Redskins @ Bengals – Fourth Quarter Thoughts


  • Oh my goodness. On third down of the first Bengals drive of the quarter, Ryan Fitzpatrick moved up in the pocket and was taken down by Jason Taylor and London Fletcher. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a half sack for each of those two guys. Not exactly the quarterback-destroying sackfest a few people predicted for Taylor, but … well, it’s something, at least.
  • One things that’s been positive today: the makeshift offensive line hasn’t given up any sacks and hasn’t gotten Jason Campbell killed. Admittedly, they’re accomplishing this against a Bengals defense that only has 13 sacks total on the year, but … well, if they couldn’t succeed against those guys, that would really be trouble.
  • On the flipside, Campbell just nearly got Santana Moss killed, overthrowing him across the middle. He popped up and looked all right in the end, but those seconds where he was lying motionless on the field were frightening.
  • No one here agrees with me, but I think the Redskins punting on fourth and 3 was a mistake. Here’s the situation: you’re on your own 28, trailing by 7, with 9:41 left in the game. By punting, you give your opponent the opportunity to run the clock, and they’re likely only going to need 40 yards or so to get into field goal range. Even if all they get is a field goal, you now need two scores and have even less time on the clock than you did when you only need one score. If you go for the first down and miss, they get the ball back in field goal range, but you’ve at least got much more time to work with. Like I say, everyone I’ve suggested this to disagrees with me vehemently, but I think the clock is a much worse enemy to you hear than the Bengals are.
  • This is pretty much exactly what I was worried about: the Bengals have had the ball for six minutes, the Redskins are being forced to burn their timeouts on defense, and the Bengals are already in field goal range. This is exceedingly grim, and frustrating to watch. It’s like the end of the Dallas game all over again, only for the whole season this time.
  • Field goal is good, 20-10. There were plenty of frustrating elements of that drive — especially a missed tackle by Fred Smoot, but I am still completely obsessed with the idea that we shouldn’t have punted.
  • All the 70 yard Rock Cartwright kick return does is give us a few more tense minutes of hope, but it’s too little, too late. The team settles for the field goal — 20-13 — but fails at the onside kick. I’m not sure of all the possible permutations or if that loss officially eliminates the Redskins, but I think it’s safe to say that this is not a playoff team at this point. To say the least.

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  1. The only happy ending I can see is that the redskins lose every game so that Zorn that MF’er will bench Jason Campbell. He needs to go. That is the first order of business to turn the franchise around. Nothing else needs to be discussed. Zorn has the biggest ego around. He will spend 3 years trying to prove that he can develop JC instead of bringing in Colt Brennan, who I think is awesome. This week I stopped watching the ‘skins games will will not watch anymore until JC is gone!!

  2. Colt Brennan is NOT the answer, what makes you think that he is the answer?

  3. well campbell is not the answer either

  4. Matt is the most productive and quality person in the Redskins organization.

  5. surfum is just to emotional, chill out

  6. damn, hope off Matt’s d…

  7. JC is definitley not the answer. He didnt get sacked today and was playing a Bengals team that is Last in sacks. With that said JC still couldnt do anything. He hasnt improved at all. He has to go plain and simple. Zorn needs help with play calling or he gots to go.

  8. What about his performance today would clarify that he is not the answer? the last time i checked(i watched the WHOLE GAME) he was not the one that fumbled in the first quarter(Cooley did) or fumble on the goal line (that would be another fan favorite in Sellers). I saw Campbell scramble, buy some time, run for first downs, granted he overthrew some receivers but that happens in the game, even elite quarterbacks do that. The Skins do need to work on things, but installing another quarterback wont make this a Super Bowl Caliber team, this is the fisrt year in yet another system, they need time to develop it. When was that last time a our team had time to gel together under 1 system? Norv Turner era. As soon as things go wrong haters come out of the wood work and want immediate changes, when changes are what puts the Redskins in “transition” year in and year out. Any one that has EVER played football knows that it is extremely hard to transition EVERY OTHER YEAR!

  9. It’s obvious that if Collins or Brennan were playing we would have scored more than 13 points against the Bungels. The most we scored this year was 29. The eagles, giants, cowclowns have had 5 or more games each that they have scored 30 or more points. The lions have scored more points than the ‘skins this year. The falcon with rookie Ryan are blowing us away in QB performance and wins. The Falcons!!!!!!!!!! Look at Flacco and what he’s doing. We have a fantastic QB in Colt Brennan!!! WTF!!!

  10. its going to be hard, how many picks do the skins have cuz they need some youth

  11. Colt Isn’t gonna help this debacle! And I’ve been screaming his name the LOUDEST! But for Colt fans, Read my article and weigh in: the truth about Colt Brennan

  12. colt isn’t going to be that good, hes just going to fail then everyone will kill him next

  13. i totally agree. zorn and campbell and portis need to go .portis is hurt more than he plays. jay can’t play above t-ball level, and zorn needs to go back to seattle. i’ve been a skins fan forever , but i’m done now, i give up.

  14. Fantastic QB in Brennan? are you kidding me? if you sit there and tell me that because he played well in preseason against guys that are bagging groceries right now you are seriously, seriously mistaken.

  15. surfum, how is that obvious? The last time Collins played it was a different offense and Colt has never played in the NFL before so I don’t get that it’s obvious either would score more. I’m not saying that JC doesnt have issues but he is only one player on the team. There were a lot of freakin’ mistakes today by a lot of players. One person does not make a team go down.

  16. Stephen Riley, on December 14th, 2008 at 4:30 pm Said:
    What about his performance today would clarify that he is not the answer? the last time i checked(i watched the WHOLE GAME) he was not the one that fumbled in the first quarter(Cooley did) or fumble on the goal line (that would be another fan favorite in Sellers). I saw Campbell scramble, buy some time, run for first downs, granted he overthrew some receivers but that happens in the game, even elite quarterbacks do that. The Skins do need to work on things, but installing another quarterback wont make this a Super Bowl Caliber team, this is the fisrt year in yet another system, they need time to develop it. When was that last time a our team had time to gel together under 1 system? Norv Turner era. As soon as things go wrong haters come out of the wood work and want immediate changes, when changes are what puts the Redskins in “transition” year in and year out. Any one that has EVER played football knows that it is extremely hard to transition EVERY OTHER YEAR!


    you are an idiot. JC sucks, he is horrible!! He can’t scramble, he can’t read progressions, he can’t slide, he can’t make anything out of a busted play, he has a tree-sloth wind up that safeties can read before the ball is released, he has no touch on the ball.
    What are you racist or something or just dumb? Colt Brennan blew away JC in preseason and if you say that CB was playing third string then go back to JC’s rookie preseason-he sucked!!!!!!

  17. I dont want to hear that Stephen Riley cause besides this year JC has had the past couple of years at least to learn NFL defenses and make adjustments based on that fact. He doesnt have football IQ

  18. surfum your just stupid, he was playing third stringers who are bagging groceries right now. just give up on the colt talk, the whole organization is the problem from snyder down

  19. campbell was doing a good job. how about taking a jab at zorn for not running portis near the goal line and calling the same play twice.

  20. Surfem, I’m and idiot? reread the next comment i made, and how can I be racist when I am a white guy sticking up f0r an African American QB over a white QB? i think that you are the idiot. ill post my last comment just in case youre too idiotic to to scroll up and re-read it.

    Stephen Riley, on December 14th, 2008 at 4:33 pm Said:

    Fantastic QB in Brennan? are you kidding me? if you sit there and tell me that because he played well in preseason against guys that are bagging groceries right now you are seriously, seriously mistaken.

  21. The team played like a high school team. Missing tackles, fumbles missing catches. It seemed that Redskins do no have the will to win. Sad few years for us dedicated fans

  22. Stephen RileySaid:

    Fantastic QB in Brennan? are you kidding me? if you sit there and tell me that because he played well in preseason against guys that are bagging groceries right now you are seriously, seriously mistaken.

    You are just plain dumb! Go to JC’s rookie preseason and compare it to Colt’s. CB blew away JC’s. So lick my sac! KOOK! JC has not scored more than 29 points in a game. The lions have scored more total points by quite alot. Colt Brennan was third for heisman ( some people thought he should have won it), he owns nation-wide records. He blew away JC in scoreing.
    JC can’t scramble, he can’t read progressions, he can’t slide, he can’t make anything out of a busted play, he has a tree-sloth wind up that safeties can read before the ball is released, he has no touch on the ball.

  23. also why would we get rid of portis? thats the dumbest thing ive heard all year. hes 3rd in rushing and he moves the chain.

  24. if colt is so great why did he go in the sixth round

  25. better line play = playoffs

    that and year 2 of the wco

  26. i agree with a better, younger line

  27. This colapse is F’n retarded. The team just doesn’t have energy, a spark, or anything with urgency. The line played ok, but what happen to the run offense and why the fuck isn’t portis getting the ball 20-25 times. F practice give that man the ball. Last in the East is unaceptable after a 6-2 start. I have to go get my mesh tape and drywall compound out now to fix my walls around the LCD!

  28. yo, on December 14th, 2008 at 4:43 pm Said:
    if colt is so great why did he go in the sixth round

    Because he had hip surgury and had a bad senior bowl game because Georgia is a rich recruiting scholl with big monsters and U of Hawaii couldn’t handle the size. It’s way more even in the NFL where colt will thrive. He’s not scared and won’t be a glazed-over deer in the headlights like Campbell. Your dumb. wake up!

  29. also preseason means nothing. the lions went 4-0 in preseason and look where they are

  30. Seriously, Surfem, I think that you need get over your man crush on Colt Brennan, you are sitting there saying that preseason numbers will account for how well a QB will play in the REGULAR season. Remember this Preseason when the Detroit Lions won all of their preseason games? The last time i checked the Lions are 0-14, yes 0-14. You cannot judge the preseason on how well a team will be. There are things that you do in the regular season that you just dont show in preseason, i.e. formations, certain plays, and personnel packages. I remember when Colt played and played somewhat well. But i also remember when he was 3rd string for a struggle Redskins team and wont start this season or maybe next season because he probably wont be that good as a professional QB. So here you go, NCAA records, stats, accomplishments mean JACK at the pro level. Just ask troy Smith how awesome his Heisman trophy looks as it is on the back of his clip board as he roams the bench for the ravens.

  31. Also colt was undersized when he was sick, he has since gained tons of weight and is way bigger and taller than Drew Breez who is the best passer in the NFL. Wake up people Jason Campbell is horrible. Jason Campbell= harrington, Carr, batch, ramsey. Actually I would put JC at the bottom of that list.

  32. Jason Campbell has taken the entire team d-o-w-n. Zorn should go back to pre-school football and mayby he could learn the fundamentals of the game. I said from day one that Campbell was a loser and could not lead or motivate a team. In this case one player has destroyed the moral of a good team and now look where we are. Why is he still playing…the season is lost.

  33. we are no better than cincy or st louis. they are better than we are- they both beat us- we suck! I dont want to hear about beating dallas and philly on the road anymore it dont mean a thing. we cant be the other crappy teams . And we are among the crappy teams.

  34. I don’t know how anyone can defend Campbell,the guy sucks the o-line gave him good protection today,but yet he find a way to throw incompletions to wide open receivers.

  35. look at tim tebow, he wont even go in the first round

    good college players dont always become good nfl players, the whole team needs to be looked at

  36. Im glad we played Detroit already because right now we would lose to them

  37. Totally pathetic. Mismanagement of time outs and poor play calling at the end of the second quarter, and NOTHING in the second half.
    Oh yeah, and three fumbles and a handful of unacceptable penalties.
    I am done with them this year!

  38. look im not sure getting rid of jc is the way to go as much as getting rid of the west coast offense its obviously not working you just cant have 3rd and long and throw the ball three yrdsit just doesnt make sense to me maybe zorn is the problem his play calling hasnt done a damn thing for the team the playoff hopes are pretty much out the window now .

  39. i dont know what game everybody was watching, but campbell didnt lose the game for us. the fumble on the goal line is what did it and also the def. let them have the ball to long in the 4th. is campbell suppose to play def. too?

  40. we should expect this crap anyway. they were not smart at all today, they weren’t focused. what santana moss did with his shoes was the stupidest thing i have ever seen him do. why the heck would you do that, you’re still down 10!!! even if that touchdown was for the lead, you STILL don’t do that. this team is the most pathetic team in the NFL.

  41. Absolutely. other than Detroit, they are the most pathetic team in the NFL. If we played Detroit today, they’d beat us.

  42. Stephen Riley excuses for jason campbell:

    This is JC’s third offense in 3 years:
    so what! flacco(ravens) and Ryan (falcons) are rookies and they are kicking A

    The o-line can’t hold up:
    Same o-line last year when Collins kicked A and went to the playoffs. JC had no sacks today yey only scored 1 TD.

    The receivers aren’t any good:
    Colt hooked up with unknown receivers in preseason. Colt would make our receivers look great. JC is the problem.

  43. Campbell actually had some time to throw and couldnt get it done.hes garbage jus face it.its time for colt brennan

  44. Zorn/Vinny/Danny..Get the F outta her…Great Rookie coach pick up ass wipes..Looks like we got the runt of the litter with the 3 rook coaches

  45. i wounldnt go that far but they are getting close what ever they do it needs to be drastic and as far as the defense they are play hurt and let some easy plays slip through thier fingers so yes it was an all round crappy job by the whole team if they cant handle the bengals what are they supposed to next week against the eagles

  46. bleacherreport has Tons of skins and Colt Brennan articles. check it out1

  47. Hey YO (mtv raps)
    What are you smoking? We are out of the playoffs. The most points we scored in a game this year is 29 points! What TC or CB can’t do better? WTF!!!!! Your not observant, your the same kid of clown that run General Moters Corp. The QB position is the most important position on a team yet JC is the worst starting player on the team. DEEEERRRRRRR, DOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  48. Surfem, i didnt say any of those things, so dont misquote me. So here we go with your ignorance and complete lack of general knowledge. Yes it is his 3rd offense in 3 years. the O line is not the same as last year, only Kendall, Rabach are the ones from last year. Heyer started last year at right tackle while fabini was a guard. Thomas was out last year and samuels wasnt hurt. I never said the recievers werent any good. i remember in my post that i said that Campbell overthrew some recivers and that even elite quarterbacks do that. Last year we had a different system in Al Suanders. Collins was pretty much in that system for 8 or so years, so he has knowledge for that system and i agree he was a lot more productive than Campbell in that system. True JC had no sacks but he did score a touchdown, but today, unlike some other games this season, he didnt do anything to cause the Redskins to lose.

  49. Now that the seasons over, i agree its time to play Colt and at least see what we got there. I used to be the biggest Campbell supporter but, I just don’t see any improvement with the guy.

  50. Game over, playoff chances over. Well done Coach Zorn and Skins! Way to ruin a 6-2 start to the season and walk around the field like you just don’t care.

    If they don’t care, I don’t care. Bring in Bill Cowher next year or anyone who will hold these players accountable and get quitters off the team and we know who they are.

    Carlos Rogers was good in the beginning of the season but now looks like the CR I remember and it ain’t pretty.
    Smoot has got to learn to tackle some day.
    Jason Campbell is a bust and I don’t want to hear about how many offenses he has been in or how many coordinators he has had- football players will get it done and he has not- at all.

    Play out the string because it just doesn’t matter and then blow this team up and start over.

  51. i agree jc isnt playin for sh*t but i still think it has alot to do with the play calling

  52. All you Jason Campbell lovers are insane wacked idiots. Go find another team to spout off stupid comments about. Jason Campbell is horrible!!!!!!

  53. the redkins better start getting their game straight. you’re losing fans every single day. today’s performance was a complete embarrassment. how do you lose to the bengals. zorn is the worst play caller ever. can you call something more than 3 yards past the line of scrimmage please? campbell throws a screen every down for 4 yards. snyder and vinny, your decisions are killing your franchise. your fans tell you this day in and day out and you still don’t get it. snyder and vinny have got to go to save this franchise, zorn has to call better plays, and campbell needs to stop throwing like a girl and take more shots down the field. today was an embarrassing performance and i can understand if some fans feel embarrassed to support this team. the redkins should join a peewee football league and maybe theyll have a better chance of winning games. the coaches need to go back to school and learn the basics of the game.

  54. yes hes not getting the job done but he doesnt deserve all the blame zorn should go down with him

  55. Hey Surfem, how long have you been a Skins fan? this year when they started 6-2? or have you been a fan forever like myself and will stick by the team through thick and thin?

  56. at least we have portis, betts, sellers, moss, cooley, and cartwirght, and so many others. the skins have to play like a team to win. so dont “blow the team up” over a couple of players when we do have a lot of talent in our team.

  57. oh yea the talent today showed so clearly right? you are not supposed to lose to a 1-11-1 team. thats just horrible

  58. but the stars arent getting a chance to shine with zorn calling the plays

  59. zorns so predictable. he calls the same plays every single drive in the same order. 1st down, run, 2nd down, screen play, 3rd and long, youre screwed

  60. Some of you need to stop the defense of JC. He’s not playing that great! Time to give this offense a spark. TC or Colt. JC need’s to sit if for nothing more than to reasses the situation. If Colt plays, It may put some of this crap to rest. COLT BRENNAN is the real deal. But he has to play so those of you that haven”t seen a whole lot of him can understand the passion Hawaii fans have for him. HTTR!

  61. my ol lady could call better play than this poser

  62. Man earlier this year Zorn was the next coming of Joe Gibbs, now every fari weather fan is throwing him under the bus just like they always do. when they win games everything is all good but when they start losing, all hell breaks loose and we need to get rid of another coach so we the fans can go through this again this time next year

  63. Hey riley in case you didn’t notice when we won those game Portis was haveing moster games. Ask the guys at the sports bar I go to, they will tell you all I did was complain about JC’s performance. We barely won any of those games. Anyone can hand off, throwingthe ball JC struggled all year. The most we scored in one game was 29 points. Giants, eagles, cowboys each had 5 or more games of 30 points or more. WAKE UP!

  64. the skins could never lose this fan. im actually quite proud of who i root for. they could lose all the games but i bet you ill be wearing my portis jersey every sunday.

  65. You guys think Snyder will ever get rid of Cerrato?

  66. no even when we win its like the hardest thing ever. we have to go through so much pain an agony for 1 td. teams score at will whenever they want they make it look easy. we have so many obstacles just to get points on the board.

  67. Jason Campbell has a tree-sloth wind-up that any defense can read before the ball is released! I’ll take colt’s sidearm any day over Jason ‘glazed-over deer in the headlights’ campbell

  68. i dont think its a question of team loyalty i will allways be a skins fan through and through but when its broke you gotta at least try and fix it and right now they aint doin a damn thing

  69. Colt Brfennan has major ‘touch’ on his throws. Go to and check out his throws on video. Jason has low test scores and was not really credited for Auburns success. Colt is like a god in Hawaii, he is better than Ryan and Flacco. What are you clowns so scared to find success with another QB?

  70. Zorn aint saying nothing of importance in his post game remarks. He really just said the samethings today that he’s been saying the past 6 weeks. And this team has still not made any adjustments or improvements. Im damn near glad we lost today

  71. Zorn said, his schemes are tried & true. Its that execution is paramount. This is true, but you gotta
    have players that believe in it! By looking at the
    effort of the team, Zorn needs to work on his
    “People skills” needs to have a good lines
    of communiction. Zorn is a great person, but
    obviously something is missing here!

  72. nobody here thinks that maybe the def. with 9 mins in the 4th might also be a reason we lost? now dont get me wrong, our def. is good. but you cant let them have the ball for 7 mins. in the 4th when ur down

  73. Jason Campbell sucks and I’ll argue with any of you kook clowns all day long because I hate inept, incompetant, inefficient, slow-minded QB’s!!!

  74. jc is zorns titty baby the only way to get rid of him is to get rid of zorn and so be it i say

  75. oh i am awake Surfem, and i understand your hatred for JC and man love for Brennan. However, JC is the best option right now. Brennan runs the dummy O and has not even seen a true NFL defense. TC maybe could do well but i doubt it, he is in the same system as JC. Zorn needs to expand his play calling but cant really do that with all that the offense has had to learn this year, im sure going into next year will be far better because of the experience and knowledge gained from this bust of a season. You cannot compare this team to the others in the NFC East because each of those teams have been in the same system longer than a year in in some cases 10 years (Eagles). this team needs time to learn this system, its complex, it takes time. You, like the rest of the fair weather fans, want immediate results and a Super Bowl right now, that’s not the case, when was the last time a first year head coach won the Super Bowl? Now how many have own it in year 2 or longer? a lot better percentage. bottom line, JC is better than Colt Brennan right now. the season is pretty much over and the Redskins need some momentum going into next year.

  76. no i dont blame the defense at all. every single game they play with 110%. they usually perform well every game but the offense has got to help them out. you cant get a stop and then go 3 and out. thats how you lose games.

  77. i think zorn needs to call more plays that get the ball downfield. take a shot once in a while. i dont think jc threw a pass over 25 yds today

  78. thats bs they need to get rid of the offense they are trying to get by on its not working give it up next year wont be any better if they dont

  79. Tony you are smart! Zornis a QB coach but he is also an ego-maniac! He wants to prove that he can develop JC and he’ll try for another 3 years until someone stops him. He is like a dog fixated on a tennis ball. They will keep saying that the ‘skins are a work in progress and JC is still developing.It’s so sad that we are such a clown team with JC.

  80. he hasnt thrown a pass over 15 yards in like 4 games. dont even talk about 25. he throws a 3yard screen and then expects his receiver to gain like 30 yards. not gonna happen.

  81. surfum = troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

    If spelling and grammar are any indication, then it seems that patience as a fan and intelligence are directly correlated.

    Skins fans (of which i count myself as one) can be as impatient as the owner. Maybe we deserve each other.

  82. Here’s the deal folks…I watched Colt Brennan play for a number of years out here in Hawaii..He indeed is the real deal. A very quick release, the ability to make multiple reads and find the open receiver, a moderate scrambler when necessary; but most importantly he’s got the intangibles, a heart the size of a tank and a WINNER’S ATTITUDE.
    Having said that, he’s not ready to handle a starting role right now. He needs some more experience;but he’ll be the MAN soon, so let’s hope that he gets an decent O-line to protect his okole and that he gets some playing time late this year or early next year.
    Campbell just doesn’t strike me as a high caliber QB; his delivery is PAINFULLY slow, he has very little touch on the short throws and I don’t see the “special” qualities that define a winner. Problem is..who decides on making the change and do THEY have the courage to do so??!!
    Malama pon e a hui ho!!
    Okole Holie

  83. the def. is good but you have to make tackles and get the ball back. 7 mins is a long time. our off. can have a chance if they are on the bench.

  84. youtube has 33 Colt Brennan videos. Watch, COLT BRENNAN IS THE TRUTH!

  85. Quick Facts:

    Jason Campbell Career Stats

    TD: 33
    INT: 23
    QB Rating: 80.5

    Colt Brennan Career Stat

    TD: 0
    INT: 0
    QB Rating: 0

    I think that the numbers speak that JC is the better QB right now.

  86. The defense is good, the o-line is OK, cooley is good, receivers minus thrash are ok, Portis is awesome, JC is horrible.
    JC= weak link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. you cant compare stats on a player who never played in the NFL

  88. hey riley, whats JCs career record and playoff appearences? he sucks! deadskins 7-9 failures!

  89. Riley riley riiley. are you on ICE? Black Tar? maybe a large whiskey? You could say the same thing about Collins last year yet he kicked JC’s A. Enough said!!! Case closed! End of Story! JC is a horrible horrible incompetant QB. He and he alone brought down this team!!!

  90. John BINGO!

    Colt has never played! I wonder why. If Colt was so awesome in college how come he couldnt beat that slow minded sloth of a QB that Surfem has labeled Jason campbell. they both came into the same system at the same time?

  91. Zorns been way too conservative all year…It a very rare occurance when the Redskins attempt passes deep down field…It’s just a sign he doesn’t have confidence in JC.

  92. honestly, i like campbell. but f*** it, put colt in and see what he does. were out of the playoffs with 2 games left. see what happens. its not like you cant take him out and put campbell back in.

  93. Football is entertainment but it is also a business! With any business you put in your best people. There was no QB competition, Zorn said from the beginning that he would keep JC the starter. I knew we were screwed from the beginning. We would have won our three last games with our other QB’s….guaranteed!

  94. Im sure that all the blame is on JC. Youre right yet again surfem, he is the sole reason the Redskins are a bad second half of the year team. thing that has gone wrong is an immediate result of Jason Campbell. EveryYoure right about everything, maybe the Redskins should hire you as the next coming of Vinny Cerrato

  95. TC had a patchworked O-line last year and got us to the playoffs. JC DOES NOT HAVE FOOTBALL IQ!! He cannot read NFL Defenses and he never will. We have given JC plenty amount of time to develop and he has not matter improved at all. Since this is a losing season why not play CB we have nothing else to gain.

  96. You cant gaurentee something that will never be able to happen, I.E. winning our last three games with someone who has never seen real playing time.

  97. we do have to get the passing game going. teams got on to portis and have been stopping him. he cant do it himself.

  98. How many of you fans out there can “read” a defense?

  99. i can. on madden.

  100. Riley you clown, are you trying to irritate me or do you just like losing? COLT IS A ROOKIE. ZORN SAID CAMPBELL WAS A STARTER BEFORE TRAINING CAMP BEGAN. Boy your thick-headed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. collins was better last year and nobody knows who is better this year b/c zorn didn’t allow a qb competition

  102. All u have to do is look at our record to kow campbell cant get the offense moving or make a play he sux period if he didnt get hurt last year we wouldnt of made the playoffs i was hoping he had broke his arm in the game today but guess we couldnt get that lucky

  103. What does it take Riley for you to accept Colt?
    Colt was the top college passer.
    colt was third for heisman.
    Colt owns nation-wide records.
    Colt played awesome in preseason

    What else can he possibly do to earn a starting spot in your warped mind!!! Riley? WTF!!!!

  104. Ok well Zorn said that he was the starter from the get go, so what, i dont like losing, I hate losing, but i also hate it when you call me an idiot when i have far great knowledge of football and well everything, than you. I never said that JC was the long term solution for the redskins hopes of winning a Super Bowl, i did however say that Colt Brennan is not the answer either. in all of my posts i state things that can be argues one way or the other. my points are valid but yours are ignorant the only thing that you seem to have knowledge of is your man love for Colt Brennan.

  105. Stephen,
    My last name is also RILEY and your giving us a bad name! Give it up already. Time for a change!

  106. Hey Surfem, Im not saying that Colt wasnt a great college QB, he was, his stats dont lie. But you cant sit there and tell me that great college QBs = great NFL Qbs. Tom Brady was a bum in College, look at his stats now, Troy Smith, Danny Wuerrfel, and won of those Dettmer guys won the Heisman, went to Championships games, and then proceeded to become busts in the NFL (troy smith pending). Now Colt is not the answer this year, open up competition this offseason and we will go from there.

  107. how am i giving us a bad name? because i am loyal to my team? yeah loyalty is a sign of bad things….

  108. i honestly would be very happy if dan snyder could sell the team…the last time we actually had a chance the cooke family still owned the team.

    a sad fan, but a fan nonetheless,

  109. look colt brennan needs to be looked at it whether u guys like it or not! JC is slow and he knows it…he is good enough as back up he wasnt the the type of franchise QB’s like everyone is wishing it to be…
    let me tell you this!!! redskins it is over till we get some discipline a better coach with better playcalling…We need Portis to be disciplined we need true leaders and this is not the team that has it…GIbbs was much better than Zorn I can bet on it..Zorn is out next year

    nice season let it go guys we need a whole new team

  110. Jason campbell:

    mentality: low test scores, often has glazed over deer in the headlights look, talks slow, doesn’t get exited about winning or amp out his players

    Passing: slow to read progressions, tree-sloth wind up that defenses can read

    Colt Brennan:


    Has worked tireslessly with June Jones to build a college power-house passing game.He often runs around the sideline with his amped out happy-go-lucky attitude getting his team pumped up. He loves to win.

    Passing: all time kick A passer!! enough said

  111. Phew…

    What does everyone think about trying #2 Todd Collins next game?


  113. we dont need a whole new team. and you cant compare gibbs to zorn. we all know gibbs was better. nobody we be as good as gibbs to us redskins fan. make a couple of changes and we will be good. we have the talent.

  114. Albert Haynesworth…

  115. This this this is is is the the the way way way the the the redskins redskins redskins offense offense offense has has has been been been playing playing playing. It It It takes takes takes them them them longer longer longer to to to execute execute execute a a a play play play and and and the the the other other other team team team is is is two two two steps steps steps ahead ahead ahead of of of these these these sorry sorry sorry ass ass ass skins skins skins

  116. Stephen,
    Nothing wrong with Team loyalty my brother. But JC is just not getting it done. He truly sucks at leading this team. Good football player, not a great leader. He needs to sit!
    Where you from anyway? I got a whole bunch of family back east I’ve never met before. My grandfather left a family behind in St Louis in 20’s.


  118. John, Said:

    we dont need a whole new team. and you cant compare gibbs to zorn. we all know gibbs was better. nobody we be as good as gibbs to us redskins fan. make a couple of changes and we will be good. we have the talent.


    Your awesome, finally some one that talks sense!!!! We have talent and just a few changes like QB, and get rid of trash. Davis, Kelly and thomas are alot better than it seems. Glazed over deer in the headlights campbell just can’t read progressions!!

  119. Matt….Surfum is an idiot with no life. Can you block this idiot from posting?

  120. i like this surfem guy

  121. Veda your a wise ass, why don’t you log off before you embarass yourself

  122. Lizkauai,
    Check out my article on bleacherreport. The tuth about Colt Brennan. I know you want to adopt him!

  123. Im from Virginia, work in D.C. you know the whole deal. but i agree that JC is a good player, not elite, but good, but i dont think that Colt is the answer right now, he needs time to develop in the offseason, look how well some of the QBs have played after being benched a full year like Carson Palmer. then there are those who say look at Flacco and Matt Ryan, wow yeah look at em go woo hoo!

  124. surfum you read it to. theres plenty about colt there!

  125. we lost to the 1-11-1 BENGALS, start Colt Brennan, were not making the playoffs anyways, we have nothing to lose.. i can’t believe we lost to the 1-11-1 bengals.

  126. Riley this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


    Last week the only TD we scored was when our defense got a turnover on the 30 yards from the endzone. JC did not drive down the fiels. He got the ball handed to him by our defense. JC SUCKS RILEY!!!

  127. does anyone remember 2006 when we had Mark “the best QB ever” Brunell, and everyone was throwing him to the sharks saying we should start Campbell because he is way better than Brunell? yeah i remember that too and it seems like deja vu all over again in 2008

  128. JC may suck, but he is clearly better than Colt Brennan

  129. The entire Team should be ashamed…you talk about accountability.

  130. bleach report or beach repot?

  131. Riley why are you scared for a QB change? are arguing for the sake of arguing?

  132. just so people know, not getting excited about a win has nothing to do with “fire” or wanting to win…neither does talking slow. you can say the same thing about brett favre, for christ sake. lookat john unitas: he never celebrated, not even when they won the 1958 championship, and yet he’s a HOF QB. if you want to argue talent, then fine…but if you want to argue demeanor, you have no ground to stand on when it comes to JC.

  133. ok guys im going to break it down for ya. campbell needs to be benched and zorn needs to be fired. now im a skins fan as much as anyone here is, but right now, we are the worst team in the league. campbell is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league right now. he throws into triple coverage, throws the ball in front of the first down marker CONSTANTLY, and is either incapable of calling an audible, or calls a very dumb audible. he needs to be benched.
    zorn is perhaps the dumbest play caller in the leauge. 2:08 to go. hey guys lets run the ball. NO. thats just plain stupidity. zorn is terrible and needs to be fired. im not sure what we need to do after that, but we need to do something that involves zorn being gone and campbell being benched.

  134. No im not arguing to argue, if there is a QB change there will more of a set back than there already is, and as far as I am aware, no matter how many of us fans call for any amount of change, QB or anything else, it just wont happen. I doubt that Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn will read this blog and just because Surfem has a man crush on Colt Brennan, that he will bench JC and start Colt.

  135. Brett favre runs around the sideline like a mad man trying to rally the troops! Jonny Unitas? Boy your old!

  136. Ryan didn’t look so swift today and the Ravens beat us with D. No one agrees more that time benefits Colt! Basically, all we want is to win. I wish I had the answers. I just know this offense is sputtering big time. It’s really too late to save the season. I know what Colt can do, but he may just get killed behind this line. I say sit JC and let Todd take a few whacks, or maybe give Colt a few Q’s. We got nothing to lose at this point!

  137. John…you can’t take a shot if you have a QB that cannot execute. Campbell is not an NFL player.
    Also to the person that said we are in transition and if we keep changing players we will always be in transition……these are pro players, the best of the best. If they can not adapt, adjust , and overcome, then they do not belong in the business. I can not understand when you have a lackluster performance from a QB for the last 6 games why we don’t at least try something new. For all you fans that say you give up…you are just fare weather fans. Go find yourself another team.

  138. also in defense of JC, i am familiar with the west coast offense (wco) and played qb in college…it is very difficult to learn in the first year, since it involves calling offensive line blocking assignments, pre-snap defensive reads that affect the route running, and calling back side pass routes, all on the line. additionally, when you are uncomfortable in the offense, it is much easier to just dump the short passes and give up on the mid-range and longer balls quickly. with one more year in the system there will be a much better understanding of his capabilities. i think he has good potential.

  139. I say get rid of Casmpbell, alot of Zorns play calling has do with his lack of confidence in JC.

  140. Wassup EricB,
    How’s the two of us playing mediator. Go figure!

  141. clinton portis and randle el to a dumb team like the titans for chris johnson and rod bironas because squisham is a big problem too of why we lose momentum during games.. then we develop devin thomas and bring in colt brennan = problems solved.

  142. ERIC I don’t care that you played College ball, JC sucks and I will not watch another game until he is replaced!

  143. Hey riley, looks like you got a man love for Campbell or you’re an idiot. JC will not be or never will be the answer no matter how much you love him. BTW, you know anything about football.

  144. wow i am actually surprised some people on this blog actually call themselves skins fans….really? you want to blow this entire roster and start AGAIN?! all so you can B**** and moan about how that team sucks and then when colt doesnt play like you want then you will want carson palmers bro. to play as the starter.

    i support my team in whatever desicion it makes as long as it seems sensible(i didnt like the whole zorn idea but man he can call some plays) and i gaurantee noone here was questioning Coach Zs play calling the first 8 weeks?…….he fatigued the entire team is injured and they just don’t have the endurance yet, i hope the skins draft a good young O and D line that can learn from the current veterans we do have, because they still have done great things and they can help develop young players rather than throwing the young rooks in so you guys can criticize an organazition you “supposedly” support.

    the reasons i think the play calling has suffered was because Zorn is feeding in a new set to his playbook every week and it has been over load on the team along with injuries. i love the skins and i will never stop have pride in what this organization has accomplished.

    danny boy or not.

    Hail! Hail! Hail!

  145. Eric this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


  146. Guy’s cut the name calling! No need for that.

  147. You go Paul, your the man, I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. surfum and you really have no life to be on this blog for as long as ive seen, seriously take a walk outside or somthing man. unless you need your parents permission or somthing…..

  149. Surfum,
    Did you read my article? You’ll love it!

  150. If it takes losing every game to get rid of Campbell than I’m rooting for the other teams!! I’m already not watching any more games with that JC glazed over deer in the headlights clown playing.

  151. surfum you seriously need to look up the term FAIR-WEATHER FAN because you complete apitamize the term also look up HOMER. you talk out of your rear end and i’m really just letting you know.

    i don’t have time to deal with you saying retarted things to me so this is my last post.

  152. haha…exactly HT67..who’d have thought we’d be mediating?

    look, i want the team to be its best. you can’t just throw this line up out right now…the players are mostly there. we need to get younger in certain areas but we also need continuity in many others. don’t get me wrong, im upset about the loss, too…and we might be the worst team in the nfl (execution wise, not talent wise). as much as i want to yell and scream at the players, the biggest difference in the two halves of the season has been turnovers…whoever you want to blame that on is the biggest culprit, and i think it has to be the “team,” not a single position.

  153. those players look very tired. THEY HAVE URGENCY IN THEM. THEY NEED TO WAKE UP ALL

  154. those players look very tired. THEY HAVE NO URGENCY IN THEM. THEY NEED TO WAKE UP ALL

  155. EricB,
    Where did you play?

  156. To eric, riley and ‘sins faithful:

    this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


    Why is the eagles having such success with deshawn jackson. What’s wrong with our davis kelly thomas? nothing is wrong JC sucks balls!


  158. Hey Surfum…Keep the faith brah…no let the hater win. As bad as it seems we need be strong for the next game. These guys dunno anything…they are like the rest of us wannabe Owner/Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Hall of Fame Players. Some of these guys are just un-educated on all the facts. HTSKINS67 has a really good article on Colt, Also Travis Evans has one too, check um out.

  159. obviously im not happy with the points, surfum, but that doesn’t mean that i think the status quo will remain…the team needs to make changes, but i think its premature to change the QB or the coach, especially considering the successes found by coaches who have had the benefit of continuity: see Bill Cowher, Jeff Fischer, and Mike Shanahan, even. You can compare that to such wonderful successes as the Chargers have had, if you want to see what a lack of continuity can do to a team with amazing talent…

    HT- i played at a D3 school in ohio. needless to say, the wco was unneccessary, but for whatever reason, we installed it, and immediately i found myself studying playbooks far more than schoolbooks…

  160. well surfum
    1. Zorn doesnt trust davis enough yet
    2.Kelly has been injured
    3. thomas is learning and is the most solid of the 3 offensive rookies

    if you like jackson so much go be an eagles fan all teams and PLAYERS are different so dont even try to use stupid examples.

    besides the eagles banked on desean because they were desperate and it worked…..sort of… he still screws up every once in a while.

  161. Zorn w/that Peee-Wee play calling needs to change..I think we started 6-2 because no other teams knew anything about Zorn..Film study has caught up with him..I would like too see C.B. Newsfash we are out of the play-offs anyway..Load up the Gunslinga and see what we got

  162. feels like Patrick Ramsey controversy all over again…

  163. Sorry Harold your wrong!!

    Zorn has put Davis in
    Kelly has played
    thomas has been open but glazed over deer in the headlights has tunnel vision.

    just change QB’s what’s so hard about that kook! Chicago did it. And Waht? orton is good! Tirtans did it! And What? Falcons did it! and what? etc, etc!!!

    this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


    Derrrrrr doooooooo

  164. for every point brought up Eric B, it can be argued too. Look at the here and now teams that are challenging for playoff spots…with new QBs Miami, Jets, Patriots, Atlanta, etc. The one constant in all these teams and other successful teams, is a highly confident QB…something we are lacking in Redskinland.

  165. JC Sucks and has no confidence…….Colt needs to start the next 2 games to get him ready for next year……..and also get that whiny Portis on the bench and let the real running back Betts take it from here

  166. Surfum,
    Go read the article’s, take a deep breath and comeback with the ammo thats over there. I don’t have it in me to battle today. Losalio is right ! we’ve been battling it out all season on this one, trust me.
    What the hell happened to our boy Ben anyway? Glad your feeling good enough t come back over and throw your 2 cents.

  167. he put davis in for one maybe 4 plays and that was in 2 diff games….thats how much game play he has seen because Z is stilly iffy about him, you never read the article on the skins site?….

    kelly has only recently played but has been inactive most of the season

    and thomas gets coverd because he hasnt fully adjusted to the faster D’s he is facing you saying its all because of campbell is ignorant, i just want to see what you will say next, if colt did play and sucked. you need to hop off his ****.

  168. look, i think that JC still needs to develop within the offense. he’s changed his throwing motion this offseason in addition to learning the new WCO. reading a defense is not necessarily a function of being in the league so long, but rather based on your comfort in the offense and knowing how the defense fits against your gameplan (hence, Favre went to a WCO team in the Jets because he didn’t have to re-learn the defensive match-ups). give JC another year, otherwise it’s just another premature judgment on a QB (anyone forget Trent Green?). also, i don’t mean to offend, but the only thing i’ve seen Colt do this season is yawn…

  169. LET ME REPEAT for you thick-headed people who love to lose:

    just change QB’s what’s so hard about that. Chicago did it. And What? orton is good! Tirtans did it! And What? Falcons did it! and what? etc, etc!!!

    I compare this team with General Motors. The japanese are laughing at us. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!

  170. Eric what are you smoking? Are you blind? JC throws like a f’n tree-sloth!! Defenses can read his motion before the ball is released!!

    this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


  171. I’m going already you guys are f’n idiots. The QB position is the most important position. JC is hooorible and will always be a glazed over deer in the headlights!!

  172. well when your fortune 1000 company and nfl franchise starts being successful then you can go to snyder and tell him how to also eat, sleep, and, SH*T

    you know since you have all the anwsers.

    Just enjoy the fact that this team DOES want to win even though somtimes they dont show it..

  173. EricB,
    LOL! Yeah I think we’ve all been yawning! I gotta tell you, I think the worst thing JZ can do is screw with these guy’s throwing motion’s, JC as well as Colt’s. Those arm’s got them this far, so don’t mess with them!

  174. surfum, what do the japanese people know about building a football team? further, the teams you cite (Tennessee, Chicago and Atlanta) had no choice but to change QBs…Chicago had a player who was something like 10-1 sitting on the bench, Atlanta’s QB was in jail, and Tennessee had to drag Collins off his couch because Young got hurt. throwing in a rookie is usually a huge risk, and the way it has paid off for teams like Baltimore and Atlanta is more a testament to the team around them then any individual achievement…

  175. you gotta be kidding me with the new system excuse. You do realize Campbell was a West Coast Offense QB at Auburn, right? We have Rookie QBs and Veteran QBs learning new offenses this year and they have been successful…Farve, Pennington, Cassel, Flacco, Ryan, etc. Common stop making excuses for crappy QBing. Like Surfum suggested, change QBs and lets see. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

  176. you may have a point, HT, with the throwing motion. both JC and Colt have quirky motions. my one concern is that JC does need to get rid of the ball more quickly, so i think he does need to be “tweaked” a bit so to speak. i can’t really evaluate colt since he hasn’t played, but i don’t recall his issues being in the quick release department, more a concern with his height (when combined with his delivery, leads to a lot of knocked down balls), ability to read a defense, and small school pedigree. i wouldn’t mind seeing Colt play a bit, since i think he is a playmaker, now that the playoff hopes are dead, i just don’t think that he should replace JC

  177. Hey eric
    this is the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games:


    We are desparate for a new QB. I went to every home game that Colt played, maybe you guys don’t know how good he really is? If you don’t think he can’t score more points in the last 5 games then you are a glazed over deer in the headlights like campbell.

  178. ok Surfum..

    1. You CANT just sit on your ass and think oh hey ive never seen COLT play in a regular season game..but if JASON CAMPBELL SUCKS..then COLT must be better

    2. JC is not the one who is bringing this team a matter of fact he threw a TD, no interceptions, oh! and also didnt get SACKED not once…i believe its the lack of producing on the RUN and also the finishing for the D and working on coaching for its NOT JUST shut your mouth…no ones listening to you Surfum..and find something else to waste your time one

    3. People need to stop complaining about how bad JC is playing..not just Surfum..i dont understand how people are forgetting the 7 TDs and NO interceptions at the begginning
    of the season..yea now those numbers are worth it anymore..BECAUSE every team has figured the West Coast offense out and know how to cover the pass and the run…people need to criticize the team not the QB!

  179. losalio- favre and cassel did not learn new offenses. ryan is a ridiculous exception (and one i don’t think can be compared to colt, since i think matt ryan’s intelligence is on a different level than either JC or Colt). pennington is, what, 35? i’m not making any excuses. i just think it would be wise to allow JC another year to grow in the offense, shore up the rest of the team in the offseason, and see how it plays out next year.

  180. I have been very tolerant and patient with having Campbell develop but the learning curve is over and he is not getting better. BENCH HIM.

  181. Eric, you played ball you said…when you have a QB you believed in and trusted, didn’t you play your a$$ off for him. Same sentiments can be said about coaches too. But your QB is in the game with you and taking hits and getting hurt if you didn’t do you job and play your assignments…right. Dont you think the same can be said of the Redskins in that if their leader has no fire, dont you think the rest of the team will not be fired up. Point is One Player Can Make A Difference On A Team!

  182. Patrick you moron look at how many poiints we scored, we barely beat those teams. Portis had moster games. JC did nothing!. Anyone can hand off the ball. They didn’t call more pass plays because zorn has no confidence in JC. I live in Hawaii and went to all of Colts games, he blows away Campbell.

  183. JC has no fire!!!

  184. hail, skins!
    lets have a moment of silence for our lost season….

    OK—to the bungals?????? iam glad i was out coaching and missed this tragedy. what a disappointment.

    theres always next year.

  185. Thanks guys for coming to my defense against these clowns!!

  186. Brennan there is nothing wrong with putting him in now.

    what is the worst that can happen. A loss wow Campbell has lost the last 5 outa 6.

    So put him in the season is over.

  187. Jc cant read progressions, has no ‘touch”, has poor scrambling, can’t slide, has a slow tree-sloth wind-up, no fire, etc

  188. After 5-weeks of pathetic play, talking big and performing lame, why are we wasting our time discussing this football team?
    I for one, am done. And if you really want to make your voice heard, boycott them for the rest of the season. Don’t buy tickets, don’t go to any games, don’t ask for any Redskins stuff for Christmas, stop watching the games on TV, nothing. Teams don’t exist without fans. And why should we, the fans keep supporting a team that doesn’t support us? This organization needs an enima from the top down. But, untill that happens, they won’t get another penny from me. And I won’t be wasting any of my time watching them lose on TV. They are an embarrasement to football, the NFL and the fans. I only wish I could make millions doing nothing.
    Like our starting roster. I am ashamed to even wear my Redskin clothes in public, because I know people are laughing at me.
    How putrid is that?
    The Detroit Lions try harder then we do.

  189. Hey did you guys know that the amount of points we scored in the last 5 games are :


    Yeah and i think that Colt Brennan, if he started would have hung half a hundred on each of the last 5 opponents

  190. Losalio, you’re correct (though i was a QB, so i have couldn’t really comment on the mindset of the other players). i just don’t think that the problem is with JC…many successful QBs are extremely even-keeled (Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Kurt Warner, Drew Brees). My point is, the team’s intensity is usually a function of its leadership, most significantly the coach’s. Though captains can be helpful, I have no idea who the offensive captain really should be…and that doesn’t reside on JC, that falls more on the shoulders of CP, Cooley and Moss…players who should have the team on their shoulders but don’t seem to want to stand up and lead. I just don’t think we have a natural leader on offense (and that’s a little too easy to blame on the QB).

  191. Yeah your right Eric except for the intelligence point because your boy Campbell happens to be very intelligent. But as Casey pointed out the learning curve is over. I have watched campbell from the time we drafted him until now…believing he was the one to take us to the promise land after having so much busts at QB. Even when he asked for permission to wear Doug Williams number I thought he must eat, drink and live Redskin football. So far he has not progressed yet. Great he threw for over 100 yards and one TD today in the loss. Bottom line he still got the loss.

  192. skinfan63 you hit the nail right on the head… it’s a waste of time talking about this team. Aloha

  193. veryy devastating yet embarrassing lost…. i cant believe it…we went from bad to worse.. i love my skiins always have and will.. but come on!! the bengals…not only that but we just havent had it…honestly even if we would have made it to the playoffs we woulda lost on our first game….. and all the people sayin bring colt in he wont make a difference it isnt JC fault… our team as a whole needs a spark or sumthinn!!!

  194. Surfum,

  195. JC is not intellegent he had low test scores and can’t read progressions. Lets stick with relity and not sckew the facts to your point of view.

  196. what is your name?
    I went to which articles are yours

  197. surfum, isn’t it your bed-time yet? im sorry, but you’re not bringing anything to the conversation. what test scores are you referring to? i assume you have JC’s transcript form Auburn? i think that it is you, in fact, who is “sckew[ing] the facts to your point of view” (sic).

  198. I’ll tell you all who sucks! I SUCK!! Why??? Because I stick up for this team week in and week out no matter how PATHETIC we are!!!! The Bengals??? Are you frickin kidding me??? The Bengals!!??? I SUCK!!! Because I had faith in Zorn and his pathetic game plans!!! 3rd and goal from the 6 inch line, CIncy puts 10 in the BOX and we don’t have the brains to audible to any outside run!!!??? please!!!! 2:08 to go in the game from the 14yd line DOWN 10 and he calls a RUNNING PLAY????? Please!!! I SUCK!!!! I suck because I actually believed in this SORRY BUNCH!!!! F ME!!! I SUCK!!!

  199. I’m certain we hit #1 of the bottom 10 in points after this one. At least we’re #1 in something, or #30 depending on how you look at it!

  200. It’s only 2:00 pm here in honolulu. Take it easy little tiger. I read he had low test scores. Look it up. It’s all about fire and scoring points. Mcnabb, Manning, Romo, are blowing away JC. Colt can scoree more points mudhole.

  201. your right Eric there is no real leader but Campbell was voted as the leader and needed to step up. as for the QBs you mentioned…they all have huge fires and get on their team mates when they mess up a block, rout run, etc. Since you were a QB you know what it is like to lead a team. The coach is not looked at in the same leadership role as a fellow player. The coach is more of a father figure, where as the QB is looked at to lead the team. When you played didnt you get frired up and lead your team. You played in the WCO didnt you need to read the defense as you walked up to the line, than go through the progressions quickly? You know more than any on this blog what every one is pissed about with Campbell.

  202. Chad Riley Article #92490 the truth about Colt Brennan! Enjoy!

  203. ok once again…portis is a beast…but he has declined alot because of injuries..
    campbell had a TD and portis did not
    so i dont understand how you’re blaming the game on not blaming blaming THE TEAM not a PLAYER….
    this is such a ridiculous argument because your trying to prove that a player who only played in college so far against a QB whose been in the league for a while..and Surfum you wanna know something…
    Hawaii lost to Georgia right?..and someone said they were too big and im pretty sure if Brennan went up against NFL players not preseason NFL players..hes going to end up like he did during his bowl game against big and talented NFL players

  204. HT skin how do I find these articles?

  205. you’re citing Manning when trying to support your statement that JC needs more fire? please. additionally “i read he had low test scores” is not really a “fact” it falls more into the blanket category of “hearsay, speculation and conjecture.”

    alright, im out, i’ve got work to do. it’s a sad state of affairs in redskins land, hopefully we can figure it out. take it easy everyone (if possible, haha)

  206. Surfum, some of your views are a little extreme but I do agree with giving Colt a try the last two games. We have no chance of going to the playoffs now and this team needs to see what it’s rookies can do. Should Zorn get fired? I don’t think so. I do think he needs to turn play calling duties over to someone else. He also needs to work on making adjustments threw out the game. Portis and Moss need to go. After shooting his mouth off he produced 25 carries for 77 yards. Moss, had a good game but has never really been the number one receiver they thought. This teams is an aging team that will need a drastic overhaul the next 3-4 seasons to get good young talent. Zorn should only get better with experience and this team will get better with a little more time. HTTR

  207. Travis, Losalio you guys still here?

  208. Hey Surfum go to the washington team on bleacher report…mine is on there and I can point you towards HTSKINS67.

  209. This team has taken Zorn’s call to “keep it medium” to heart. I am a lifetime Redskins fan, and I remember only a coupl of times when the emotional level of this team has been so flat. I realize they can’t be foaming at the mouth all the time, but when I see them laughing on the sidelines, or I see JC’s emotionless play I am discouraged. Theismann, Wiliams, and Rypien were not afraid to lead. None of them will be in the HOF, but they all competed. That’s what bothers me about this team, no fight!

  210. WOAH and how dare you compare Romo to JC……Romo is ACTAULLY bringing the Cowboys down with TO…that is a prime example of BRINGING down a team…as for JC no panic what so ever with the team..they all know its ALL OF THEIR FAULTS NOT JASON CAMPBELLS…

    hey guys campbell has low test scores, cant read progressions and has no “fire” (?)..i swear if you cant bring up a better argument you might as well just leave and “surf” some some facts about the skins before you speak again

  211. Patrick, are you nuts. Do you see JC scrambling out, dumping off, shuttle passes, making the most out of busted plays? no no no. CB excells at these things. Just give him a chance. We let Trent Green go and he played great with KC. Are we going to get rid of Brennan? He is like 24 or 25 years old. He has too much talent to sit on the bench.

  212. HTSKINS67….its getting past my bed time…on here.

  213. When players dont make plays then the coach is suppose to change something to “spark” the team…….uhm, did anyone see Zorn spark the team or did you all see the F*!@in BENGALS KICK OUR ASS????ARE YOU KIDDING ME>>>>>BENGALS…..ok, I feel a little better.
    Please Mr. Zorn, we would like Colt for christmas, PLEASE just one game………

  214. the same bul**** again…
    portis its better in the tv. spots and characters…

  215. surfum,
    I tried to put the link in one of my first posts on this page near the top. or you can go to and type my name or search Colt Brennan. On my computer is say’s that post is under moderation. maybe because of the link. I dont know if it shows on your screen or not.

  216. Here is fact you idiot. The only TD we scored last week was when our defense recovered the ball 30 yards from the goal line. Jc did not drive down the field. He was handed the ball 30 yards away from the goal line. Zorn said that he missed an open reciever for a TD but luckily scored on the next play.
    Did you also know clown that Cooley has only one TD pass this year and it’s from Randle El. You are an idiot if you think JC is good!!

  217. This team flat out SUCKS!!! I have a Skins tattoo, I fly a Skins flag every day off my front porch, I have a Skins Fathead on my living room wall, 75% of my wardrobe is Skins ****, Skins license plate, etc… get the idea…….I am a member of Redskins Nation…..and WE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Jason campbell needs to get his southern gentleman ass back to mississippi

  219. YEA i do see JC scrambling out and gaining plenty of yards keeping the drive alive…ok yea some of campbells passes are questionable..but what I SEE is WR’s dropping passes.. the OLine not run blocking.. and you know what im not saying not to be CB saying all this talk is ridiculous..YOU DONT KNOW how good hes going to be because YOU CANT compare college to NFL..NEVER…you cant say HES AMAZING until you actually see him play in the NFL….once we see him behind the center throwing the ball..YOU CAN TALK then..but NOT NOW cause you have absolutely no base of argument for CB when he has not thrown one pass in the regular season

  220. Len,
    I hear you bruddah. You need me just give a shout! Malama Pono

  221. Looking back I think everyone got to excited about the good start to the season. If you look at it the Redskins could easily be 2-12 or worse!!! I think most of the problems start at the top (ownership) and work their way down from there. What one or two playoff wins in the past ten plus years? I feel like Zorn could very well end up being just fine but Jason Campbell is not the answer for the current edition of the Redskins. Maybe they can sign Michael Vick up next summer!! (jk) I guess there is always next year, I’ve just got to figure out how to explain that to my five year son.

  222. oh and you “Clown” im not saying JC is good…im saying your argument makes no SENSE when CB hasnt even posted up numbers yet…just wait and see before you make fun of JC..when CB is blowing him away then you can talk trash about him..right now the odds of him doing that are slim to season will be a whole different story

  223. Patrick what is your problem? WTF!! Your not willing to give CB or Collins a try. How about 1 game. Say they did and we scored 30 or more points(something we have not done all year)? Would you be willing to try one more week at a new QB? HUH?

  224. Anybody who thinks putting Colt in and were automatically a playoff team does not know football. If you think are problems are all solved by Colt go buy Football for Dummies pls. Try revamping both are lines where everyone is over 30 and not one impact player. Try getting special teams and punt return game and try getting people on offense that can either stay healthy or scare people. Most importantly try getting rid of Cerrato. Maybe next year we can waste another draft pick on a punter and have our 3 first picks spend more time on the inactive list and be practice heros.

  225. 77 Redskin

    C’mon man – show some heart!!! If that’s your attitude you might as well be a LIONS Fan!!! BE PISSED!!!! Your son is way too young to be mad, but YOU should be PISSED!!!! There is NO WAY we should accept this meltdown!!! We folded like a chinese fan!!!!! we were WEAK!!!!!

  226. If we go into next year with Moss as our return man by wk 4 or 5 his hamstrings will be blown.

  227. who dey!!!

  228. ok wow..i believe the argument was about JC between CB not COLLINS..i would 100% wanna put Collins in over JC right now..he brought the team to the playoffs when everybody was saying they werent going to make it. collins has more experience and better reading…JC does not but those two are all they got right now..CB will be good next year…watch..after these next two games JC will be gone just watch

  229. patric,
    I hope you are right because Colt wont be with us long if they dont put him in, he is way too talented to ride the bench.

  230. Let s stick with JC. He’s our man Yeah woooo hoooo. He is the best in the NFL yeah hell take us to the playoffs, he will turn our receivers into probowl players, he will blow out teams, he will put fear in defenses, he will scramble for tons of TDs. alright JC he’s out man yeah woooo

  231. If you can’t see that JC sucks royal ass than your a moron

  232. This thing is BIGGER than Campbell.
    1) Cooley fumbled,
    2) Sellers couldn’t score on the goalline
    3) JC missed about 3 or 4 open WRs
    4) the D didn’t show up the first half.
    5) The D NEVER get a 3 and out in the 4th quarter
    6) Special teams was TERRIBLE
    7) Fitzpatrick looked like Joe Montana at QB
    8) 9 – 75 penalties against the Skins
    9) 2 turnovers

  233. If you lose to the Bengals, it’s pretty much a sure bet that the whole team sucks! The Benglas???? Did we lose to the Bengals!!?? That’s just beyond pathetic!!! That’s time to face reality…………we suck!!!!! Period! Enough said!

  234. Savant,
    I was worried about you, glad to have you back!

  235. You have to be of unsound mind to suggest getting rid of JC. Starting QB’s are hard to come by – and the Skins have invested too much in him. He needs to become more vocal of a leader – he should have been the one to shout down Portis and the one to tell Zorn to cool outing players to the pundits.

    And haven’t you learned the lesson that when players leave the Skins, they often times go on the be good players for other teams? JC would end up a star because he is legit.

    What has to be questioned is the front office – as usual.

    The line play on both sides of the ball is poor. The front O did nothing to remedy the situation – nothing that worked.

    The coach, picked like lottery number by the front O, is a good man not ready for the job. But they picked him and they need to stick with him. Maybe an offseason and time to reflect will help him. Bill B was horrid in Cleveland. Don’t you think they wished they still had him? Zorn may be the same kind of coach. One year with an aging O line and a second string D line isn’t a far test of his ability. Although, he lost the team with his media skills. But he was put in front of the press without much prep.

    One thing in life is true – if there is a consistent problem – look for the constant in the problem. Our front O is the constant. Not saying that out of bitterness but it’s simple logic. Everything else has changed time again during Mr. Snyder’s tenure. Players, coaches, schemes, and the ‘new’ Skins are the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Maybe it’s truly time to turn the show over to a new front O. No question mark because that’s a challenge not a question. Does Mr. Snyder have enough passion for winning to fire himself – and step out of the day to day team building – that is the challening question. But seeing that he would have to hire the front O and his hiring of football people is a proven poor track record, I have little hope.

    The one enduring image for me this season is seeing the footage of MR. Snyder in the hallway after the Eagles win shouting ‘Dallas at home, Philly at home.’ That was bad karma and came off just like Moss dusting off his shoes today. You wonder what those guys are thinking, and they don’t seem very much like guys I want to root for, and maybe it’s time for Mr. Snyder to look at the man in the mirror and . . . ah who am I kidding. We’re going on a decade and a half of this nonsense. Like it’s going to change in Snyder’s lifetime.

  236. surfum,
    Did you find it?

  237. Very telling recap isn’t it Savant? You can’t fight the truth, and the truth says we suck!!

  238. Look the reason why we have no good players from the drafts, because we draft a QB every draft. We should have drafted a LB or DE to put some fire a youth in the defense. JC is our QB let’s build a team around him. Colt let’s see if he can beat out Todd in the offseason.

  239. At this point I don’t think it would hurt to put Colt in and give him a few reps.

  240. DE, DE, DL, LB, OL, OL, LB

    That’s how I see it……assuming we have 1 pick each round

  241. Savant,
    those are all great point but it shows how no leadership destroys the entire team. Zorn is the only one who can begin the change and I dont know what he is thinking but something needs to change and shoud start with putting Colt in and see.

  242. The Ravens and Steelers defense make Flacco and Roethlisberger look better than they are…They are both not that good…They are both slow and not agile…

  243. For what? He don’t even know the plays. All he would do is mess with the team (the guys that we will keep) mind trying to figure out who the Leader is.

  244. I have been a skins fan all my life. The problem with Snyder is he has no idea how to run a football franchise. Our front office people are a bunch of business men hanging out on the weekends. We need to have football people running a football organization. Look at what Bill did for Miami; look at the Falcons and others. We are the only ones that can’t figure out how to pick up real football players. It is like we just watch a few bowl games in January and say he looks good, let’s try him.

    The Team has no Strategy, No Vision and No Identity. That has to come from the top.

    Now for the players and the Zorn. The players have no real desire to win, they play with zero emotion. Zorn and Campbell have the worst type of leadership for this team (NONE). Until we recruit players for their skill and will to win, the Skins will never win.

  245. do you know this for sure, kinda sounds dume to think he dosent know the plays.

  246. PlayToWin, you are exactly right. Big Ben is terrible. He try to take all day back there waiting for a WR to be ten yards open. But nobody say bench the Ben. The Steelers stick with him and build around him. They keep that D young & full of FIRE.


  248. Its pretty much a fore-gone conclusion that we are out of the playoffs. Put Colt in and let him get some play time. See if he can light up the scoreboards over the next few games. PROVE ME WRONG about COLT. COLT is ELECTRIFYING people, let him loose. At the very least I will eat crow and say How poorly he played the last games of the season.

  249. Mac Man true so true, but nobody that has a Football mind WANTS TO WORK FOR MR. SNYDER! That is a huge problem right there.

  250. How would we know you are eating it?

  251. Campbell is just lik Eli. He don’t get up and he won’t get down. But the Giants put a team around him and look what he did. He brought a SB trophy to NY. Campbell can do the same if they let him.

  252. check out my articles on bleacher report

  253. If it is one thing that I know, in today’s NFL it takes a good organization to win. If Dan was to run this like a business, the first thing we would notice he has too many blind spots running his organization We are headed for the same fate as the Raiders; you see what their owner has done to them.

  254. What article Travis?

  255. I am all for building around a player, but I dont think Campbell is that player Zorn is a new coach with new ideas. he was handed a team built around a totaly different Offense. Zorn needs to build his team from the ground up. Keep the players he drafted and wanted, than trade the rest. MY OPINION:
    OFFENSE. a little radical but needed, i thinki.

  256. Where did Cerrato come from? Why does Dan has so much trust in him? Can anybody tell me the answer to those questions.

  257. Savant, I’d question you on the special teams being terrible. Cartwright had some great returns today, including that long last one that gave us a great opportunity. The punt returners were have a better than normal day, and Plack had a good day. The only trouble, and I assume this is where you get the ‘terrible’ assessment, were the penalties which called some of them back, and Suisham. But he just did what he always does.

  258. First off why did we attact the right side on the ground when the left side has been better all year plus our best tackle now has to play the left side. Bad idea. Second why not give portis the ball at the goal line he hasnt scored a rushing td in a while, why not try to get him jump started. Maybe what happened this week had something to do with it? Why with 2:08 left in the game and we have the ball inside the 20, why would we run the ball and to the right side at that? Campbell proved today he is not the long term qb. The offensive line didnt do bad today and he had less then 200 yards passing. Zorn if this is a west coast offense, wheres the west part. Early in the season teams played us like we could pass and portis was killing. Now teams play us like we cant pass and stack the box and well we cant pass. Either its zorns passing plays or campbell. Either why they both cant stay. Maybe trade campbell to the lions for a pick and start over with brennan the next two games cause this passing game sucks. Plus we cant get to the qb. who ever is coaching the d line should be fired. Our blitz packages are weak. Alot of things have to change if we want to get back to the promise land. Let the young players play and sit portis cause its not worth him getting hurt. Let betts start and portis can be a third down back. Cut jason taylor and let someone else pick up his contract because he was the biggest waste this season.

  259. Oh my goodness……….Taylor and Fletcher SUCKED.
    A 1/2 sack? And they lost to who? And they get paid how much?

  260. JC has got to go. The Redskins’ record (7-7) reflects what type of QB JC is – average. We aren’t going anywhere this season, so why not start Colt the last 2 games of the season to at least find out if he is the answer.

  261. “If you lose to the Bengals, it’s pretty much a sure bet that the whole team sucks! The Benglas???? Did we lose to the Bengals!!?? That’s just beyond pathetic!!! That’s time to face reality…………we suck!!!!! Period! Enough said!”

    Yep, just like we lost to the Rams, and almost lost to the Lions!

  262. If Cartwright had speed like most KR in the league he would have scored. Randle El, what did he do? You had 2 or 3 penalties on Special teams, and the kicker kicked two ball out of bound on kick off and you call that a good day for special teams. Adam come on dude did you watch the game? Well I did and yes they were terrible. I would trade Portis before I trade Campbell.

  263. Trade Portis and Moss for draft picks.

  264. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Who’s the better qb Campbell or Brennan. Yes Brennan had a stellar college career and a good preseason, but until he actually plays in a game that matters all of that is for naught. Campbell isn’t the only problem, but he definitely needs to be replaced but with Collins and not Brennan. Brennan will get his shot but just not this year. Possibly next year who knows, but Campbell isn’t the answer. And before some of you jump on my case I’ve followed Brennan’s career from his UH days being from Hawaii and I do think he has a bright future in the NFL, but be realistic it aint gonna be this year. So just deal.

  265. This discussion is getting awful heated.

  266. If a lot of things were different, the results would be too. I’m basing the special teams performance off past performance, not compared to other teams or players, and they did better. Sure, they weren’t great, but still better than previous weeks. Plack actually had decent punts, there were positive yards on returns, and Cartwright wasn’t completely useless. Not great, but better than normal. Suisham does stink though.

  267. The last time I heard Zorn talk about Brennan, Zorn act like he do what he want to do and not what the coach ask him to do. Another QB did that in the past, his name was Jeff George. How was his NFL career?

  268. I base the special teams performance on that game. Adam special teams took the Bears to the Super Bowl. And as for basing them on other teams OTHER TEAMS ARE WINNING AND WE ARE NOT.

  269. Heres whos gots to after the season

    1.Vinny Cerrato
    2.Jim Zorn
    3.Jason Campbell
    4.Antwaan Randle El
    5.Jason Taylor
    6.James Thrash
    7.Jon Jansen
    8.Shaun Suisham
    9.Carlos Rodgers
    10.The rest of the defensive line

    All of these guys need to go or be traded for what draft pick value you can get for them.

  270. Josh I think you are a Cowboy fan.

  271. Savant-You seriouslly like everyone i named on that list?

  272. Hey, let’s put Colt at left tackle…he’s such an amazing player he could play any position. Colt Brennan can throw harder than Favre, has more accuracy than Tom Brady and runs faster than Devin Hester. He TORE up in preseason, I mean that directly translates into players being awesome in the regular season against starters!


    Idiot Hawaiian Bandwagon Fan Who Knows Nothing About Football, Who Is Currently Staring At The CB5 Poster Above My Bed

  273. No.
    No let’s put Brennan in as WR.

  274. Name ONE QB in the NFL with No help around him and a first year HC, learning a new offense and went to the playoffs? NAME ONE ANYBODY!

  275. Hey Matt………really appreciate your blog.
    It must suck to go to all of these games and watch our pathetic team lose week after week. I really feel soory for you. I know I feel sorry for me and all of the other Redskins fans that have to watch this putrid excuse for a team. One thing?
    Do people from this team read our posts? Do they know how much distain we have? Do they know who much we hater Mr. Snyder?
    Do they know how pathetic we think this team has become?
    Do they know, that without fan support, there wouldn’t be a team? There would be no millionaire deadbeats?
    Do they get it?

  276. Yeah skinsfans63 I coldn’t have said it better myself!

  277. Could somebody anybody answer my question. Name ONE QB in the NFL with No help around him and a first year HC, learning a new offense and went to the playoffs?

  278. I wish I could Savant! Let’s talk Sugar bowl!

  279. MATT RYAN in Atlanta. JOE FLACCO in Baltimore…SAVANT?

  280. Okay. Okay. It sucks. But get rid of Portis?
    That is truly the dumbest thing I’ve heard here.

  281. Good point Losalio!

  282. The REDSKINS just plain suck. The organization is like a cancer to any player with talent. This is so obvious due to the fact that just about every player we lose goes to another team and succeeds (i.e. Trent Green, Antonio Pierce, and soon Clinton Portis will be gone). We pic up garbage Jason Taylor who do nothing more than come to get paid and leave without producing shit. I really don’t know what the answer is. Jim Zorn I think needs more time to prove or disprove whether or not he is a good coach. Right now Jim Zorn is as predictable as Bryan Steinspring OC for Virginia Tech. I am so disappointed……..WE HAVE WAY TO MUCH TALENT AND POTENTIAL TO SUUUCCCKKK THIS BAD.

  283. I get on here every week and argue that Colt isn’t the answer, and I’m honestly just sick of it.

  284. Joe Flacco is a joke by the way. He wont amount to anything. Matt Ryan on the other hand will be great.

  285. Nick.
    I’m with you. I’m sick of arguing that Colt is the answer!

  286. Joe Flacco has a Great Defense, Mason, Heap and Crayton. A offensive coordinater that has proven that he is one of the best in the NFL. Atlanta has the #2 rushing RB Turner, and leading WR in yards Roddy White. Atlanta also have the easiest schedule in the league. Next!
    Name ONE QB in the NFL with NO HELP AROUND HIM and a first year HC, learning a new offense and went to the playoffs?

  287. hey nick, Insanity is doing the same thing over, “every week,” expecting a different result.

  288. I agree that Colt is not the answer. (Now atleast)
    Sacks, Pass Protection, and Turnovers that fall
    right into your lap are (or would have been) the answer.
    Funny thing. I just knew after the 1st Qtr of these last
    two games that both the Ravens and Bengals had
    all the points that they would need to beat after 14 in the 1st.
    Sad but True.
    And seriously: I was not that suprised: Nobody else saw this coming? What did you think was gonna happen?

  289. Keep changing QB after 2 years of play isn’t that considered doing the same thing over and over again?

  290. Joe Flacco has a defense that scores points so he has a lot of help and a really good running game with an excellent offensive line. Matt Ryan has two very good wide receivers good running backs and a great offensive line, so they both have pretty good supporting casts.

  291. Those two QBs have been the spark for their team and in many respects have done it. Both these teams had the same players last year, except the QBs they got this year. Those QBs has been the difference for their teams.
    Nick..that JOKE is headed to the playoffs and your Campbell is not?

  292. Savant I wrote that before I read your comment.

  293. True Savant, with our owner…but the same can be said about our offense. They have not been good at all and a bust for a few weeks now.

  294. Who cares if colt is better than campbell (I think he is way better) . But the fact remains that Football is entertainment and colt is more exciting to watch than JC. John Madden said that colt brings an electricity and is fun to watch! Bottom line you get more entertainment dollar watching CB than JC. You can’t argue that!!

  295. They practice to get better you moron its not insane to expect them to get better. I’m guessing you have never played football.

  296. los

  297. Jason Campbell said after the game they need to take care of business and that they have to capatilze on mistakes. He is the main reason for poor play.

  298. Savant ,
    Did you know that in the 06′ season opener against your beloved Crimson tide, Colt was 30-44 350YD’s 2TD’s in a 28-17 loss. Colt can play against SEC caliber competition. Just a little food for thought!

  299. here we go with the name calling again…hey dick…which team you play for?

  300. This is Portis 7th year in the league. he might have one more good year left in him, MIGHT. Running Backs do not last more than 8 or 9 years in the league unless they have a great line. Yes if it wouldn’t hurt my cap I would trade him in a heart beat. Not to mention all those RB in the league that are bringing great moves to the game; Turner, Peterson, Forte, Williams, & Johnson need I name more. When the last time Portis broke a tackle for a 20 yard run? When the last time he ran more than 10 yards and didn’t fall on the ground?

  301. oops hit the d instead of n.

  302. I hate when clowns come on here and say stuff like I guess you never played football, or you don’t know anything about football or you your not looking at the stats. I played football but still respect peoples opinions because after awhile you can still tell when a player sucks like JC.

  303. Savant you make an interesting point about Portis and you are right. its been a long time since he ran for some mileage. This years RB drafts has been pretty awesome.

  304. HT SKIN S67 id you know that we got a new coach after that?

  305. Los, my boy. yes somebody see what I see. My job is done. YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!

  306. Bench Portis, hes over the hill and used up. Betts needs to be the leader now. Colt is the future and needs to start next week, this season is done so lets start working on next year.

  307. Hey bitnik, I know a little bout football cause i once saw some on TV.

  308. A new Coach just because Colt torched the D for 350 YD’s. That speaks volumes for our boy!

  309. I read that article about Colt. “The 2007 season is well documented. the undefeated regular season, the Sugar Bowl and the Heisman run. Colt would end his UH career with 14,193 YD’s, 131 TD’s and 31 NCAA records. Statistically, the most prolific passer in College history.”

  310. SAVEURAUNT, My SON,…as Bama fans we can agree on some things and disagree on others but still be fans of the same teams.

  311. Colt Brennan baby, Jason Campbell is through, he sucks!!

  312. LOOK guys we all LOVE the Redskins. We all are upset. We are tired of losing or just getting by to win. Is JC or CB the answer I don’t know, I just know the QB positions is a hard position that I have never play, (Play FB in college). I do know a little about the sport I love. It is time for the Redskins to rebuild NOW. If that mean Campbell or Brennan I don’t know, but STICK WITH THE ONE YOU CHOOSE! Changing QBs evey other year isn’t and will not help our chances of winning.

  313. We want Colt, we want Colt, We want Colt……….!!!!!!!!!!!

  314. No HT SKIN S67 a New coach because the old coach SUCKED. That is why we lost. I bet you couldn’t bet us now.

  315. I gotta turn the computer over to my niece, Damn!
    I’ll be back later. Fight the good fight Losalio! Savant, take care my brother, we’ll pick this up in a little bit.


  317. Savant JC sucks so bad my head is going to explode, it’s time you act more like a blue collar steelers fan and less like a goober wine and cheese dc softie. JC has got to go!!!!

  318. I know, but I couldn’t resist. HTTR!

  319. Jason Campbell is horrible. “Colt is the most prolific passer in college history.”

  320. Man……..surfum has got to be Patrick……….it’s got to be!!

  321. I agree with you somewhat Savant. Zorn let Campbell be the starter this year because he didnt want to make waves his first year. He chose Colt for a reason during the draft. Zorn will probably stick with Campbell until the season is over. Hopefully he will have an open QB competition during training camp to determine the starter for next season. But make no mistakes, Zorn did not “choose,” campbell. He was given Campbell and Zorn is too mellow to make any waves…could cost him though.

  322. I know; lets keep Zorn for one more year and then bring Holmgren out of retirement, because he said he would like to coach again. Zorn will have the West Coast Offense here for two years, and hopefully Vinny will bring him players that will fit it. Then Holmgren can come in a take us to the next level. There you go.

  323. Solidus…thats funny. I think Savant is Matt T.

  324. Savant dont even joke like that…with Snyder, its possible. They will bring in the entire seahawks team to washington.

  325. Los from what I have read Dan chose Brennan. He would have got him after his junior year if he had came out of college early. That is another reason why I’m not to sold on Brennan, because Dan like him. Hey Solidus how is Vince Young or Tim Coach doing in the Pros? They did great in college too.

  326. Here’s what we need to do:
    1st down – run right
    2nd down – run left
    3rd down – keep everyone in to protect JC because our O-line sucks and send 2 receivers out on routes that are 2 yards short of the 1st down markers

    Oh wait – that IS what we do!! And every defensive coordinator and 5th grade football fan KNOWS IT!!!

    Nice job Jimmy!!

  327. No Holgren is another Parcels. He win wherever he goes. He took Green Bay, and Seattle to the SB. I say hire him as Player Personal like Parcels is in Miami.

  328. Just a little info for you Savant…when Zorn was coaching in Seattle, he came to June Jones Golf tourney and made contact with Colt then…in Colts junior year. Zorn has had his eye on Colt since then and when the oppourtunity came he took Colt…FACT.

  329. Here’s a question – please answer if you would – all kidding and venting aside:

    As noted by me and one other person above: With 2:08 to go, down 10, on the 14 yd line, why did we RUN THE BALL?? What was the purpose?…to set up another play??? To just run junk so we could make it to the 2 minute warning??

    I have no idea. I winning team would go straight to the endzone to get a score on the board PRIOR to the 2 minute warning. Why not take a shot and save some time??? That play makes no sense to me.

  330. look as much as JC thinks too much before he throws theball this 3 yard dump bs isn’t working we have become so oen dimentional that all d’s have to do is play 6 yds deep and keep us from doing anything cuz lord knows Zorn won’t throw behind the defense he is too wrapped up in trying to mak the system work rather than winning football games

  331. I’m back! Zorn flew to Hawaii to meet with June” Take the money and run” Jones during Junes charity golf tournament. I’m 99% positive he was JZ’s choice!

  332. Play Colt! what have we got to lose, we’re out of it. let’s see what he’ s got.

  333. True but I read Dan was about to trade two draft picks to get the first pick of the draft to bring him to Washington – – – – – DC. We’ll see then maybe Dan & Zorn is on the same page. You know we have to give Campbell a new contract or he will be a Free Agent in 2010. Since we don’t make the playoffs this season then that give them a reason not to talk to his agent after the season. If he did take us to the playoffs then you would have had to sign him after the season. Everything isn’t black & white like we think. Everything is done for a reason! We might not know that reason.

  334. colt is the best QB on the team. period

  335. Colt…Colt…Colt…Colt……Jason isnt a leader hes like a scared little boy and i feel like Zorn enhances the problem by babying him and “developing him” Jason doesnt have that it factor that can turn around a football game if we go down a score 99% of the time were going to lose the only win we had this year where we came back was vs phily only because of C-PO….this sux

  336. Thats right Savant and when the new season starts up we will probably have to learn some new names and wonder why we picked up some hasbeens from another team again.

  337. Yeah I would love to see him play against that Philly D. Then all you guys will start thinking like me, but you will come up with excuses.

  338. We want Colt, we want Colt, we want Colt….”The 2007 season is well documented. the undefeated regular season, the Sugar Bowl and the Heisman run. Colt would end his UH career with 14,193 YD’s, 131 TD’s and 31 NCAA records. Statistically, the most prolific passer in College history.”

  339. I dunno bout the whole snyder draft thing because he never showed any interest in Colt over the years. There was talk of Atlanta (because of Jones ties there) and possibly Miami (Devon Bess ended up there, with Satele, and Mauia).

  340. skins are going to have to cut the fat next year. say your goodbyes, and sell them jerseys. it wont be pretty!

  341. We will just bring in Ocho Cinco, when we should bring in Whosyourmomma, (Houshmandzadeh). Another BIG MOUTH just what we need.

  342. as much as the bs west coast doesnt work getting rid of zorn prob isnt the best thing…its his first season and its a learning experience and i think in the long run Zorn could be great hes got a good football mind but this system is **** and i hope zorn realizes it sooner than later

  343. philly will prob get Chad but u never know with the worst owner in football anything is possible

  344. All I know is that we would have won 4 out of our last 5 games if Colt was playing. The o-line is OK our Dewfense is good Our receivers are open but JC is glazed over, cooley is great and portis is great. What does that leave… JC the weal link!

  345. Tell you what Savant…They play Colt and he screws the pooch (no TDs less than 100yds passing) I will be here with no excuses at all. You know me have I ever come up with excuses while you and the rest of the Campbell Crew attacked Colt. There is no excuses in a loss, either win or lose ( or tie with philiy). Stats are nice for your resume but they dont mean squat if you dont prove it on game day. So give the kid a chance and lets see.

  346. Cooley onlyt caught 1 TD pass this season thrown by randle el. JC sucks ass

  347. in all honesty the biggest prob with the skins is snyder he would rather us be losing but fans paying 250 for nose bleeds than us winning with $60 tix

  348. The Lions have scored way more points this year than the ‘skins!! JC sucks ass!

  349. at lest dallas is imploding

  350. We have not scored 30 pts or more in a game this year. JC sucks ass!

  351. All of you guys are wrong except andrew. The skins problem is Snyder and vinnie. When have the skins drafted an offensive lineman. Or, a defensive lineman worth a damn. Can we get rid of Snyder? Just joking. But, these two are doing a piss poor job of acquiring good ball players. Also, remember how we got Zorn. We got him when other proven coaches became unavailable. And, the assistant coaches were already picked. Now, what self-respecting coach is going to take a job when he cannot hire his own staff?

  352. Zolton you watching the game now? its hard for me to write this but………………….the cowgurls are playing good against the Gmen………..sux

  353. When JC is forced to play catch up then he is a turnover machine. JC sucks ass!

  354. Dallas is winning and look like they will win tonight.; which make my day even worse.

  355. Manning
    Jason glazed over deer in the headlights Campbell

  356. yep

  357. JC sucks and has to go. F U if you don’t think so!!!

  358. It is not an matter of opinion anymore. JC has got to go!

  359. Yeah I’m losing it. JC poor play has mad me go mad!!

  360. surfum are you F’ing Colt? You act like it. Get on to the next subject.

  361. if they win its only cuz beast man brandon isnt playing if they dont make the playoffs which is very likely…trust me they will implode one way or anther

  362. colt isnt the automatic answer but ight as well start him know so in two years we CAN be an elite team he has natural factors that JC doesnt

  363. everyone is forgetting
    1. the Bengals played VIOLENT ball
    2. we have to keep it medium
    3. it’s never my fault
    4. there are a couple of balls that we would like to have back

  364. colt isnt the automatic answer but ight as well start him know so he CAN make us an elite team cuz he has more natrual talent

  365. hahahah

  366. you would say that Jim

  367. exactly…if my day isnt bad already…Cgurls just stuffed eli…3 differen gurl got him…damn!

  368. Dude you are wrong for that, Zorn. LOL!

  369. Oh yeah JZ, thanks for the reminder…It all makes sense now. What were we thinking??

    ( I know you were trying to be funny – and you were! – but how pathetic is it that that’s actually the thought process of our head coach??)

  370. theres always a couple of balls that we would like back but we cant can we

  371. dallas will lose have hope

  372. there has to be smething for us to look forward to

  373. hahahahaha…TO tripped and their Booing him

  374. Things happen when he gets the ball

  375. NOT!

  376. 1. we got to pull together as a team
    2. It’s tuff in a hostile enviroment
    3. in the NFL anything can happen on any given sunday.

  377. I say give Zorn another year.

    Think Campbell is so afraid of making mistakes, Zorn is all about not making mistakes, that he thinks too much.

    Zorn needs to toss “perfection” into the trash and let the players play.

    Right now we need Brett Favre type enthusiasm to rally the troops, and that’s colt.

  378. hahahahahaha

  379. the ‘skins already said a few weeks ago that the are addressing the o-line, d-line, and linebackers in the offseason. The were so glad to get deangelo hall because that is one less thing they need. I’m so fixated on JC because I know in my heart he is not the best QB we have I strongly feel we would have one more games with a switch.

  380. won

  381. you know what lets start Randal El at QB…he knows the offense well enough to throw TDs to Cooley. HIs passer rating is pretty good i hear.

  382. Yeah Randle El and Brennan are about the same height.
    Moss 5-11
    Randle El 5-11
    Colt 6-0
    Portis 5-11
    Sounds like a good plan. Let’s draft some short linemen then we’ll be ready.

  383. the best passer in the nfl is breez, he’s 6’0, Colt is like 6’2. get your facts right. JC is a f’up

  384. Colt is 6’3″ 208lbs…common man! you know Moss is only 5’9 1/2″ and right now Portis is 4’10” and shrinking…

  385. well all these new tall WRs have really helped us out

  386. we need labron then well start winning

  387. true dat zoltan

  388. Surfum,

    Get off of Brennan’s s’ck. And get off JC, he completed better than sixty percent of his passes today with a TD and no ints. You sound like an idiot, check the stats. Football is a team sport.

  389. JC and the entire team would be better if we ran a no huddew this wholewest coast **** would work if we ran no huddle but we dont…it would dropp he d off open lanes for c=po and this 4-5 yard dump s**t would be a little more successful and JC actually thrives in no huddle but….

  390. i still think we need labron

  391. Ha. Ha. I’ve seen Colt beside Campbell, trust me he isn’t 6-2 or 6-3. 6-1 maybe. Oh how is Brees working out for New Orleans right now surfum? Two back to back losing seasons I believe is a Great stat surfum.

  392. Sam, on December 14th, 2008 at 10:52 pm Said:

    Get off of Brennan’s s’ck. And get off JC, he completed better than sixty percent of his passes today with a TD and no ints. You sound like an idiot, check the stats. Football is a team sport.


    WTF!! clown! How many points did we score. Here is the amt of pointsa we scored in the last 5 games:

    10, 17, 7, 10, 13
    Your an idiot jc has got to go!!! Our best receiver (TE) cooley has 0 td passes from JC but 1 from randle el! Take those stats and shove em up your A

  393. Romo sacked in the endzone…silver lining?

  394. Savant, Said:

    Ha. Ha. I’ve seen Colt beside Campbell, trust me he isn’t 6-2 or 6-3. 6-1 maybe. Oh how is Brees working out for New Orleans right now surfum? Two back to back losing seasons I believe is a Great stat surfum


    Does your mom know your using the computer?

  395. i thought that JC was gonna be god but he is pissing me off and he sucks balls, he has the worst accuracy of any quaterback in the nfl. but as much as i like campbell, his ass should be benched and colt brennan needs to play, also we need to draft a damn defensive end or something cause the d-line sucks, qb’s have like 1 hour to throw against our defense, our db’s cant cover forever!

  396. Savant and sam, just give Colt one game. What are you scared of?

  397. Campbell is 6’5 3/4″ so yeah against someone who is 6’2″ he would look big. Lots of good that did us.

  398. Gmen got a field goal

  399. So surfum how do you know he is 6-2? Did you measure him after you got off your knees?

  400. Surfum…people are always afraid of things they dont understand. PO`E HAOLE…HA AOLE NA LOLO

  401. Savant and sam, JC is boring to watch! John Madden said Colt brennan has a type of electricity and excitin to watch. Football is entertainment and Colt is way more exciting. I don’t understand your committment. When running a business you use your best talent

  402. Surfum get a damn life….you’ve been on the blog since the game ended. Matt you really got to put a cap on how many times you can post. We got the point Surfum that you don’t want JC and are on Colt’s sack. Seriously….get a damn life. Make some friends…get off the internet. And you claimed that you respected people’s opinions….you sure as hell didn’t respect mine from the last blog you piece of **** loser.

  403. Dnny boys not worried bout it though hes too wrapped up in how well Valkyrie does considering hes the God D**m executive producer….we need an owner who actually cares about the team rather than making money

  404. Savant that was uncalled for…C’mon Man!

  405. Holding on the Cowboys

    1st and 20

    Another meltdown??

  406. Alllryte, Hawaii in the house. People in Hawaii know how unreal CB is. You are all a bunch of misinformed uneducated, scared of change lackluster’good ol boy’ clowns.

  407. eh

  408. Not yet – 1st down

  409. surfum John Madden said that about Reggie Bush too, again how is that helping the Saints? Sorry Los.

  410. Do you work for General Motors?

  411. We want Colt, we want Colt, we want Colt….”The 2007 season is well documented. the undefeated regular season, the Sugar Bowl and the Heisman run. Colt would end his UH career with 14,193 YD’s, 131 TD’s and 31 NCAA records. Statistically, the most prolific passer in College history.”

  412. You can take that stat mr. stat nerd. But I would just go by how many points scored, progression reads, and busted play m oves JC does. He sucks royal sac.

  413. With 1000 of people may lose their jobs and have trouble feeding their family, I DON’T THINK THAT IS A GOOD JOKE surfum!

  414. damn witten……arggh

  415. Yeah sam and savant JC is awesome, lets have him score 7-17 pts a game for the next 3 years. Lets rely on out RB’s and defense to win games.

  416. s#$% its ovah….Dallas just scored again on a damn run with the rookie… damn silver lining

  417. Auwe Losalio … This is Killing me! I had to take a break. But I gotta tell you guys, there’s some funny s#!t flying around tonight !

  418. Hey Savant…Mom said get of the computer and take the trash out before going to bed…C-yah, Surfum keep the faith…Redskins for eva!!!

  419. Your a wuss wine and cheese DC slug. Hawaii is way more tough. You have to go above and beyond to compete here. Wake up slug.

  420. Yeah, Surfum I’ll come across your chin first. Campbell is the man. You would see that if you stopped swinging from Colt’s s’ck

  421. Surfum all I’m sayingevery QB needs help to score or win in this league. JC needs help. Portis and Moss were traded for a reason. The teams knew they could do better without them and they have. So Campbell has no help.

  422. See ya Los

  423. Campbell is the man? 10, 17,7,10,13 points in the last 5 games. Are you drunk? a highschool qb could score more than that.
    Colt would end his UH career with 14,193 YD’s, 131 TD’s and 31 NCAA records. Statistically, the most prolific passer in College history.”
    experts have said that JC was not that great in college, he was just surrounded by good talent. He also had poor test scores.

  424. Get ready boys I bet anything cowboys4life is about to show his face here!

  425. Losalio, Said:
    Hey Savant…Mom said get of the computer and take the trash out before going to bed…C-yah, Surfum keep the faith…Redskins for eva!!!

    yeah your mom is getting pissed!

  426. Wow… we

    JC has had four years to prove himself. Maybe they should pay these guys based on performance like the rest of the world. For the amount of money these guys make, something should be clicking or SOMEONE HAS GOT TO GO — FOR STARTERS… JASON CAMPBELL. I’m sorry, the guy has no confidence, his teammates have no confidence in him and he’s SLOW… 4 years…TIME TO TAKE YOUR MULTI MILLION DOLLAR PAYCHECK AND MOVE ON…


    Can’t blame this all on the coaches, the team is not connecting for whatever reason … plain and simple

  427. Even though they lost last week, The Cowboys looked better than the Steelers. Considering Both Offense and Defense, The Cowboys right now look like the Best team in the league…which will make Beating them, Next Year with Brennan, that much Sweeter…

  428. surfum,
    I see you found my article!

  429. Savant, Said:
    Surfum all I’m sayingevery QB needs help to score or win in this league. JC needs help. Portis and Moss were traded for a reason. The teams knew they could do better without them and they have. So Campbell has no help.


    How many times has orn complained about JC not seeing open receivers. And when he does see them then he overthrows them or has bad ‘touch’ on the pass. I am positive that collins and brennan would make our rookies look good.

  430. dont worry dallas aint doin sh** they cant compete they arent a team theyre a group of individuals they wont win a single game in the playoffs

  431. Yeah good article i’ve been quoting it.

  432. surfum u prob suck at surfing ur pb not even from hawaii u prob live in bethesda and go to OC every summer and tool around on ur morey boggie

  433. Cowboys are all smiles. As for the ‘skins shame, shame ,shame!

  434. theyre gunna have a circle jerk in the locke room to make up

  435. surfum you are still talkingabout COLLEGE Football. This is a Redskins blog, not Hawaii Blog

  436. zoltan, Said:
    surfum u prob suck at surfing ur pb not even from hawaii u prob live in bethesda and go to OC every summer and tool around on ur morey boggie


    Why are you attacking me mr. Zolton from planet zoltaire. Are you part of the star trek club?

  437. Look, Colt possesses all the intangibles. The season is more or less over. Does anyone really want to see this team in the playoffs? NO!! We don’t need the embarrassment. Like a game that’s a blowout, play your young guy’s and give them some reps. If Colt bombs out, I’ll be the first to call for the hook. THE GREATEST PASSER IN COLLEGE HISTORY IS A SKIN! LET’S SEE IF HE CAN DO IT!

  438. Savant you thick headed twit: just give Colt 1 game, what are you scared of?

  439. Colt is more exciting than JC! C’mon now. what’s so hard to digest. Are you afraid of change little tiger. Does your mom need to hold your hand?

  440. hukydrs

  441. McNabb

  442. 3-4 defense next year fellas thats the answer

  443. knowing zorn hell but in todd collins cuz he ‘”knows the system” better

  444. I wish Colt would go in just so it would prove how bad any QB fares in his first year with zero offensive line.

    1st and goal. No push from the OL. Sellers for zip. Must be Campbell’s fault.

    Cooley fumble. Must be Campbell’s fault.

    Sellers fumble. Must be Campbell’s fault.

    If Campbell gets sacked. = He held the ball too long.

    If receivers aren’t open (because we only have one WR worth a tinker’s darn) it’s Campbell’s fault.

    If Portis doesn’t run for 100 yards. It’s Campbell’s fault too. Do you detect a pattern?

    Football is still a team sport, the last I checked. All of the teams with wunderkind QB’s this year, Ryan, Flacco, Cassel all drafted multiple linemen in the first 3 rounds within the last 5 years. The Redskins have drafted as many QB’s in the first three rounds under Vinny since 2000 as they have OL.

    Without a push, you don’t make 3rd and goal plays. WIthout an OL, you don’t have a running game and every play the defense knows to come after the QB and to put 7 back in the pattern. Without an OL, you leave TE’s and RB’s in to block. Against Baltimore, the Ravems had a sack when rushing two people and putting 9 in pass defense. Two people rushing! Must be Campbell’s fault too.

    My question is how can you measure Campbell against any other QB in the league when none of them have the same OL or receivers? Put a NASCAR driver in a Ford Pinto and guess what? He looks bad. Try to make an offense prioduce w/o an OL and guess what? He looks bad.

    In Fantasy Football leagues they don’t draft OL or DL. The Redskins don’t either. Unfortunately, the team’s roster has been created like a Fantasy football team. Vinny will blame Zorn or Campbell, just like the fans. He’ll save his job for another 2 years and put Colt in, and next year, after drafting more WR’s, he’ll say the losses are because of the new offense or the inexperienced QB, And the year after we’ll be right back where we are now.

    Qb’s don’t win or lose games. The team does. There are 22 men on a team’s first string. 9 of ours, 5OL and 4 DL, are, at best, average. But you’ll never know. Like Vinny, it’s easier to get rid of a QB than it is to build a team.

  445. man ive never seen soo much hatred for the cowboys, were not even playing yalls team and yall still want the gwomen to win, look yall lost to the both times, we win both times if we have romo in the first game, today, he was playing hurt along with our team and we still took care of business, i think yall need to sit down study film and watch how a REAL team win, well at least yall dont have the lions next week as u might give them their first win of the season LOL


    but beleive it or not, i want yall to win next week, i need the eagirls to lose to get kicked outta the playoff hunt like yall are, theyve got the browns tommorow and im sure am rooting for the browns to win,

    so for only next week ill be rooting for the skins




  446. before he puts in the answer cB

  447. They did give him one game in the pre-season. He played in several pre-season games, but he only had ONE good game.

  448. Great one Bill S.

  449. fbkh

  450. Bill S., Said:
    I wish Colt would go in just so it would prove how bad any QB fares in his first year with zero offensive line.

    Bil our O-line is not that bad, we had no sacks today. We had the sameo-line last year when collins took us to the playoffs. JC sucks and so does your hogwash blog.

  451. My guess is 6 QBs were drafted by the Skins since Vinny was there.

  452. surfum if the O-line did so good today why did Portis (Your Boy) got 25 carriers for only 77 yards?


  454. Savant are you related to JC? You really like him. I can’t convince you. I don’t like him because when I watch the games I see what he does and think he’s incompetant. I don’t like his decision making. When Collins took over it seemed like a refreshing change. It seems we are going backwards this year. I feel JC is horrible!

  455. savant said:

    They did give him one game in the pre-season. He played in several pre-season games, but he only had ONE good game.


    please deal with facts when posting here please. CB had three good games. Go to to watch his highlights. He outshinded favre against the jets. JC couldn’t score but Colt came in to save the day. Again please quit being so stubborn and deal with the facts.

  456. Here’s a good stat: JC 13 preseason games- 2TD’s
    CB 5 preseason games- 3TD’s

  457. No I just know how to stick with the one that is at the QB position for MY Team. Anybody would look incompetant in a NEW offense, with NO playmakers, a OLD O-Line, and a offense that need 6 foot tall WR. Yeah surfum you should work for Parcels with all your football knowledge.
    And if it was the other way around I would back Colt. He did had his chance to shine in pre-season, but he only did it in one game against players that are working for insurance companies right now.

  458. HTSKINS67, Said:
    Here’s a good stat: JC 13 preseason games- 2TD’s
    CB 5 preseason games- 3TD’s


    Hey savant are you taking notes mr. I love JC!

  459. Good night boys! we’ll talk tomorrow! HTTR!

  460. Savant, on December 15th, 2008 at 12:25 am Said:
    No I just know how to stick with the one that is at the QB position for MY Team. Anybody would look incompetant in a NEW offense, with NO playmakers, a OLD O-Line, and a offense that need 6 foot tall WR. Yeah surfum you should work for Parcels with all your football knowledge.
    And if it was the other way around I would back Colt. He did had his chance to shine in pre-season, but he only did it in one game against players that are working for insurance companies right now.


    Our offense is not aS BAD AS YOU SAY. To only score 10,17,7,10,13 points in our last 5 games is wacked. Our offense was worse last year when Collins played really good teams to take us to the playoffs.

  461. Last I heard PRE-SEASON does NOT count in the NFL stat book.
    Campbell 34 TDs – 6,942 yds
    Brennan 00 TDs – 0,000 yds stats they count

  462. And if it was the other way around I would back Colt. He did had his chance to shine in pre-season, but he only did it in one game against players that are working for insurance companies right now.


    For your info CB had three good games and cb played better than JC did when he was a rookie playing in preseason!

    Do you realize I counter act everything you said yet you can’t refute anything I say. I’m right and your wrong JC sucks, CB rules. period, end of story!

  463. Collins worked in that offense for 17 years. He should have looked good. O and by the way there was NO film on Collins. That’s why he would have some good games DDDUUUUUUUHHHHH.

  464. Which game did CB start in pre-season?

  465. Savant, Said:

    Last I heard PRE-SEASON does NOT count in the NFL stat book.
    Campbell 34 TDs – 6,942 yds
    Brennan 00 TDs – 0,000 yds stats they count


    OK then let CB play a game, but I forgot your scared he might play well. Your such a ‘good olboy’ arn’t you, afraid of change!

  466. Jason glazed over deer in the headlights campbell:

    can’t read progressions
    can’t scramble for beans
    can’t slide
    throws like a tree-sloth etc

  467. surfum said; “Do you realize I counter act everything you said yet you can’t refute anything I say. I’m right and your wrong JC sucks, CB rules. period, end of story!”.

    RE; Because you are not saying anything that have any meat to it. I’m a meat eater. Throw me some meat son. All you talk about is college, and pre-season, (Against other college players). Talk to me when he play in the Pros’, against other Pros’.

  468. Surfum said, “OK then let CB play a game, but I forgot your scared he might play well. Your such a ‘good olboy’ arn’t you, afraid of change!”

    RE; See what I’m talking about you think I have power to put JC in the game. Do you think I’m Mr. Snyder? Ha Ha Ha

  469. Any body who thinks Campbell is good and should still be the starting qb is an idiot and obviously hasnt watched him play he not smart enough to be a qb

  470. Got to go surfum… must get up to listen to ESPN 980 Home Of The Redskins radio in the morning. I won’t to hear what your boy Vinny got to say on his show. Whoever read our arguement will determine who had the better arguement Sir. HTTR
    Savant or Surfum????????

  471. Big-Z, Said:
    Any body who thinks Campbell is good and should still be the starting qb is an idiot and obviously hasnt watched him play he not smart enough to be a qb


    Big Z you are my friend because I like observant cool smart people. Hope to see you around Big-z

  472. Savant said:

    Because you are not saying anything that have any meat to it. I’m a meat eater. Throw me some meat son. All you talk about is college, and pre-season, (Against other college players). Talk to me when he play in the Pros’, against other Pros’.


    Colt is a rookie and has not got a chance. Campbell has blown every opportunity to light up the score board. Time to give CB a chance

    The 2007 season is well documented. the undefeated regular season, the Sugar Bowl and the Heisman run. Colt would end his UH career with 14,193 YD’s, 131 TD’s and 31 NCAA records. Statistically, the most prolific passer in College history.”

  473. I think that Campbell is a good QB but I think that maybe he fits better in another system since the west coast offense needs a little better accuracy (Brennan). But not too many people were complaining when the skins were 6-2 and when things go bad the QB gets the blame. But then again that’s why they make the big bucks.

  474. surfum, brah your bananas. you must be one hardcore Brennan fan, but say what you will about how much better Brennan is we all know he aint gonna get no playing time this year even if he is more exciting, more accurate, and whatever else you have stated in your posts. Maybe next year, dude accept it there is nothing you can say or do to change it.

  475. ok, to football lovers everywhere, how complicated can an offense be. i mean its simple really, call the right play for the situation you are in. but portis tried to get outside i know 7 times today, was shutdown each time, give me a break, duhhhhhhhhhh zorn that doesnt work today. how many times did he run portis off left tackle, duhhhhhhhhhhhh 3, right tackle, was gettin shut down. campbell was way off the mark, the whole team had no sense of urgency at all, becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeee they dont believe anymoreeeeeeeee. with that stupid ass trick zorn pulled by benching portis last week, and then not running him on the goal line to day and running sellers, who hasnt run the ball 10 times all year, is surley a bone head stupid ass call. the whole team is in disarray as well as zorn’s offense is santa moss one deminsional, and cooley not getting down the feel in the middle of the zone defense is amazing. campbell looks for moss, if he is not open , he is lost, at this point give colt a shot, what you got to lose, except looking stupid, because he may have what it takes, rookie or not and zorn would look liker a bigger fool than he does now. i have been a skins fan all my life, giver me the damn play book, i will burn it and call the plays that fits my players, not because it is my offense, get a clue zorn, you blew it this season. it rest on your shoulders, like it or not, u need to pull in that ego or go back to a position coach, spurriers ego made him look like a fool, so will yours.

  476. Quote from SAVANT: “Name ONE QB in the NFL with NO HELP AROUND HIM and a first year HC, learning a new offense and went to the playoffs?”

    Looks like Pennington could be the first to accomplish that if Miami wins out. He’s clearly a LEADER for that team & it’s his FIRST YEAR there.

    So how many more mulligans do you want to give JC? I’ve NEVER seen an NFL QB babied so much, & I’ve NEVER seen so many blind homers for a QB that is nothing more than a FIRST ROUND BUST.


  478. SKINS STINK, BRING ON THE CHIN!!!!! Hopefully Cowher is our HC next year. Was I the only one that was kinda happy to JC go down. I Thought we saved our season right there. But nope, he got back up and we LOSE TO THE BENGALS. FIRE EVERY COACH ON THIS TEAM. THEY SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO COACH IN THE NFL.

  479. I went to Canton to honor Art Monk & Darell Green as did about 20,000 other fans. In return the team performs the way they have this year?! Art & Darrell get their HOF rings and the team loses. Sean Taylor gets inducted into the Ring of Honor and the team loses. This team should look at themselves and be ashamed of the way they have played football this year! There are college teams that could beat the Redskins right now. Hopefully by next season there will be a lot of changes!! Let’s see if “bipolar” Snyder cleans house. He ought to start with Vinny!!

  480. Matt, Any word on Cowher becoming the next head coach? If we think it, he will come.

  481. Our second pick in the draft caught a pass!!! That makes two for the year. I assume by the midway point of next season he will catch his third. Nice pick Vinny.

  482. big bad bob: they need to be in the game to catch passes. Most of the games they have been inactive. What i can’t understand is why they aren’t playing them more. All three were very productive last year in college and would be if given the chance in the pros.

  483. Stephen Riley, you’ve got a lot of fans on your side. The people that complain all the time aren’t really true fans, so let them complain.

    If you want to, just let surfum’s mom know that he’s been typing obscenities on the board again.

    As far as our receivers, it’s the toughest position to come in and make a difference in the NFL in the first year. And in the West Coast Offense, it’s even tougher. And they missed most of training camp, which hurts.

    We’re building something this year, and have to face it. Our offensive line needs to be upgraded badly, our pass protection is horrible. And our shorter receivers can’t physically dominate, which is killing the short passing game that the West Coast offense is about.

    Riley, we know that Campbell is good, and better than Colt. If they put in Colt then next year surfum and the rest of them willl want to put Collins in, or whatever rookie we draft that looked fantastic against 3RD stringers.

    Last year the Giants fans were screaming to bench Eli. How’d that turn out for them?

    Carson Palmer looked horrible this year until he went out because his offensive line was horrible.

    I wish these fans would focus on what our problems our really instead of wanting to swap out QB’s and call it good. Swapping QB’s won’t fix our pass protection problems, our inability to move the line of scrimmage on running plays, or our smaller receivers not getting open when they’re getting tight coverage.

  484. A loss like this goes on the coaches. This team was not prepared. That sits squarely on the coaches. I think Blache and Zorn need a demotion, maybe they bit off more than they can chew. And can we maybe draft some good defensive lineman this year, ones who won’t try to dance their way off the football field…

  485. we will rebuild this year all the old line men out bring in the new. Cut Washington bring in Suggs. Move Springs to safety or cut him. Jason Taylor traded for a 5th or 6th round pick. Bring in a new de in the draft.

    Campbell to back up Todd Collins cut. Brennan takes the load until he proves he can’t.

    Draft a new rb to spell Portis. Or sign Jacobs since he is a UFA this year.

    Blache gone bring in a young gun to dial up blitzs that haven’t been seen in Washington in years.

    Evaluate Zorn and see if he is the future or if Cowher or someone else is


  487. COWHER in 09′

  488. Note to Danny Synder, BRING IN the CHIN!!!!!!!!


  490. Holy crap. Almost 500 comments. Talk about instant communication.

    Well, it appears like the Redskins will have to do very well in the Draft next year, and they will need to at least draft a RB, O-Line, D-Line, and CB. I would draft the RB, D-Line, O-Line, and CB in that order. Get the best available.

    And then trade some veterans or release them like Jason Taylor, etc, who just have gotten too old or aging or hurt.

    It’s safe to say the off-season will be the busiest one in a while.

  491. How can Cowher change it around? It took him 14 years to win a Super Bowl, will Redskins fans wait another 14 to win one? He had some winning seasons, some mediocre seasons and some bust seasons. Doubtful that he would even want to come in and coach here. then again Redskins fans want ANOTHER coach, for yet ANOTHER transition year and ANOTHER set back.


  493. Maybe we just shouldn’t wear the burgandy pants… ever since we started that trend against the the Steelers we have lost every time we have worn them. White on White we seem to play better in… I am a fan of the Burgandy but we haven’t played well in it. Last time we won we wore White on White against Seattle!

  494. The Redskins Team is a good one. We have enough talent on both sides of the ball to get it done. I blame the coaches for the mishaps we have had this season. POOR PLAY CALLING is the reason the SKINS are 7-7. Cowher is a great coach. He could turn this team around within the 1st year. BRING IN THE CHIN


  496. Everyone in here I read a post saying why was Colt Brennan drafted in the 6th round… I am not saying he should play, but want to make a point… WHO CARES WHEN YOU WERE DRAFTED, A GUY NAMED TOM BRADY WAS DRAFTED IN THE 6TH ROUND 199TH OVERALL HE IS A DECENT QB… OH WAIT HE IS LISTED WITH SOME OF THE GREATEST QBS EVER! Everyone needs to grow up in here, I think Colt will help at some point and JC is struggling but he is not all the blame. Hopefully the two compete for the job next season, and maybe Colt could see some time this year but I doubt it! I love Colt Brennan it wouldn’t matter to me who plays I just hope they win!

  497. COWHER will bring the TEAM together. It might have taken cowher 14 years to win the SB, But he won the SB. Bring the Hard hitting, grind it out football back to DC. BRING IN THE CHIN!!!!!!

  498. I’m with you – they shoudn’t have punted on 4th and 3. and they should have given it to CP at the goal line.

  499. wow i cant believe yall wanta trade portis. If it wasnt for portis we might be in the same boat as the lions. Hell since portis got hurt against the steelers the only team that we beat is the seahawks. I dont know why zorn would run the ball mainly to the right side when we have a tackle that hasnt played right tackle. This whole year we have been doing a great job running the ball to the left side and zorn went away from that against the bengals. Running the ball with 2:08 left in the game was the dumbest thing i ever seen. Plus it was to the banged up right side. I think zorn doesnt like portis after what happened and he showed it. Portis our best player, and we get to the goal line and he doesnt give it to portis. Get your best player in the endzone. That just showed me that zorn doesnt want this job. How do have less then 200 yards passing against the bengals and the only thing you talk about in the press was that fumble in the endzone. What about your west coast thing that you brought. Remember zorn said he didnt change the running game. Less then 200 yards in a pass first offense is garbage. EIther its campbell or its zorn. Take your pick. Campbell aint a rookie. Hell both rookie qb for the ravens and the falcons are playing way better then him. Todd collins should of started the season. But now that the season is over for us, lets see what kinda qb colt is. I say we make portis the number 2 back for health reasons and let colt, thomas, kelly, and fred davis a chance to do something. We lost to the bengals, that was just depressing. We didnt give up a sack so you cant blame the offensive line. The denfense only had 2 sacks, that sucks against the bengals yea that sucks. The defensive line coach should be fired, and we need to change our blitz looks. After losing to the bengals yea im with yall on fire zorn try and get bill cowher.

  500. less then 200 yards passing in a west coast offense against the bengals. Someone has to go.

  501. COLT BRENNAN TIME!! Plain and simple! There’s nothing to loose and every thing to gain!HTTR!


  503. The Redskins Organization has a bunch of Prima Donnas! Bottom line, we just showed our true colors, everyone has been preaching team unity since Sean Taylor passed away…we might of had it for a little while last year, but the truth is, today’s players are just flat out selfish and when things don’t go their way, the true colors come out of individuals….There is a cancer in that locker room and its growing and it won’t stop until it is handled and deal with. We have a bunch of malcontents that talk a good game, but can’t back it up when it really matters. You guys know who they are! No need to name names. Until the Organization doesn’t get rid of them, the problems will continue to arise. Talent wise we’re not that bad, but this team needs football players and we are skill prayers maybe great athletes, but are not the type of players that will take over a game when all the chips are on the line. Why do you think Gibbs retired? In the early 80’s he had a bunch of no names, with plan B free agency and turned them into believers. Of course we had some talent, but if you remember we had a bunch of guy that were average skill players, but would Run through a brick wall for the Coach, you don’t see that today, it’s all about the ME,ME,ME attitiude when things don’t go their way! Gibbs saw that last year, even after the tragedy of Sean Taylor, that wasn’t enough to convince him to return, the players are greedy, self centered, and don’t care about each other, they talk like they do, but when the goings get’s tough, the tough are not around too get going! This team lacks CHARACTER AND HEART! No Heart, just lot’s of cheap talk!

  504. Jason Campbell hasnt shown any promise in his 4 years in the nfl lets be real the guy is 27 hes not a rookie anymore Campbell is going to cost zorn his job All his wins were because portis had huge games Now teams know that if you stop portis its not hard (actually really f@#cking easy) to beat the redskins. ITS TIME FOR CHANGE


  506. STOP with the Cowher talk!!! Even if Cowher had the itch to come back (which he doesn’t) he wouldn’t come here no matter how much money was thrown at him!!! You want to know why? Review comments 1 – 500.

  507. Steve, Cowher is waiting to come back, he is just waiting for the right team/ You think cowher likes sitting beside shannon sharpe on cbs. I dont think so. Cowher could come to DC today and we would look like a Super Bowl Caliber team. We have enough pieces in place to win games. We are not. Know why? Cause we have a “genius” for a head coach. Cowher would not let the SKINS lose like this. He would have someone’s arse on a platter. Thats the difference between Cowher and zorn, ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

  508. Dan Synder, Give COWHER any amount of money that he wants. We the fans deserve a good Head Coach.

  509. Surfum:
    Based on your spelling and repetition of language, I imagine you look like a “glazed over deer in headlights” this morning. Isn’t that how you put it about 500 times? Get off the blog you dumbass!

  510. Cowher had 14 years bc he went through bad personal moves Kordell and Maddox what happened when big ben came in succes

  511. get Surfum off this blog he is a total ass

  512. do you agree with me though

  513. Hey guys I have a great idea..
    Instead of Zorn or the possible Cowher..lets hire SURFUM!
    Hes a great decision maker on players that have no experience in the NFL and decided to blame just one player instead of the whole team..WHICH IS THE Dan Synder if you have any consideration for a possible new Head Coach decide on Surfum because he obviously knows facts about Colt Brennan’s college history in a very shoddy Pac-10 division and then went up and GOT DESTROYED by a very talented Georgia team, but let’s put in CB anyways against a team that is 10 times better than Georgia

  514. Patrick Patrick how ironic that you diss Surfum when you didn’t even know that CB went to a WAC school. WAC is the conference not PAC-10.

    It wasn’t CB’s fault against the DAWGS the line’s fault and runnig back. See Brennan threw for 350 yards. The line gave up 8 sacks and the running back ran for 26 yards come on shut up Patrick and get some football IQ

  515. Colt was also 30-44 350Yds 2 TD’s in a 28-17 loss to Alabama in 06′. Seeing as to the talent level of College recruits between the SEC and WAC I’d say that’s outstanding. THE HATER’S HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE WRONG, EVER! TELL THEM TRAVIS! COLT BRENNAN TIME!

  516. I have been a Redskin fan since 1982 and i have never been so dissapointed in my team. We have no down field threat. This dink and dunk passing is not what we need.I use to think players and then coach’s because weve been a lot of both. Now i guess it is down to ownership.

  517. hey guys, its t.o. im a redskin fan now cuz romo and witten do each other without me. im gonna try to get it on with snyder, u think hes interested??

  518. yes i am

  519. t.o u have no balls

  520. anyone up for a 5 some?

  521. hell yea!!

  522. by the way surfurm gets the HC job in 09

  523. hey im a bitch who goes on the redskins website becuz i have no life

  524. Let’s just hope CB stays level-headed and focused on football; no more felony charges (of which he was committed) from Colorado University. Did everyone forget about that? I’ll let the CB historians answer…

  525. Read my article: THE TRUTH ABOUT COLT BRENNAN! On
    Yes, Colt pleaded guilty to a felony count of trespassing. His probation ended when he graduated in 07. He was drunk at the time of the violation. Ancient History!

  526. Hey guys maybe …just maybe… we need an OFFENSIVE COORDNATOR (a Real good one-even from a successful college team) to hire and call the plays since Zorn’s approach just ain’t getting it done anymore. What are your thoughts? Zorn is a good guy, I’m just not buying the West Coast approach with this team. Remember when Gibbs first came over from the Chargers in 1981, he was trying to make the Skins into that passing team. He went 0-8 the first half of the season before he figured it out that we weren’t the Chargers. As for a QB change, I’m all for it at this point. When we draft I think we need to go for Size and Speed to help those lines.

  527. That would be FELONY burglary and FELONY trespassing. I hardly doubt that you get probation for that. Yes, he was drunk like Suckem or Surfem, whatever his name. Luckily, they had no evidence to convict him on attempted rape and exposure charges which he was accused for. I’m not going to get into another stupid “back-and-forth” about someone’s criminal history…I’m just saying I hope he has regrouped. However, since is Gospel, we will go with that. How could it be wrong? HTSKINS67 reads it. It must be true.

  528. clp5150,
    Since you know the whole deal what are you asking for? And I wrote the article! Didn’t you ever make a mistake? 6 years ago, why are you even bringing it up? I forgot, he also got 7 days in the pokie! HTTR!

  529. I’m not asking for anything. I’m not out preaching and balloting for CB. I’m not sure that’s the answer. From a statistical standpoint, there is absolutely no way that you can compare the two QBs in preseason. All scouting reports showed CB as a “systems” quarterback. CB would have probably excelled at any “fun and gun” offensive scheme. Hey, bring back Spurrier and put in CB. I’m sure his stats will be better than JC.
    I’m simply pointing out the fact that he’s no superhero that can turn around the Skins team/organization. I’m not knocking on you. I don’t think he ever faced real competition in the WAC (maybe Boise State) until he saw Georgia. He also didn’t perform very well in the Senior Bowl. JC is no great one either but he has the experience right now and he is a bigger, more agile athlete. Colt has a faster release though. Critics still say Colt’s arm is not that strong compared to most. Keep in mind that Timmy Chang excelled at Hawaii (under Jones) and was a BUST in the NFL.

  530. peyton manning also had legal trouble stfu

  531. I hardly think “mooning” a person and getting sued for it is equivalent. Search your facts little Trav! Don’t come in and get all hateful. Back your facts!

  532. peyton manning also had legal trouble stfu

    On second thought, Thanks Trav! That settled it. O.J., Ray Lewis, Plaxico, etc. all had legal issues and many more. Put CB in! He’s just like everyone else. smd


    your coach, d line, o line and the rest of the team, especially your qb sucks!!! they’re a joke. until the owner grows a brain and figure out how to properly manage a team, you’ll always be doomed! whine all you want those management will never listen to ya’ll. when we beat the Ravens this Sunday, and those sorry Redskins lose to SF (which is A SURE THING), happy days are back again


  534. Campbell is a bum. Brennan may not be the answer, but its worth the chance to try. Campbell hasnt progressed at all. losing to Cincy…come on. score more than 13 points a game and u have a better chance of winning. o and zorn needs to go….find a coach with experience. why does it also seem like santana moss and chris cooley arent getting any passes? arent they the playmakers on the team besides portis? wanna know why portis has run for nothing the past few weeks? throw the ball downfield and youll find some openings for the run game. ****!

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