Monday, December 15: A Five Minute Diversion

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Well, as usual on Monday mornings, it’s quiet at the Park so far — quieter than usual, actually, as every single person I’ve bumped into has been morbidly grim after yesterday’s loss.

I’ll have updates over the course of the day — Coach Zorn’s press conference, of course, and any players who come in despite the day off — but so far, I really have nothing new to give you beyond what we all saw. If you want to wallow in depressing postgame quotes, Dan Steinberg has you covered. If you’d like to move back to a more hopeful time, a time before 1:00 yesterday, and learn more (much more) about Clinton Portis, make sure you read Barry Svrluga’s insightful profile from Sunday’s Post. Rich Tandler and Hogs Haven both have thought-out, sad postgame musings, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

Or you could amuse yourself with this YouTube video (warning: contains vulgar language) that ProFootballTalk posted. It’s a Cowboys fan heckling ESPN’s Ed Werder, and if you’ve ever felt like the media deliberately drums up controversy around your team, this guy does something you’ve probably always wanted to do. Yes, he’s a Cowboys fan, but in this case I think we’re all on the same side. If nothing else, it’s a good way to get your mind off this depressing Redskins slide for five minutes or so.


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  1. Matt.
    Are the Skins reading these posts! If not, print them and take them somewhere and put them up! All 500 Post’s on 4TH quarter thoughts! It’s time for Colt to Start! Nothing to lose!

  2. Stop calling for Colt Brennan to come in and save this ship. People on this blog act like he is Jesus or something. He was a 6TH ROUND pick, obviously there was a reason as to why. Hell we could get Tom Brady back there and he would be getting owned because our O-line is a GD joke. Colt Brennan = not the answer. Granted it is possible that in a few years Colt could develop into a servicable QB but at this stage in the game why people want to see him in there is beyond me. Does the O-line protect? No. Does the D-line get pressure? Absolutely not. Do our recievers help Campbell? Hell no. Are the play calls questionable? Damn right. This is NOT all on Campbell. He deserves some of the blame but for sure yanking him is not the answer.


  4. Matt, Is Cowher still available? Has he made any visits to Redskins Park? BRING IN THE CHIN

  5. OK OK OK, All the SKINS need is a new Offensive and Defensive Coordinator. Along with an O-Line and D-Line. Thats it, once that happens, the SKINS are contenders again

  6. When are some of you going to reakize THERE IS NOTHING TO SAVE. THIS SEASON IS TOAST! Let the young guy’s play. Perfect time to see the future! HTTR!

  7. If I were the GM for a day…

    I would…keep Zorn. Although I would much prefer Cowher, realistically speaking another change for Campbell would be devastating. Unless a head coach can be just demoted to Offensive Coordinator then bring in a new coach but I have never seen that happen.

    CUT SUISHAM. First thing I would do. Wtf, I can’t believe Brooks was let go that fast and all season long they haven’t bothered about the kicker situation. Although the end game results mightve not been a field goal away, but when he misses, it just loses the momentum.

    Look for a new punter to compete with Plack although he’s decent, lacks consistency.

    Find a replacement for Randle El on punt returns. Jeezus!

    Moving on to defense, cut LB Washington – no longer durable, cut CB Springs – never on the field so whats the point, sign a BIGGER and faster linebacker who can blitz, sign a huge DT to possibly replace aging Griffin soon…

    Blache is doing fine but I’d tell him to BLITZ more often. If he does its like one more guy other than the front four. No, blitz six! C’mon, with those corners you can take a chance dammit.

    Offense, find a replacement for Kendall & Jansen. They have an 8 game span. Revamp the entire offensive line. Ofcourse, sign a big WR target who can make an impact. Never give Sellers the ball on shot yardage situations, he’s just better off blocking and I havent seen him that effective on short yardage runs. I’d tell Zorn to not have 4 WR sets when they are blitzing 6 men. Oh, and I’d tell Zorn to put in a play in the playbook…QB SNEAK!!!!!!!!

  8. i agree and disagree with Mike Hazelwood, we need a new Offensive Coordinator that knows the west coast Offence well enough but we should keep greg blache, we need more time to developt the full potential of the W.C.O., the offensive and Dlinemen has to really work their asses off during the off season… thats what we did during the offseason in my high school…. but let me tell you going 1-39 in my high school career sucks and what the redskins are going through is just a little taste of what me and my team has gone through man and that lone win came when our team was together and when my fellow linemen were strong.

  9. Can we see a qb change for the rest of the depressing season. wow under 200 yards passing in a pass happy offense. If it wasnt for portis we dont win 6 of the 7 games we won this year. Campbells delivery is way to long for a west coast offense. Hes still waiting for wrs to get college open and that rarley happen this year. I seen it in the first cowboy game. The two passes to santana could of been tds if campbell doesnt wait to throw it. Teams put 8 in the box and make campbell beat them and he hasnt. Its taking him way to long to read defenses. 5-8 yard passes is what i thought this team was going to be about. We pick up 2 six feet plus wrs and a six foot plus te and we are not doing anything. This looks like gibbs offense but sending more wrs out in paterns. Short slants to kelly and thomas i thought would be the bread and butter and then send santana deep. Run portis when teams kept the safteys deep. Can anyone tell me what this offense is cause i cant call it. Moss has more punt return yards on one play then randle el has had all season and still randle el still is the starting punt returner. Alot has to change and maybe we can se something in the next two games. Make this look like a real west coast offense since we dont have anything to lose.

  10. OK Zorn you’ve tried it Campbell’s’ve lightened up. How’s that workin’ for ya?!! It’s well past time to put your foot somewhere dark 50+ times!!!!!!

  11. Fred davis had one catch for 16 yards and we never went back to him. I dont know whats goin on around here. Portis hasnt scored in weeks and we have it 3rd and goal from the one and no portis. wow. then with 2:08 to go inside the 20 and you run the ball. I would of rather you kicked a fg then run the ball. That was the dumbest thing i ever seen. I really think zorn has a problem with portis and its going to be hard to tell me he doesnt. The first running play to the left side was for more yards then the first 5 running plays to the right and yet we ran the ball more to the right then the left. I still cant believe that we had under 200 yards passing against the bengals and this is a pass happy offense well at least i thought a west coast offense was a pass happy offense.

  12. That fan heckling the ESPN guy was choice.

  13. Porits has the 3rd most carries in the nfl behind peterson, and turner. Plus portis has been hurt and limited in his carries. With that said, thats not a west coast offense. 167 yards passing against the bengals. Thats so so so so sad. I wonder whos going to show up now that we are out of the playoffs. Can we as fans see something cause after only scoring 10 points and yea im saying 10 cause cartwrights kickoff return inside the 20 and only getting 3 point with under 2 mintues to play doesnt count. 10 points against the bengals, i wonder whos going to the redskin eagle game. Who wants to really see the redskins play after that game. Im waitin on the draft. Whos the best pass rushing de coming out, does anyone know?

  14. You people amaze me more and more everyday. I think some of you honestly believe that by putting Brennan (an unproven rookie with mechanics that won’t fly in the NFL) in the game that the ‘skins will immediately go 16-0, and that’s pretty sad, given that he has never played a snap in the regular season.

    It’s people like you who encourage the high turnover rate we have with coaches and QBs in DC. What do winning teams like the Patriots, Giants, and Steelers have? Continuity. Take a deep breath and say it with me: continuity. Getting rid of a first year coach who has a .500 record (surpassing preseason expectations) in a new system and dumping your quarterback (again in a new system) for average play behind a beat up/old o-line is NOT the way to win championships.

    No, you build around what you have. The Redskins have a potentially great quarterback in Campbell, a rookie head coach in Zorn (who will have plenty of time to right his wrongs in the offseason, as well as develop his playcalling skills), an amazing RB, a stout defense, and 3 rookies who may develop into playmakers on offense. What the Redskins need to do is draft youth on their O and D-lines, and let everything else fall into place.

    The blindly impatient attitudes of a lot of you are downright disgusting. I’m not saying the team is perfect because it’s not, and the FO obviously needs to change its attitude regarding drafting linemen, but there is no reason whatsoever to run Zorn out of town or to bench Campbell. Stop playing armchair GM and leave the personnel decisions to the *professionals*. You might not have to agree with all of their decisions, but like it or not they know MORE about football than you do, and they have MORE insight into the players on the team than you do.

    Grow up or do us all a favor and root for another team, because you’re irritating the rational portion of the fan base.

  15. It doesn’t make since to me that three teams made the playoffs last year from the NFC East and do we need to even mention that the Super Bowl Champion came from our division last year? i think it is safe to say that there is much sucess to this style of football. What is this style of football? Run the ball, tough defense, and a tough grit that opponents dread to play. This is what we have been sucessful at for many years, and the other teams in the division are still enjoying that sucess. Why do we need a west coast offense? It is kind of like a prevent defense, it will prevent you from winning. This calamity reminds me of when Spurrier was here, or even Norv Turner. When we leave what we have been sucessful at we are doomed and i am so fearful that we are on that some path that we have dreaded ever since Joe Gibbs left. There are some changes that need to be made Matt, but hard decisions are not best when they are made in the heat of the moment. We are all frustrated, I am sure from front office all the way down to us the fans, we are all not happy, but lets stick together. Hail to the Redskins!

    ps Santana you ask us yesterday to cheer our a ** off at Cincinnati for the team, i just want you to know that we did and we will NEVER give up on you or Clinton or the TRUE REDSKINS!

  16. Well said, Jeff L. I will admit I would be happier if we started 2-6 and then went 6-2 in the back half. I would feel like there was more to build on than I do now!

  17. Folks, let’s face it – the team has not been competent for quite a while. During that time there have only been two constants – Synder & Cerrato, both of which have proved to know nothing about putting a winning team together. Synder, unfortunately, is not going anywhere, which means its time to finally remove Cerrato. The decision making that impacts the depth and quality of players (and coaches) has been consistently suspect and now more than ever rests on Cerrato’s shoulders. Save for Horton, our draft picks have been a waste, not to mention the giving away of next years 2nd round pick. This team’s preparation, competitveness and all around consistency of play will not change until Cerrato is gone. In most businesses, when the results of your work is unacceptably below the standards – CONSISTENTLY – you are removed to make way for improvement. The fans, the ones who help pay the salaries of the players and coaches, are tired of watching the Redskins looking like a High School Football team. I know I am…

  18. F the Westcoast Offense….We are not an westcoast offencs organization. I’m down for Cowher…..better yet I say we go out and get Gregg Williams back to be our DC and have Daniel Snyder be our Head Coach. Nothing else is working for him….and I’m sure he could of done way better than what Zorn has done….they had about the same experience when Zorn was brought in. And I think Snyder would bring a lot of discipline to the team. Keep them in line and pumped to go for 4 quarters.

  19. Jeff L, im all for continuity. I understand that any good team has it. But coaching is something you either can do or cant do. Zorn is losing this team fast. It is oinly going to get worse. I agree with the fact that we need a Line on Both sides of the ball. But dont give me this Rookie head coach or Campbell learning a new offense. Look around the league, 4 other rookie coaches are doing just fine and are on their way to the playoffs. Look at the rookie QB’s that learned a new system (IN THEIR ROOKIE YEAR) that are out playing campbell who has been in the leauge for a few years. Bring in Cowher, and let him stay here as long as it takes to fix this team. Which shouldnt take long, because we have the talent to win in this league.

  20. it just seems that people like “HTSKINS67” and many other are on some kind of an agenda calling for colt to start. some even seem to be from hawaii. or maybe its just some rival fans calling for colt, just so that the redskins are in turmoil. not to say they are not.

  21. well said Jeff L

  22. how many Super Bowls have the Seahawks won?

    how many Super Bowls have the Giants won?

    how many Super Bowls have the Cowboys won?

    how many Super Bowls have the Redskins won?

    Where is success ? its with the NFC east!

    Even the Pittsburgh Steelers remind me of the glory we once knew… tough defense..find a way to win..

    Lets do what has been a proven winner ! We appreciate you Coach Bugle!

  23. I like that Will. Stick to tradition and not this nonsense Westcoast offense.

  24. Losing 5 of 6 games will make a lot of people unhappy Mike. It’s just human nature to be frustrated, especially when expectations are so high. But to say that having a rookie head coach isn’t a disadvantage is ridiculous. It’s a learning process, and there are growing pains, and Zorn is going through that now.

    And for the record, Steve Young said the following about Matt Ryan:

    “Frankly, what this guy is doing is unprecedented in the history of the game, and to be honest with you, I really can’t fathom it all … he’s like a bolt of lightning.”

    Don’t compare apples to oranges; Ryan appears to be one of those special players who comes along at their respective position every couple of decades. He could very well end up the next Tom Brady. And regarding Flacco, he has been very mediocre at the QB position. His best days have come against the Browns, Texans, and Bengals. He benefits from a lights out defense that is ranked #2 in the league that often puts him in a position where he only needs to lead drives of 40 yards. Yes, Jason has played mediocre too, but he has no pass protection to speak of.

    Cowher is not a magical fix-all for the Redskins, either. First of all, he’d want full control of the team, and that is not something Snyder would relinquish. Second, he’d want to install a 3-4 defense, and we simply do not have the personnel required for such a scheme. And again, we still haven’t truly seen what Zorn can do. He needs to be given at LEAST one more year.

  25. SInce the season is over yea start colt brennan but it should of been todd collins who should of started this season. Campbells is not ready. Maybe in a west coast college offense hes good but not the nfl style. So if your going to keep zorn, campbell must go. 167 yards passing against the bengals. Now when he did that against the ravens, giants, and steelers everyone was like ok those are good defenses. The bengals and he wasnt sacked at all. Come on lets be real. Change like obama said.

  26. Do you guys honestly think Zorn is making any QB decisions? He has no say in it….It’s all Danny and Vinny. And for the record Colt played good in the Hall of Fame game throwing to Anthony Mix. He was playing with and against freakin practice squad players. Yea I say give him a couple quarters in these next two games…..but i’m sad to see everyone throw JC under the bus because our O-line is horrible. We got to shuffle that line and switch Samuels over from LT.

  27. Matt,

    Do you think any of these people realize that continuity is what builds a franchise? Constant changes of the QB, coach, offensive and defensive coordinators do not net instant results. This is why none of you have jobs within the NFL.

  28. Let’s say for the sake of arguement that Cowher gets the nod next year. It would be because Snyder had this worked out since Gibbs retired. I will always be a Skins fan, but that move would not sit well with me! Its not fair to Zorn, the players, or us (the 12th man)!! I hope Snyder has learned from the past, SPLASH doesn’t help!!

  29. i dont think the loss can be put on JC’s shoulders in any respect.
    He threw for 5.9 yards/attempt (the goal in a WCO is ideally around 8), he had a TD pass, and no turnovers. Also, in the NFL, you go to your strengths. This is, essentially, a Joe Gibbs team: It wins and loses on the strength of the running game. Campbell, Brennan, nor Collins would greatly affect that outcome…we need a FO overhaul in philosophy, starting with the OL!

  30. Jeff you said flaccos best games were against the browns, texans and the bengals. well campbell had under 170 passing against both the bengals and browns. He wasnt sacked against the bengals at all so dont blame the offensive line in that one. the bengals didnt have carson palmer either. So yea flacco has played way better then campbell has. Matt ryan well yea hes great but thes are rookie qbs campbell is not. At first i didnt blame campbell cause we were playing great defenses like the steelers, cowboys, giants, and ravens. When you only end up with 167 yards passing againt one of the worst passing defenses in the nfl, its either the coach or the qb. Take your pick but one of them has to go.

  31. Continuity – YES – it’s a good thing.

    Running the same 15 scripted plays to start the game week after week and then wonder why we go 3 and out to start every game? – NO – that’s a bad thing.

    Hmm – let’s see Portis RIGHT, Portis LEFT, and then a pass 2 yds in front of the 1st down markers. That’s DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

    We did not make a first down until the 2nd quarter – against the BENGALS!!! Whatever the case may be, something is WRONG and needs to be FIXED. (granted – Cooley had a 1st down prior to the FUMBLE)

  32. KYU,

    I agree

  33. Ray I agree the playcalling has been subpar. There is no arguing with that. Maybe Zorn needs to give up playcalling duties to the off. coordinator (I mean, how many times during a game do you hear Smith mentioned? Never?). The system should stay, however. It was clear in the first few weeks that it was working great, but once teams got tape on Zorn it was easy to unravel. More diverse playcalling is definitely a necessity.

    richard, Campbell has 12 TD, 6 INTs, 2945 yards passing. Flacco has 13 TDs, 12 INTs, 2525 yards passing. Are you telling me Flacco is a better QB than Jason? I’d take 6 less INTs and 400 more yards over that 1 additional TD any day.

    It’s the playcalling and the O-line, in my opinion.

  34. Colt was the 3rd highest rated passer in preseason. Way ahead of Ryan and Flaco!

  35. jeff ur dumb…we r sayin since our season is over we mite as well put in colt….theres nothing to lose now….i wood like to c how he does in a regular season game. if he does well then we put him in but if he doesnt than keep campbell…THERES NOTHING TO LOSE!

  36. Jeff L you are on crack or are related to Jason Campbell. That guy cannot play at this level period, watch any of the other qb’s in the league. The other guys make a decision and throw. They do not wait for a wr to get wide open because shocker, in this league it rarely happens.

    All Campbell lovers do me a favor, look at the game tape from yesterday. Toward the end of the 1st quarter skins faced a third and six, JC with plenty of time threw it to Moss for 3 yards. If you look at this play the defense immediately collapses on Moss because Campbell doesn’t take his eyes off him from the snap meanwhile Randle El goes untouched off the line on a fly pattern with nothing but green in front of him waiving his arm in the air.

    Campbell has no vision and his delivery is too long and slow. Not to mention his brain does not work fast enough. There was also the pass to moss in the fourth when he had time moss is open and Campbell almost got him killed because he threw it 9 ft over his head. JC is not and is not going to be a good qb because he cant make even simple throws. If you think back when was he successful at Auburn and in his Skins days. Example his senior year he had Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams behind him, the number one rush offense in the country. Earlier this year when teams were not putting eight in the box and portis was finding room he was successful. Facts are facts he can’t go out and win a game, or complete simple 5 yard slants for that matter.

    Jeff says that Colt’s mechanics are bad, well so are Philip Rivers and I am damn sure you would take him over Campbell right now. Mechanics don’t matter when you can flat out play. Colt was a 70% passer in college and I don’t care what offense you run or what division you played in. He set all kinds of records and plenty of kids have played in that offense against similiar competition but haven’t put up those numbers. His delivery is quicker, he is a better runner and for god sakes at least looks like he’s not about to go to sleep all the time. WAKE UP JASON ITS ONLY THE FOURTH QUARTER!

  37. True that Mak!

  38. HTSKINS, the Lions were 4-0 in the preseason. Look how that worked out as a barometer for predicting regular season results.

    Mak, you shouldn’t call someone dumb and then say “wood” for “would”. That’s pretty bad, dude. And the simple reason Colt isn’t going to be put in is because HE IS NOT READY. Not only that, he’s the #3 QB. Collins is the #2 and he’d be the guy to play if the coaches decided to bench Campbell.

    Dat wood b silly tho, cuz campbell dint do nuthin 2 warant bing benched.

  39. Hi Matt!
    Well, at the beginning of this rebuilding season a losing record was possible, an even record would have seemed good, a winning record would have been a gift and a playoff spot would have seemed a miracle.

    But the numbers are settling into place at the end of this rookie season for Coach Zorn.

    I hope the collateral damage is not too great and that cooler heads will prevail.

    I can visualize that a couple years from now, the Redskins will be clicking along in the WCO and this year will be regarded as “the rebuilding year”.


  40. Remember at the end of the 2006 season when the Redskins Season was “over” and everyone wanted Jason Campbell? I think thats what is happening now, cant please the impatient redskins fanbase

  41. It is not all about the Qb I will admit, an idiot head coach does not help either. I don’t care how long you have been a head coach, if you have Clinton Portis and he gets no carries from the one that is just foolish.

    Also, why are we the only team in the league that still does this 1984 jumbo garbage in the red zone. If anyone at Redskins park is paying attention, other teams that are succesful have three receivers on the field when they are in the red zone and sometimes (everyone sit down for this) they even put the ball in the air to one of the corners of the end zone to their big wide outs and let them try to make a play. Sort of like the two guys we drafted this year or the guy (Cooley) who caught three corner fades for td’s last year.

  42. Jeff L,
    I’ll go along with the cut the name calling. But are serious about sticking with JC? 167YD’s against the Bengals? If you want to Bring Detroit into it, We passed them Yesterday for the #30 spot for Point’s. At least we beat someone at something. JC’s personality is reflected in this offense. No emotion, no enthusiasm and no fire. We’re #1 in the Bottom 10 for point;s scored! The worst in the league! It’s on the QB! period! HTTR!

  43. Getting rid of main components of this team would be a mistake! We need to put people in place to aid the package that we already have. Once we have a solid foundation…If these components still are not working, at least we’ll be able to plug people in (where ever needed) and make it work.

  44. HTSKINS, it wasn’t only JC who had a poor game. Portis played horribly after talking smack all week, and fumbled. Sellers fumbled on the goal line. Cooley fumbled on the first possession. The D played like a JV team.

    Of course this does not absolve JC from all blame. He certainly shares a portion of it with the rest of the team. Just as it’s ridiculous to say JC is blameless in the Redskins’ offensive woes, it’s just as absurd to think it all falls on his shoulders.

    It’s not just the QB. It’s also the line. It’s also having 2 5’10 WRs as your primary options. It’s also the playcalling.

    Be patient. The system will develop, and Zorn will have plenty of time in the offseason to address his shortcomings as a coach. The rookies will learn more, and hopefully we’ll see an offense that can consistently put up 24+ PPG next year. If not, then by all means, open up a quarterback competition.

  45. when your team makes the Bengals look like the best team in the league something drastic has to happen. We have nothing else to lose, Play CB for a half so we can shut up anymore controversy about him. Utilize the rookie recievers more so it doesnt look like we had a lost draft.

  46. Thank you Jeff well said on all aspects. I hope Colt does start these next two games. He’ll throw 8 picks, and maybe just maybe everyone will shut the f*** up about him starting. Do I think Jason is a great QB? No I do not, but he still does have potential to grow in this offense, and with him in we have the best chance of winning. Why on earth do you people think Colt can do any better? because he played well in the hall of fame game? So did Jason. Does it not click that Colt was playing against the third string with people who are not even on the team anymore? He was the best of the worst. That’s all it shows. Marcus Mason looked good in preseason too. Where is he at now?

    What needs to happen is the team needs to get younger at on the offensive line. Tom Brady would struggle with this line. Forget the D line with the first pick. This defense is top five with out an extraordinary pass rush. Draft a great LT and move Samuels to RT, and hopefully Chad Rhinehart will have improved enough to take Pete Kendalls position.

  47. Hey Everybody,

    Did you see the reminder of when the Skins – Eagles game is!

    I don’t think any of us need to be reminded when it’s time to…get in a bad mood, throw the remote, rip the hat off your head, and send the wife and kids out shopping (so you no longer have to censor yourself)!

  48. Nick,
    Does it not “click” that Colt was playing with 3rd stringers. JC looked as bad in preseason as he does now. As for 5 “10” recievers, ever heard of Davonne Bess? Colt Brennan’s Prime Target at Hawaii! He’s 5 “10” and lighting it up in Miami, and he went undrafted.

  49. Its funny reading these blogs….a couple of weeks ago it was HTSKINS67, Travis and I rebutting all the Colt bashing and Colt hate, and backing each-other up. Since the end of the game last night, man there are a lot of fired up people wanting to see COLT play. You gotta admit he lights up the boards…either on the field or online…he fires up all of us.

  50. What on earth are you talking about. Yeah I know Colt was playing with third stingers, that’s why he looked so good. Davone Bess has 15 catches for 158 yards. I wouldn’t really call that lighting it up

  51. And he wouldn’t be playing if Camarillo didn’t get hurt.

  52. DB has been the top reciever the last 3 weeks for the fish! And he’s been involved since week 1. The Jet’s were afraid to kick to him. Our rookie WR’s haven’t done s#!t! JC had 1st stringer’s and looked just as s#!tty as he does now. Come to think of it, that’s how he’s looked since day 1.

  53. Skins were suppose to improve as the weeks went on…..what the F??? Losing to the Bungels was the worst thing that could happen….
    and to all of you who like to question fan loyalty…..I have been a diehard fan in the middle of cowgirl country for 25+years. do you know how embarrasing it is for redskins fans right now???? At least in other years we had something to defend our team with..something promising….but enough is enough….Campbell should be doing something positive right now….he has been in the league long enough to be able to hit a slant….he can’t even do that! Time for change…..why not Colt? Face it …it isn’t going to get any worst that who is behind center right now….let him throw interceptions….i’ll take 2 ints for 3 touchdowns anyday.

  54. Texas Redskin…my sentiments exactly. Man stay strong over there in Cgurl country. Its like being a Redskin in Hawaii for the past 30+ years.

  55. Yeah, we’re surrounded by 49er fans!

  56. dont forget about the raider fans too.


  58. His middle name is Jesus!

  59. Yup, Losalio Raider nation is Stong. My neighbor nas a huge Raider sticker on his truck window. We Don’t Talk1

  60. Colt is a 3rd stringer for a reason, remember that.

  61. He is a third stringer because of a flawed system in the NFL that most idiot head coaches use where you have to play people in the order they were drafted to save face for your idiot owner and vice president of general managing football operations or whatever bug eyes calls hisself these days.

  62. You Hawaii guys are biased on this Colt topic. I played football at UB and I promise if the team ever drafts anyone from there and they don’t deserve to start I wont argue it.

  63. COLT COLT COLT!!!!!!!
    PLease put him in…OMG I HAVE 25 POSTERS OF HIM..and i stare at them for hours on end cause im from HAWAII!! yea top that one..we had a sick QB and really was destroyed at the Sugar Bowl..BUT THATS BECAUSE HE HAD HIP SURGERY AND FORGOT HIS “SPECIAL” GLOVES!!!! hey lets put him in!!! and watch him f’ up! Hail to the Redskins…NOT Hail to the Brennan

  64. Well besides all this garbage talk about Colt and Cower, that Portis article in the WaPo was excellent! It really gives you some interesting insight on why Portis’ pockets are straight. HA!

    Seriously though, I wonder how athletes can feel comfortable with a journalist tagging along in their home and still manage to feel like they are “at home.” It would be hard to carry on as if they weren’t there documenting your life while having a total stranger in your home. Good read though…

  65. did you guys watched that press conference yesterday? so pathetic!!! Hey Zorn, I understand your a rookie coach, you’re freakin’ behaving like one as well!!! you look like you’re about to wet your pants!! whatever happen to satying “medium” and all that confidence huh??

    HEY SNYDER LEARN HOW TO READ THIS!!! REVAMP THE MAIN CORE FACTORS IN THE TEAM!!!! jeez, read all the sports column in the Wash. Post, they are helping you out of your stupidity!! here’s the 10 stuff you should

    1. FIRE CERRATO!!!! he doesn’t know **** about running management and personnel control. nada!!! we’re only a playoff team back in 05′ and 07′ because of Gibbs! that’s it! signing players that are only here good for a year or two! A football organization is suppose to be always looking for continuity, building dynasties, not one day wonders.

    2. ZORN & STAFF: I still think he should be given a fair evaluation up to the 2009 season. I do think that he needs to give up the playcalling to the off coord. and just concentrate on the team and the QB development (yes Zorn, even though you sound like a scared sissy girl last night, I do think you have what it takes to become a great coach)

    3. CLINTON PORTIS: there’s a lot of running backs and potential running backs out there that can be molded to be Pro-Bowl type back, but we already have this guy, he’s a beast! and he’s the main reason, the offense was producing at the start of the season, BUT HE NEEDS HELP BAD! Betts, I think is not that type of complimentary back to portis, we need Portis as a work horse and another speedy back(maybe in the draft). BETTS AND CARTWRIGHT SHOULD GO!!

    4. WIDE RECEIVER CORPS. Santana Moss, needs help as well, Thomas I think has the potential, also he can be a punt returner too. Kelly, still hard to evaluate because he was injured all year, I graduated from OU also, he’s a weapon if he’s healthy. we need 1 or 2 more threats and i think Randle El, Thrash and all the old corps are done from playing. time to move on and cut them

    5. O-LINE: need i say more, They’re old, they all need to go or some of them can serve as backups, we need younger, stronger, bigger and a more agile group of line to run the ball and pass protect

    6. DLINE: same as #5, Carter, Daniels, and most especially that f**** Jason Taylor, should be let go NOW!!! hey Taylor, what do you think about the Dolphins now??? they think letting you go was one of the smartest moves they have than you on the dance floor.

    7. SECONDARY: i’ll be surprise of they don’t keep Hall. I’m still skeptical about Rogers, Springs needs to go, I like Smoot, but he’s not a starter anymore.

    8. Line Backers: Fletcher is the only deserving player to go to the pro bowl besides CP. Rocky & Blades has potential, and we need Rocky to be rushing more and we need Line backers that can rush the passer . I think we should change our scheme from a 4-3 to a 3-4, everybody’s having success, might as well join in.

    9. JASON CAMPBELL: yes Campbell, Y-O-U!
    he’s a bust just waiting to be justified. i don’t wanna hear all that crap about, new system, new coach blah blah blah blah nonsense. he was protected well last year and yet he did not show any threat nor was he showing a potential to be a franchise QB. you either have it or you don’t. bad move on management again, we need a pocket passer, a west coast offense needs a pocket passer. He’s not a good QB in his 4th year. Im not saying Colt Brennan is going to be the next Brett Favre but the kid shows some flashes, it should be better to see what HE can do rather than drafting another QB (or we can wait 1 -2 more years more for Sam Bradford of OU). Let’s see what the kid has now if he’s worth developing

    10. lastly, they need to reflect on what T-E-A-M means, they suck as a group because this is a group that’s been here for a while and they get paid decent money already, they only show up to get paid and not to play, I for one will not buy any season tickets for next year and just support them from my TV. I just don’t think, as a Redskins fan, it’s fair that we shed so much $$$$ to a team that’s not been serious about being a contender. they are so stuck in just satisfying all the players, all the OLD ones that have been playing here for a long time. CUT TIES, “IT’S NOT PERSONAL, IT’S BUSINESS” you want to win the playoffs? championships? divisions? Super Bowl? then do what’s necessary in the long run than going for the “FIX IT NOW” solutions and spend all those wasted $$$


  66. Even though he is a cowboys fan I’m glad that guy heckled werder. I used to work for espn. I was a production assistant then a Tape op/Tech. I made 30,000 a year fixing the “talents” mistakes while they make millions. Most of the talent and producers treat the “below the line” workers like garbage. They take ideas as their own and are douches. There are some cool talent there though. ESPN can kiss my grits

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