On the Field for Practice – 12/11

The weather made everything unusual today, including the practice schedule. The typical afternoon practice was moved up by several hours and nailed to the end of what would ordinarily be a shorter morning practice. “Players love that,” Coach Zorn said afterward. “It’s a longer practice, but it’s just one time.” At this point, I worry about anything that disrupts the routine, but I’m a worrier like that. Anyhow, a few reports from a rainy, cold day out at the practice fields.


  • The best news about practice today is that there were a lot more guys there. Returning to full practice were Randy Thomas, Pete Kendall, and Carlos Rogers, and for limited work were Jon Jansen, Todd Yoder, Kedric Golston. So that was an improvement over yesterday.
  • Possibly the only one, though — Chris Cooley, who described the weather today as “awful”, said that yesterday’s practice was one of the best in a long time. “Guys were moving well,” he said.


  • I had to run inside to take care of things a few times during practice, and it seemed like every single time I came back out, Fred Davis was doing something impressive: blocking, catching a ball, or even just showing some speed on routes. “I’m hoping to get some plays during the game this week,” Davis said. “I feel like I’m more in tune with it now, because when you play more you don’t just visualize it, you get to do the actions. That helps a lot more.” Coach Zorn complimented Davis again after practice, and said it looked like he was playing fast and “enjoying himself out there,” a sentiment that Davis agreed with. “It’s always fun when you’re playing, man. I love football.”


  • Not only Davis, but the rookie wideouts received some post-practice love as well, especially Devin Thomas, whom Zorn described as “definitely improving.” Malcolm Kelly, meanwhile, had a mixed practice. I saw him drop one well-thrown long pass, but he used his height to snag a throw that looked to be over his head. Unfortunately, the impressive catch was on a toss from Antwaan Randle El as he returned the ball after a play, but it was something good. “It’s concentration more than anything,” Kelly said of what’s changed for him as the season progressed. “I felt pretty good. I’ve gotta pay more attention to the small stuff, but I’ll be cool.”


  • It can be tough to judge such things, as you all know by know, but the defensive line really seemed to be locked in during their drills today. They were moving fast, cutting and moving crisply, and at least LOOKED like they were listening to defensive line coach John Palermo. (There’s no way to know if they were listening, but I figure that looking like you’re listening is — if nothing else — an excellent first step.) “It was a great practice today,” said Demetric Evans, “we got in, did some good work, and got out.”



36 Responses

  1. I feel Kelly gets so many compliments when really devin thomas has been the good rookie reciever, lets not forget all the drops malcom has already had in three games.Also i have a question matt about what exactly the play looked like when randle el threw it to kelly was it a direct snap??

  2. Nothing like that at all. Randle El was on the receiving end of a play, and when it was over, he threw the ball back to Kelly near the line of scrimmage. It was a sharp pass and a good catch, but it was just Randle El returning the ball.

  3. prediction – Malcolm Kelly is no longer on the Skins roster by 2010.

  4. Any observations on the O-line practice and the new replacements?

    Matt – really appreciate your practice updates – thanks

  5. Well it is time to see some Fred Davis on Sunday. And we need to somehow change our snap count or the protections or the wide receiver alignments because these guys aren’t getting open enough, plus the O-line isn’t giving Jason enough time to throw.

    They need to work on these things before Sunday.

  6. Matt, I know this may be a broken record kind of question, but why was Geisinger active at the Ravens game and not Rinehart? Will he be active this week at the Bengals?

  7. Jean: The O-line was much closer to the traditional lineup today, as Thomas and Jansen were back at practice. Jansen looked good in his limited work, but is still only 50-50 to play.

    A.O.: Not broken record at all. Geisinger was active because he was the only backup center on the team. He plays G/C, whereas Rinehart is mostly a T/G. Not sure how that’s going to break down this week, and a lot will obviously depend on if Jansen can go or not.

  8. Matt,

    Is Horton better? These practice updates are awesome.

  9. Hey Matt, quick question-

    Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have shown signs of improvement but for one reason or another have not produced even close to expectations. Do you get the sense that the team/coaches/quarterbacks have lost confidence in them, particularly Kelly? He just doesn’t look comfortable in the games and doesn’t always look like he’s giving 100% effort. Maybe the knee is still bothering him, but he looked way faster and more agile in college…

  10. Matt,

    what do the recievers actually do at practice??

    the passing tree??

    or what?

    thanks a bunch

  11. Agreed we need more practice updates.

  12. Matt,
    thanks for the information, us fans who never see the behind the scenes stuff appreciate all you do.

  13. Its great to read about some of the players that we follow throughout their careers. Mahalo Nui Loa Matt.

  14. Thanks for the practice updates Matt, it really gets me pumped for Sunday!!!

    Was Portis practicing strong or was he limited?

  15. Boo: Horton did not practice today, unfortunately.

    Chris: No, if anything I think the coach is finally gaining confidence in the rookies. Rookie WRs aren’t notorious for producing in the first year (although there are plenty of exceptions this season, obviously), and I think if they can come on toward the end of this year and get in some good offseason work, they both still have a ton of promise.

    Ax: Good question. Rather than give a half-baked answer, I’ll ask one of them to take me through it tomorrow.

    Jonathan: Portis was a full participant in practice.

  16. Why is Jansen at practice? Fabini should be getting ALL the relps at practice. Why can’t a healthy Fabini beat out a unhealthy Jansen? Jansen isn’t having a Pro Bowl season.

  17. Check Bleacherreport

  18. suisham just missed another feild goal

  19. Skins fans Travis Evans is a writer on bleachereport.com. He is also in high school and shows a tremendous amount of courage and knowledge. His favorite Skin is COLT BRENNAN and if you dare cap on him I WILL come find you!! Keep the comments clean and respectful on bleachereport! HTTR!

  20. Matt please check this out. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/91984-who-is-the-future-face-of-the-nfl/poll_results#poll

    and my other articles.

    That’s right my fellow supporter if anyone wants their thoughts out there comment on my articles. You will get alot of feedback. I am very popular on there.

  21. Travis-
    Ever heard of Timmy Chang? How about David Klingler? Or, perhaps in some that hit closer to home, Heath Shuler or Danny Wuerrfel?

    College stats are easy to point to, but often end up being red herrings. Matt Cassel provides an excellent example, though there are plenty of others currently starting in the NFL today.

    It’s fun to think of (I watched Hawaii every time I had a chance, to follow both Colt and Timmy Chang), but it’s ultimately not feasible…
    JC with a younger, more effective line with a running game is a better QB, especially with another year of the system under his belt. I appreciate all the enthusiasm, but this one comes down to common sense.

  22. Eric B,
    Timmy Chang was no Colt Brennan. I watched them Both play extensively, and while Timmy had the skills he lacked heart and killer instinct. He resembles JC more than he ever resembled Colt. When TC had the chance to set the career passing mark on ESPN vs Boise State he instead set the record for picks. TC also played for 5 YRS due to an injury, I never thought we would be rid of him! The NFL was NEVER in his future. In fact I had the same discussions we have been having when Timmy was there! He was painful to watch, just a choke artist in big games! Kinda like the QB’s we have now! And yeah, I went to UH and I’m a life long Skins fans If the Skin’s had TC on the roster I would be screaming the loudest to GET RID OF HIM! Colt is something completely different! Give him a chance! JC has had ample opportunity to show more than he has. Did you watch the videos? Study them and you will see a great QB! HTTR!

  23. If you want to talk about college QB stats. How about this one, JC went undefeated his senior year in the SEC in college. How did you’re boy Colt do his last year in the SEC? Let me help you 0 & 1. BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Savant,
    One game does not a career make. And The UH has beaten SEC teams, like uh, Alabama. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Georgia man handled UH in the Sugar bowl, I know cause I was there. You could see the difference in size between the two teams. Do you wanna see the Skins lose or win! Cause right now all we’re doing is loosing and you obviously enjoy rooting for a looser. What’s the matter, afraid of finding out what the rest of us already Know. Colt will prove all you haters wrong! Once Colt takes the field JC will be done! HTTR!

  25. If JC cant have a game against the Bungals, I’m definately ready for Colt!

  26. HT SKINS, its not that all of us that aren’t joining the “Start Colt Now” movement are Colt haters, I just think that its the wrong move for the team both immediately and in the near future. This team desperately needs some stability. And I agree that Colt has a ton of potential and I hope that he stays on the team to learn from Zorn and take over for Jason down the road if Jason proves that even a young, healthy line isn’t enough. Putting Colt in now will only disintegrate the last shred of team chemistry and since the central problem with the team (the line) is getting worse by the weak, he’ll just get shaken rookie syndrome and next thing you know he’s about as useful as David Carr. Now, I get it, he has all the intangibles and he can be a leader and he’s as cute as a button and all that. The Hawaii delegation on this blog needs to really tone down on the agenda, because the fans that have been paying close attention this year are making the same points as I am. Give Colt time to learn the offense and learn the league, give Jason time to right the ship, give Zorn the time to take his head out of his ass and make some adjustments, and give the executive vice president of football operations the time to bring us some talent. And by time I mean next season, tops. If not: Bench, Cut, Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. please tell me jansen isnt starting

  28. People you say that if Campbell had a young healthy line he would do good…Wake up and smell the Kona Coffee. The line was healthy early this season and he couldn’t produce. If it wasnt for Portis posting huge run numbers we would have lost more games. Its sickening to read that people just want to give Campbell more time. He is a professional football player getting paid millions to play a kids game, business wise, if you cannot produce you are let go….period! Are we so use to lackluster performances year in and year out that we must stay with what doesnt work? Enough with the excuses that campbell had different offenses in recent years, BS he is a professional he needs to perform like one or get cut. NFL is big business people wake up! Campbell is like a deer in the headlights and he is lost in the games, he cannot react quick enough. The game is moving to fast for him and it hasnt slowed down for him. The BS about the O-line, have any of you played football, even intramurals, if your QB is slow on his progressions you have to somehow buy time for him. After several games of doing this against good defenses you get tired and banged up I dont care how young and tough you are. BOTTOM LINE = Campbell needs to be bench and either start Collins or Colt…..end of discussion.

  29. TRUE THAT!

  30. Aloha Braddahs, got yo back on here. I was quiet earlier this season about the whole campbell thing. As a Redskin for many years, 30+, I wanted the team to succeed with what we had, but its obvious that the Campbell experiment is not working. Yank that C off Campbells chest and give it to Portis, the true leader in the offense. Portis is fired up and hopefully it translate into the Offense getting fired up. Colt would electify this team and put some fire up their butts. Lets go Skins. We have a serious 1, 2 punch with Portis and Betts. They would open up the pass, let them power the ball up the middle. Balls to the wall play hard and play to win. Dont be like campbell and play to not make mistakes and not to lose.


  32. Blazer – you are right on traget. Jansen, the great Redskin that he WAS (thanks for EVERYTHING John!) needs to STAY ON THE BENCH! Enough is enough.

    That being siad – I’m ready for a 3 game sweep to finish off the regular season. GO SKINS!!

  33. target…not traget…of course

  34. Losalio, what world are you living in. A dream world I guess. I agree with you that the NFL is a business, and that JC is a professional. You cannot do anything without a good O-line, especially the QB. Not even Tom Brady, the best QB in this era could be effective without good O line play. Most it not all of his O lineman were probowlers and they were undefeated until the Super Bowl. The Giants put pressure on him and sacked him, and subsequently they lost the game. This isn’t about buying time. For an offense to flow like its supposed to, the QB needs time. I want to reference a play in the Baltimore Game. I beleive it was the third play of the game. Campbell dropped back, probably 5-7 step drop looking for Santana deep. But his blind side protection broke down and the ball was tipped. That int goes on JC’s stats but it was hardly his fault. There is no way for the QB to “buy time” if the pressure is coming from his blind side. Sure up the O line and Campbell will have an over 100 passer rating. I’m not a Jason Campbell fan, I am a Washington Redskins fan, and I understand the game of football, the ultimate “TEAM” sport. JC shoud “NOT” be benched, PERIOD.

  35. Aloha Mr D suitland,md…You just pointed out that “JC” Cannot feel pressure coming? That is what quarterbacks, successful Quarterbacks are supposed to be able to do. When a QB throws a pick its always his fault. “JC” gets rattled easily when his in the game, watch the films for all the games he has played. As for buying time/needs time…They are one in the same, the QB needs to read his progressions quickly and if the pass isn’t there, either tuck the ball and run or throw it away….or take the sack. This O-line has been playing hard all season and because of that they are injured, banged up and hurt. The reason for this is because they tried to “BUY TIME” for “JC” over the past few weeks, because he is too damn slow on his reads and is not even close to being good. BENCH HIM NOW put in Collins or Colt to try and salvage the rest of the season. It is no wonder why we haven’t scored alot of TD’s and our Red Zone Offense is just plain horrible. Because of our poor QB performance, it equates to our O-line getting banged up and it is hurting us now. Defenses know that without a Run Game, our passing game sucks. Shut down the Run, than Blitz the QB with a Linebacker and Safety or Corner because Campbell sucks.

  36. I don’t think you can compare WAC teams and SEC teams. THe depth of talent for SEC Teams is amazing. By the way Alabama Beat Hawaii 2006.

    As far as individual Talent, it does exist in the WAC but not as deep. Colt is a great Talent that UH was fortunate to get. But he was playing weaker teams in a weak conference. It’s true.

    But Colt been through terribly rough times and worked his way to the top. I believe he can do it again in the NFL.

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