Yes, The Eagles Game Has Moved


This is a few days old at this point, but for some reason I’m getting a bunch of questions about it today. So here it is:

The home game against the Eagles on Sunday, December 21, has been moved from 1:00 to a 4:15 kickoff as part of the NFL’s late season flexible scheduling. The good news is that the game was NOT moved to the Sunday night prime time slot, since those night games have been decidedly unfriendly to the Redskins this year.

Anyhow, those of you planning on attending the game (or attending Christmas parties, or celebrating the first night of Chanukah, or engaging in a Winter Solstice ritual, or enjoying some other Winter festival celebration that I’m overlooking) should be sure to adjust your schedules accordingly.

3 Responses

  1. It does always amaze me how many people ask you questions about things that are on the front of Apparently they only read your blog. Perhaps you should take it as a compliment. :)

    Go Skins.

  2. Good thing Festivus isn’t until the 23rd! I am preparing my list for the “Airing of Grievances”.

  3. Any observations on the O-line practice and the new replacements?

    Matt – really appreciate your practice updates – thanks

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