Peter King Looks At The Bright Side


Not a lot favorable to take away from yesterday’s game, obviously. Any individual achievements tended to be immediately marred by dumb penalties (Santana Moss) or overturned by replay (Mike Sellers). I suppose Ryan Plackemeier had a fairly good game, which is nice, and Rock Cartwright acquitted himself well. I liked seeing Kareem Moore lay out Chad Ocho Seenco, I guess.

On the whole, though, it was the kind of day where I don’t think I would’ve, say, encouraged people to vote Redskins players into the Pro Bowl.

Peter King, however, apparently has no such qualms. Buried in the “10 Things I Think I Think” segment of his Monday Morning Quarterback column is this bizarre observation:

I think Clinton Portis is going to be in front of us one day for Hall of Fame consideration. Two games shy of seven full seasons, and he’s already past 9,000 yards. He’s 27 years old. Can he muster 4,000 more yards? I’d think he will. If so, he’ll be in Eric Dickerson territory.

Portis is an excellent running back, no doubt. A blurb like this might have made some kind of sense when he was being discussed as a potential MVP candidate earlier in the season, or at least after a particularly strong game. But yesterday he rushed 25 times for 77 yards — a 3.1 yards per carry average — and that came on the heels of a week in which he got involved in that awkwardness with his head coach, no less.

Still, if you’ve been searching around for some positive Redskins news on this bleak day, there you go: Peter King thinks Portis has at least an outside shot at eventual Hall of Fame consideration. Yay.


23 Responses

  1. peter king is a bum…he is the same person who was sing praise in saying that jason should be mid-season mvp…there where better players on better teams who deserve more consideration than jc.

  2. Let me guess this post will also be blasted with talk of Colt Brennan the 6th round pick.

  3. Ron Jaworski said Jason Campbell was the midseason MVP, and he is a real idiot. Peter King likes star players, and CP is a star player bad game or not

  4. Wow- imagine how down people would be WITHOUT the holiday spirit in the air!
    But really- tough times are opportunities to count one’s blessings.
    There are storms everywhere. Even we had some big flooding and a possible tornado this past weekend.
    Here’s what our newspaper said:

    “The county did not open emergency shelters during the storm because there was not a huge demand from people forced from their homes and because “Kaua‘i is awfully good with being able to absorb, with neighbors and family and friends, those who are displaced,” Marshall said.”

    Supporting people when they are down is one of the wonderful qualities of human beings. I know there are a lot of Skins fans who must feel this way about their team too.

  5. i think we should give jason one more year. everyone says it’s the offenses he has to learn every year but every time i watch a game he’s missing even the simplest throws. sometimes he misses guys wide open, its really getting frustrating

  6. This team has invested far too much in malcontent Portis and an assortment of restructured contracts. In the back of my mind is a voice that says maybe losses like yesterday’s are the precursor to this current roster being dimantled. Which it should be; this team has gone as far as it ever will (see 2005). However, how can it be when we own so much guaranteed money to Portis, Moss, etc.?

    Regarding Portis, it is common football knowledge to never invest so deeply in a running back, especially one of the downside of 25. Next to kickers, running backs are the most interchangeable pieces on NFL rosters. Certainly not a position that should be paid like Super Bowl winning QBs.

    If a layman like me can see that, then why can’t Snyderatto?

  7. Chad Johnson is Ocho Cinco, not Seenco

  8. plackfat said

    “Let me guess this post will also be blasted with talk of Colt Brennan the 6th round pick.”

    Is this an attack on Colt Brennan or the 6th round? Just curious

  9. After this season, all positions are up for GRABS!
    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!”

  10. can the rookie wrs get up to speed with jason campbell should be the focus for the rest of the season. yes i was one of them to throw zorn and campbell under the bus and even said that they cant co exist. well i guess its hard to go 4 wide when one rookie wr is banged up and the other didnt have the learning curve we hoped in his rookie year. Ok well the eagles are still trying to get to the playoffs so that game will be a test of pride and will. But all second and third round picks should be on the field in the next two weeks. We have a rookie offensive tackle that should see some time to see what we got. yea thomas and kelly are on the field but they should be on the field more. Fred davis has hands and can run routes so he should see alot more time. I think we should air it out against the eagles to see what the rookie wrs can do. As for the defensive line well yea im still throwing jason taylor under the bus. 1.5 sacks on the season, lol he almost doubled his sack total against the bengals. wow

  11. Team needs to be gutted. Trade portis, take whatever cap hit and use the trade to get offensive and d.line help. Not just help but legit players. RB’s can be replaced in today’s NFL. Football is won with the line always has and always will. How many draft picks and FA signings have we wasted on WR’s who are average at best on their best day? For god’s sake get rid of Cerrato

  12. Need a vocal Leader. Need Fire. Need a Spark.

  13. Do skins even have a Team Leader?…I thought JC and someone else was.

  14. Ninja,

    No attack on Colt.

  15. Its Peanut butter Jelly time, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, peanut butter Jelly, Peanut butter Jelly

  16. Peanut butter Jelly with a baseball bat

  17. Why do people call him Colt Brennan the 6th round pick? Isn’t there a guy named Tom… oh yeah Tom Brady that’s his name. He was also a 6th round pick but he isn’t any good or anything. Get over where people are picked it doesn’t matter they are pros. Horton was a late pick and everyone loves him. So stop with the pick status they’re all studs!

  18. This is the ame Peter King that thought that Art Monk was not a Hall of Famer? Get real..

  19. JC>Colt Brennan

  20. Durant back on the practice squad. I don’t get Vinny. His team has tanked because it has no depth and now he brings back a punter. Just one more reason to get rid of Vinny. He cna judge talent

  21. Matt Thanks for cleaning the posts.

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