Thursday, December 11: Jason Fabini Likes Short Shorts

It’s well-known that Chris Cooley has a fondness for unusually — some might say unnaturally — short shorts. (In fact, in a simple Google search for “short shorts”, Cooley’s picture is one of the top four results.)

Less well-known is the fact that offensive lineman Jason Fabini — the likely fill-in for Jon Jansen if Jansen’s injury keeps him out this week — has similar tastes.


“I think a string must’ve broken and he rolled the elastic down or something,” one of the trainers said to me when I asked about the shorts at practice yesterday.


“That’s just how I wear them,” Fabini said, shrugging.

“He likes them high and tight,” center Casey Rabach added. “The internet really needs a picture of those.” When I asked the normally loquacious Pete Kendall what he thought of the shorts, he just rolled his eyes and shook his head sadly.

Fabini’s been inactive for nine games this season, but the possibility of a return to regular action seems to have thrust him somewhat into the spotlight. He’s shown up on video on Chris Cooley’s blog, for one thing. And yesterday, while the rest of us were running around asking people about the Clinton Portis radio drama, Brian Murphy at Homer McFanboy uncovered Fabini’s hidden Hollywood past in one of the best Redskins-related blog posts of this season.

Yesterday may be the last glimpse of the short shorts for the year, though — today is not exactly shorts weather — and it’s probably for the best.


5 Responses

  1. Fur-bini can’t rock it like Cooley can. Maybe he should take a trip to the equipment room and get a new pair.

  2. dude can practice with a tooth-fairy costume for all i care, as long as he can block!

  3. “I’m too sexey for my pants”. Get the blocks Fab.
    Go Skins

  4. Why was Jansen at practice today? Somebody should have told him a different time or something. Send him home.

  5. Enough with the shorts already

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