Redskins @ Bengals – Redskins Inactives


It’s a very different inactives list for the team this week. Malcolm Kelly is down, but Fred Davis is active (so maybe we’ll see some of what he flashed in practice this week). Number 78 is inactive again, but it’s a different guy than last week, at a different position. Here’s the list.

Redskins inactives:

  • 5 Colt Brennan – emergency third QB
  • 12 Malcolm Kelly – WR
  • 48 Chris Horton – S
  • 53 Marcus Washington – LB
  • 63 Will Montgomery – OL
  • 76 Jon Jansen – OL
  • 78 D’Anthony Batiste – OL
  • 96 Cornelius Griffin – DT

Anthony Montgomery starts for Griffin, H.B. Blades for Marcus Washington, and Michael Green for Chris Horton, and Jason Fabini for Jansen. Also, DeAngelo Hall is starting for Carlos Rogers, but Rogers will play.


69 Responses

  1. Did I miss something? Is Kelly’s knee bothering him again?

  2. wait is rogers injured or is hall just playing better??

  3. Why is Carlos Rogers not starting?

  4. Zorn is an idiot. I hope we lose today.

  5. GO ‘SKINS!!!

  6. Chris you’re a loser you chump

  7. Hall has earned this start. He has been playing great. But shouldn’t Rogers and Hall be starting? Springs has been having a tough year with injuries.

  8. i’ll bet you on who wins. I take the redskins. if the redskins win you can’t post on here for a week and vice versa

  9. hell I won’t post on here for two years

  10. Considering they are a touchdown favorite I won’t take that bet. I think the Skins will win but I hope they don’t and Zorn gets what’s coming to him…Chump

  11. i wont want to look at it for two years caus of disgustig fans like you

  12. Man this Skins team has went from a playoff contender to a flat out joke…Teams have figured out Coach Zorn and now the Skins suck.

  13. thank God, we are not playing the Lions.

  14. Man when are they gonna bench Campbell?The garbage QB keeps missing open receivers.

  15. PLEASE BENCH JASON. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is looking real bad.

  17. How can a guy that’s 6’5″ keep getting balls batted down, and tipped passes. Throwing wild passes

  18. whatch the defense by the 3rd quarter, they will be dog tired.

  19. 3 and out
    3 and out
    3 and out
    3 and out

  20. Just makes me want to puke!!

  21. go-old Carlos Rogers. He gets picked on every week.

  22. Hey , call the wide receiver screen at least 10 more times today, its working great. And next year go get Benson and chad johnson and fitzpatrick.


  24. this team is a joke.

  25. NFL version of the Bad News Bears

  26. I was thinkin more along the lines of the Three Stooges, either way they suck.

  27. Deffense looks like the offense today

  28. what the hell is going on? the only person who can take the blame for such terrible performance by the team overall is the coach…

  29. omg omg omg omg lets lose the rest of the games and get a decent draft pick screw this


  31. does staying medium mean playing with absolutely no heart or urgency for the entirety of the season when other teams get progressively more intense? no wonder he was just a QB coach…

  32. Eric B. We are playing VIOLENT team

  33. a Violent team

  34. 17-0 way to go skins

  35. Jim Zorn need to use these last three games to audition for next season. He has shown me that he is a complete fluke.

  36. i’ve officially given up on this season, and some of the players. come on 2009!

  37. I have been a Redskins fan since birth! I really want to quit being a fan, but unfortunately it is in my blood. These guys have no heart it seems. Jim Zorn is very predictable, I think it is all in what he has to work with. The O line has been a problem, but, I don’t know about JC anymore, however, we need a spark.

  38. This team shows that it can’t get it done any more this year. The Defense looks to be giving up on Zorn’s Offense. Where are the other receivers? Santana is not the only guy on the receiving end.

  39. Jason just needs to be moved around and not stand him in the pocket.

  40. This offense stink. I am like you and I have been a fan forever, and can’t quit on them, but it hurts to watch this zhit.

  41. No pressure from the line…no pressure from the blitz. We can’t get a sack if we had to.

  42. Outrageous. How ridicoulous is this game. Were down 17 to the bengals ?! Wow I love my skiins but this is just flat out nuts. I’m so ticked were actin like this isn’t do or die….
    Come on skiins let’s wakeeeeee the flip upppp!!!

  43. It is official….retire Randle El from returns.

  44. Sad Sad Sad Enough of Campbell I know the O line is banged up but this guy will never get us where we need to be

  45. Yea i agree the defense looks like crap because they’ve just givin up on Zorns offense…They know this offense can barely score 10 points and that not enough to win games.

  46. I need to curse but my 5 year old son is watching the game and all he can say is we have 0 and tigers have 17? What a shame… I am trying to train him up right, but the skins are not making it easy.

  47. I already knew this was going to happen. No improvement what so ever. Hey everybody how does Bill Cowher sound?

  48. Save it with the Jason talk….what QB have we had in the passed 7 years that has given us anything? You must get the QB in position to make things happen and being on his back is not the right position.

  49. At least in this game we are moving him out of the pocket. Now, get the run game going and … oh I know, how about some play action pass. It will buy you a second with regards to pressure.

  50. Nice 3 yard pass Good call Zorn

  51. Com’on Moss…how dumb was that?

  52. save it Black Ice, Todd Collins barely got us in the playoffs last year with the same O-line. Jason has not improved at all there has to be some accountability with him since he plays the most important position.

  53. Hopefully this will spark the Def. Zorn if you have family on this blog and they can Text you a message…

  54. 4 years…3 different offences and 3 different head coaches

  55. My crippled 1 eyed sister can kick the ball inbounds. Suissham is another that needs to go and Zorn needs to stop making excuses for……

  56. Yes I said 3 Coaches (Gibbs, Saunders, and Zorn)

  57. Did I just see a Play Action Pass?

  58. Oh, and the receivers…. it would be nice to see them WIDE Open once and a while. They are WIDE RECEIVERS correct? That is another consistent failure for the passed three years…no wide open receivers.

  59. Dang Dang DANG!

  60. he is not in hand the the ball to cp god damit!!!!!

  61. What the F(@

  62. I can freakin just CRY I am so fu@98 MAD

  63. The air is out of the Defense now.

  64. The blitz doesn’ t get there. Good play by Alexander.

  65. RUN CP RUN…Put Sellers back out in front and let him punish those freakin LB for taking that TD away!!!!!

  66. i hope he’s hurt

  67. This team is some ****in ****. I am retiring my fanship for the year. See you all next year.

  68. Stop blaming Jason….any QB that spends his life on his back will be in affective Tony…Collins will be no better. Your buddy Romo even looks like garbage when he is herassed.

  69. I have been a dedicated Redskin’s fan all my life, but I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the mediocrity that has surrounded their offence for over a decade.
    I have said for most of the last 10 years (or more) that the Redskins only need an All Star quarterback to be a complete team.
    I said it 10 years ago and I say it today……..because nothing has changed.
    They are going nowhere…..sad, but true.

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