Redskins @ Bengals – First Quarter Thoughts


  • This is the emptiest stadium I have ever seen for an NFL regular season game, narrowly edging out the Detroit experience. And, like in Detroit, a huge chunk of the fans who are here are Redskins fans, enough of them that the game is actually somewhat confusing to listen to. Chris Cooley makes a crucial third down catch … and they crowd roars! Then he’s hit and fumbles … and the crowd roars! It’s very strange.
  • Not quite as strange, though, as the sight of Ryan Fitzgerald marching the Bengals down the field for the touchdown and furiously spiking the ball. It’s the NFL, of course, and on any given Sunday blah blah blah … but the Bengals have been statistically terrible. Not just bad, not just so-so, but 32nd ranked on offense, and in the 20s on defense. Being down 7-0 to them is really less than ideal for a team that ostensibly has playoff hopes.
  • Despite all those numbers, the Redskins offense simply cannot seem to get going. It’s three and out, and you know things are going poorly when Ryan Plackemeier‘s 59 yard punt is the best play the Redskins have had in a quarter.
  • The defense stiffens up and forces a three-and-out from the Bengals, and Antwaan Randle El can’t make anything happen on the punt return. Every single phase of the game has had a chance to look lousy today, and it’s only halfway through the first quarter.
  • Another three-and-out for the Redskins, and another good punt for Plackemeier. That’s a bright spot, right? Right? (Although even on the otherwise good punt, it looked like Justin Tryon could’ve let it roll another few yards before stopping it.)
  • I’ve always said that you can’t really stop the Bengals, you can only hope to contain them. This is really ridiculous. It seems safe to say that the Bengals offense won’t be ranked 32nd after today, as they march 95 yards in three easy minutes to make the score 14-0, them.
  • And even Plackemeier’s luck has run out, it looks like, as he gets off a wobbly 35 yarder. The stadium is strangely silent, either because there are so many Washington fans here, or because the Cincinnati faithful have forgotten that you’re supposed to cheer when your team does well. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but it really, really doesn’t look good.

110 Responses

  1. So can we panic yet?

  2. ****in sad

    this team just has no drive

    i would of thought they would have been fired up after what portis said

    they are just laying eggs

  3. THROW THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD, or atleast on 5+ yard slants…am i all alone in this?

  4. Matt, this is why we get so frustrated when you say they have good practices nearly every day, yet they haven’t delivered since week 5. The Redskins are playing like one of the bottom 5 teams in the league.

  5. The Redskins are a team that everyone have figured out and the absolutely SUCK. Jason Cambell is looking for a way out of Washington and he is going to get it. Once again we will start another QB and don’t think for a second that Colt will be any better. The REDSKINS were a great team in the 80’s since then they are a team with no heart. This really pains me since I am a D.C. native.

  6. I understand completely. It’s frustrating from my perspective also, I assure you.

  7. ADAM,

    The Redskins are the bottom of the bottom 5.

  8. Yes, panic. Time to see what Colt can do, for purposes of next years starting QB. I have’nt been this disapointed since Norv Turners 7-1 start, Gus head-butts the wall and the Skins miss the playoffs.

  9. Pathetic!

  10. The skins need to overhaul, Greg Williams should have been the coach with Jim Zorn as coordinator, Greg was well liked and respected by the players, the owner and gm make dumb moves, many times Zorn looks as if he is puzzled to with what is going on, Clinton Portis is the Genius lol

  11. Big O,

    Colt will suck too.

  12. This will be CP last year…..mark my words Clinton will be gone in the off season.

  13. he needs to leave from a fan standpoint i love CP, but i hate to see good guys go their whole career without sniffing the superbowl

  14. @JDP, we shouldn’t panic cause this team is obviously not panicking.

  15. why is everyone acting like this is campbells fault
    did they score 17 on him? did he fumble? are the penalties his fault? your finding a scapegoat any way you can, and i dont belive you picked the right person, this team is poorly coached, bottom line.

  16. matt, what happened to the deep ball is it not part of the west coast offense

  17. what we scored omg we scored omg

  18. bring in cowher, he woulda knocked moss’s head off for that

  19. I agree Troy, I would just like to see if this offense looks any better with a quicker release QB.

  20. fitting

  21. It is not JC’s fault that they are down 17, but he provides no spark. It also seems like he is being limited by the play calling. I like Jim Zorn, but he needs to allow the players to go for broke at this point and see what they can do.

  22. JC PASSES to Moss… YESSSS!!!!


    (I gotta go sing… )

  23. suisham needs to pack his bags

  24. Remember Rich Gannon, carbon copy of colt physically. Sucked for alot of teams till he found a west coast scheme

  25. Rachel, I think they’d better start panicking.

    Even Cooley who I love has had a horrible couple of past games with turnover margin.

    This game to be fair may be a result of the tons of injuries accumulated on defense just manifesting itself.

    This sucks.

  26. LOL! I remember that year bigO. I was thinking this year is starting to remind of that year. I thought the Skins were a better team this year than the 7-1 team that finished 8-8 or 7-9. I can’t remember which record but I thought even though that 7-1 team wasn’t very good at least we’d have the first winning season since Gibbs retired the first time. That didn’t even happen. It’s hard to believe the present team is this bad.

  27. How does Bill Cowher sound everyone?

  28. Washington just scored a TD! Leon Washington that is! LMAO

  29. Bill Cowher could not sound better. lets hope Snyder puts in some work for him

  30. HAIL MATT…Check out my article on bleacher report to see if it comes close to being an ok article bout the Redskins Offense problems.

    Just frustrating end of this season after a great start.

  31. hello fred davis, nice to meet you

  32. Ok, this question is for any redskin player who would happen to read this:
    do any of you happen to tell Moss to shut the hell up and not celebrate when he scores a touchdown to cut a deficit to 10 against a 1-11-1 team? I hope you do! thats just stupid. if not, Santana – shut the hell up! What the hell are you doing celebrating and costing your team yards? you all are in a playoff fight and losing by 17 to one of the worst teams in the league!

  33. how many illegal formation penalties have we gotten over the past several weeks, has anyone else noticed this?

  34. Oh I’ve noticed the penalties but what scares me the most is the penalties always happen in the redzone with this team.

  35. Does everyone really believe Jim Zorn is that bad? I really don’t think so, however, I do believe he should stop looking for the perfect situation and open up the offense a little. I know you don’t want turn overs, but, we have some play makers so let them play and take a chance…….It could be the difference.

  36. Jim Zorn just needs an accomplished O-coordinator, Mike Holmgren will be free after this season

  37. Oh and by the way I like Greg Blanche…….He is no non-sense he needs a good draft of DE and please….please send Jason Taylor packing. Once again an overpaid has been.

  38. I agree keep Greg Blanche just give him some real Goons on the D-line and add some depth at linebacker with some size. Good thing we got rid of Gregg Williams he’s already out of a job wtih Jaguars after this season

  39. I agree with you Troy…Zorn is not that bad of a coach. Could be worse. The only thing I dont like about him is his Happy Medium personality. I like coaches with fire like Ditka, nowadays its Singletary.

  40. Sellers needs to get the ball more!

  41. It’s not over but it look like a lot of the guys were choosing Portis over Zorn. What they don’t understand is Zorn isn’t the one on the field getting beat by Bungalo players. HEY, JC WILL BRING US BACK BABY! GO REDSKINS!

  42. I agree Losalio, and you can do it without cussing if that is his concern. Joe Gibbs would light into people you better believe and he did it with class!

  43. Oh and as to my earlier comment. I hope CP is here next year but that guy is got to be really frustrated. He is a great player and despite what happened this week I believe he really is a TEAM player.

  44. Hey Savant…good to read you again. Hope you are right…just frustrated with the second half of this season.

  45. I know man I’m so mad right now. They look like they never played football before. Who was the guy yesterday that said S. Spring is a difference maker on D when he play? HE IS PLAYING TODAY 14 – 0.

  46. dunno who said that…just watched some highlights of Rogers getting burned on a TD. Sucks dude.

  47. Wassup boys? Lots of football left to play!

  48. How is Moss getting so open today? Can anybody tell me?

  49. all campbell haters, hope you were watching

  50. Skins needs to quit this extra medium approach and upgrade to extra large, I mean grab your instincts and start playing the role of the aggressor instead of the prey

  51. I hear ya Letsgopitt.

  52. Aloha HTSKIN67…yup plenny football left (fingers crossed), we need this win to stay in the hunt.

  53. lets not start with the campbell luv/hate yet. plenty of time for that after the game. it will get dissected over the next few days.

    I’m at my sisters she doesn’t get this one I’m getting play by play on and updates on Fox. No need panic ! Bungles will figuer out a way to bungle this one! GO SKINS!!

  55. Sellers is a terrible short yardage runner. I know you guys want like that but it is true.

  56. omg we need just 1yard for the TD and look what happens a fumble. Wheres the Heart at!

  57. Same with me…been getting updates just like you my bruddah. you in the mainland? well keep the faith…HAIL!

  58. again, we crash and burn

  59. Our D-Line make the Bangels O-Line look like Pro Bowlers out there.

  60. Utah for Christnas. My sister is moving home. Plenny snow, 25 degrees and sunny. Hows Davonne? 3 catches for 25yards. How did the Skins pass on him?

  61. My Bama boys are playing the Utah Utes Jan. 2. What do they look like, HT SKIN S67?

  62. Hey a Bama Fan? I been a Bama Tide Fan since I was a little kid. HTSKINS67 Utah? must be some cold there. Man its been flooding here in Hawaii.


  64. Savant,
    Utes look solid, good coach too. Kyle Whittingham will have his boys ready. should be an interesting match up? Saw them play on TV a couple times. Smashed BYU, gotta love that. KW ran it up on the Mormons, the guy is ruthless.

  65. We have 49 flags thrown against us today. What are they doing, trying to get Zorn FIRED?

  66. Losalio,
    I know I left just before the storm hit. Got here just in time for a big dump, snowstorm that is! I’ll be here for 3 more weeks. Catch a little fresh powder and help my sister pack her S#!t. Gonna miss the Hwaii bowl this year. FYI UH is favored.

  67. Its nice that we can disagree on somethings but are lifelong fans of the same team. you should check out our Hawaii team sometimes. We got some good scrappers on there too. some really good linebackers and we get to play the Irish on Christmas this year.

  68. I’ll check yall out.

  69. I love Bama…still pissed they were not included in the championship talk. They lost to Florida who had one loss (dont like Tebow at all). I still think Bama should be there and not Florida…guess i am just biased.

  70. Wow, amazing things are getting warm and fuzzy between us all! LOL!, Gotta love It. Savant, you can come stay at my house and expierience a little Football Aloha stadium style.

  71. Yeah but today not looking like it will be a good day. We might let this one slip away again.

  72. I have an extra Colt Brennan Jersey you can wear so you’ll fit in! LOL!

  73. plenty of time my brother, plenty of time!

  74. I know but thats how people learn about us and our culture in Hawaii. and eventually will see where we come from in our opinions and we will see where they come from in their opinions. We are all Redskins at heart. No matter what we love our brother and sister Redskins no matter how we disagree about the QBs.

  75. C. Johnson caught a first down on the sideline. He handed the ball to C. Portis on the bench. Flag on the play for taunting.

  76. Losalio, True that! I’m more than happy to show our Redskin brethren the Aloha spirit! That’s what life is all about!

  77. Hey Savant keep us updated, my computer is too damn slow!!!!

  78. The Redskins D can NOT get off the field.

  79. 3:17 to play and the Bungalos are driving the ball on us like that are the Patriots.

  80. arghhh!!!

  81. nice play by play. keep it coming!

  82. 2:20 to go left in the game, Redskins has NO time outs, and the Bengals just hit a FG.

    Redskins 10
    Bengals 20

  83. did they just score?

  84. Common skins!!!!

  85. Savant,
    How does JC look today? The #’s look decent.

  86. We’re Toast guys!

  87. Field goal! We need an onside kick!

  88. s#!*, f#@$….I cannot even express it right now.

  89. JC looks better because he is using Moss and Cooley. He had some plays were he didn’t hit the WR or thought twice about forcing a ball. The team just still look FLAT.

    Bengals 20
    Redskins 13

    FG Redskins 1;43 in the game Flag on the play for delay of the game on the Redskins. They are making Zorn look BAD today.

  90. Onside kick went out of bound.

  91. I dont Know what to say!

  92. Redskins are 7 – 7. I don’t know what to say. UNBELIEVABLE!

  93. where the heck did Fitzpatrick come from 200+ yards and TD?

  94. I told you the game is (Won or Lost at the LINE).

  95. WTF!!!!! WTF are wrong with the SKINS!!! No damn heart…. All I know is Carlos Roger is messing up again…. How many times is he going to get burnt….. Get rid of him……

  96. Savant…did campbell look really good today? What about Portis? Cooley? Did the O-Line look bad today? I wasn’t able to watch the game and would need to read about it later tonight and tomorrow is all. Thank You.

  97. Dan Snyder,

    Please give me money and I will make sure to maker your team a playoff contender…. I am a huge Skins fan….. Leadership starts from the “TOP” and you know that…. So the problem lays within you!!!!

  98. Damn! This is so sad!!!!!!!

  99. Trevor on Postgame LIVE said, “The Redskins looked like they were pourly coached.) I think the players are trying to get the Z man FIRED. They couldn’t have played this bad with so much at stake.

  100. GET RID OF ROGERS!!!! HE GOT BURNT AGAIN……………..dude suxs


  102. Put in Colt Brennan,

    Campbell holds the ball too, too long…………….

  103. JC 17/28 – 167 1 TD
    CP 25r – 77yds – 10 LG run
    JC 2r – 21yds – 17lg run
    SM 7 – 72yds – 20lg
    CC 7rec – 51yds – 19lg

  104. Been a fan since 1972 and I think this is the most embarrassing loss ever! I don’t think you can blame any one player, but the penalties in every crucial situation or on every good play is inexcusable. Where is the professionalism???? Lose to the Bengals? Enough said.

  105. This thing is BIGGER than Campbell.
    1) Cooley fumbled,
    2) Sellers couldn’t score on the goalline
    3) JC missed about 3 or 4 open WRs
    4) the D didn’t show up the first half.
    5) The D NEVER get a 3 and out in the 4th quarter
    6) Special teams was TERRIBLE
    7) Fitzpatrick looked like Joe Montana at QB
    8) 9 – 75 penalties against the Skins
    9) 2 turnovers

  106. Thank Savant.

  107. I got yo back DAWGG

  108. look i watched jason c at auburn and he was not that great he had ronnie brown, caddy williams and a whole bunche of players on defense that went and start in the pros (Karlos Dansby n Carlos Rogers). The defense is out on the field way to long because the offense can not get anything going, and everyone knows that your QB sets the tone. Next time you watch a skins game and JC makes a mistake watch JC reaction or lack there of. Time to turn the page on JC alot of good free agent QB coming up Matt Casttle, Dereck Anderson in the right offensive system. Cutt JC, Randell(BIG Bust) Springs(Injury prone)

  109. look i watched jason c at auburn and he was not that great he had ronnie brown, caddy williams and a whole bunche of players on defense that went and start in the pros (Karlos Dansby n Carlos Rogers). The defense is out on the field way to long because the offense can not get anything going, and everyone knows that your QB sets the tone. Next time you watch a skins game and JC makes a mistake watch JC reaction or lack there of. Time to turn the page on JC alot of good free agent QB coming up Matt Casttle, Dereck Anderson in the right offensive system. Cutt JC, Randell(BIG Bust) Springs(Injury prone)

  110. I think Zorn will do big things in this league either as a Head Coach or a QB Coach

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