On the Field for Practice – 12/12

Today was the first day that I think the wind could easily be described as “biting,” and it was really blowing out there, everybody’s windpants snapping in the breeze. I looked to see if I could get a picture of the goalpost flags whipping around, but instead the whole goalposts were rocking back and forth. Not the weather you want for passing or kicking, that’s for sure.


  • Good news for everyone who says I only post about what a great practice Jason Campbell is having, I guess: Campbell had a bit of a bumpy start today. Passes were sailing on him, execution seemed to be lacking, and even the characteristically stoic QB seemed a bit frustrated. He and Chris Cooley — perhaps taking their cue from the soothing QB/TE meetings that Jason Witten and Tony Romo allegedly have — spoke briefly off to the side, and it was at that point that practice turned for the offense. Campbell seemed to be moving smoother and easier and his passes were knifing through the wind to be caught. Cooley himself snagged two or three of them, including a high floater that he fielded almost like a punt, yelling afterward, “Did you see how I judged the wind on that one?” Whatever was said, the more positive tone held, and it finished as yet another strong practice in a week of them, which was something of a relief.


  • It may have taken a sideline chat to make things run smoother from a football standpoint, but spirits were high all day. Maybe because of the stresses earlier this week, maybe just because it’s Friday, but everyone seemed unusually boisterous and enthusiastic. When Mike Sellers had a pass bounce off his hands, he was roundly mocked, with Devin Thomas holding out his hands and shouting, “Forty-nine ninety-five, Mike! Right here, just forty-nine ninety-five!” I thought he was trying to sell his gloves, but it turns out I underestimated the rookie’s offer: “I was trying to sell him my hands,” Thomas said afterward. “I’m going to put them up on eBay.”


  • To his credit, Thomas had another practice where he backed up his personality with some performance, making a couple of nice catches and running well whenever he had an opportunity.
  • As did Fred Davis. He got called out for a mental error or two, which I suppose is tied in to his limited time on gameday, but every time he has an opportunity to make a play, his athleticism impresses. I really hope he can earn himself the chance to bring some of that same execution and energy to the games.


  • DeAngelo Hall continues to be a strong presence for the cornerbacks on the field, but today he demonstrated the sort of interpersonal skills that have earned him his reputation as a notorious locker room cancer and all-around bad guy. Get this: he broke up a pass intended for one of the practice squad receivers, accidentally knocking the guy down in the process, and then HE HELPED HIM UP AND SEEMED TO APOLOGIZE!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!? In all seriousness, Hall seems to be a strong addition to that unit, and not just for his gameday skills. I don’t know what he was like in Atlanta or Oakland, but the negative descriptions don’t even resemble the guy I’ve seen so far here.


  • As I’ve mentioned before, it can be difficult to judge the performance of the offensive line. They’re not usually completing their blocks, and most of what they’re doing is learning assignments for the coming week. One trick that can help, though, is to listen to ever-vocal offensive line coach Joe Bugel as he shouts at the guys after a play. He’s not a man who’s afraid to speak his mind, and today he was full of praise for Jason Fabini, filling in for Jon Jansen (who did not practice), complimenting him several times over the span of practice. May or may not mean anything, but it beats the heck out of the alternative.
  • The defensive line continues to impress me with their work in practice. I mentioned it yesterday, but again today, they just look crisp and businesslike. I get the sense that they’re all frustrated by their lack of sacks, but it doesn’t seem to affect the way they approach the week. (Jason Taylor, however, missed practice today for personal reasons.)


  • Say what you will about his toughness, about his injury history, about whatever you like, but I can tell you this: there is a notable improvement in the secondary when Shawn Springs can go full speed, as he did today. Not to knock any of the other guys, because this team has a talented defensive backfield, but Springs is a difference-maker when he’s out there. So will he play on Sunday? Coach Zorn couldn’t promise anything. “From what I saw out there, he will go,” Zorn said, “but it will depend on how he feels.” He added, “There’s still an injury in there. He’s not a hundred percent, and it truly will be a gametime decision.”


  • The wide receivers lived up to Antwaan Randle El‘s “We run” proclamation right up until the end of practice, when it switched to, “We ride.” Santana Moss, driving the cart, tried to tell Thomas that rookies weren’t allowed, but both Thomas and Malcolm Kelly piled on, followed by James Thrash. “It’s like a clown car,” someone observed as they drove off.



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  1. Matt,

    What about the O-line? Do they look more solid or is it still SWISS CHEESE?

  2. That cart is four times the size of Fabini’s smart car.

  3. i PRAY that fabini starts.jansen is GARBAGE!

  4. sounds like a freaking blast and all around good time! hope it translates to a win no Sunday! HAIL!

  5. GARBAGE HUH! Could you play as many years, at pro-bowl level? Oh yeah, that right! Your sitting in front of a computer, just like I am.

  6. heres what i want to know??who got laid out in practice?Is there anyone on this team practicing with an attitude thats almost dangerous. Or is it the usual two hand touch..Did we practice our blitz scheme again, again and again..or is it simulation. Did campbell start off bad because he cant throw or was it because he had defenders in his face giving him problems.
    I’ve got to say this and people arent going to like it…its embarassing as a fan to hear about all this probowl talk. all we proved is that our fans have more free time than anyone elses. we lead in 9 positions but only 3 or 4 should even be condsidered. sorry Landry, samuels, suisham, cooley, punter, jansen, moss and griffin you dont deserve it..its simple fletcher, portis ,horton and maybe sellers.

    As usual telling it like it is

  7. jack,

    i would say landry deserves to be up there in the pro bowl voting. his presence on the field alone makes it so teams rarely test us with the deep ball, especially to his side of the field.

  8. Matt,

    How is Clinton looking in practice this week with all his injuries that he is having? Also how is Heyer looking at the left tackle position? Does it appear that JC will have more time to throw the ball this week?

  9. lol when has jansen made the pro bowl steve????.he never did so STFU ****

  10. Matt,

    Can you let us know what Jim’s everyday practice and gameday routines are. Does he drink coffe before, have meetings with coaches or pray…….let us know

  11. Ben,
    Sorry not only do i think landry doesnt deserve it but i’m beginning to think landry is over-rated. he misses to many tackles and when he does hit someone it looks like to me that hes taking the punishment. when was the last play he made?
    Now with that being said I know i’m making an unfair comparison. I cant help but compare him to Sean Taylor who was going to be a HOF. I just think landry is always a step behind..

  12. Jack, I’m pretty sure Landry had a nice interception against Baltimore… just thought I’d point that out.

  13. Jack and Ben,

    I like Landry alot but I have to agree with Jack that maybe he shouldn’t go this year. It seems like this season they have him playing closer instead of how far back Gibbs had him play. And it seems like he is slower this season than last. Both of you bought up some great points.

  14. Hmm when was landry’s last big play?

    How about last week when he forced the fumble and injured Willis Mcgahee or maybe it was also last week when he got that interception. Or Maybe a couple of weeks ago when he picked off Matt Hasselbeck…..sounds like some plays to me.
    I mean hes no Sean Taylor, but the guy hits hard, and is a ball hawk for sure.

  15. It took sean taylor 3 years or so to hit full stride, landry will be the same

  16. With that said, I think he misses too many tackles and loses coverage resulting in big plays. If you look at a lot of the big plays our D has given up this year, particularly crucial 3rd down conversions either by run or pass, you’ll find Landry isn’t as reliable as advertised…

  17. Landry has made some plays over this season and last. He has been caught out of positin on more than a few crucial plays however. He might be playing a little injured this year or over thinking his play, trying to out guess the Offense. Last year they used is awesome speed and played him deep in the middle because of it. In my opinion he is not playing like he did last year for some reason.

  18. Like i said i know im guilty of comparing him to taylor which isnt fair but landry was drafted as game changer. As of now i dont see it. he has two int’s and two forced fumbles on the year..like a few others have stated he gets caught out of postion.
    the point of the post was not to bash landry hes still young and will hopefully improve it was more to say, no probowl…

  19. god i miss taylor

  20. The questions is why half of the team miss practice everyday when they only run around in their helmets? There is NO contact, (Probably why they are soft & slow on game day) or no pads. If all they do is mental reps against the practice team. They can do that indoors under the heater in a classroom.
    Landry is good, but young, (Only his second year folks). He isn’t Ed Reed. I hope Fabini start too.

  21. This seems to me that they are finally having fun. I think that we maybe healthier than usual today. Matt how has Colt looked recently. Is he getting more time.

  22. COLT COLT COLT Will you guys and girls get off Colt. He is NOT the starting QB. He is the Practice team QB. You want to know how he did running the Bengals offense?

  23. Can we stop with the Colt stuff? I mean, the team needs continuity (we haven’t had continuity at QB since Joe Theismann) and no matter what the arguments are for Colt, his time is still at least a year away…I appreciate the enthusiasm, but this team has too much to fix to throw him in there.

  24. Thanks Eric B. I am with ya Bro!

  25. Why SAVANT, you jealous? You only wish you had 1/8 the love that Colt gets. Eric B…ya still looking for Rahkeem? Continuity, hmmm lots of that on the team right now, huh? Your right about the fixing…especially at the leadership role, the quarterback.

  26. Losalio, ALL backup QBs get much LOVE in DC. What good have it got the DC fans though? Hawaii gave Colt lots of love too. Did he step up for the BIG Game against the Georgia Bulldogs to return that love? Excactly……..He didn’t! We don’t need Chokers We need Winners!

  27. Steve,

    Good post “garbage” my ass! Look at everything Jansen done for us prior to this year. He’s just getting old and doesn’t dominate like he used to. Sure he needs to retire but we don’t need people like junk calling him garbage after a GREAT 10 years for us. He’ll always be one of my favorite skins. Strahan said a while back that Jon was his toughest opponent. We had two of the best tackle tandems in the NFL for a number of years. Lets sent Big Jon out with pride and love he deserves from skins fans not calling him garbage. Jon you had a rough year this year, but prior to your achilles injury you were one bad ass!!!! HAIL!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Good point but Jansen’s great play and effort in the past won’t bring a trophy to DC.

  29. I know but I’m just trying to make a point that he doesn’t deserve to be called garbage ya know He’s a back up if that now but he did a lot of good things for us.

  30. Yes he did. All I’m saying is if Fabini or Heyer isn’t better than Jansen now; then neither one of them should have a roster spot.

  31. We dont need Chokers we need winners…Campbells the biggest choke artist bust since Heath Shuler. Give me a break with your ELITIST menatlity. You and the rest of the haters are the real losers in Redskin land. Lets go with the happy mediocre lackluster players and bench the talented stars of now and the future.

  32. Obviously you have never played a team sport before. There is one leader and that leader is Jason Campbell. You seems to be the HATER! You stick with that leader through the good times and the bad. That what make you a Good Leader. Neither one of the Mannings are undefeated, are they? Are you Colt? Campbell is the Redskins QB so deal with it.

  33. First of all you have no idea about leadership…Campbell was thrust into the role but it is obvious he is not the leader of the offense or the team…Since you are not smart enough to know it I will tell you…PORTIS IS THE LEADER of the offense…So deal with it. You said obviously I never played a team sport, yet you think I am COLT? If I was Colt I would be asking my agent to get me traded to a team that would actually have fans that might appreciate me instead of write crap about me and HATE on me, just because I rock. A good leader is someone that is not just laissez-faire (Campbell), consultive, dictotorial, participative, nor authoritative, but a combination ot that plus leads by example none of these are Campbell. The team respects their leader Portis, so far its not happening for Campbell MR. SAVANT. Do not compare Payton or Eli to Campbell because he is not even in the same elite status as them. You have some serious issues with Colt, because someone just asked Matt how Colt was doing and you and Eric B. just flew off the Keyboard. I think you need to deal with your issues. Campbell sucks as a quarterback so you deal with it. Does playing madden count as a team sport mr. saveyouraunt…I mean SAVANT?

  34. JC sucks, pure & simple. If you think he’s the answer, then none of you know anything about football. Slow in just about every aspect of a QB & a leader he’s not. It’s funny how Zorn can’t see that, but again, he’s a rookie coach that probably won’t last very long as head coach.

  35. TEAM CAPTAIN, is Campbell, ask Zorn. Stop listening to those guys on ESPN. Appreciate Colt, what have Colt done for the Redskins? How many games have you won for us? Answer “0” What to appreciate his PRACTICE team skills. Obviousely you don’t know what the TEAM thought about what Portis said, Tuesday. I do, and it don’t sounds like they thought he was leader, more like a T O. I don’t have any issue with Colt. I hope Colt becomes a Great Player one day. He just has to WAIT his turn. You need to read a Bleacherreoport.com article on your boy Colt. It go something like this; when Campbell was in the heat of battle on the field against the Ravens # 2 D in the NFL your boy Colt was on the bench looking like he was about to take nap. Surely he won’t be a great QB if he keep doing that. P. Manning first four seasons in the NFL he had 28, 15, 15, & 23 INTs and you know what THEY STUCK BEHIND THEIR LEADER. You need to take some lessons from the Colts’ fans.

  36. Savant,
    you can catch a photo of Losalio on bleacherreport.com. If I was you I would watch your tone. For all you Colt lovers and haters alike there are two new articles on bleacherreport.com. “THE TRUTH ABOUT COLT BRENNAN!” and “JASON CAMPBELL VS COLT BRENNAN 3” keep your comments clean and respectful on bleacherreport. Some of you need to grow up. bravery behind a keyboard doesn’t make you a man. I played WR and DB in HS and lining up across from some of you knotheads would give me great pleasure. Playing QB takes a special kind of individual. They are on the field leaders. something JC is not and Colt is. Watch the videos on youtube and educate yourselves. Do us all a favor and Quit talking out your a$$.

  37. Well tht slow QB has a higher ranking than Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, & Jake Delhomme. NFL.com THE STATS DON’T LIE.

  38. I agree with you Paul. We need some change at the helm before we sink some more. Geez, we were all talking about Landry than all of a sudden Savant and his Boi, Eric B starts attacking someone asking how Colt did today.

  39. I see ya Losalio, cute baby, but that don’t mean you’re a coach. Hey do you guys change teams like yall change QBs?

  40. I’m going to jump in here Losalio, because I’m tired of all the Colt stuff. I must be an elitist, or whatever name you want to call us.

    Colt cried during his bowl game at Georgia. That’s the leader you want? I’m not saying that the guy might not develop into something, but there you go.

    Campbell puts all the time in, he gets better every year, and he beat Dallas in Dallas. Our offensive line is killing him this year, and he won’t say one bad thing about it. THAT’S being a leader.

    Do me a favor Los and stop bailing on our team. Be a fan and stick with them.

  41. Ya heard that!

  42. Great stats…hows his TD % and come from behind stats this season? Maybe we can combine last season and this season to give Campbell a better TD and win percentage. How many games was Romo out? Eli has a huge running game that wins games. Big Ben has a running game and the best defense that wins a lot of games with TDs. Delhomme has a awesome running game that scores and wins. oh, but you know what TDs and wins no matter compared to how great a QB we have and how crappy our O-Line is because they are the reason we are losing now.

  43. John Madden said of Colt, ” I like this kid, he has the things you just can’t coach into a player.” Earlier in that game all he did was talk about how l JC was holding onto the ball way to long. JZ has to play JC so DS can get a return on his investment. Some return! Wake up people JC’s about to be replaced by COLT! Hey JC can you hear the footsteps? COLT BRENNAN IS COMING AND HE’S GONNA TANE YOUR JOB!

  44. THATS MY POINT! Manning had two great WRs. Eli has a huge running game. Big Ben got a D that clean up his errors. Delhomme has Smith & a running game. What does JC has???????????????????? Reread your last reply. What does JC has???????

  45. John Madden just needs somebody to put on the cover of his game.

  46. We change QB’s when they don’t get the job done.

  47. That is it, you guys benched JC for CB on your John Madden game and now you think his a Super Star.

  48. Bailing on Redskins, I’ve been here through thick and thin. Campbell didnt win, Portis was the one killing Dallas along with our D so get real. So what he cried what at least he is man enough to feel something. You get one problem with men crying christine? No being a leader is leading the team and encouraging them to accomplish the mission at hand, thats leadership. Savant…you see me? Cute baby? what do you mean by that ?

  49. He put Colt on the Cover but I don’t think I ever saw JC. Oh wait, I saw JC on an expedia ad. Doe’s that mean he’s about to fly away. Yeah, I think so cause he’s about to get run out of town by the new sheriff. COLT BRENNAN!

  50. But you know what Portis did not cry? He didn’t cry to bench Jason for Colt. An he has seen both of them in practice and a game, unlike you or me. Well he saw Colt in a scimmage, and saw Jason in a real game.
    You’re picture on the Bleacherreport.com holding a baby. If that’s you If not sorry dude.

  51. JC should have a better stats than those guys you mentioned because they dont play not to lose…they play to win.

  52. I don’t play Madden and if I did I would never play JC. only one QB on the Roster. COLT BRENNAN!
    COLT ! COLT ! COLT! COLT.. YEAH BABY, COLT BRENNAN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Sorry is you hiding behind your keyboard. Business is as business does….Campbell will be another Heath Shuler…Maybe campbell can become a senator or something.

  54. O, now he should have a better stat than those guys. I think JC must didn’t sign a jersey for you guys or something. Haters!

  55. Brennan Kicks OKOLE….Dont be a hater Savant…theres room for you on the bandwagon. We need pigs so that we can make KALUA PUA`A!!

  56. Hiding behind my keyboard. I would stick out. I’M TOO BIG!

  57. Hey did you guy’s see CP and Taylor jumping up and down after Colt scored 2 quick TD’s and brought us back in Canton? Gee, I wonder why? Colt rammed it down the throats of the haters the and he’ll do it again next time he takes the field.

  58. Fat don’t count!

  59. To bad Campbell is LEADING the bandwagon. YA MULE! Maybe NEXT year Colt. Keep dreaming, writing, and Hating guys. Colt might just get in a pre-season game or two NEXTseason.

  60. Yeah the Jerseys I want signed is Colts, Portis, Mann, D. Green, Gouveia, Horton and Landry. and you the one said that Campbell had better stats than those other QB and rightfully so because of the afore mentioned reasons with their game plans, running the ball and gread D and missing games. Its Sad that they have a better TD and Winning % than your guy Campbell.

  61. Game in Canton? Are we 8 – 6? UH that game didn’t count. SORRY!

  62. Their record is better than your guy Colt too. Wait Campbell’s record is better than Colts.

  63. Campbell will look good in Detroit Blue next season. Colt should play in the preseason…the first quarter with at least 2 TD and 200+ yards…than he will sit until the end of the game….thats what starter do.

  64. Hey did you know that 32 NFL teams passed on Colt in the 2008 NFL Draft. That is a interesting stat for ya.

  65. Better stats than Colt…for now. Next year it will be…Campbell who? isnt he a trainer for seahawks or something.

  66. Cool stat most of those teams were wishing they had him this season to save thier losing season….Too bad we have him an not using him.

  67. Well SAVANT its been fun but I gotta go play some Madden using Colt as my starter. Stay cool and keep the faith….HAIL!!!

  68. JC has led this team to 29th in scoring! Outstanding. After Sunday we may just be 1ST on the Bottom 10!

  69. My goodness, you guys are having way too much fun arguing about something that WONT HAPPEN.

    Brennan’s not playing this year until/unless it’s over, or JC is hurt for the year.

    Zorn isn’t putting Brennan in “to see what he’s got” unless there are NO OTHER OPTIONS. Not unitl next year anyway. And then, we’ll see what we’ll see.

  70. Ya too Losalio. I talk to ya after the game

  71. Man BluCollar Redskin, it’s OK for them to dream……..

  72. Savant,
    Dreams do come true. I gotta take a jason and wipe my Campbell. you have a good night and we can pick this up later. Make sure you have Eric B with you, Losalio and I are all about a fair fight. HTTR!

  73. haha, now i’m getting dragged into the hate fest?

    i think they’re both excellent football players, and i hope that one day colt can be a great QB (i was excited we picked him, i followed him through college). i just think right now is the time for campbell. great QBs evolve in this league, and campbell is on that path…he has improved every year he has played, and i think with another year he will be even better (which would make him a top 10 qb, ratings-wise). right now, all he’s being asked to do is manage games because that is what we need at QB. when he is comfortable in the system, he will be able to win us games, much like hasselbeck did in seattle.

  74. I agree with you MATT, Shawn Springs is a Difference Maker.
    When he is at full speed , he can change the game.

  75. You cats are funny as $#!T. Arguing who’s the better QB. Stats or no stats Campbell just aint gettin it done, but let him at least finish out the season and try and go out with some class. But If you want to replace him why not the #2 guy Collins. Brennan is the future of the Redskins that’s why “ZORN” drafted him regardless of what round he went in, speaking of which round he was drafted in. If your gonna bring that up you might want to think about all the past players who went in the later rounds who turned out to be HOF or future HOF. Brennan will get his turn just not this year, and why would he the years almost over why risk him gettin seriously injured.

  76. Yeah Collins is at #2. COlt is 3rd –
    Colt is usually placed on the inactive roster -Emergency Third String QB . I think that means he can only play if another QB is placed inactive during the game. Or something like that.

    I think a small part of the reason Colt won’t play is that he is not a good practice player. I don’t why, but that’s what I heard. He just seems to turn it on during Game Time. So maybe Next year!

  77. every one of these posts turn into a JC vs Colt.. so guess i’ll throw in my two cents. 1st, JC will start in cinn and if we win will start against Phil. once/if we get mathmatically ousted if think Colt will get a start…..but heres my curve ball. next year neither one of them will be our starter. the 2009 starting qb for your wash redskins isnt even on the team…i expect colt will be two and collins/jc will be gone..just a hunch
    Possible replacement for a year/two fill in-mcnabb, bulger, hasselbeck or draft. draft is going to be QB loaded this year…..

  78. If you watch the games, it’s not really JC that’s messing up. He plays within the gameplan, and if anything could be a bit more elusive in the pocket to help the team. Besides that, pocket protection always breaks down when there’s a long yardage pass play, and teams are loading the box for portis. The characteristic of the West Coast offense, short passing, is a smaller part of the game plan. Coaching has the world to do with it.

  79. You attack me for just asking how Colt has looked. If you would like to argue I promise that my football IQ is much much higher than yours and I will win.

    This sums up why Colt didn’t win against the Bulldogs.

    Colt may have been in a pass happy offense; but June Jones (former head coach) left and went to SMU and they went an amazing 1-11. Four Hawaii QBs have seen action this year, none of which can get close to Brennan’s success.

    Then before all this, Brennan is considered widely THE best QB in the draft up to the “Sugar Bowl.” Also suffered from a bad Senior Bowl, due to a ailing hip injury. The surgery also dropped his stock.

    The Bulldogs claimed if they stop Brennan they will win. Unfortunately, they were right. They brought heat every down and blitzed, blitzed, and blitzed. Colt took the beating of his life.

    Now many a Redskins fan have said it’s the line’s fault, Portis’ fault, and the wide outs. The leading receiver in the game had a average game with 10 rec and 105 yards. Colt was sacked THE most of the season, eight times. Hawaii also had a RB with only 26 yards to lead the team in rushing. So fellow ‘Skins fans and sports casters, you support my argument Colt would be starting on a team, if it wasn’t for the Bulldogs.

    A quote from a ESPN writer after the game “The Dawgs were able to get after Hawaii physically and relentlessly pressured Colt Brennan”- Jim Donnan.

    This is from my article. So if we are going to compare Colt’s bad game lets compare it to a JC bad game shall we.

    Steelers game 49.2 rating was sacked 7 times(not line fault) and threw 2 picks and didn’t even throw for 250 yards (note he had 43 pass attempts and completed 23.


    All last season with 13 fuumbles.

    You guys say every year JC will progress he will. He never has and never will. 11-4 td-int ratio wow amazing play.

    He also has a top three RB and a TOP 5 Defense.

    Imagine what the Patriots last year could have done to opposing teams.

  80. Yeah Travis, you tell um. COLT BRENNAN TIME!

  81. do yall not remember when Colt played against georgia in the sugar bowl. The kid has never played against good defenses. And dont pull the call that he didnt have the athletes of that of an SEC school, because when georgia’s defensive line got in his face he made awful throws. And yall want some guy from hawaii to be ur starter, just dumb.

  82. Dumb is saying yall and ur for your. Georgia requires a capital as well.

  83. TRAVIS,


  84. My opinion:

    -Him being drafted in the 6th round had more to do with him being undersized and a quirky throwing motion. One game doesn’t make or break an NFL scout’s opinion on a player. Colt had an excellent body of work coming out of college, but his physical tools didn’t compare well with other QB’s coming out like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco.

    -I don’t care if the line was healthy or not during the 6-2 starts, the fact is the O-line is not very good and got exploited when they played better teams. Ultimately, when your O-Line isn’t good it directly affects the quarterback play.

    -“There were many 3 and outs because of short throws and not being able to read defenses and get through his progressions quicker.” You are analyzing Campbell’s play and only pointing out the negatives. Colt most likely would have struggled mightily this season if they threw him into the games against the tough defenses Campbell had to play.

    -“Hmm, guess Campbell had his chance to show up some reserve players but couldn’t.” Did you even watch Campbell in the HOF game? This comment makes me think you are a moron. He looked very good and definitely solidified himself as the starter for the season throwing a TD to ARE.

    You Colt Brennan guys are being unrealistic. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Redskins and I like Colt and am happy the Redskins selected him. I came on this message board to give my opinion and you guys clearly are too biased to even consider another point of view. I wish Colt and his diehard fans (you guys, who sit around on a message board talking him up and putting JC down) all the best.

    It’s a shame he will probably be a career backup in the NFL and eventually fizzle away… I hope I’m wrong and he gets a shot. But that shot is either going to be with a different team or because of a major injury to JC.

  85. suisham just missed another feild goal

  86. How was Cambell thrust into the role he sat on the bench for a year.

  87. Chris,
    Basically your same post as bleacherreport.com. First let me tell you how envious I am that you were at the HOF game. Losalio was the most patient with JC early on. When I see JC I see a beautiful passer and a bit more of the polish that 4 years of NFL coaching provides.
    Our devotion to Colt is based on what we became accustomed to seeing for 3 Yrs. No one, and I mean no one thought he needed time. JC playing well benefits our boy. All Colt showed In preseason is what he always showed.
    The line issue must be addressed. However JC need s to have better pocket awareness and go through his reads quicker. Some of those sacks are on him. We all need to remember that football is a violent game. You gotta be tough just to suit up!
    I just published a new article on bleacherreport.com. “The Truth about Colt Brennan!” IT”S NOT A START COLT NOW article. Instead It’s a background as to our devotion to him. Have a read! HTTR!

  88. Campbell is an excellent QB in the wrong system. He’s more of a Joe Flacco type. Not the quickest delivery but very good and has some accuracy, very strong arm. I think he would do well wth the Ravens, Raiders(really??), Falcons.

  89. You have to let Colt go this season. It’s just never going to happen. I don’t care what you say on here, coach next Monday isn’t going to say “Matt Terel says there’s this real bright guy on his blog. His name is Travis, and says Colt should be starting because he played real well in a really weak conference.”

  90. Howbout we put Portis in the WildCAt!

  91. I hope the kid does turn out to be a good player. I want whats best for the team, and I know for a fact its not Colt Brennan. He’s not the answer. I don’t give a s*** HOW WELL SOMEONE PLAYED IN A PRESEASON GAME. Just like the running back we had Marcus Mason. Everyone was on one with him and I don’t even think he’s in the NFL anymore. Yeah he’s really good, awesome, one of the best I’ve seen. He was the god damn Barry Sanders of preseason football.

  92. nick,
    FYI Mason is on the Giant’s practice sqaud.

  93. Last I heard he got cut by the J.E.T.S jets jets jets, and was currently a free agent. He still must be pretty good though getting cut from three rosters. That’s what happens when your a really talented player right?

  94. From what I hear some of the greatest talent is behind bars! LOL! HTR!

    Next argument please, what do we do this off season?
    1.) Who do we keep? C. Griffin, D. Hall????
    2.) Who do we let go? S. Springs, J. Jansen????
    3.) What positions do we bring in? OL, DL,DE????

  96. Griffin is a toss up…depends on the draft. D. Hall stays, he belongs here! No hard feeling Shawn you were great! Jansen needs to pass on what he has learned and enjoy retirement! WE NEED OL BIG TIME! We need 2 or 3 monster pass rushers!!

  97. I agree. We only have 4 draft picks though. I would take all of the Steelers, and Ravens practice team DE, & LB. Maybe we could find a diamond in the rough.

  98. Nick youre a big HTTR all you do is critisize instead why don’t you support your aswers dumbass.

    Colt broke records. Do you see D2 or D3 QBS breaking records no you don’t. You know why because they suck ass.

  99. Travis Evans dude will you please let Colt go man. Are you a REDSKINS Fan or a Colt Brennan fan? It look like you are a Redskins Fan because Brennan is on the team.

  100. “Colt broke records. Do you see D2 or D3 QBS breaking records no you don’t. You know why because they suck ass.”

    Yeah, you’re officially an idiot…

  101. Anybody heard of Steve McNair or Doug Williams? They played D2 as QBs and broke records.
    See Travis Mr Football Genius. You should know Doug Williams. You need to get your butt out of Colt’s @$$.

  102. Colt should have played for a school in the SEC. Then if he broke all those records I might be a little impressed.

  103. Turns out though I’m not. If I was playing football with people that had downs syndrome I would expect to be the best, and maybe even think I shouldn’t be playing with them anymore.

  104. You guys are at it again. How bout them Bengals! I think the focus need to be raining on 85’s audition for Danny. Come to think of it, BRENNAN TO OCHO CINCO does have a nice ring to it! LOL!

  105. Yeah! That is a laugh…The last thing the Skins need is Mr. Hey, Look at Me (and if you don’t I’ll make an @$$ out of myself)! I think Dan and Vinny will be smart about their BIG MONEY pick up!!!!

  106. Yeah Chad Johnson is too ignorant to know that 85 in spanish is: OCHENTA Y CINCO. what a buffoon!

  107. We need Whosyourmomma NOT Ocho Cinco, (Houshmandzadeh).

  108. Savant, your back. what are we gonna talk about tonight. Ocho Cinco , whosyomamma, Colt, JC or Sam Bradford! You pick!

  109. What we need to do this off season.
    1.) Who do we keep? C. Griffin, D. Hall????
    2.) Who do we let go? S. Springs, J. Jansen????
    3.) What positions do we bring in? OL, DL,DE????

  110. 1. D. Hall
    2. both
    3 all three

  111. See we can agree on something. What about Cartwright, El, Thrash, R. Thomas, and M. Washington?

  112. Funny you bring these 5 Up. I hate to lump them into a group. But these are on the bubble players for me. How bout you?

  113. All must go, but R. Thomas could be a player’s coach or a great 6 game back up.

  114. Yeah, I will go with that. However, and your gonna love this, I would like to see Colt throw to Thrash and ARE. Just to see if the debate we’ ve been having is JC or the WR’s not being able to catch. In defense of JC, having been a WR myself, I think those guy’s should be able to catch anything. Fair enough?

  115. Cough Cough… Philip Daniels should be added, MIke Green Should be added, Reed Doughty should be added, Tryon should be added, and I hate to say it, but Andre Carter, whose been a beast, has done absolutely NOTHING this year. He has been 100% healthy too.

  116. Ha. Ha. Ha. OK, but if we keep them another year with another losing season YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN!

  117. To clarify… to be added is for “the list” of people that need to be dropped.

  118. OK that’s fair. LOL!

  119. Yes, but what do you think Jon, keep them or lose them?

  120. How about Jason ” twinkle toes” Taylor? We need some cap room!

  121. He need to play in good weather. Send him to Tampa or Jacksonville.

  122. Yeah 8 MIL is a pretty hefty price for a sack. And I do mean “A” sack. Maybe He’ll get one more and It’ll go to 4 MIL a sack!

  123. They need to put Carter back on the side he was at last year, and put Jason Taylor right beside him to send both of them at the tackle at the same time. One of them should get to the QB then, at least the Bengals’ QB. Use him like Porter is being used in Miami.

  124. Pathetic! you’d think that with what these guys get paid that they’d 150% down after down. I’ll bet Charles Mann and Kurt Gouveia coluld still out play some of these guys!

  125. Yeah , I like that idea. between the two of them maybe we can get a little pressure on opposing QB’s.

  126. He got everybody trying to try out for movies, and Dancing With The Stars. They are just trying to make money. That is why the Redskins front office have to draft players that will push those veterans. That is what the draft is for. Since we didn’t use our draft picks for the last ten years you get veterans not fearing for their job. No one is good enough to take their job.
    Example what DE is going to take Carter’s postion, Rob Jackson or Chris Wilson? Why should Carter fear them taking his position? He had 10 sacks last year. He name is set in DC, Rob Jackson isn’t. So the coaches keep playing Carter even though he can not sack groceries for Kroger.

  127. But, not be so hard on Carter he do need help from somebody on the other side. The Giants got DE on both sides that will come after you. Look at the Giants, they had Strahan, but they drafted Kiwanuka. That pushed Strahan to have the season he had last season.

  128. Prima Donna’s galore. I just watched the greatest game on ESPN. Colt’s vs NY 1958. Those guys made 5,000 – 10,000 a year and thought they were rich. A lot of them were bagging groceries in the off season. Just so you know, Colt ain’t like that. Anyway I’ve been flying all day. I’m in Utah for Christmas and a little skiing. Enjoyed the conversation tonight. Let’s skin some CAT tomorrow or today if your back east!! I hope 85 breaks his leg’s, Yeah both of them. I hear he and T.O. are Presidents of their own fan Clubs! I’m out. We’ll talk after the game! HTTR!

  129. right on…good to see everone getting along tonight. Sorry bruddahs just got off of work.

  130. Keep Springs.

  131. Springs is a difference Maker.

  132. What’s up Losalio. Keep Springs for what? We need him for more than FOUR games.

  133. A healthy springs is a Pro Bowler.

  134. When is he healthy, after the season?

  135. Good point.

  136. But say for example, Skins beat the Bungles and win the remaining games and make the playoffs. If springs is at full speed for play-offs..he is Big Time. Don’t get me wrong, the other guys are solid. But they aint springs.

    Of course if springs gets a hang-nail. That would suck.

  137. I like Springs but he is just milking it before he retires.

  138. Yeah, use him up THIS YEAR, but after the season send him to Florida were he can retire with Jason Taylor.

  139. WHats up with Jason Taylor?..Is he still injured? Or does he just suck this year.
    Maybe Too much dancing with the stars. I hear he want’s to be a Movie Star. Hollywood is gonna use him and then throw him away like rag doll. He should have stayed away from Plastic City and kept his focus on Football.

  140. First he is a warm weather player.
    Second his mind is on getting a movi deal.
    Third he is to small for DE in the NFC East.
    Fourth he think he is pretty.
    Need I go on?

  141. Got to go Newbee, must get some sleep before the game.

  142. The D-Line play is a product of coaching…they’re instructed to take up blocks so that we can stop the run first. It’s nearly impossible to change this up once you’ve taken a block and get a sack. Read up about Greg Blache’s defensive philosophy….it’s actually fairly interesting, and I changed my view of the defense. Sacks are actually a stat that is very misleading when evaluating defensive line talent for the Redskins because of this.

  143. My point exactly those players broke records. Were they good or no I think they were.

    Plus guess what guys Brennan Broke them all.

    Also I have been a skins fan since birth. I thought yea JC is the future when we drafted him. Then after the season he filled in I saw promise then to all of us who thought that he sucked ass.

    Yea maybe he did do good 12-0 with auburn ok your’e point. QB’s in college go undefeated alot.

    So every undeafeted team has a elite QB get the hell outa here.

    Plus you support my argument, that JC played in the wco and has took a while to get used to it.

    Last but not least no chad or Tj how about Brennan to Crabtree or Brennan hands off to Cp and he is going the distance.

  144. Crabtree wont fall far enough for the team to pick him up, but yeah it’d be nice to have him on the team. I agree with what you say about Springs. He is great when he’s on the field, but he hasn’t been there to much this season. I’m almost positive he wont be on the team next season. For the past two years there’s been talk about him leaving to free up cap space, and D Hall is playing at a high level so we’ll probably sign him. I don’t like to dog starting players on the team, but Jason Taylor is playing just god awful, and I don’t think he should be starting at DE. I can’t see Chris Wilson playing worse than what Taylor has, so put him in who cares about his name. I don’t.

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