Redskins @ Bengals – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to write today: at least the defense held the Bengals to a field goal to keep the deficit to 17.
  • There’s some confusion in the press box about if Chris Cooley‘s first quarter catch-and-fumble, which went for 19 yards, qualifies as a Redskins first down. This is a vital question, because if it WAS a first down then the team has one, and if it doesn’t, they don’t have any. It’s important to be able to quantify just how poorly the team is doing.
  • Whether it’s one or zero, it didn’t change with that drive. Three passes, two of them incomplete, and another Plackemeier punt. This one is high and spiraling and long, but ultimately goes into the end zone for a touchback.
  • This is yet another one of those games where the team is managing to sabotage even those things that do go well. After forcing the Bengals into a three-and-out and putting Santana Moss in to return the punt, an illegal block penalty on Chris Wilson subtracts from Moss’s 31 yard return. Just the way things are going today, I guess.
  • Two plays into the drive, the Redskins get either their first or their second first down, depending on how things wind up. Before this drive, Zorn was huddled on the sideline with Clinton Portis, Mike Sellers, and (I think) Sherman Smith, and I guess whatever they discussed proved helpful — Portis is finding much larger holes than he was in the first quarter.
  • The sabotaging-everything-good trend continues, as Moss catches a crucial touchdown pass and immediately gets flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for using a prop in his celebration. And it wasn’t even a particularly good celebration. Still, the touchdown stands, the score is at 17-7, and both the offense and defense seem to have come to life somewhat.
  • The Bengals go three and out yet again, the Redskins take the ball over, and we have yet another strangely managed two-minute drill. The run-the-clock-to-keep-the-ball-away from the offense strategy makes sense in certain circumstances, but down by 10 to the lowly Cincinnati Bengals doesn’t really feel like one of them.
  • Fred Davis, who looked so good in practice all week, looks pretty solid on his first reception this game. I’d really like to see him involved more.
  • It’s disappointing that the team couldn’t score a touchdown, but at least Shaun Suisham comes through on the field goal to make the score 17-10. Suisham probably saved lives with that kick, because I can imagine some of the frustrated people I’ve heard from responding VERY badly if he had missed one from that close in.

32 Responses

  1. If Suisham had missed that crap I would have been calling for him to be gone and I really like the guy. Nice to see Davis doing something out there. Let’s hope the momentum keeps up in the 2nd half…and gets more intense.

  2. Agree – get Davis AND Sellers the ball more!

  3. The best decision of the game so far is to take Randle El out of punt returns and put Moss in. How ’bout sticking Hall back there too, just to see what happens?

  4. all campbell haters, hope you were watching

  5. Zorn had continually said that “Randel El is our man” for punt returns without giving any reasoning. Yet every time they use someone else it works out ten times better.

    Can we just make it official and have Moss be the starting punt returner?

    It doesn’t take a “genius” to get this one right

  6. Cant afford the wear it would put on moss.

  7. Its not like he’s getting any wear catching the ball.

    Plus whens the last time you actually heard of a kick returner getting hurt? Its a common misconception.

    I don’t buy it

  8. Well, good point. would just hate to see him get blasted. Randel el has been safe with the ball, it would do him some good to watch some old film on Brian Mitchell, north and south gets the yards

  9. Randel el has been safe meaning he runs backwards for 5 yards and nearly fumbles it or gives up field possession on EVERY punt.

    This is pathetic. Moss is easily better.

    Plus Moss is a gangster, he won’t get blasted.

  10. I don’t hate Campbell Letsgopitt, I just think he has too slow of a release or throwing motion to suceed in a west coast offense, thats all, I love his arm stength though.

  11. LOL, I just thought of Fogel from superbad,” whats up ganstas”

  12. Is this team alergic to touchdowns or what?

  13. I know commenters are getting a bad rap for being really knee jerk about the performance in the past couple of weeks, but how can anyone not think firing Zorn is a serious discussion now?

  14. were like a highschool team

  15. worse, we’re like the terps

  16. Go down on the field and fire Jim Zorn right now!!!! 3 plays from the 1 yard line and the best running back in the league never touches the ball and Sellers fumbles yet again. FIRE ZORN NOW

  17. what happened to all of CP’s 20 yard runs, 11 yard gashes. they seem like a distant memory

  18. We should not fire Zorn. First, a West Coast offense takes more than one season to ‘install,’ and second, it would mean there would be yet another new system for not only Campbell to learn, but everyone. It would be total confusion.

    What the Skins do need is an offensive coordinator. Someone with some experience to help Zorn out. I think he can be a quality coach, but he’ll need some time and help. The time management has been weird at best, and terrible at worst, and the player management– from who comes in and out to formation trouble– is not very good. Someone to take pressure off Zorn might be what we need.

  19. HE should have never been hired in the first place.

  20. Yea what the hell was Zorn think giving the ball to Sellers when he’s got Portis down on the 1 yard line?It’s pretty obvious him and Portis haven’t patched things up.

  21. Zorn is useless. Letsgopitt is right…he should never have been hired. He doesn’t need time, he needs less ego and more smarts. Cut him loose now and hire a real coach.

  22. Hail, good call. Zorn is more about Zorn than what it takes to win. I personally thinks he hates Portis and at this point cares more about himself than winning.

  23. good point, hail…its alright to voice opinions, but when they change your gameplan for the worse, that’s just plain unprofessional. i’ve lost a lot of respect for zorn in the past few weeks.

  24. Hail,
    I seriously doubt that Zorn’s choice of Sellers was anything more than stupidity. I don’t think he even understands why he has a rocky relationship with Portis.
    Sellers should be getting more blame than he is on that fumble.

  25. he needed to be a coordinator first, at least. Who hires a qbs coach, based on the fact that the qb he coached kicks our ass whenever we make the playoffs. it was ridiculous to think JC would just transform into hasselback;

  26. another point: how many times have we gotten pounced on early this season. i can think of philly (14 points), baltimore (14 points) and now cincy (17 points). that goes to show the team just isn’t ready to play on game day…an indictment on the coaching staff in another way….it really just makes me sick. the gibbs offense may have been ugly, but at least he got the players ready to play and fired them up on game day.

  27. we just cant catch a break, i feel bad for the good players like Fletcher, CP who deserve to win. and the rookies who got tossed into this mess of a team

  28. Zorn’s ego is ruining this team. He thinks he can develop Campbell. Campbell needs to go!! Colt will be elite. I hope the skins lose every game if thats what it takes to get rid of JC.

  29. Whats up with our Redskins!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!

  30. To all you kooks who think that JC still has potential: give it up already Campbell has no touch, he can’t scramble, he can’t make anything out of busted plays, he can’t slide, he can’t make progrerssions, etc. JC is a clown. Stop it already!! We need to demand a change

  31. Hey surfum…I agree with you but will refrain from comments until I i research the game today. We need this win today.

  32. Hey Surfum…Check out bleacher Report there are a few of us the support Colt posting articles on that site.

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