can come in and speak their minds. And, again, I do think that these guys have put it all on the line every week, and they’ve been giving me great effort.”

Are you concerned about the overall communication between coaches and players?

“I’m not concerned about … what do you mean, am I “concerned” about that.”

It seems like players don’t always understand what’s going on with their roles, as with Carlos Rogers this week…

“If that’s the case then, again, there’s part of the coaching problem. But I haven’t felt that. I haven’t felt that we’ve kept players in the dark. But, again, it’s something to look at, it’s something to express.”

With the playoffs all but out of reach, is this an opportunity to evaluate some of the younger guys in increased roles?

“I think they’re already participating, and I think you can do some of that, but I’m not going to throw in the towel, ever, and we’re going out to win. We’re not necessarily going out to evaluate.

“I feel just sick that we started out so fast, and … I think about how the fans feel, how you all must feel in here, because of the progression that we started with and then to run so flat. So I think we owe it to everybody to win, and however we have to get that done we will.”

What is the owner’s temperament? Angry? Disgusted?

I don’t want to answer a question on how I think the owner feels.

What happened with Rogers this week? Coach Blache talked about his stomach illness, but he practiced after that….

“What we wanted to do as we started this game because … and really, Shawn [Springs] was a factor in it as well, because Shawn has the opportunity to play in this game because he was healthy. That was the issue. We felt like DeAngelo [Hall] was playing very well, we had two very dangerous wide receivers on the field, and we have four very good cover corners. And, unfortunately, we can [only] play two at a time when we’re not in nickel. And that was the issue.

“So we put DeAngelo out there, and certainly we were going to put Shawn out there, and that’s what happened.”

But Carlos was the #1 corner most of the season…

“Yeah, and I think it was Greg [Blache]’s and Jerry [Gray]’s consensus that we had to at that particular time, just based on … you know, that stomach illness was no trite illness. It took him down, so much so that we even got blood tests to see what was going on in there. Because usually a stomach flu, you’re over it and then you’re back. You throw up one day, feel pretty good the next day, and this took it’s toll. That factored in, and then Shawn being healthy factored in.”

Is it too early to say if Rogers and Rocky McIntosh will be starting next week?

That’s early, yeah.

Is evaluating yourself as head coach different from doing it as a position coach?

“I think that’s all a part of me being the major part of this decline, is just making sure that I take responsibility for being the head football coach, and I think a lot does fall on my shoulders, and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about having to go and do this kind of evaluation.”

Is it possible that you’re overwhelmed as rookie head coach?

“I don’t really know what that all means, but to me … if I have, I’m going to let that all take its course as I try to figure some of these thing out and why we’re losing. But I haven’t felt overwhelmed in calling plays, I haven’t felt overwhelmed in speaking with Jason’s game and trying to get him up to speed in the position, and I think I’ve gotten pretty good response. But there’s something wrong there.”

Can Jason Campbell develop if he can’t get time to throw?

“I think that’s just part of the game. You watched Eli Manning get sacked eight times in a game yesterday, that was a rough go for him. So you’ve just got to play through it. You’ve got to be able to play the next one. And that’s the thing: even if the protection breaks down, the thing that Jason’s smart enough – and I think he’s doing a tremendous job – he is playing very, very tough football, standing strong when a breakdown happens. I think he’s got tremendous talent, and I think he’s been improving as we’ve gone along.”

What about Santana Moss’s penalty, how do you feel about that?

“He truly didn’t know that pulling out his towel and wiping his shoes off was a penalty, but if you use anything as a prop, they’re gonna throw the flag. But, you know, all’s I know is that Santana’s a tremendous player and he does give us a spark just with his play. And players, I think, are trying to go to extra lengths to try to be better – better than they are – and I think you look at all the efforts our good players have given, and I’m just proud of them. I really am.”


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  1. Pffff!

  2. I hope this he let’s it all out against Philly. I’m tired of the safe play calling.

  3. matt, how come Rocky was not playing?

  4. You know, it’s really hard not to like Zorn. I really hope he’s given the opportunity to develop things here and not just cast aside. This is about how we all expected the season to go from the outset – everyone just got excited with the hot start. I like the foundation we’ve laid here. Shore up the lines and give everyone time in the system and I think we can be really scary.

  5. i’m glad that he’s seen the need for self evaluation. if he was just going along and pretending that nothing is wrong, then I would be worried. also, i’m glad that he’s acknowleged a disconnect with the quarterback position. i don’t know what the answer is and i’m fairly certain it isn’t colt, at least not yet, but it’s good to know that’s getting looked at! Still love the skins! always have…always will! HAIL!

  6. Matt,
    Have you seen any tention between Zorn, Danny, and Vinny at all while you are around Redskins Park lately?

  7. Good bye Jim.

    Please leave your office as soon as the season is over so Mr Cowher can move in!

  8. I think it’s awesome that Zorn is willing to call a spade, a spade!!

    I hope that statement about Moss was a calculated statement (lesson learned from the portis situation), and not how he really feels!!!

  9. dude we don’t need Cowher. Whats so special about him. he sucked in Pittsburgh. He got one super bowl ring in like 13 seasons there. OVERRATED!

  10. This speaks alot to me about the man behind the man of Jim Zorn. I have been very harsh on him over the past few weeks from my armchair. But I like that he can step back and realize maybe it is me. I can only hope that maybe old faithful Joe Gibbs might see this and give him a call, or even just Mike Holgram. As exciting as bring in Bill Cowher would be I hope Zorn gets another year, because if not we are back to the early 2000 Redskins and GOD forbid we go backwards when we’ve made so many steps forward.

  11. Jason improving as the skins go along…ok which game is he watching? jason doesn’t make too many mistakes because he is afraid to take chances… and i think that falls into zorn’s mentality. prime example, colt completing a pass in preseason for a first down and zorn says that colt needs to be more careful and not be a gunslinger. hell big ben throws the rock…yesterdays game he is quoted as saying,”do i play it safe and throw the ball out of bounds…or do i try to make a play to win the game” guess what he chose to do? that what people in DC don’t know…colt has that mind set…so zorn needs to put colt in.

  12. Have they given a hey, hang in there message?

    ********Zorn’s response on whether, Snyder /Cerrato
    has given words of encouragment to him. The owner
    does not have to do anything, BUT it sure has HELL
    would help your Coach. Its hard to like the Redskins
    now, the only thing to look forward is the “anticipation
    of guessing what they are going to do.” Its a sad day.
    Hell I remember, when Norv Turner was fired, history
    repeats itself.

  13. As a Redskins fan, I’m willing to admit that this season is over. We will NOT make the playoffs. That being said, the next two games should be used to prepare for next season. How about trying some of that West Coast offense we were all promised? Why not let Thomas, Kelly, and Davis play more in place of Thrash, Yoder, and even Randle El? Try new return men on special teams!

    Oh, and one more thing.


  14. This was posted before yesterday’s game. I think we all can relate to it…

  15. Those, who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!! I think we learned our lesson.

  16. Zorn presser 12/15/08

    Q: Coach, how do you cope with a loss to the second worst team in the NFL?
    Zorn: That’s a good question.
    Q: Let’s start with the first quarter, it seemed the offense couldn’t get anything going.
    Zorn: I stressed all week about staying medium and executing. I called the short right pass to Moss for no gain, and decided to call it 6-8 more times, and we got the same result so, our execution of gaining nothing on that play was what I was looking for.
    Q: What about that fumble by Cooley?
    Zorn: Yeah, Chris felt real bad about that one, so I told Portis and Sellars to do something
    to cheer him up, so they both stepped up and fumbled once each and let me tell you, Chris felt a whole lot better after that.
    Q: Can you comment on the second quarter?
    Zorn: Well we had that great drive, and got down to the goal line and I called
    Sellars up the middle for no gain. So I called it three more times for no gain, so
    the consistency was there, and that’s when Sellars stepped up and fumbled the ball away.
    Q: What about the time outs?
    Zorn: Well, I decided to use them up and get them out of the way so I could concentrate
    on play calling. I think we had about 2:06 on the clock and I called Portis around the left end for no gain. Then I called it 6-8 more times for no gain so again, it’s all about consistency and staying medium. And we got 10 points so that was a positive.
    Q: What about the defense?
    Zorn: I thought they did an outstanding job of keeping us out of the endzone.
    Q: No coach, your defense?
    Well they showed great execution in letting the Bengal’s run up and down the field
    and score 17 points real quick. After that I thought they were pretty medium.
    Q: How about Cartwright’s 80 yrd kick return?
    Zorn: Yeah, that was something. And again, we showed great consistency in not taking
    advantage of it. He’s a real warrior!
    Q: Can you discuss Fabini?
    Zorn: Well needed to get him in the mix if you will and see wow consistent he would be
    and he got that offsides penalty, then on the very next play he got called for holding.
    So think the consistency is there. I think the whole team is catching on.
    Q: What about that punt on 4th and 2?
    Zorn: That’s something we had been practicing all week and we got the chance to do it in the game.
    Q: Can you and the team feel any lower then you do right now?
    Zorn: Oh yeah. We have to prepare real hard to lose to the Eagles and 49ers. That’s gonna take some real good practices.
    Hip hip hooray!

  17. Next year we have a harder schedule. We play the entire NFC South(the new best division in the nfl) with one NFC West and NFC North team and of course the NFC East twice. The only easy part is the AFC West(the worst division in the AFC if not the NFL)


  19. Hey Steven,

    Every game is hard for the skins!! The schedule is probably doing us a favor! Less teams (our guys) consider push overs.

    By the way our guys REALLY need to change their mind set!!!


  20. WOW!!

  21. Why is it that I get paid nothing and can state the obvious and these guys get paid ridiculous amounts and can actually say, “I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll have to take a look.” ? You’re kidding right? I have read some dumb posts, I’ve read some good ones. But the main consensus from the fans is:

    A- Vinny Cerrato is killing this team with his jackass ways.
    B- Jason Campbell is a good QB- just not the one we want
    C- Don’t dump Zorn.

    and this is true. Vinny Cerrato gave horrific fictitious numbers and reasons why he won’t draft linemen in an interview he did on his radio show. He gave examples of Merling and Campbell having 7 tackles (actually 20+) and other ridiculous numbers. The man is a virus that has infected this franchise. This isn’t San Fran, this isn’t Notre Dame Vinny. Go elsewhere.

    Jason Campbell- 1st Round draft pick trade. Now we have 5 picks in the draft, Colt Brennan gets to play(because he displayed more killer instinct in the preseason than Campbell all year) and we have more young talent. Hopefully, linemen.

    Zorn. Coach Zorn. Gibbs started slow. Things take time. At least he sees that there needs to be change. Cowher isn’t the answer. Marty isn’t the answer. Stick with Zorn, back him up as an organization, in a public arena, and show everyone that we’re in this for the long haul, TOGETHER. Maybe the players will buy into it if they don’t think there coach might be gone next year. Look at Holgren. His players knew he was gone. They are looking out for themselves.

    Keep Zorn, Lose Cerrato, play Brennan.

  22. Chill everyone. We have a rookie head coach, and this is what everyone expected before the season began. Everyone started licking their chops after a few good games, but just remmember, this is on par with what EVERYONE’s expectations were before the season. Yes, it would’ve been nice to goto the playoffs. Yes, it would’ve been nice to win the division and shutout the Cowgirls, but we have an okay team with a new head coach and 11 rookies. We have a beat up veteran portion of the roster too. Let’s not take things out of perspective here. Rookie coach, a lot of rookies and a lot of old geezers out there. SURPRISE, we’re average!

  23. Let’s see, the Redskins will come out and play their heart’s out-only to lose to the Eagles and the up and coming 49’ers.

    So basically what I understand what coach Zorn was saying is: “BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH”.


  24. skinfan63,

    that was too damn funny!!! LOVE IT!! If I lose my job and decide to do comedy…you my friend will be my writer…seriously

  25. I hear Wade Philips will be available next year. lol We have a good coach, he just needs time!

  26. No- don’t play Brennan yet. I want my Redskins to lose the last two games. Ive gotten so used to it-please don’t change it now…….YIKES!!

  27. Campbell makes high throws because of the routes that are run and the size of Randle el and Moss. A five yard pass has to go over the LBs and into the arms of the receiver. 6 foot 1 LB and 5 foot 9 receiver equals a high throw, but that is where it has to be placed to avoid a pick. Look at the passes that are completed at 10 yards or more down field. Those passes are on point, but we only throw past five yards about twice a game unless it is to Cooley. We will be okay as a team as long as we start to take chances down field. For all of the people that think Campbell isn’t a gun slinger look at when he first started and it was said that he takes too many chances. Be a REAL FAN and don’t jump off the ship when times are hard. HAIL to the SKINS from a real fan with real expectations from a FIRST YEAR COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. True that Losalio, That was some funny S#!t! Definetly brightened my mood today. Skinsfan63 you are hillarious, great stuff! ENCORE!

  29. KEITH,







  30. So maybe the redskins should lose the last two games to try and get a taller receiver in the draft??? sheeeeshh..

  31. That was dumb. A REAL FAN? (Thanks for using CAPS LOCK to get your point across.)

    It’s not about Campbell adjusting his throws to the height of his receivers. It’s about time. A need for urgency. For years Redskins fans have had to endure, Tony Banks, Jeff George, Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Patrick Ramsey, and Mark Brunell. Jason Campbell was a breath of fresh air because we couldn’t remember what a Quarterback was supposed to look like. (No offense to Brunell in his prime.) Then he came in, had poise, didn’t panic and we were amazed. But at the same time, how long will you watch someone before you just get the feeling that this isn’t the guy we’re looking for? In the preseason we saw the same thing- 3 and outs from our starting offense. Enter Colt Brennan. Gunslinger. But more importantly he was an offensive spark. Someone we need so that when things are looking down, he can come in and pull the trigger and make a strike down field that takes momentum and puts it right back into our hands. He has a lot to learn, but there are things you can teach and things you can’t. Killer instinct can’t be taught. Checkdowns can. Campbell is not the man for that. He is rhythm. Calm. Which can be great, or it can cause you to slowly die. Right now the Redskins are slowly dying. This offense needs that spark; if not for now then for next season.

  32. Our kicking game is terrible. We need a new kicker that can actually make NFL Field Goals and not just make kicks from High School distances( 36 yarder LMFAO). Colt Brenan is not better that JC so please don’t show that you only graduated from the third grade. We need Kelly, Thomas and Davis. All three have good speed and if anything Davis will push Cooley to stop fumbling the ball like he has which has been his achilles Heel. I have not heard mention of how we run two man routes against zone coverage and expect a completed pass. Please watch the game with you SMART Eyes and not the ignorant six pack drinking fan’s eyes. Why didn’t Portis get a crack at the End Zone from the ONE YARD LINE? Why did Thomas run a THREE YARD route and we needed SIX? Why did GODSEND COOLEY Fumble on a PERFECT PASS? Why did the defense DROP at the least three PICKS? Why did PORTIS not get GOOD BLOCKING? Why was DAVIS THROWN TO ONE TIME? SO THERE ARE MANY QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED BUT WHY COLT IS ON THE BENCH IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!!!! GO SKINS AND THANKS TO THE REAL FANS THAT REMEMBER RIGGINS,JACOBY AND THE TEAM THAT WAS BUILT OVER TIME AND NOT WITH MONEY.

  33. I have an idea lets trade our 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick to the Bucs for Jeff Garcia or maybe we can use those picks and get Isaac Bruce. Maybe we can trade all the picks for the rights to Jerry Rice. /sarcasm

  34. I’m sad :(


  36. Steve,

    I think you got me mistaken for someone else. With joking aside, I don’t think starting Brennan will change anything but only losing by more points. This is coming from a Fan of whom watched Brennan is whole career here in Hawaii.

    Jason(#17) is doing a fine job considering what? This is his third or fourth
    offensive system in three or four years? We must give them time to come together and really understand the system.

    Like I always say every year… Better luck next year….

  37. I dunno.
    To me, Coach Zorn is the kind of man I would like to have as boss.
    My only suggestion for change would be to act medium (normal demeanor) but think extreme and stoke up the team with some fiery (non-medium) offense. The yawning on the sidelines and the screaming on the message boards are both points of view that I hope coach will consider in his self-evaluation.

  38. How are you going to argue benching Chris Cooley and keeping Campbell in? Is it just me or did Cooley just set a franchise record for receptions by a Redskin’s TE in a single season? But you’re right we should bench him. Moron. You release Todd Yoder and put Davis in his spot. And Cooley didn’t fumble on the pass, it was completed and then he got hit. Fumbles happen. It’s football. But how your team responds is more important. Thomas ran a route short, he’s a rookie receiver. That’s the coaches fault. That kind of situational awareness can be coached and comes with experience. The same type of experience Brennan needs to right this ship for next year. We didn’t draft him as a backup, he is the replacement. And what is this teams built over time and not money crap? Did you hear anyone here saying we should bring in another Deion Sanders? Or Bruce Smith?

  39. I’m impressed.. that’s the first time Zorn has ever pointed himself out as part of the problem. Usually he is throwing players under the bus. Impressive!! I think Zorn got a lil big headed and lost the team and at this point, he knows he’s the one to blame. You people amaze me week end and week out with blaming the QB! Let’s see, the QB has reads to make- if the 1st one isn’t there, you move to the next one. But if the first one is there, you make it. You blame him for not taking shots downfield but last time I checked, Zorn calls the play and no telling what order those reads are. You honestly think that Jason doesn’t want to go downfield?

    Come on people, Redskins fan are some of the most uneducated football fans across the league. Learn a lil football first before you start bashing. And if Colt was the best QB on the team, he’d be on the field. I hope Jason goes to another team and lights up there because Redskins fan don’t deserve a franchise QB ever!!

    From- A Real Fan- thru all the ups and downs! I love the SKINS!!

  40. Tbob,
    I hope you are not referring to Boise State,Fresno State,Washington,and yes, Georgia as Bag Boys and Parking Lot attendants? Well, I guess you can, since like your a tough guy over the computer and even computer tough guys are entitled to your opinions…

  41. Colt Brennan – good lord he was a 6th round pick for a reason! He is a project not a replacement.

  42. Lizkauai,

    I agree. I think the coach needs to get fired up even though I know that’s not him.

  43. And right now those Bag Boys and parking lot attendants look better than we do. This is going to end up like Tony Romo in Dallas. Eventually you’re going to start chanting for Colt. Hopefully it’s just not in 2010.

  44. What’s the name of that QB in New England taken in the 6th round? What’s his name again?

  45. You guy’s are terrible give Zorn another year he is a rookie head coach geesshh.

  46. Appologies keith!!!

    I miss read your don’t start Brennan yet comment!!

  47. Krashnorris,

    LOL.. That’s funny…. Yeah, what’s that due’s name???

  48. Plus everybody complains about Synder and Vinny making bonehead lavish moves but people on here want them to do it again by picking up Cowher. RELAX people lets not start completely over AGAIN this offseason.

  49. Coaches will only open their playbook up to what they believe their quarterback is ready for. Cassell has worked himself up to Brady’s playbook, when originally, it was the high school version. When you say that the QB has had numerous offensive playbooks/schemes it’s understandable. But these are years we’re talking about. I have been a Redskins fan all my life, and I dont’ want to spend the next 40 years having chest pains every Sunday watching this anemic offense when I love this team. It’s time to rebuild the o-lines, and that will take years, years of Campbell getting used to new linemen and a new playbook? Start over. new QB, bring in linemen. Let them develop a chemistry that will last for YEARS. Let this young team mesh. Campbell is worth something. Probably a 1st round pick at a nice starting tackle. Offensive or defensive. You pick!

  50. Tbob, a good qb makes all the throws…not just the ones to a 6-5 receiver over a 6-1 LB…get real…a good qb throws to the receivers he has. Brady did not have receivers any better than the skins have now when they won the superbowl. jason has no moxy! unless the team gets a great defense (ravens/steeler type), where a qb who manages the game is ok, the skin will never make the playoffs…but you also in a defensively minded coaching staff.

  51. If Zorn gets fired and Cowher gets the job I will be truly ashamed of this team & its leadership. After all Snyder’s been through, this would mean that he’s learned nothing, this would mean he’s trying to buy a champion instead of earning it through player & coach development, team chemistry, and paying your dues.

    I don’t want some hand me down Redskins with hand me down players and a hand me down coach. Let Zorn pay his dues. Let JC pay his dues, and lets allow the team to develop for once instead of knee jerk reactions that result in the team starting over every other year.

    As far as the QB, every year should be an open competition. The best player should start. Period.

  52. 1. Get the new receivers in
    2. get rid of Jason Campbell
    3. Keep Zorn
    4. Keep the defense
    5. Get a new O-Line

  53. Keep the Defense? REALLY? They are like 34 yrs old on average or something outrageous. We need to rebuild one position at a time on Defense, or every year, the end of the season will collapse for us because of injuries. We need YOUNG, HUNGRY, AGGRESSIVE talent. Not the nice veteran guys we’ve been getting.

  54. I really dont think the defense is the problem. They can olnly hold for so long. IF the offense is only to be a temporary break for the ever so tired defense, this last six games is the outcome. What are we talking here? What, three and out, five and out, three and out again? We need to sustain drives and convert on the ever so crucial third down. This offensive scheming of running on first down to pick up only one-two yards only to have an incomplete on 2nd down to put it third and long is getting old very quickly. It seems that the opposing defenses know exactly what the offense will do.

    I do however understand that hhis offense is not a high powered-scary offense that can score points on random and needs to set up the run to set up the pass but come on.

    How about on our first position, Um, I dunno, play action pass?? Something has to change. This conservative play calling is way too predictable and I think the 1-5 record supports that.

  55. I am happy that Zorn is addressing himself as the problem. This all started cause Portis called everybody out, and he had a good reason to. To a real redskin fan that watched this team go through high and low seasons, this is good news. If you start 6-2 and end with 1-5, then you have to look for the problem starting with yourself. Good job Zorn and I hope you get help from all the coaches and players around you. Forget this season, and Good Luck next year.

  56. One more thing… now that I am listening to Coach Zorn’s presser… I am hearing him leading by example. I hope each and every member of the franchise does the same soul-searching this week and shows up on Sunday with an “A” Game!


  57. matt, in all seriousness, not trying to hopeful and not saying i want this, but has there been any talk of letting go of zorn or campbell?

  58. You guys/gals do understand if Cowher were to come in he would most likely stick to Campbell. That’s exactly the kind of QB he likes. Tall, strong and tough. I just wish that mos of these fans would just be patient for a second and stop buying into the Snyder/Cerrato WIN NOW PHILOSOPHY!

  59. Yesterday I was ready to go picket for Zorn’s firing, but after listening to him today I am still willing to give him a chance. He better not cry twice though! Once is enough. Go Skins!

    Matt, ty for your inside work this season. I am really enjoyed!

  60. Yesterday I was ready to go picket for Zorn’s firing, but after listening to him today I am still willing to give him a chance. He better not cry twice though! Once is enough. Go Skins!

    Matt, ty for your inside work this season. I have really enjoyed!

  61. Coach Zorn, better not cry again on TV. He has
    to “Man – Up!” I vote to Keep Zorn, give him
    time to put his system in place. Even if it means,
    to release old baggage.

  62. Man, we all need to relax and see where this thing is going. A few points:

    Krashmorris said:
    “Cassell has worked himself up to Brady’s playbook.”

    If that was true the Patriots would be scoring 50 points a game and be undefeated.

    If Cowher came in
    There is maybe one player who can play the 3-4 defense in our front seven, Rocky. That’s it. You’re looking at a serious rebuilding project on our defense alone.

    Our two problems are:
    Our young receivers are too young and our offensive line is too old. An offseason of playbook reps with JC will do wonders, and the Skins need to upgrade their entire line except for Samuels, and he’s iffy.

    Jon: A lot of people are with you as far as keeping Zorn and JC. Let’s keep the positive going with all this negativity around. We’ll be around when things are good.

  63. Time for JZ to unleash his greatest weapon: COLT BRENNAN!

  64. I’m already excited about next year. IF Danny boy keeps Zorn, that means #17 can be more experienced in this system. Hopefully they keep the same unit. Well, with a few changes like beefing up the offensive line and another key tight end. A more Hybrid type of tight end/WR.

  65. HTSKINS67,

    As much as I am a huge fan of Brennan, I think IF and that’s a big IF,Zorn changes QB’s. we have a shot with Collins for now.

  66. You realize that Zorn ABSOLUTELY HAD to say this. After a season of ‘winning with his scheme’ and losing ‘due to a lack of the players’ effort,’ what did you expect his postgame to be? Does he even believe what he said today, or is it the pressure of the media and the organization in general?
    Zorn: You’ve probably won enough games to stay around thanks to your skills at building an offense and allowing the Defense to build under the badass DC Blatche.. BUT it is not because of your HEAD Coaching abilities. .

    AND now that the dust has settled, lets realize that GIBBS v.2.0 is NOT about Gibbs inadequacies. Look at DC Gregg Williams at Jacksonville leading the most disappointing Defense in the NFL and Al Saunders leading the most depressing Offense in the NFL in St. Louis. This was a team in the ’07-08 Skins that made the playoffs with the same players mostly because of the character and skill of the HC Joe Gibbs. Jim Zorn has simply done less with more.

  67. Colt Brennan WILL NOT PLAY THIS SEASON! Stop all this nonsense about putting him in, its NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  68. It’s good to see Coach Zorn take on some responciblity. Remember he is a rookie head coach and he will learn from this and be a better coach. We need a younger team in general, especially on the O-line. The main problem is that we signed high price players in the past who are still costing the team. It will take some time to clear all those extra costs and rebuild. What we do not want to do is get another Head Coach and yet another new offence for JC and the team.

  69. those answers are exactly why i have a lot of respect for zorn. i hope we keep him around long enough to sort out the issues, because he could be great.

  70. Stephen,
    Your probably right cousin, JZ.s gonna let this ship sink with JC at the helm. Do me one favor. Go to youtube, search Colt and watch: “COLT BRENNAN IS THE TRUTH” It’ll give you a little insight to Colt’s Character.

  71. Eric B,
    How you doing today? This discussion has been raging! 500 post’s on 4thQ thoughts!

  72. I enjoy reading peeps’ postings here because you’re true fans.

    But PUH-LEASE. You want a dull offense? Hire Cowher. Wonder why Mike Tomlin has been BETTER than expected, because he’s working for a franchise that knows how to build a team. Cowher would be a disaster. No imagination, think Ditka in New Orleans, and no front office to build him an easy team to drive. So Zorn needs to stay put. You make a commitment to a greener then green coach, have the testicles to see it through.

    Colt. Seriously? Babe Laufenberg (I’m sure I botched the spelling) would be a better QB at this point. Redskin fans love to set themselves up to fail. Colt and Coach Chin will lead us to the superbowl title next year! Sure. And Spurrier was going to shred the league with his crazy offense, deon and bruce were going to destroy defensive passing games, Arch Deluxe was going to pair with ST (rip) for the best safety tandem in the biz, Jason Taylor was going to get 10 sacks which would get Carter 12, Gibbs was going to rebuild a foundation for winning that would last a lifetime (lasted a matter of weeks) three great new wideouts were going to give JC big targets in the red zone, Chris Cooley was going to be the big winner in the west coast scheme . . . And I could keep typing for an hour.

    I luv’ ya’ but get real.

    It’s not reality – it’s actuality – open yo’ eyes and soak it into your frontal lobe – Zorn needs another year if not two. JC looks the best he has as a pro and is getting better all the time. And hopefully Vinny will learn from his mistakes and do a better job building a team that dominates the lines of scrimage as the number one priority.

    Hold the line. Rebuild smart. And who knows. Rant – over.

  73. I am not saying that we should bench Cooley, but I did make a point that if mistakes are a reason to be benced then Cooley could be seen as a candidate to be benched. Please keep in mind that records don’t amount to squat. Cooley is not a good blocking Tight End and he fumbles. Cooley doesn’t always get separation and he has dropped some key passes. Krashnorris you must be a Cowboys fan with all of the ignorant stuff that you are typing.

  74. Keep up Smart Guy!!! Preseason is what I was talking about. And oh yeah I am a PC tough guy just call me your father LUKE!!!!!

  75. yall all trippin

  76. jason campbell is not the problem. It is so easy to just blame the QB but I saw Steve young sat numerous times this season that it takes about 2 years to master the west coat offense. So chill out on JC

  77. Tbob, know your role. First off to the guy who quoted what I said about Matt Cassel. That is the truth. They opened up the playbook for every play that Brady runs. Just because they have the playbook open for the guy doesn’t mean he is seeing the same things as Brady and doesn’t command the respect from defenses that Brady does. It was a comment about trust.

    Tbob- what ignorance are you talking about? Are you on PCP? Look, what I’m saying is how many times have people waited and waited and waited until they have nothing to show for the QB they had besides years of disappointment? Campbell is a strong QB yes. But what I am saying is he is not what the Redskins need. I guarantee you you will not see a dynamic offense with him in there. You’ll see some wins, but he is not a QB that can lead this team to a Division title. You can’t be afraid to lose and right now that is how he is playing. Over thinking plays and not just going with his gut and testing secondaries. You can’t tell me one game he’s played in where it was an upbeat tempo. Colt is a young rookie Qb. 6th round pick. But this is teh same guy who SHATTERED NCAA records with his performance in the west Coast Offense. His o-line at Hawaii is the reason Georgia smoked him in the bowl game. It’s amazing he lasted until the 6th round. This is a guy who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. I’d rather have my QB throw for 336 3 TD 2 INTs then play conservative with 220 yards 1 TD no INT. You can see it in other Defenses. When they shut down Portis, they don’t respect the passing game, that’s why they send so many people all the time. Work on Colt’s mechanics and let him go. You’ll be singing a different tune.

  78. Zorn is a drag. HIs offense is too rigid, too careful and stifling. Even JC said they play too tight.

    Colt is a beast. You want points on the board,?? play f/n Colt unleash him, play loose and vertical. He’s way better than those amateurs Flacco and Ryan.

    We want Colt We want Colt!!!!

    HAIL baby!!!

  79. And for the defense. We need linemen. There is no pass rush whatsoever. Why don’t we have some 300+lb truck in the middle demanding double teams? Why are we passing up on Calais Campbells and Phillip Merlings? This is draft is so key to address the issue of our lack of pass rush. How many 3rd downs were converted? QBs have all day to throw because the pocket isn’t collapsing on top of them behind some Shaun Rogers type behemoth in the middle with weapons on the ends.

    Our rookies are a different matter. Trust me I see Fred Davis out there and I’m slapping my forehead saying “why is this monster not getting more playing time?” And it’s Todd Yoder. Release Yoder and now you have a blocking tight end, and a Chris Cooley out there when they go double tights that equals options.

    The smartest thing I’ve read out of this entire debacle was the person who mentioned the fact that we are only sending out 2 wideouts. 2 WIDEOUTS. Double tights, single back and two wideouts? What are we hoping to accomplish with this? I hope we aren’t trying to threaten the defense, because it’s a joke if we are.

    There are things that need to be addressed, but I completely agree with keep Zorn, play the rookies and draft some d-line or sign some young, decent free agent d line and draft O-line. This goliath OT from Alabama. Holy crap. Let him go out there and get his hands on someone. Other teams are drafting by need, playing their rookies, and seeing success. There is a pattern here. We need to follow suit.


  81. krashnorris-
    First of all, you’d think you know better. do you watch college football…i mean at all? who did colt face up until a uga defense that produced no nfl products? do you understand the difference between nfl and college atheletics? this does not only partain to football, where the mockery of the ncaa qb falls on his face in the nfl. COLT’s mechanics? Have you played football? If good mechanics mean attaching one’s elbow to their hip and pulling the trigger could embarrass a man that knows about drama class knows how to be a qb, then you’ve found a home. More likely is that you wear a hula hoop around your neck and pray that Coach Jones’ absence doesn’t make you look like an incompetent a-hole.

  82. -Bryce, You make me feel like i’m surrounded by morons. First off, i played 10 years including semi-pro and have coached for four years. Not that I need to prove anything to a stranger online, but don’t insult me again. If we ignored how players performed in college, we wouldn’t have the Heisman, the combine or the draft. We would ignore the Peyton Manning’s, Matt Ryans, John Elways and every other qb that did something noticeable in college that garnered them a 1st round draft pick. Yeah there have been busts- Leaf would be most recent. But you can’t write off college QBs. It would be stupid to do so. It’s what got Campbell drafted- his performance at Auburn. So don’t be an idiot Bryce, acknowledge the things that you might not agree with, but at least sound intelligent doing so.

  83. A lot of people in here are pretty hard on Z for bring a rookie coach. I’m sure you’ve always done a perfect job your first try throughout your life. Give Z a chance and be real fan and back him and the team up!


  84. Krashnorris, please think before you type. Do you remember Heath Shuler? Also, how about you give Zorn a call and tell him let the reigns go and see how JC develops. I watched Colt in college and I must say the kid plays hard and he reminds me of Patrick Ramsey. If we start Colt he will get punished and turn in to a good back up just like we did to Ramsey. Krash name one QB in the league with a WR group like we have? Please stop saying brady one the SB with average wide outs because let us not forget that he had a lot of speed at WR and not to mention a defense that forced turnovers. Zorn is our QB Coach, Head Coach and our O cordinator, sounds like he might need to let the power trip go and get some help! Check Davis out at USC and compare him to Cooley . I just want to use all of the talent we have and not just give one guy all of the reps. SB teams have good backups that get in the game.

  85. tbob, miami’s WR are not as talented as the skins. hell DBess is an undrafted free agent…he must suck…right? pretty sure he is starting and has been leading the team in catches for the pass 3 or 4 weeks. he had 9 catches in one game and 8 catches prior to that one. oh yeah Bess is probably 5’10” with shoes on. ted ginn is the other WR…what is he…a 2nd/3rd year player. miami’s t-ends are pretty much nobodies, yet this past sunday their 2nd and 3rd string t-end caught TDs…the first a 60+ yarder. Would you like to know how this team is having a pretty good season tbob? Miami has a QB who knows what the fart he is doing…knows who to throw to when blizted, trust his WR to be where they are supposed to be on routes, and passes the balls even before the WR are out of breaks. Jason holds on to the ball way to long! He is not really accurate with his throws…his throws to the flats where either way to far outside or he is short. did you notice during this past game that the only completed passes where the ones where the WR/TE where WIDE open? Jason would run out of the pocket after several seconds then roll out causing the LB and CB to come up and play the run, then he would throw. QB have seconds to get the ball out and only have small windows to throw into…with the speed of the corners that window closes fast. Jason locks onto many of his number ones, and by the time he realizes that that receiver isn’t open, the 2nd and 3rd options are NOT AN OPTION b/c the sheet is hitting the fan!

  86. No Leader! No Fire!

  87. I will be the first to say I loved the fact that the Redskins drafted Colt Brennan and I would love to see him succeed in the NFL. We drafted him in the 6th round and ideally you are not drafting a replacement at that point, but rather a project type guy that can maybe make it. If every quarterback the Redskins drafted was a replacement, then tell me why Jordan Palmer was standing on the other sideline Sunday with a headset on. And we drafted him in the 5th round….THEREFORE HE MUST HAVE BEEN THE ANSWER!!!

    Colt Brennan set record upon record in college therefore he must be the real deal and the answer…ask the Bengals how that worked out with David Klinger, how about contacting the Lions and asking them about Andre Ware. Big numbers in college dont always translate into NFL success. Brennan played in a pass first, up-tempo offense that allowed him to throw it all over the field…mind you almost exclusively from the shotgun. He wont always be in shotgun in the NFL and that takes time to learn. Dont believe me, then find out why the Redskins ended up cutting Jordan Palmer…he couldnt grasp playing the position from under center because he hadnt done it since he was a freshman in high school.

    As for other things, yeah our drafting has left some things to be desired but it at points comes down to luck of the draw…draft for need yes, but dont reach so far that you are passing up a ton of talent. I would love Andre Smith (Tackle from Alabama) at RT next year, but we dont hold a top 5 pick so it wont happen. Will there be a good OL available when we pick, who really knows!!! Calais Campbell comes up alot and yeah he seems like a great talent, but his work ethic has always be questioned…to the point where our D-Line coach discouraged drafting him, and he was Campbell’s position coach at Miami for 2 years!!

    And lastly for the whole Miami QB point…yeah their WR’s and TE’s had a pretty good game Sunday and Pennington made good decisions…but all of you complain about JC not taking chances, and then one of you wants to compare our QB situation to Pennington. You do realize that the TD he threw to David Martin might be the longest pass in the air that Pennington and EVER thrown! (sarcasm of course) But he is a guy that never really went down field…hell he has trouble throwing the 10 yard out pass.

  88. Hey Matt,

    I’m probably behind the 8 ball on this one, but yesterday I heard something on sports radio. Is JC’s contract up at the end of this season???

  89. GOOD!!

  90. It’s good to look through this last bunch of posts and see a lot of people keeping with Zorn and JC. Let’s give them another year before we start coming down on them.

    I’m not saying our team doesn’t need some more talent and some help. I think that Zorn and JC are nowhere near the top of the list of things needed for our team.

    Let’s get a good offensive line in place, and a good second WR developed. Randel El is not good enough to get coverage pulled off of Moss.

    I like the fact that even though our team is doing poorly the coaches aren’t rushing the young WR’s and Fred Davis into the game before they think they are ready.

    Let’s be patient and see what gets built.

  91. I can agree with Chris C. True, I want to at the very least have open competition at training camp for the QB position, but he’s right, it’s not what we need most. It would be great to see Colt come in and have the same success he had in the preseason(from under center too…wow) but I think his talent and how he would go 9/10 123 yards 2 TD no INTs in his opening preseason game, and then end the preseason as the highest ranked rookie QB-higher than Flacco, higher than Ryan- should at least turn some heads and make people want to give the kid the opportunity to compete. I’m well aware of the Heath Schulers and Patrick Ramseys(How could anyone mention Jordan Palmer and Andre Ware? Palmer wasn’t projected to be a first rounder most of the season, and Ware was a higher pick, came in as the starter and played for DETROIT), but like I said, the ship IS SINKING, and if you want JC to stay then maybe it’s even more reason to have open competition to see if you can light a fire under him. But Colt does deserve a look. Say what you want about who he played in college, can’t play under center, 6th rounder….he came in and ignited this offense during games where there was no emotion. He showed promise. He will succeed. I’m just saying give him a chance to compete.

    And the D-line coach saying he didn’t like Campbell’s work ethic? I don’t really like his. Why do we suffer each year on pass rush? It’s great he likes people’s personalities, but we aren’t here to make friends all the time. We’re here to win football games. If someone who was considered a cancer in the locker room (Albert Haynesworth) can do a complete 180 of his personality, attitude, and work ethic…why can’t a rookie? Isn’t that where our veterans come in and take control of the locker room and tell the rookie whats up?

  92. Best news I heard all week.

  93. Chad: I’m told it was just a coaches’ decision to go with Alfred Fincher in the second half, and no one’s saying anything beyond that. Maybe it was just that simple.

    A.O.: Haven’t seen any tension at all in that group, honestly. They really do seem to be supporting him even through this skid.

    Mike: No talk like that that I’ve heard. All indications right now are that Zorn will be back, and presumably Campbell as well. He has another year on his deal, and the preseason assertions that it takes a QB a couple years to perfect this offense make me think that he’ll get that additional year to work it out.

    Steve: One more year, I believe.

  94. For all of you JC lovers, what would it hurt to give the rook the second half of the eagles or 9ers game? If they are losing and the offense looks like it normally does under Campbell, why hesitate? You know with JC you have a steaming pile of dinks, dunks and dump offs because he has no vision and can’t see more than one receiver and his dump off man! I cannot gaurantee anyone’s success but what is there to lose, if it goes bad in the grand scheme of things is two quarters that JC doesn’t get to drive this offense into the ground going to hurt his regression hmm I mean progression all that much for next year. And for that matter who out there has seen enough to write JC another contract at the end of next season? Last time I checked there is not a big market for him!

  95. So, If we keep Campbell for the last year of his contract, and the preseason assertions aren’t true, how long of a contract would you sign him for? Now he can go wherever he wants, we can’t trade him for anything and we don’t have a QB being groomed as the starter…anyone think maybe now it makes sense to dangle him as trade bait for draft day? Now we might be looking at that top ten pick….

  96. I can get with that maybe some cracked out team like Detroit would want him?

  97. Krashnorris,
    Trade him, this team will go nowhere with JC at the Helm. Time to groom the future. COLT BRENNAN TIME!

  98. I have been preaching this for days LennyM. Nobody wants to hear it. Detroit, Oakland? St. Louis perhaps? Either way, we have needs and REAL FANS want to start seeing SMART DECISIONS from the management. Trading a player who still has value for another 1st round draft pick isn’t tearing apart a team. But it is giving us a better chance to build that foundation. From the ground up.

  99. I don’t think he will suck but give him a chance and if CB sucks then we know we need a couple of QB’s this offseason!

    I mean all these JC lovers can’t answer a simple question, how many times has JC thrown a slant or crossing pattern that a wr hasn’t had to stop to catch it or make a great catch. They can never run after the catch because of where the ball is thrown. This has nothing to do with offense and everything to do with simple ability.

    Did anyone really believe it was just coincidence when TC came in last year and all the sudden the receivers are able to run after a catch (which makes Santana much more dangerous) or that we started having TD passes thrown to receivers when we were in an 11 week drought without a WR TD prior to Campbell getting hurt?

  100. You guys are so right. JC lovers need to wake up and smell the coffee. Colt plays with fire! JC=trade bait!

  101. Where are you JC lovers? Answer the call, perhaps I need to say it louder because you are all asleep like JC’s emotionless a## during games! Finding it all hard to dispute when you think about it aren’t you?

  102. jgil have you been reading the posts? tbob asked for comparable WR to the skins…so miami was brought up…the fact that pennington doesn’t throw down field, or can’t throw a 10 yard out, but is still able to complete passes…move the chains…yet still produces Ws, shows how bad a qb jason really is. jason has the physical gifts but mentally he is not there…no moxie.

  103. true that!

  104. Finally. We could draft linemen in the first round with 2 picks, and somewhere in the second round grab another RB so that when Portis comes out we have another threat out there. You hear about Smash and Dash, Barber/Jones, L. White/C.Johnson, teams where when one back comes out, the other one comes in with another running style tho compliment the other. No one is worn down by week 13 like Portis because he has someone else to rely on. We need a speedy quick back who can break it in the open field. Betts gave us some good carries in the past, but we are looking towards the future.

  105. Chech out my article: THE TRUTH ABOUT COLT BRENNAN! bleacherreport.com Colt fans Unite!

  106. HTSKINS67,

    You have an article / website on Colt Brennan??????


  107. Keith,
    Just know what the kid can do!

  108. HTSKINS67,

  109. HTSKINS67,

    UMMMM- Awkward.

  110. Keith,
    Grow up! If you wanna play that game I can play too!

  111. PLAY NICE, PEOPLE!!!’

    We’re all in this together!!!!

  112. move ahead dude

  113. I think that we need to evaluate the whole team and find out the problems we have. First thing, trade JC. Second, pick up some fresh young O-Linemen to protect the QB. Release Jason Taylor and pick up a few DE men from the draft.


  114. HTSKINS67,

    OH YEAH?!! Well, I’m rubber and your glue-whatever you say will bounce of of me and onto you…..

    Your mean!!! I’m telling!!!

  115. Keith,

    Someone’s got young kids at home!!!

  116. LOL!!!!!!!…..

  117. Keith,
    Seriously, you wanna talk football or what!

  118. HTSKINS67,

    Okay-okay All joking aside…..

    As far as Colt, I know what he can do to. I’ve seen it with my own eyes for the past three years while he was in Hawaii. We knew his first year in the ‘June Jones” system that we was going to be something. By golly, he was. Never again will UH have another QB like that again. What? First QB from a not so good conference or should I use the politically correct statement: MID Major Conference,to be a finalist for the Heisman?

    We need to give JC the benefit of the doubt before we start thinking of Colt taking the helm. I said this before, this is his what? Third or fourth offensive system in like three years? IF this downward spiral happens next year with him, then by all means, pull him and start #5. The so called leeway needs to be short-very short for JC. No excuses next year.

  119. oh no!!! another lost!!!! skins have been changing from bad to worse to just awful to embarassing

    quick note to that dumbass Snyder!

    Fire that pet owl of yours Cerrato and find a better qualified person to manage the team. READ THIS: HE DOESN’T KNOW SH*T ABOUT FOOTBALL! a lot of redskins fans would do better in terms of managing the team, go play Madden somewhere.

    campbell, jason taylor, springs, all the oline, all the dline, rogers, cartwright, thrash, randle el, crap!!!! too mant to mention, cut them all loose, save salary cap and then get younger, faster, stronger.

    the defense should change their scheme and be more aggressive!! i heard Gregg Williams was fired from the Jaguars


  120. All that CAP money to pay players that wouldn’t be on the field!!! I thought you wanted to save CAP money, Richard???

  121. There has to be some more options than just

    Everyone has that figured out.

    Zorn was supposed add some diversity…

    Are there any 10-15 yard passingn plays?

  122. Richard,

    IF I understand your comment correctly, you want to FIRE and RELEASE basically everyone and start from scratch?? That may work in Fantasy Football and Madden but not in real football. No disrespect intended, but that would be a down right disaster and we would be 1-15 next year..

  123. First, I think everybody needs to lay off Zorn. If he finishes .500, that will be pretty impressive for a first year nfl coach, especially since he is bringing a completely different style to the team.

    Second, Give Campbell another year. The Redskins quarterback carousel has almost been never ending. Let’s see if we can get some consistency here next year. If not, we have a younger QB with a strong arm in Colt Brennan that can step in. But we’re not ready for that yet. It is a timing offense. When campbell has had time in the pocket, he has executed. For that very reason, you can’t throw in the towel yet.

    Both lines need major work. The draft will help, but we’re going to have to sign a few players here. If we cut some of the aging vets, we should be able to accomplish that. We also need to get ready for the huge hole at linebacker we are going to have in a few years without fletcher or washington. id like to see lauranitis or maualuga taken in the draft. we need some spark on defense. and a violent game changing linebacker could be it.

  124. John,

    Zorn likes being in third and long on every possession. He likes gaining only 1-2 yds. on first down. He likes being so predictable on 2nd down that even a novice madden football player can call the play let alone professional NFL defensive coaches.

    He is too one track minded to be creative and pass the pill down the field on first down.

  125. Keith,

    You’re being generous with the 1 win!!

  126. Again Steve,

    You having me laughing!!!!! You are so right!!! I stand corrected!! Kudos Bro!!!

  127. Brian,

    I didn’t know being .500 was an expectation for all first year NFL coaches.

    I may not know much but what I do know is this:

    IF you don’t win in the NFL you will not be coaching. PERIOD. He was brought in NOT to go .500(8-8) but to win.

    If Danny boy wanted to be consistent with going .500, he should’ve got Spurrier back..

  128. Keith,
    The way I see it is that JC has had ample time to prove himself. He lacks the ability to check down receivers and read defenses. He seems to be waiting for his WR’s to get wide open.
    We all know in the NFL, a QB has got to be able to fit it into tight spots, no pun intended. A Lot of it is on JZ’s play calling, but a lot of it is slow decision making on JC’s part and lack of pocket awareness. I see him staring down his primary receiver constantly and hold’s the ball way to long. From someone who played split end and safety, that’s just suicide for a QB. He’ll never get past his TD INT ratio of 10-6 which has remained constant throughout his career.
    At this point of the season I say we move on. TC or Colt. At least let JC reevaluate himself. No doubt I am a huge fan of Colts. I sat through everyone of his home games and I’m also a lifelong Skins fan. To see him in a redskin uniform is a dream come true. No one, and I mean no one felt he would need a couple years to develop. However, as thing’s stand, let him throw it. what is there to lose? Another game! That’s already a given. I think Colt will suprise you! The 49ers were patsy’s at the start of the season, but now with Singletary those gold digger’s are gonna be ready. Let him prove me wrong and you JC supporter’s right. I’ve been saying it since the start of the season! HTTR!

  129. HTSKINS67,


  130. Keith,

    I don’t think .500 is the standard we’re looking for. But, I think Snyder and everybody else in the Redskins organization should exhibit some patience and try to build a franchise, rather than plug holes every year.

    Bill Belichick, John Gruden , Tony Dungy, Tom Coughlin, etc. all had losing seasons or .500 seasons the first year with their teams.

  131. HTSKINS67,



    Your comment lets me know you represent da 808.. I agree JC sucks but we should throw him under the bus like MCMacken did with UH during the beginning of the season!! WOOPS!! sorry. wrong message board….

  132. Brian,

    The beauty of message boards is hearing other opinions and being man enough to agree to other opinions that differs from our own….

    After seeing it that way, I have to say I agree.. Well said…


  133. Keith,
    While were on the subject, what happened to Tyler? I heard he was dealing and questioned the Lee’s and Rolo, accusing them of playing favorites. You got any info?

  134. HTSKINS67,

    Last I heard, he had academic issues. Off the record though, he was a cocky punk of whom thought was the “AIR APPARENT” when Colt left and thought he didn’t have to attend class nor compete for the starting QB job. I dont even think he is still with the team…. WHAT A SORE LOSER. That’s my opinion and Im sticking to it…

    He had alot of potential but the wrong attitude.

  135. Keith, I can’t give up on the Z-Man. I think he has those bizarre qualities that make a good nfl coach. Im glad you see it in a different light now.

    As for JC. I think the staff needs to stop babying him. It can’t all fall on the O-Line either, he needs to tuck the ball down and run or once in his career, improvise on a broken play. I don’t want to give up on him, but i want to see Zorn light a fire under him. And if that means bringing Colt in for a series, im all for it. Andy Reid benched his Pro Bowl quarterback, and look what happened after that.

  136. HTSKINS67,

    I will find the da 411 on him. I have a source…

  137. Brian,
    Zorn is not that way. When he talks in his press conferences, I actually want to check if he’s breathing and his lack of emotion shows on his players and on the field.

    I asked Santa to make Zorn a more of a emotional head coach. Like Gruden or Cowler… But I know Santa wont get me my present…..

  138. Keith,
    Right on my bruddah. I would appreciate it! I see him on the sideline’s and for the life of me can’t figure out why he’s sitting. He must have really pissed soneone off, Cause we both Know with TG in there UH has a couple more wins!




    IM OUT!!!!


  140. Colt’s the future of the Redskins, has heart, accurate & he’s fearless, just needs an opportunity.

  141. Zorn’s press conference where he states that Campbell has been good enough & not injured. Good enough, is Zorn so close to the forest he can’t see the trees. Put it bluntly, he may be good enough in zorn’s eyes, but he’s not good enough to win games or lead the redskins in the playoffs.


    how bout them cowboys! you guys been trash talking us a couple of weeks ago, look who beat your teams sorry butt and then we just demolished the giants just for extra whipping. lol, your coach is a joke, you’re qb is a joke, they’re not gonna start Colt so keep dreamin, he might be good if he actually plays which is NEVER! keep playin the D’ they suck. Redskins players can always sit in their comfy chairs while they watch us march to the SB! LETS GO COWBOYS!!!

  143. boys22,

    Who let you in!!! Were you kicked off the Dallas site???

    OK! You’ve got the better team!! Wade is doing better than I thought he would!


  144. boys 22:




  145. The football HOMERS have spoken, lets just send them to extreme skins. but zorn hit the nail on the head, he needs to reevaluate his coaching, its not jason when your watching the play calls. when there are only 2 receivers on the field during a 3rd and 6 and the d is play cover 2 zone on us, it just shows how bad the play call was. keep in mind JC was not the only player on the feild and that his throws were spot on, just that zorn expected his receivers to get more YAC than needed. I think zorn has fallen into using what used to be gauranteed to work like the screens, and the shotgun draw and P.A. to moss deep, or EL.

    before, zorn was putting out all sorts of plays from every direction and the opposing team couldnt get a grip on the offense. IT WAS THE WEST COAST OFFENSE. i like zorn and keep in mind colt was raised in a Run N Gun offense and that adapting him to a west coast will be difficult be cause its a little more percise even though they are close to the same thing they have completley different concepts.


    sack! sack! sack!

  146. The skins Faithful,

    Commenting on YOUR comment concerning Colt’s BCS game against Georgia.

    I really don’t know what you are trying to say there. You referred to sack,sack,sack.

    Here’s a little tid bit you didn’t know. Prior to that terrible game, all week UH former Head Coach June Jones told the team and basically the whole entire 50th State that they made it-and it was time to have fun.

    That was the most idiotic comment I have ever heard going into such a huge game for UH.

    It seemed watching that game, that Georgia was just too strong BUT the Colt played in that game cannot be judged harshly. He had no offensive line that game,they were all taking in the tourists sites.(sarcastic).

  147. keith,
    and these guys want colt behind our current o-line in its current state….

  148. I must admit, I was not sure about Zorn at the start of the season; but, even with the loses i like him. One thing the Redskins can do to win is to keep Zorn and GET RID OF JASON CAMPBELL. Does he even like playing football. What a lackluster attitude. Bring back Todd Collins. He got us to the playoffs last year after Campbell’s so-so performance. Collins has fun out there. He likes the game and he rallies the team. He brings that spark to the team that Campbell could never do. Lets start winning next year with an exciting, energetic QB–
    Todd Collins!

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